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The Execution of William Crawford and the Gnadenhutten Massacre

Nov 4, 2013 00:31:15


Heading back to early America for this episode, we explore anti-Indian propaganda from the 1780s. In 1782 Colonel William Crawford led a military expedition into the Ohio Valley. His campaign was defeated by the people he had come to attack and the Colonel was taken into captivity, tortured, and executed. The gruesome details of Crawford's death were published in an account written by eyewitness John Knight in a volume published by noted Indian hater Hugh Henry Brackenridge. The resultant document is a potent piece of anti-Indian propaganda that is needs to be understood in the troubling context of the time which produced it.

D.W Griffith's The Mended Lute (1909) with Audio Commentary (academic)

Oct 7, 2013 00:00:00


Native America on film - in this special video presentation we examine a short film by D.W Griffith (director of The Birth of a Nation)that was made in 1909. This episode includes the entire original film with a special academic audio commentary.

The Beach Boys and the (un)Making of SMiLE

Oct 7, 2013 00:39:16


In 1966, Brian Wilson led The Beach Boys into the studio to begin work on the follow up to the critically acclaimed album, Pet Sounds. What should have been the band's masterpiece turned into their biggest calamity as the SMiLE album unraveled and collapsed around them. In this podcast, Dr. Darren R. Reid takes a look at the recently released SMiLE Sessions to assess what may have been. Is this album the lost masterpiece of legend? Would it have secured the band's place alongside The Beatles?

Is The Lone Ranger Racist? Disney and Race in 2013

Oct 7, 2013 00:36:23


The Lone Ranger has been no stranger to controversy since its announcement. In this episode we will examine the finished product in order to see whether or not claims of racism directed at the movie are justified.

Pink Floyd and the Cold War: British Band, American Focus

Oct 7, 2013 00:22:18


In this episode we explore the resurgent Cold War of the 1980s through the music of Pink Floyd and their chief songwriter, Roger Waters. Starting with a critical overview of the 1983 album, The Final Cut, this episode explores how the Cold War transformed the band, moving them away from abstract ideas and vague protests into a more politicised realm with their music. Albums explored in this episode include The Final Cut, The Wall, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and Roger Waters' Radio K.A.O.S.

Racism During World War II

Oct 7, 2013 00:23:42


In this episode we examine the argument that anti-Japanese racism was a product of World War II. This episode includes an audio only version of the short documentary "Race and Racism in Early Superhero Comics" as a bonus extra.

The Man Who Laughs: The Changing Face of the Joker, from Gangster to Terrorist

Oct 7, 2013 00:38:29


The second American Studies lecture again looks at classic American comic books, this time turning its attention on Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker. Throughout his long career the Joker has been portrayed as everything from a Chicago-inspired gangster, to traumatised victim, and ruthless terrorist - in this lecture we explore how each of those images reflected huge social and cultural changes in America.

Up, up, and Away: Analysing Classic American Comic Books

Oct 7, 2013 00:23:58


Superman first appeared during the Great Depression in 1938 in a comic book which reflected the period's strong stereotypes against women. In this episode the first superhero comic will be given a scholarly reading and compared to its modern equivalent to show how America's self-image has changed over the past 70 years.

Captain America, Race, and Racism

Oct 7, 2013 00:25:09


Captain America first appeared in 1940 but shortly after his introduction he was joined by sidekick team "The Young Allies" among whom was one of the most openly racist characters in superhero history. In this episode we explore how and why men like Jack Kirby and Stan Lee (creators of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc) helped to create such a piece of racist iconography.

D.W Griffith's The Mended Lute (1909) with Audio Commentary

Oct 1, 2013 00:10:38


Native America on film - in this special video presentation we examine a short film by D.W Griffith (director of The Birth of a Nation)that was made in 1909. This episode includes the entire original film with a special academic audio commentary.

The Lone Ranger

Oct 5, 2012 00:14:30


Following the release of the first trailer for Disney's The Lone Ranger, this episode explores how this movie could impact modern western films along with some of the issues which might plague it.

John Smith's Virginia 1608

Sep 18, 2012 00:18:44


The source for the third Atlantic History seminar. In this source, John Smith describes the first year of settlement in the new Virginia colony, including his first account of Pocahontas.

The Slave Ship

Aug 23, 2012 00:15:58


In this episode the source for the second Atlantic History class is given. The source is an excerpt from Olaudah Equiano's moving account of the horrors experienced by slaves upon the crossing from Africa to the Americas.

Christopher Columbus and Henry the Navigator

Aug 9, 2012 00:25:08


A reading of two sources for the forthcoming online course exploring the "Atlantic World". These sources are extracts of Christopher Columbus's letter to the heads of European states and the Royal account of Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal.


Jun 24, 2012 00:03:30


Announcement regarding the addition of American Studies to the podcast

The Trial of Daniel Boone

Jun 24, 2012 00:24:25


Few people realise Daniel Boone faced a court martial for treason - in this episode we explore how he used his autobiography to refute those charges

Boone's Narrative (Complete)

Jun 24, 2012 00:41:34


A complete reading of Daniel Boone's collaborative autobiography

Daniel Boon Discussion - Part 2

Jun 24, 2012 00:23:05


The second part of my discussion with Blair Smith on the life and legend of Daniel Boone

Daniel Boon Discussion - Part 1

Jun 24, 2012 00:52:35


In this episode I discuss the life, legacy, and legend of Daniel Boone with my fellow scholar, Blair Smith.

The Building War on the Frontier, 1763-1774

Jun 24, 2012 00:25:45


This bonus archival recording provides some nice background information on the period covered in the first Daniel Boone lecture.

The Adventures of Daniel Boone

Jun 24, 2012 00:21:25


First lecture in the Daniel Boone series. Who was Daniel Boone and what does his autobiography tell historians about his life?


Jun 24, 2012 00:03:55


An Introduction to the Frontier History and Daniel Boone lecture series