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The One in Blind Barbados

May 14, 2019 44:14


And now we end the second-to-last season of Friends. Sarah and Jana talk about the poor choice in women Joey has (for him, at least), Monica's too-frizzy hair, and creepy blind dates.

The One w/ Phoebe's Other Sister

May 7, 2019 35:18


Sarah and Jana lament people who can't keep their ish together and be to places on time. We also talk about probably the most lackluster Thanksgiving episode we've watched to-date. But hey, at least we are entertaining...right? Guys? Bueller?

The One Where Chandler Has a Baby

Apr 30, 2019 01:03:57


Jana and Sarah talk about babies and hospitals...again, and the splendor of a good bath.

The One After the Rumor

Apr 23, 2019 42:38


We finally find out who's in the motherly way and who started the rumor about the hermaphrodite from Long Island. Listen in!

The One w/ Monica & Chandler's Cheesecake

Apr 16, 2019 53:10


Ever had a cheesecake so good you're willing to eat it off the floor? Neither have we, but Chandler and Monica sure have. Also, who's pregnant?!

The One w/ the Engagement Armadillo

Apr 9, 2019 58:36


Sarah and Jana talk about the pitfalls of trying to appease children with Santa and taking a bad photo (btw, Sarah doesn't know how to). Tune in!

The One w/ The Proposal

Apr 2, 2019 50:41


Jana and Sarah talk about the truest love story of Friends: Monica and Chandler. We talk about their proposal, as well as Ross and his misogynistic tendencies as he teaches Phoebe and Rachel about *Unagi*.

The One After Ross Gets High

Mar 26, 2019 55:28


Join Sarah and Jana as we talk about the silliness of Friends: eloping, using your friend as a scapegoat, and miscommunication between loved ones.

The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Mar 19, 2019 28:49


Jana and Sarah talk about one of the most iconic episodes of Friends--The One Where Everyone Finds Out. Tune in as we talk about this great tv moment and more.

The One w/ Ross's Sandwich

Mar 12, 2019 56:11


Jana and Sarah talk about office lunch etiquette (i.e. not taking food that's not yours), and many other things on this episode of And a Bag of Chips.

SMC: Animaniacs

Mar 9, 2019 19:35


Make sure you're in your pj's and your favorite bowl of cereal as you listen to this very special episode of And a Bag of Chips, Saturday Morning Cartoons edition. You'll be zany to the max if you don't!

The One w/ Ross's Embryos

Mar 5, 2019 53:39


As we reach the end of season 6 of Friends, Sarah and Jana, along with Tyler and Nina, talk about possibly the best episode of the entire series couple with one of the most frustrating. Tune in!

The One w/ Chandler and the Jellyfish

Feb 26, 2019 54:30


Jana and Sarah, along with special guests Tyler and Nina, discuss season 4 of Friends. We debunk the peeing on a jellyfish sting, and talk about all our favorite friends.

The One w/ The Morning After the Beach

Feb 19, 2019 53:40


Jana and Sarah discuss sandy discomfort, the fact that Ross and Rachel WERE ON A BREAK, and their favorite storyline of the episodes--Phoebe has a mom that's alive! Tune in.

The One Where No One's Ready

Feb 12, 2019 35:29


Jana and Sarah feel Ross' pain as he tries to herd everyone out the door for his big fundraising event...whether or not Joey goes commando...

The One Where Eddie Won't...You Know

Feb 5, 2019 01:03:46


You ever have that one weird roommate that won't...you know, like, leave? Chandler, Jana, and Sarah can certainly sympathize. Today on the podcast we discuss awkward roommates and of course the never-ending saga of Ross and Rachel.

The One w/ the Prom Video

Jan 29, 2019 01:05:16


Listen in as Sarah and Jana talk season 2 of Friends, and the devastation that is Ross getting ready to save the day, only to be tossed to the side. *sigh*

The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Jan 22, 2019 01:14:42


Jana and Sarah discuss season 1 of Friends, where the drama of Ross and Rachel is in full swing. Tune in!

The One w/ the Blackout

Jan 15, 2019 01:10:09


Sarah and Jana jump in to one of the most loved sitcoms of all time--Friends. We start with season 1, episode 1, then move on to episode 7 and discuss how, even within the very first few episodes, Friends was meant to be a hit.

You Wish You Were a Sitcom: Grabbing at Straws

Jan 8, 2019 01:04:53


Jana and Sarah talk about some sitcoms that never really came to be...and we are eternally grateful for it. Listen as we discuss some of the worst would-be sitcoms in history!

Goodnight, Seattle

Jan 1, 2019 53:32


And here we are. Sarah and Jana finish up Frasier, and we celebrate the New Year.

The Doctor is Out On High Holiday

Dec 25, 2018 42:28


Merry Christmas!! Jana and Sarah talk about Frasier being mistaken as gay(again) and Niles feeling self conscious about having never rebelled before.

Father's and Son's Roe to Perdition

Dec 18, 2018 37:57


Sarah and Jana wrap up season 10 of Frasier. These are some of the best episodes of the last part of the series! What series should we do next? Let us know!

Daphne Does Dinner

Dec 11, 2018 44:34


Jana and Sarah discuss the quintessential season of Frasier complete with day spa treatment and a fancy dinner party that may or may not have gone awry...

A Cheerful Proposal

Dec 4, 2018 40:42


Jana and Sarah, with special guest Kellen, are still together in the very same room to wrap up season 9 of Frasier. It's getting close to the end of this wonderful series and we hear the blues a-callin'.

Room Full of Martin Cranes

Nov 27, 2018 39:50


Jana and Sarah are privileged to have two special guests today: Marie and Kellen! Take a listen as we talk about season 9 of Frasier.

Hungry Daphne Returns

Nov 20, 2018 59:59


Today Sarah, Jana and Tyler discuss body issues and issues we have with these episodes of Frasier and their unique solution to Jane Leeve's real-life pregnancy.

Taking Liberties

Nov 13, 2018 39:53


Jana, Sarah, and continuing guest Tyler discuss the start of season 8 of Frasier. Our protagonist struggles with keeping his nose out of other people's--specifically Niles' and Daphne's--business.

Dark Side of the Moon

Nov 6, 2018 48:34


Sarah and Jana, with special guest Tyler, finish out season 7 of Frasier with three episodes instead of our usual two. Are Daphne and Niles finally getting together? Tune in and find out.

Back Talk w/ Dad

Oct 30, 2018 50:30


Happy Halloween, everybody! Join us as we explore the not-so-spooky world of Dr. Frasier Crane. Tyler joins Sarah and Jana as we discuss season 7. Join us!

SMC-Courage the Cowardly Dog

Oct 27, 2018 24:06


Hope you're ready to get weird and spooky with us on this special episode of And a Bag of Chips, Saturday Morning Cartoons edition. We are discussing Courage the Cowardly Dog this morning and hope you enjoy!

Three Valentines and a Dinner Party

Oct 23, 2018 40:22


Jana and Sarah discuss some of the most delightful episodes of Frasier. Is it weird that we're sisters and we do a podcast together? You can judge us if you want, but we couldn't care less no matter the answer (unless you say yes).

Dial M for Merry Christmas

Oct 16, 2018 50:47


Jana and Sarah jump in to season 6 of Frasier with some Freudian slips (literally), and Jewish mother/daughter relationships. Tune in now!

Room Service at the Ski Lodge

Oct 9, 2018 32:01


Today Jana and Sarah talk about Frasier and the various entanglings of his romantic life. There's miss communication, fun mix-ups and spoiler: nobody wants Frasier.

Perspectives on Halloween and Christmas

Oct 2, 2018 40:57


Jana and Sarah cover holidays on today's episodes of Frasier. Lots of confusion and someone is pregnant!

To Kill a Talking Bird

Sep 25, 2018 40:05


Sarah and Jana discuss why you should never have a bird for a pet and what happens when you over-direct your friends in a play.

Mixed Mrs. Cranes

Sep 18, 2018 34:10


Jana and Sarah discuss season 4 of Frasier and the pitfalls of miscommunication and assuming.

Where There's Smoke, There's Chess Pain

Sep 11, 2018 29:42


Cat's in the Cradle...or at least that's how Frasier feels when he finally beats his dad at chess. Sarah and Jana wrap up season 3 with a good old chess match and the trials of trying to get your agent to stop smoking--or else.

Look Before You Moon Dance

Sep 4, 2018 37:20


Sarah and Jana jump into season 3 of Frasier. We talk about Nile's growing infatuation and taking chances on the one day nothing should count--Leap Day.

An Affair to Forget

Aug 28, 2018 32:33


Sarah and Jana, still in the same place, talk about Frasier and all its wonderful imagery of Maris.

The Matchmaker in Daphne's Room

Aug 21, 2018 27:24


Jana and Sarah, in the same room at the same time?! That's right folks, for what seems like an eternity we host the podcast in the same place. And we cover what many consider the best episode of Frasier. Take a listen!

My Travels & Coffee w/ Martin & Niles

Aug 14, 2018 01:00:53


Jana and Sarah, with special guest Tyler, wrap up season 1 of Frasier. We talk about traveling with family, and that ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, aka, happiness.

A Mid-Winter Night's Quest

Aug 7, 2018 01:03:50


Hey baby, I hear those blues a-callin'...That's right, folks! Sarah and Jana get started on the very first season of Frasier. Settle in, cause we're gonna be here a while. Today we have our brother Tyler guest hosting with us. Tune in!

You Wish You Were a Sitcom: Isn't It Weird

Jul 31, 2018 50:22


For our bookend episode, we dig into the good, the bad, and the weird. Sarah and Jana discuss the almost tv shows and their very improbable premises.

I, Done

Jul 24, 2018 32:20


The time has come for us to say goodbye to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's been a wild ride and we wish it could go on forever. We discuss the future of the characters and the nostalgic impact the show still has on us today.

SMC: Daria

Jul 21, 2018 26:35


Got your cereal ready and your angst on? Today Jana and Sarah discuss one of their all-time favorite shows ever, Daria. Tune in!

Viva Lost Wages

Jul 17, 2018 48:00


Sarah and Jana approach the beginning of the end with the last season of Fresh Prince. We talk about when boys become men and Will gives us a tour of the stage and blooper reals.

Bullets Over Bel-Air

Jul 10, 2018 48:29


Today Jana and Sarah discuss guns and weddings for the last part of season 5 of Fresh Prince. Can you dig it?

Will's Misery Hurts

Jul 3, 2018 49:25


Jana and Sarah jump into the fifth season of Fresh Prince and they get into it! Fragile/toxic masculinity, gun ownership, and practical effects. Also, please let us know if you have any thoughts on what sitcom we should cover next!

Papa's Got a Brand New Philadelphia Story

Jun 26, 2018 42:28


Jana and Sarah wrap up season 4 of the Fresh Prince. We laugh, we cry, we talk about daddy issues and what it means to be a chicken

Blood is Thicker Than Mud

Jun 19, 2018 01:01:34


We're halfway through Fresh Prince and we're already sad it's gone this fast. Today we talk about stamping that V card and the many ways to represent one's race.

Mommy Dearest, Just Say Yo!

Jun 12, 2018 44:41


Sarah and Jana wrap up season 4 of Fresh Prince, and it really is going by too fast! Today we tackle the tough issues--such as how to navigate disappointing your mom and drug use. Listen up!

Hilary Gets Boyz

Jun 5, 2018 40:32


Today Jana and Sarah talk about Fresh Prince, season 4. Hilary finally gets a job that suits her perfectly, where she also meets the love of her life, Trevor. Then Uncle Phil, Will, and Carlton try to go camping. At night. In a storm. AND THEN THEY LEAVE THE CAR?! Yes, we have opinions about this. Tune in!

Be My Baby Tonight

May 29, 2018 35:48


Sarah and Jana wrap up season 2 of Fresh Prince, and time is just flying by! We discuss charity work and that awkward tween phase we all so desperately try to forget.

Did the Earth Move for You?

May 22, 2018 01:05:29


Sarah and Jana discuss season 2 of Fresh Prince and what it's like to be in an earthquake and drive without eyeglasses. Guests on the show include Tisha Campbell and Malcom-Jamal Warner!

72 Hours is Power

May 15, 2018 39:50


Jana and Sarah wrap up the first season of the Fresh Prince by talking about Hilary and all her glory and the flashback moments of the show.

The Fresh Prince Project

May 8, 2018 01:05:04


Welcome to a new season of And a Bag of Chips! Today we dive into a new series--The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We discuss the start of the show and how it came to be one of the most loved sitcoms of the 90's. Take a listen!

You Wish You Were a Sitcom--Eateries

May 1, 2018 01:00:49


Sarah and Jana discuss our bookend series, You Wish You Were a Sitcom. Today they take a look at shows that featured or were centered around restaurants, cafe's or various other eateries. We talk about the good, the bad, the sexist and the ugly. Tune in!

SMC- Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast

Apr 24, 2018 22:41


We're on a bit of a break this week--no new regular episode. But not to worry, we've got a special episode of Saturday Morning Cartoons, and everyone's favorite boy band, Hanson! Tune in.

The Final Frontier

Apr 17, 2018 51:24


How sad are we! We're at the end of Mad About You, and it's been a blast. We take a look at the series finale with new eyes and come out the other end feeling completely different. We also introduce what series we'll cover next. Tune in!

Weekend in Buried L.A.

Apr 10, 2018 37:59


Jana and Sarah dive into the final season of Mad About You with a heavy heart. Today, it gets real with regret and the fear of losing one's self in raising kids. Tune in!

Fire at Nat & Arley's

Apr 3, 2018 41:28


Jana, Sarah, and special guest Kelly talk about Mad About You's silliest episodes yet! We promise it gets better, folks! Take a listen!

The Conversation

Mar 27, 2018 59:39


Sarah and Jana, with very special guest Kelly, discuss potential abandonment issues when sleep training, along with sentimental letters from your parents.

The Touching Birth

Mar 20, 2018 42:53


This week Jana and Sarah wrap up season 5 of Mad About You with a very touching birth. Name of baby to be decided later.

The Wonderful Handyman

Mar 13, 2018 51:26


Jana and Sarah discuss season 5 of Mad About You. We're not very sure about how silly things are getting, it's all very un-MAY.

The Finale Procedure

Mar 6, 2018 44:34


Sarah and Jana wrap up season 4 of Mad About You. And is it just Jana, or did Jamie's procedure seem too vague and unnecessary? We also talk about the conundrum couples face with work and being busy and finding time for themselves and each other.

New Sleep-Walking PLUS

Feb 27, 2018 36:19


Ever do any weird stuff in your sleep? Well, on today's episode, we learn that Paul experienced something that most never will. Tune in!

How to Fall in Cake Fear

Feb 20, 2018 49:13


Jana and Sarah, with special guest Tana discuss season 3 of Mad About You. We talk about pickup lines and the pressure of perfect birthdays. Tune in!

Giblet Minutes

Feb 13, 2018 56:36


Sarah and Jana, with special guest Tana discuss current favorite podcasts, and the start of season 3 for Mad About You. Also, this is our 1-year podcast-iversary! Yay to us!

Disoriented Cold Feet

Feb 6, 2018 34:46


Sorry for the fuzzy sound, folks! We promise it'll be better next week. Today we wrap up season 2 of Mad About You. Disclaimer: Jana does love the name Jack, but not in such mystical settings as the movie Legend.

Married to the Job Next Week

Jan 30, 2018 36:04


Sarah and Jana jump into season 2 of Mad About You. There is some noise disturbance in the background for some reason, sorry about that folks. If you don't lose your mind and can actually get through the episode, you earn life points and friend points.

Among the Painter Tiles

Jan 23, 2018 42:43


Jana and Sarah, with special guest baby Violet, wrap up season 1 of Mad About You with episode 14, Love Among Tiles and 21 The Painter.

Met Someone

Jan 16, 2018 38:11


Today we begin our commentary on Mad About You! And Sarah is very excited.

You Wish You Were a Sitcom- The George Show

Jan 9, 2018 49:24


On our bookend episode, we discuss the many series' with the name George. Yeah, there really are that many. Special guest opinions by Moma Heywood.

Brave New World

Jan 2, 2018 32:17


Happy New Year, everybody! As we begin the new year, we say goodbye to Boy Meets World. Take a listen and hear our final thoughts on the series.

Family Time - Isn't it About Trees?

Dec 26, 2017 48:33


Merry Christmas all! We hope you're enjoying your holiday break and in case you're around family and are all bored and want something to do, have them take a listen to this week's episode! Today it's very Shawn-heavy, but then, when is it ever not?

We'll Have a Good Time Then aka Resurrection

Dec 19, 2017 43:15


It gets very serious in the next two episodes of Boy Meets World; you'll begin to think the crew lives in the hospital! No new shout outs--but hey, give the gift of meaningless podcasts to all your loved ones and friends and encourage them to listen to And a Bag of Chips.

Everybody Loves Hogs & Kisses

Dec 12, 2017 54:41


We've got essential oils! We've got Small Hats Big Hearts! And we've got another episode of And a Bag of Chips! Digging into season 6 of BMW, it continues with the teenage drama set against a college background. Special guest by Mom Heywood. Check it out!

Starry Graduation Night

Dec 5, 2017 55:42


Jana and Sarah discuss the every ensuing melodrama that is Boy Meets World. Ah the thrills and laughs of the teenage years!

And Then There Was Shawn

Nov 28, 2017 39:59


Sarah and Jana take on the episode that's on everyone's must-watch list and discuss the finer details of teenage drama. Will Friedle makes a special appearance...again.

The Heartbreak Eskimo

Nov 21, 2017 57:51


Sarah and Jana record their first episode via Skype! Technology! We discuss the ever more dramatic Boy Meets World, season 5. The season that lives in infamy.

Chick Like Cult Fiction

Nov 14, 2017 40:14


Sarah and Jana (with an appearance by Jacob), wrap up season 4 of Boy Meets World. In a very timely episode, we discuss the perils of unwanted affection (aka harassment), that Shawn encounters first-hand.

Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow, Shallow Boy!

Nov 7, 2017 45:36


Jana and Sarah discuss season 4 of Boy Meets World. They chat about Cory's hair and one of the best episodes featuring Eric.

Rave On the Happiest Show on Earth!

Oct 31, 2017 49:58


Sarah and Jana wish you a happy Halloween! Wish were covering a spooky episode, but alas, all we have is Reg! Reginald Fairfield! But hey, hey, we're the happiest show on earth.

What I Meant to Say

Oct 24, 2017 59:21


Sarah and Jana along with cousins Alicia and Michelle (they're sisters too!), continue their conversation of Boy Meets World. We discuss the age-old questions: "Is it ok to date someone your friend had "dibs" on?" and "Do you lose power in a relationship by saying "I love you" first?" 

Career Day

Oct 17, 2017 01:15:02


Sarah and Jana along with guests Alicia, Michelle, and Tana wrap up season 2 of BMW. Don't stay in school, kids!

Wake Up Little Cory

Oct 11, 2017 01:02:48


Sarah and Jana have a...Full House with special guests Tana, Michelle, and Alicia. We talk about Boy Meets World and the struggles of teenage awkwardness and hypocritical stereotypes all teens face.

Boy Meets Girl

Oct 3, 2017 58:38


Jana and Sarah, along with special guests Michell and Tana finish discussing Season 1 of Boy Meets World. Mr. Feeny is all-knowing and we all know the true love story is between Shawn and Cory.

Cory's Alternative Family

Sep 26, 2017 48:41


Sarah and Jana, along with special guests Tana and Michelle discuss Salt Lake ComicCon and the start of Boy Meets World! We're so excited to talk about the terrible teens.

You Wish You Were a Sitcom-Black Lives Matter Pt. 2

Sep 19, 2017 01:19:34


Sarah and Jana finish discussing black people in sitcoms with some reviews of shows that were anywhere from great to deplorable. 

You Wish You Were a Sitcom: Black Lives Matter Pt. 1

Sep 12, 2017 52:31


Today we tackle a subject that we know we are inadequately equipped to talk about. But not saying anything about it is worse. We'll be talking about race, specifically black people, in sitcoms and TV. This will be a two-parter, so today we'll just be discussing the history. 

Freaky Friday

Sep 5, 2017 44:27


That went by fast! Our final episode of News Radio is here. We sadly bid farewell to one of the best sitcoms of the 90s. Lisa's hair will always be amazing, Dave will always have those wonderful dimples, Matt his crazy antics, Beth her extra, Jim his money, Joe his cracking character, and Bill will always be in our hearts.

Bill Moves On

Aug 29, 2017 31:44


Jana, Sarah, and Tana discuss one of the most iconic episodes of News Radio and probably in the top 100 episodes of tv of all time. Like, no joke. Tune in, it gets real.

Sinking Chock Ship

Aug 22, 2017 55:46


We're back! Discussing season 4 of News Radio with Sarah, Jana, and Tana! Special shout out too. Take a listen!

Super Karate Monkey Death Car

Aug 15, 2017 47:03


Sarah and Jana talk News Radio, Season 4! We're finally on to a new season. And we feature probably the most iconic episode of the series. Too bad Tana wasn't there.

Office Space Feud

Aug 8, 2017 38:55


Jana and Sarah continue to discuss the ever hilarious News Radio. Season 3, episodes 19 and 24 give you a glimpse of just how ingenious this series can get. Take a listen!

Led Zepplin Boxed Set

Aug 1, 2017 46:05


Jana and Sarah discuss the ever silly, ever hilarious, ever worth your while News Radio. Today in particular we discuss season 3, episodes 13 and 14, Led Zepplin Boxed Set and Complaint Box. Enjoy!

SMC - Doug

Jul 29, 2017 32:53


Special episode coming your way! The Heywood Clan reminisce about Doug on location at the Chinn Family Reunion. Hilarity ensues.

Dave Makes a Beautiful Woman

Jul 25, 2017 48:18


Sarah and Jana continue discussing News Radio, Season 3. Dave dresses in drag and James Caan can't get enough of Matthew.

Massage Chair in an Arcade

Jul 18, 2017 57:12


Sarah, Jana, and Tana are super sleepy times whilst talking about season 3, episodes 3 and 4 of News Radio. We talk about nearly everything: what it means to be a nerd, SAT scores, who really invented voice-response technology, and ducks. Tune in now!


Jul 11, 2017 37:29


Sarah, Jana, and special guest Tana wrap up season 2 with episodes 10 and 19,  Xmas Story and Presence. Look out, Santa wants to kill Bill!

A Cane of Funerals

Jul 4, 2017 52:50


Today, Jana, Sarah, and Tana discuss News Radio, season 2, episodes 3 and 9, Rat Funeral and The Cane. Hilarity ensues.

SMC: Ahh!!! Real Monsters!

Jul 1, 2017 32:14


Good Saturday morning, folks! Hope you're in your pjs, munching on some cereal and reminiscing with us as we dive into the scary world of Ahh!!! Real Monsters!

The Crisis

Jun 27, 2017 42:16


Sarah, Jana and lovely reoccurring guest, Tana continue their discussion of News Radio. Today the cover season 1, episodes 3, 4, and 5, Smoking, The Crisis, and Big Day, respectively. Lots of belly laughs in this one.

Inappropriate Smoking

Jun 20, 2017 46:06


Sarah and Jana, with special guest Tana talk about the brutally hilarious series that is News Radio. They talk about the cast and dive into the second episode of the first season, Inappropriate. 

You Wish You Were a Sitcom

Jun 13, 2017 37:19


Ever wonder if those shows that ended after a season or two were ahead of their time, or never should've reached the light of day? Well, Sarah and Jana do so they're digging in right now. Today they cover Ferris Bueller, Harry and the Hendersons, and Parenthood--three shows that were spinoffs of movies. 

Michelle Doesn't Really Ride Again

Jun 6, 2017 50:59


We've made it folks! The series finale of Full House is finally upon us! Sarah and Jana, with very special guest MOM HEYWOOD discuss season 8, episodes 23 & 24 Michelle Rides Again. We recap the series, talk about childhood, and laugh a lot. You know, the usual.

Under the Influence of the Beat

May 30, 2017 35:52


Jana and Sarah discuss Full House, season 8, episodes 10, Under the Influence and 18, We Got the Beat. 

It's Stephanie's Wild Choice, DJ!

May 23, 2017 52:19


Jana and Sarah discuss the crazy lives of DJ and Stephanie in season 8, episodes 9, Stephanie's Wild Ride and 12, DJ's Choice.

Sports Corner - American Gladiator

May 20, 2017 26:22


And now for something completely different: Sports Corner with Dave and Kelsie Garcia! Dave and Kelsie join Jana to discuss who would be the best picks for a reboot of the classic 90's physical game show, American Gladiator.

Is it True About Fast Friends?

May 16, 2017 01:05:28


Jana and Sarah, with special guest Marie, discuss season 7, episodes 5, Fast Friends, and 14, Is is True About Stephanie?

Wrong Way, No Show

May 9, 2017 39:17


Jana and Sarah discuss Full House, season 7, episodes 3, Wrong-Way Tanner, and 8 Another Opening, Another No Show. 

The House Meets the Mouse

May 2, 2017 40:18


Jana and Sarah discuss Full House season 6, episodes 23 and 24, The House Meets the Mouse parts 1 and 2. They get really passionate. Michelle is the worst.

Road to Tokyo

Apr 25, 2017 47:35


Jana and Sarah discuss the episode of Full House that started this whole podcast! Season 6, episode 3 Road to Tokyo. They also discuss season 6, episode 10 I'm not DJ. Special appearance from Grandma Chinn.

Happy Birfday, Babies!

Apr 18, 2017 53:44


Sarah and Jana discuss season 5, episodes 9 and 10, Happy Birthday, Babies, with our very special guest, Cousin Ashlee! 

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Apr 15, 2017 36:58


Our first bonus episode! Sarah and I talk about the evolution of Saturday morning cartoons.

Double Trouble...With Boys

Apr 11, 2017 59:18


Jana and Sarah get in a very passionate discussion about babies and feelings concerning season 5, episodes 1, Double Trouble, and 24, Girls Will Be Boys. 

Fuller House

Apr 4, 2017 37:47


Jana and Sarah talk about season 4, episodes 16, Stephanie Gets Framed and 20 Fuller House. Jana yawns a lot.

Werking Gurrl

Mar 28, 2017 49:47


Sarah and Jana discuss season 4, episodes 2 Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor and 14 Working Girl. Special shoutout to Admanaus for subscribing, rating, and leaving a review!


Mar 21, 2017 48:15


Sarah and Jana wrap up discussing season 3 of Full House with episodes 11 "Aftershocks" and 14 "Misadventures in Babysitting."

And They Call it Star Search

Mar 7, 2017 42:20


Jana and Sarah discuss season 3 episodes 6 "Star Search" and 7 "And They Call It Puppy Love." 

Luck Be a Ladies

Mar 7, 2017 01:00:31


Sarah and Jana have a special guest today: Cousin Alicia! The three discuss the season 2 finale episodes, "Luck be a Lady" parts 1 and 2. 

Goodbye, Mr. Bear

Feb 28, 2017 50:32


Sarah and Jana discuss the perils of shoplifting in season 2, episode 14 "Little Shop of Sweaters." Then things get a bit more serious as they talk about remembering loved ones in season 2, episode 18 "Goodbye, Mr. Bear."

Sisterly Love

Feb 21, 2017 43:12


Today Jana and Sarah discuss Season 1, episodes 13, "Sisterly Love" and "DJ Tanner's Day Off." 

Our Very First Show

Feb 14, 2017 52:45


Jana and Sarah Heywood begin their very first podcast episode with Full House, season 1, episode 2, Our Very First Night, and 3, The First Day of School. Grandma Chinn makes a guest appearance.

And a Bag of Chips Intro

Feb 9, 2017 01:30


Hey! Working on something exciting (at least for me)! Hope you take a listen.