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Join amateur military historian podcaster Justin Johnson as he covers the military history of America in the American Military History Podcast. Covering America’s Military History from the Revolutionary War through current day conflicts. New episodes release every Thursday. Subscribe on iTunes to stay up to date.


Author Interview: Veronica Kirin – Stories of Elders

Dec 26, 2018 1:09:17


Interview with Amazon Best Selling Author Veronica Kirin and her book: Stories of Elders

Second Battle of Bull Run (Part 2)

Dec 10, 2018 58:59


We continue our conversations of day 2 and day of Second Bull Run / Second Manassas and talk about the fallout of the battle.

Second Battle of Bull Run (Pt I)

Nov 19, 2018 29:02


We return to Manassas for "round 2" with the second Battle of Bull Run / Manassas

Seven Days Battle

Oct 25, 2018 30:19


Seven Days of fighting in late June and early July would change the face of the Civil War - as Robert E Lee assumed command of the Confederates and launched an offensive against the Union forces surrounding Richmond

Robert E. Lee

Oct 11, 2018 1:07:48


Let's take a look at the life of the Confederate General Robert E Lee

Hanover Courthouse & Seven Pines

Aug 31, 2018 40:12


Back over in the Virginia Peninsula Campaign, we'll talk about the battle that brings Robert E Lee into command of the Confederate army

Stonewall Jackon’s Valley Campaign

Aug 16, 2018 1:10:07


In the spring/summer of 1862 - Stonewall Jackson lead an audacious and stunning campaign that propelled him to military fame in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. In this episode, we'll cover that entire campaign!

How can I draw my sword upon Virginia?

Aug 2, 2018 33:39


Let's jump over from Mississippi to Virginia to talk a little bit about the Peninsula Captain of the Civil War.

The Siege of Corinth

Jul 19, 2018 43:20


With both sides still reeling from Shiloh - the Union army advances on the retreating Confederate army with hopes of capturing both it - and the railroad junctions at Cornith

The Battle of Shiloh

Jul 4, 2018 1:32:04


Shiloh means "Place of Peace" in Hebrew - which was a complete misnomer for two days in April of 1862 as the Union and Confederate armies slugged it out in what was the first "great battle" of the war

Merrimack (Virginia) vs Monitor

May 24, 2018 52:03


In this episode we learn about the famous naval battle between the Virginia and the Monitor - oh you thought it was the Merrimack? You're both right and wrong. Tune in to find out the details.

Scott’s Anaconda don’t want none…

May 3, 2018 42:52


This week we'll talk about Winfield's Scott's retirement, his impact on the soldiers of the Civil War (based upon his experiences in the Mexican American War) and his final plan that was implemented the Anaconda Plan - as well as three naval battles in North & South Carolina and Lousiana that resulted as a part of that plan. 

McClellan’s Reign & Ball’s Bluff

Apr 19, 2018 49:47


Lincoln brings in his third "man of destiny" with George McClellan - who actually does some good - but not without conflict from his former mentor Winfield Scott

Wilson’s Creek and Lincoln’s Command Woes – CW Pt 5

Mar 16, 2018 50:26


After Manassas Lincoln faced several "interesting" command choices in Kentucky and Missouri - and we also see what happens at the battle of Wilson's Creek

The Fire is Light… Battle of Manassas / Bull Run – CW Pt 4

Mar 1, 2018 1:06:13


The fire has been light, and American history will change forever. Union and Confederate troops converge at Manassas Junction

3 Sparks to Light the Fire – Civil War Pt 3

Feb 15, 2018 41:34


This week's episode moves us closer to the first major battle of the Civil War - Bull Run/First Manasas, but did you know that Bull Run wasn't exactly the first battle of the war? You'll learn which one was this week.

Fort Sumter Fallout & Army Organization – Civil War Pt 2

Feb 1, 2018 1:05:47


The short 2 months (ish) period after Fort Sumter brought with it A LOT of action is gearing up for the war on both sides. We'll talk about those as well as how the armies were organized and how some of those organizations have made it into the modern day armed forces

The Coming Storm – Civil War: Part 1

Jan 18, 2018 54:57


We discuss the causes and some triggering actions for the start of the Civil War and discuss the siege of Fort Sumter

Introducing American History Tellers

Jan 3, 2018 10:52


Every part of your life can be traced to our shared history, but how well do you know the real stories of our nation? American History Tellers takes you to the events, times, and the people that shaped America and Americans, and they’ll show you how American history affected the people that lived before you, and affects you today.

Replay: USS Constitution

Dec 28, 2017


Hi American Military History podcast listeners - just a quick heads up that this episode is a replay of one of my favorite episodes over the past few years. We’re doing replays in December and the first part of January to give me time to prepare our episodes on the Civil War.

Replay: The Battle of King’s Mountain I & II

Dec 21, 2017 1:11:29


Hi American Military History podcast listeners - just a quick heads up that this episode is a replay of one of my favorite episodes over the past few years. We’re doing replays in December and the first part of January to give me time to prepare our episodes on the Civil War.

Replay The Battle of Bunker Hill – Parts I & II

Dec 14, 2017 58:00


Hi American Military History podcast listeners - just a quick heads up that this episode is a replay of one of my favorite episodes over the past few years. We’re doing replays in December and the first part of January to give me time to prepare our episodes on the Civil War.

Replay: The Battle of Baltimore

Dec 7, 2017 26:57


This is a replay of one of our earlier episodes - we'll be back with new episodes in mid January 2018

The Utah War

Nov 30, 2017 49:50


This week's episode focuses on the Utah War, a roughly 10-ish week war where not a single shot was fired - and an American Army loss was the result

Matthew Perry Goes to Japan

Nov 16, 2017 21:55


This week we'll join Matthew Perry as he travels to the closed bordered, isolated Japan to establish trade relationships.

Battle Experience from the Mexican-American War

Nov 9, 2017 26:06


As we prepare for our conversations on the Civil War, let's talk about a handful of "Civil War Celebrities" that earned their experience in the Mexican-American War

Battle of Mexico City

Oct 26, 2017 27:53


This week we finish up the Mexican American War with the Battle of Mexico City, which technically includes our last two episodes. We'll also learn how the battle was started by an officer who took it upon himself to march into the city...

The Battle of Chapultepac

Oct 19, 2017 24:16


In the last battle before taking Mexico City, Winfield Scott and his crew assault an ancient Mexican fortification in the hopes of removing it from Santa Anna's defensive arsenal.

Battle of Molino del Rey

Oct 5, 2017 24:25


This week we see Winfield Scott as he approaches Mexico City and gets sidetracked by Molino del Rey, a bloody engagement with little strategic value

Battles of Contreras and Churubusco

Sep 28, 2017 32:59


American General Winfield Scott and Mexican General Santa Anna square off again with the Battle of Contreras and what started as a cleanup operation that turned into the Battle of Churubusco

The Battle of Cerro Gordo

Sep 21, 2017 46:03


In this week's episode we'll jump into the slug fest between Maj General's Winfield Scott and Mexican Army General Santa Anna. We'll also see a few familiar names pop up, including that of Robert E Lee.

The Capture of Monterrey & The Battle of Buena Vista

Sep 14, 2017 27:34


Future US President Zachary Taylor captures the Mexican city of Monterrey and moved on to defeat Santa Anna at Buena Vista

The Mexican-American War – Annexation of Texas & Battle of Palo Alto

Sep 7, 2017 39:03


To understand the Mexican War, we have to start out with some politics and learn why Mexico was upset about losing Texas to the United States, and we'll learn that the dispute really focused on one thing...land.

Wrapping up the Black Hawk War

Aug 31, 2017 23:09


This week we wrap up the Black Hawk War with discussions on The Battle of Wisconsin Heights and the Battle of Bad Axe

The Battle of Kellogg’s Grove

Aug 25, 2017 30:46


As the Black Hawk War continues we see two small battles at Kellogg's Grove, with the America's continuing to press and pursue Black Hawk and his troops

The Black Hawk War Begins

Aug 17, 2017 33:12


This week begins a bloody, but brief 15 week engagement between American forces and Sauk and Fox Native Americans living in Illionios

The Second Barbary War

Aug 11, 2017 21:37


The Third Seminole War

Aug 3, 2017 28:21


This week's episode takes us to the tail end of the third of three Seminole Wars in Florida during the late 1800s

The End of the Second Seminole War

Jul 28, 2017 42:51


We wrap up our conversation of the Second Seminole War this week, and tease our next conversation: The Third Seminole War!

Tides of History, Episode One Preview

Jul 20, 2017 14:56


I don't always promote other podcasts here. But when I do, you better make sure you listen because Tides of History is coming and it's AMAZING. Here's a sample of the first episode for you to enjoy!

Jesup Takes Command

Jul 20, 2017 25:34


Jesup gets his turn command the US forces in Florida, and brings with him one of the largest forces to every be present in the war.

Unshackling America with Willard Sterne Randall

Jul 13, 2017 47:35


Today we're chatting with history author Willard Sterne Randall whose new book "Unshackling America" proposes that the American Revolution didn't actually end until the War of 1812.

A Lack of Forward Progress… Gaines & Scott in Florida

Jul 6, 2017 23:42


The (small) American Army keeps trying to establish a foothold in a Cove held by the Seminole, but is unable to establish any forward progress due to lack of supplies & coordination

The Dade Massacre – Second Seminole Wars

Jun 29, 2017 24:02


The Dade Massacre was an 1835 defeat for the United States Army that greatly escalated the Second Seminole War, which lasted until 1842.

Dr. Elizabeth Cobbs – The Hello Girls

Jun 22, 2017 52:25


A bit of a deviation this week as we venture briefly into WWI to discuss the entrance of women into the Armed Services with Dr. Elizabeth Cobbs, however our conversation stretches from the Rev War all the way to WWI.

Andrew Jackson Invades Florida

Jun 15, 2017 32:13


In our final episode on the First Seminole Wars, we learn about Andrew Jackson's invasions of East and West Florida.

Fowlstown & the Scott Massacre

Jun 8, 2017 18:42


We'll start with what many historians consider to be the first major action of the First Seminole War and move on towards a riverside massacre known as the Scott Massacre

Justin’s Personal Letters

Jun 6, 2017 15:22


In this week's Letters from War, I'll be sharing some letters from my personal collection from a young soldier who enlisted in 2000

The Negro Fort

Jun 1, 2017 25:45


The Battle of Negro Fort was a short military siege in 1816 in which forces of the United States assaulted and managed to blow up an African-American fortified stronghold in the frontier of northern Spanish Florida.

The Perez Drinkwater Letters

May 29, 2017 12:06


Perez Drinkwater was an American POW in England. We'll examine three of the letters written during his captivity.

Intro to the First Seminole War

May 25, 2017 33:02


Our intro to the First Seminole War which has Andrew Jackson invading Spanish owned Florida chasing runaway slaves.

Journal Entries – War of 1812

May 23, 2017 9:14


The first Letters From War episode kicks off with journal entries from young men and women living in America during the War of 1812, including one of the daughters of General Prevost: Anne Prevost.

The USS Constitution

May 18, 2017 1:35:09


As the oldest ship in the American Navy, the USS Constitution deserves a special place in military history. She's seen duty from the Barbary Wars to the Civil War, and she's still around today. For our 100th episode, we'll take a look at her history.

Treaty of Ghent & The Battle of New Orleans

May 11, 2017 39:27


The Treaty of Ghent ended the war in December of 1814, however the last major battle of the war didn't occur until January 8 of 1815 in New Orleans with American forces under command of Andrew Jackson

The Battle of Lake Champlain

May 4, 2017 39:49


In one of our most requested episodes we see a pivotal victory for the Americans via a naval battle on Lake Champlain and the nearby town of Plattsburgh

The Battle of Baltimore

Apr 27, 2017 31:30


Just 3 short weeks after the British burn the White House, they turn to the other prong of their attack: Baltimore, hoping to help rid the seas of local American privateers disrupting British shipping lines

The Bladensburg Races

Apr 20, 2017 44:50


With the British no longer in a war with France, they are now able to focus on the American front, and they deal a major blow to Washington DC, due in part to errors by the American commanders.

The Battle of Lundy’s Lane

Apr 13, 2017 31:43


The Battle of Lundy's Lane, during the War of 1812, was fought between American troops and British regulars assisted by Canadian militia on the evening of 25 July 1814, almost within sight of Niagara Falls.

Battles of Crysler’s Farm & Chippawa

Apr 6, 2017 18:13


Crysler's Farm was an American loss, which was quickly followed by an American victory at the Chippawa River crossing

The Battles of Lake Erie & Thames

Mar 30, 2017 34:46


Two battles this week: An American naval victory at Lake Eerie and Thames, also known as the Battle of Moraviantown, was a United States victory in the War of 1812 against the United Kingdom and Tecumseh's Confederacy

The Siege Forts York & Meigs

Mar 23, 2017 19:51


Fought in present day Toronto, the Battle of York was a minor, almost insignificant victory for American forces along the Canadian border in the War of 1812

Battle of Frenchtown

Mar 16, 2017 24:16


The Battles of Frenchtown, also known as the Battle of the River Raisin and the River Raisin Massacre, was a series of conflicts that took place from January 18–23, 1813 during the War of 1812.

Battle of Queenston Heights

Mar 9, 2017 42:47


The Battle of Queenston Heights was the first major battle in the War of 1812 and resulted in a British victory. It took place on 13 October 1812, near Queenston, Upper Canada.

The Fall of the West

Feb 23, 2017 37:58


The combined British, Canadian, and Native American advance is too much for Hull, who is left isolated near Fort Detriot

Army? What Army? & The Battle of Tippacanoe

Feb 16, 2017 43:44


With an army that was under staffed and under equipped the United States entered into yet another war with England, which would begin with an attempted assassination of an American General.

War of 1812 Part I – Overview

Feb 9, 2017 32:16


We're starting our multi-week discussion on the War of 1812 with an overview of the war, it's causes, and several facts & beliefs about the war.

The First Barbary War

Feb 2, 2017 22:04


United States President Thomas Jefferson refused to pay this tribute to pirates from the Barbary States seizing American merchant ships and holding the crews for ransom, causing Tripoli to declare war against the United States

Fries’ Rebellion

Jan 26, 2017 25:10


When the Quasi-War with France threatened to escalate in 1798, Congress $2 million in new taxes on real estate and slaves. John Fries (like many American citizens) was not too fond of these taxes, and took action in Pennsylvania.

The XYZ Affair & The Quasi-War

Jan 19, 2017 28:29


The XYZ Affair and the subsequent Quasi-War was the result of disagreements over treaties and America's status as a neutral in the Wars of the French Revolution.

Whiskey Rebellion

Jan 12, 2017 35:54


Angered that the Federal government has imposed taxes on "distilled spirits" local citizens rise up in arms and anger, in George Washington's first and only domestic rebellion during his presidency.

Shays’ Rebellion

Jan 5, 2017 35:54


Upset with heavy taxes, poor and non paid soldiers rise up in Massachusetts to push for tax reform. One such protest involved men lead by Daniel Shay, marching on the Springfield Armory.

The War That Never Ends

Dec 29, 2016 42:36


As we near the end of the Cherokee War, we'll see the death of Dragging Canoe and several larger battles. We'll also see the formation of the Legion of America, one of the first incantations of a standing army in America.

Peak of the Lower Cherokee

Dec 22, 2016 30:44


Dragging Canoe's last years, 1788–1792, were the peak of his influence and subsequently, the peak of the influence of the Lower Cherokee.

The Second Invasion & Post Revolution

Dec 15, 2016 22:44


In this week's episode we discuss what was known as the "Second Invasion" in the Chickamauga War as well as move into events that happened AFTER the end of the American Revolutionary War

Invasions of the Chickamauga Towns

Dec 8, 2016 26:30


After the Patriot response and the supposed peace treaty of 1777 we'll talk about 2 incursions into the settled Chickamauga towns and the Battle of The Bluffs

The Patriot Response

Dec 1, 2016 27:56


We start our discussion on the Patriot response to the Cherokee incursions along the lower, middle, and upper valleys. And we'll also discuss what may have been a premature peace treaty in 1777

The Cherokee War of 1776

Nov 24, 2016 27:48


In the year 1776, the United States of America actually had TWO wars going on: The Revolutionary and the Cherokee war. We'll focus this week on the initial Cherokee offensive strategy

Military History Author Jay Wertz

Nov 18, 2016 31:28


Today I'm joined by military history author Jay Wertz, we'll talk about everything from Burt Reynolds to World War 2, and Jay's new comic book project.

Happy Veteran’s Day – From John Glenn

Nov 11, 2016 2:31


John Glenn, during his political career, was accused by Howard Metzenbaum of never holding down a job. His response sums up what I think all of my veteran listeners would say in response to that.

Battle of Yorktown Pt II & War Wrap-up

Nov 10, 2016 33:45


We'll discuss the surrender at Yorktown, and how Cornwallis didn't even show, instead he delegated it. As well as move into an overview of the American and British performance in the War of American Independence, our last episode, on the Revolutionary War

Battle of Yorktown – Part I

Nov 3, 2016 37:22


In what many consider the final battle of the Revolutionary War, George Washington faces off against Charles Cornwallis in Yorktown, VA

Ghosts of The Revolutionary War

Oct 27, 2016 20:24


A listener request! Ghost stories from the Revolutionary War in honor of Halloween. A few come from Yorktown, but we'll also go to New Jersey and Pennslyvannia

Battle of The Chesapeake

Oct 20, 2016 16:55


The Battle of The Chesapeake , is perhaps the greatest Navy battles to be fought in American waters contained no American sailors or ships. Instead we'll see the French and the British slug it out for control of the port Cornwallis needs to retreat to New York

The Battle of Green Spring & Eutaw Springs

Oct 13, 2016 23:12


The Battle of Green Spring would serve to hold Cornwallis in Yorktown, while Eutaw Springs would effectively end the war in the South

Siege of Augusta & Siege of Ninety-Six

Oct 6, 2016 21:55


Patriot forces try to take back Georgia with the Siege of Augusta and down in Ninety-Six, SC it too comes under siege from Patriot Forces.

The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill & The Siege of Fort Granby

Sep 29, 2016 24:42


Two smaller battles, one a loss and one a victory that were instrumental in Patriot Commander Nathaniel Greene's control of the south were Hobkirks Hill and the Siege of Fort Granby, both in South Carolina

Battles of Torrence Tavern & Guilford Courthouse

Sep 22, 2016 34:35


We'll start with a battle that hits close to home for me (literally), then move into Guilford Courthouse near modern day Greensboro, which while a British victory, would turn into one of the larger turning points for the Patriots in the Southern Campaign.

The Battle of Cowan’s Ford

Sep 15, 2016 21:16


On January 17, Cornwallis was on the move. He sent Tarleton to meet Morgan; they clashed at Cowpens and Morgan gave the British cavalry a resounding defeat. Now Cornwallis, smarting at this new setback started in determined pursuit of Morgan, who began retreating toward Mecklenburg.

Tarleton v Morgan – The Battle of Cowpens, Part II

Sep 8, 2016 42:07


This week we continue our discussion on the Battle of Cowpens and we see what happens when an over eager Tarletan engages a poised and ready Daniel Morgan.

The Return of Daniel Morgan – Battle of Cowpens, Part I

Sep 1, 2016 22:22


We start our discussion on the Battle of Cowpens this week with the return of one of our favorite Patriot commanders: Daniel Morgan. We'll also discuss both Greene's and Cornwallis's plans for the south following the battle of Kings Mountain.

The Paddle Shaped Ridge – The Battle of Kings Mountain Part II

Aug 25, 2016 45:35


British officer Ferguson and his men are settled on the top of Kings Mountain, approaching are more than 900 Patriot men, whose single mission is to get Ferguson before he gets them.

The Ride of The Over Mountain Men – Battle of Kings Mountain Part I

Aug 18, 2016 39:06


We'll start our conversation of the Battle of Kings Mountain by talking about the group of men that would make up the core fighting force and the chess game played between local Patriot Forces and British General Ferguson.

Do You Smell what the Rock is Cookin’? – Battles of Hanging Rock, SC & Camden, SC

Aug 11, 2016 23:24


Shortly after Charleston we see yet another set of battles crop up between Patriots and Loyalists in the South Hanging Rock, SC and Camden, SC. Also, we'll have a brief mention of a man named John Andre.

Wax On, Waxhaw – Battle of the the Waxhaws and Ramsuer’s Mill

Aug 4, 2016 18:54


Two small battles this week, both directly related to the fall of Charleston, SC in May of 1780. We'll start in SC for the Battle of The Waxhaws (aka - Buford's Massacre) and then head near my hometown, to discuss Ramseur's Mill.

Charleston Has Fallen – 1780 Siege of Charleston, SC

Jul 28, 2016 30:10


Henry Clinton realizes that the North is a stalemate, and sets his eyes on what he thinks is a hot bed of British Loyalists who will rally to the King in Charleston, SC.

Winter is Coming – Washington in Morristown, NJ

Jul 21, 2016 20:53


Washington prepares for his second stay in Morristown, NJ, which will turn out to be a far worse winter than one he would endure at Valley Forge. During his stay, his army is also on the verge of mutiny due to lack of food and supplies.

John Paul Jones & The Siege of Savannah

Jul 14, 2016 25:25


A quick naval battle with John Paul Jones, and then we head down to Savannah where a French/American Force meets heavy British resistance.

Stories with Soldiers – Ryan Michler

Jul 7, 2016 39:14


I'm joined by Ryan Michler of OrderOfMan.com (and the Order of Man podcast) to discuss his service in the National Guard, his deployment to Ramadi, and how he's adjusted after.

Leave a Light On – Light Horse Harry Lee & The Battle of Paulus Hook.

Jun 30, 2016 25:31


American Major Light Horse Harry Lee, inspired by Anthony Wayne launches a nighttime raid on the British-controlled fort near Paulus Hook in what is today downtown Jersey City.

You Mad Bro? – “Mad” Anthony Wayne & The Battle of Stony Point

Jun 23, 2016 37:27


Under orders from George Washington and with a numerical disadvantage "Mad" Anthony Wayne pulls of a daring surprise raid at the garrison of Stony Point, NY

Leave No Stono Unturned – Battle of Stono River

Jun 16, 2016 18:09


American General Benjamin Lincoln, recovering from his defeat at Briar Creek, reorganizes and reengages the British outside of Charleston, SC in June of 1779

Trouble in the Briar Patch – The Battle of Briar Creek

Jun 9, 2016 25:23


Coming off a decisive & morale boosting victory at Kettle Creek, the American forces get dealt a stunning blow at the Battle of Briar (Brier) Creek

A Royal Disaster – The Battle of Port Royal Island

Jun 2, 2016 26:53


In February 1779, A diversionary British force is in South Carolina, clashes with Continental forces on Port Royal Island, lead by our old friend Brig. General William Moultrie.

Georgia On My Mind – Capture of Savannah & Battle of Kettle Creek

May 26, 2016 35:10


After the Battle of Saratoga, it was deemed that the Southern colonies would be high priority targets. Starting with Georgia and South Carolina...

On the Rhode (Island) Again – Battle of Quaker Hill

May 19, 2016 37:16


As the Illinois Campaign kicked off in the Western territory of the Colonies, A battle would take place on Rhode Island, around Quaker Hill with American Sullivan facing off against British Pigot

The Long Knives of Clark – Illinois Campaign

May 12, 2016 40:17


The Illinois Campaign would be an almost year long campaign lead by American commander George Roger Clark to liberate the French inhabitants of Illinois from the local British Government

Lee You Had One Job – The Battle of Monmouth

May 5, 2016 31:43


In full retreat from Philadelphia to New York, British Commander Sir Henry Clinton is challenged outside Monmouth Courthouse by none other than George Washington himself.

Howe to Say Goodbye & The Battle of Barren Hill

Apr 28, 2016 24:57


General William Howe has been replaced by Sir Henry Clinton, and meanwhile outside of Philadelphia a young inexperienced French commander named Lafayette is encircled on top of Barren Hill.

Battle of White Marsh and The French Alliance

Apr 21, 2016 24:44


Washington comes under a "surprise" attack from General Howe outside of Philadelphia at the Battle of White Marsh and from across the Atlantic and new ally officially backs the American Cause.

A Tale of Two Forts: Mercer & Mifflin

Apr 14, 2016 23:43


Fort Mercer and Fort Mifflin were two strategic forts on the Delaware that George Washington wanted to use to drive the British out of Philadelphia. Was he successful? We'll find out in this week's episode.

Campaign of The Clintons

Apr 7, 2016 19:49


While John Burgoyne was in between Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights, Sir Henry Clinton went North to take forts from two American General Clinton's, in what he considered to be an adequate diversion.

The Battle of Saratoga – Part III: Bemis Heights

Mar 31, 2016 34:55


The Battle of Bemis Heights is the final part of the overarching Battle of Saratoga. Here we'll see Benedict Arnold act without orders to lead his units to victory, a victory which would cause John Burgoyne to surrender over 5,000 men.

The Battle of Saratoga – Part II: Freeman’s Farm

Mar 24, 2016 33:36


The first shots are fired at the Battle of Saratoga in a skirmish referred to as The Battle of Freeman's Farm, which will pit Benedict Arnold and Daniel Morgan against British Generals Fraser and Hamilton.

The Battle of Saratoga – Part I

Mar 17, 2016 24:39


The Battle of Saratoga would result from Burgoyne's maneuvering of his troops in an advance on Albany NY, but in his way stood Horatio Gates, who had just recently relieved Phillip Schuyler of his command.

Fifes, Drums & Kentucky Rifles

Mar 10, 2016 35:02


This week we'll discuss fife and drums for battlefield communications and a game changing piece of technology: The Kentucky Rifle.

Battle of The Clouds & The Paoli Massacre

Mar 3, 2016 22:15


After the Battle of Brandywine, Washington decides to press forward against the British in the short lived Battle of the Clouds. Afterwards Wayne's militia come under surprise attack in the Paoli Massacre

Battle of Brandywine – Part II

Feb 25, 2016 27:37


We continue this week with the Battle of Brandywine by starting out with a description of the British troop actions that allowed them to flank the American forces and the subsequent clash of the two armies, which resulted in an American defeat.

Battle of Brandywine – Part I

Feb 18, 2016 22:47


The Battle of Brandywine in August 1777 would start out as a chess match between Generals Washington and Howe as they maneuvered for position around the Brandywine

Buildup to Brandywine

Feb 11, 2016 21:15


After the siege of Fort Stanwix (or Fort Schulyer) Washington comes out of his winter in Morristown, NJ and participates in the events leading up to the Battle of Brandywine, including the Battle of Cooch's Bridge

The Battle of Bennington

Feb 4, 2016 28:17


The Battle of Bennington which took place in August of 1777 pits our old friend John Stark against British forces who had planned on raiding the town of Bennington for much needed supplies.

The Flag Resolution

Jan 28, 2016 19:30


The United States flag is an iconic symbol, created in part with the Flag Resolution. But did soldiers in the Continental Army use it? Yes and no. We'll find out more on this week's episode.

Battle of Ridgefield

Jan 21, 2016 26:19


A few short months after Washington beds down for the winter in Morristown, NC the Battle of Ridgefield and the subsequent skirmishes surrounding the battle took place, featuring none other than Benedict Arnold.

Battle of Valcour Island

Jan 14, 2016 22:05


Valcour Island was the first battle of the American Navy and pitted Benedict Arnold against Guy Carleton, British governor of Quebec in an arms race of boat building and cannon firing on Lake Champlain.

Battle of Princeton

Jan 7, 2016 26:52


The Battle of Princeton pitted George Washington against British General Mawhood near the current location of Princeton university in early January of 1777. After several routes and the death of Mercer, will Washington be able to rally a victory?

The (Edward) Hand of Washington & the Second Battle of Trenton

Dec 31, 2015 27:13


Washington had won the Battle of Trenton, and a poor command decision now leaves Edward Hand to delay the incoming British reinforcements while Washington tries to organize his defenses.

Battle of Trenton – Washington vs. Rall

Dec 24, 2015 23:29


Washington has crossed the Delaware river and is poised to take Trenton. Standing is his way is a Hessian garrison lead by Johann Gotliebb Rall.

Battle of Trenton – Washington Crosses the Delaware

Dec 17, 2015 21:16


By December 7, 1776 George Washington had successfully retreated across the Delaware River. The British forces pursing him decided to bed down for the winter. Washington however, has a different plan in mind...

Spying During the Revolutionary War – Part II

Dec 10, 2015 33:50


We continue with Part II of our discussion on spying during the Revolutionary War, with conversations around the "Turtle", Washington's big communication break, and stories of several of his intelligence agents.

Spying During the Revolutionary War – Part I

Dec 3, 2015 29:31


There have been TV series and movies that centered around covert activities or spying during the Revolutionary War. What actually happened that you should be aware of?

A Revolutionary War Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2015 11:45


War doesn't come typically stop for the holidays so what was a Revolutionary War Thanksgiving like? We'll touch briefly on both a civilian and soldier perspective. Enjoy this day with your families!

Battle of Harlem Heights

Nov 19, 2015 21:21


Washington and his men are attacked after a series of retreats at Harlem Heights. Openly mocked, by British troops Col Knowlton and his Rangers make a bold move to risk a victory for the Continental Forces

Battle of Long Island

Nov 12, 2015 26:45


At the time, the Battle of Long Island was by far the largest battle ever fought in North America, and also one of George Washington's biggest tactical failures against British General William Howe.

The Cherokee & the British in South Carolina

Nov 5, 2015 16:10


With nowhere else to go for refuge, a number of South Carolina Loyalists fled to the nearby Cherokee towns where they were given shelter and influenced the Cherokee to fight for the King

Battle of Sullivan’s Island

Oct 29, 2015 25:05


After evacuating Boston, the British forces in America needed a new base of operations in the colonies. Charleston, SC was the obvious choice, but a small fort on Sullivan's Island stood in their way, commanded by Colonel Moultrie.

Evacuation Day

Oct 22, 2015 15:46


Evacuation Day is the name given to the day that British troops evacuated Boston, effectively ending the 11 month Siege of Boston. We'll talk about how Washington orchestrated this with cannon captured from Fort Ticonderoga.

The Battle of Nassau

Oct 15, 2015 29:53


A Revolutionary War battle in the Bahamas? Yes, it happened during the Battle of Nassau. But was it actually an order to be followed? Or an "interpretation" of the orders given? We'll discuss in this week's episode.

Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge

Oct 8, 2015 23:15


While the American forces in Canada were preparing for and executing their retreat, tensions between Patriots and Loyalists flared once again in North Carolina.

Benedict Arnold in Quebec – Part II

Oct 1, 2015 21:40


Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery make their assault on the fortified city of Quebec in December of 1775. Indecision and poor leadership from Arnold's forces will cost them the battle.

Benedict Arnold in Quebec – Part I

Sep 24, 2015 19:28


Benedict Arnold may be remembered as a famous traitor, but before that he was an accomplished military commander for Colonial forces. George Washington himself gave Arnold his command and set him loose to take the Canadian city of Quebec.

Snow Campaign & The Battle of Great Cane Brake

Sep 17, 2015 16:22


The southern colonies first major taste of war was the Snow Campaign, which included over of 3,000 Patriot militia in South Carolina led by Colonel Richard Richardson, who was tasked to drive out British loyalists from the South Carolina Backcountry

The Battle of Great Bridge & The Burning of Norfolk

Sep 10, 2015 21:09


The Southern Theater of the Revolutionary War had several interesting events taking place from the fall of 1775 until the first part of 1776. Today we'll talk about two of those events: The Battle of Great Bridge and the burning of Norfolk, VA

The Fourteenth Colony & Ninety Six, SC

Sep 3, 2015 23:33


The "Fourteenth Colony" or Canada, was a focus of the second Continental Congress to prevent invasion from the North by the British. It was decided that a two-fold expedition be sent to secure the area. Meanwhile, in South Carolina, Loyalist and Patriot tension finally comes to a head.

Desertion in the Revolutionary War

Aug 31, 2015 7:22


Just how bad was the rate of desertion in the Revolutionary War? Strangely enough both horrible conditions and enlistment bonuses contributed to the desertion rate.

The Battle of Bunker Hill – Part II

Aug 27, 2015 32:27


Colonial Generals Israel Putnam and William Prescott clash forces with British Generals Howe and Pigot, culminating in an almost pyrrhic British victory.

The Battle of Bunker Hill – Part I

Aug 20, 2015 26:26


The Battle of Bunker Hill (which actually took place on Breed's Hill) is a battle fought near Boston, Massachusetts, on June 17th, 1775 between the Americans, led by Colonels Putnam and Prescott, and the British led by Generals Howe and Clinton.

Presidents Who Served – George Washington

Aug 13, 2015 28:09


George Washington was not only our countries first President, he was also our military's first commander. But why Washington? What were the events that brought him to, and most importantly made him ready for, leading our countries military.

The Siege of Boston and the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga

Aug 6, 2015 16:43


Angered at the events of Lexington & Concord 15,000 Colonial Troops start the Siege of Boston and Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys take Fort Ticonderoga. War has come to the Americas...

Battle of Lexington and Concord

Jul 30, 2015 31:09


The Battles of Lexington and Concord are considered the first battles of the American Revolutionary War, and according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the first shot of the battle was the "shot heard round the world"

The Intolerable Acts & Paul Revere

Jul 23, 2015 23:16


The final straw leading up to the outbreak of war at Lexington and Concord was a series of acts designed to punish the American colonists after the events of the tea party.

Military Tactics and Technology of the 1700s

Jul 16, 2015 19:18


As we near one of the first major military confrontations and the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. Before we get there, it’s important for us to understand how the militaries of the time fight and what technologies they use. In this brief interlude, we’ll discuss these technologies and tactics.

Boston Massacre Fallout, Gaspee Affair and the Boston Tea Party

Jul 9, 2015 23:47


After the events labelled as the Boston Massacre, we see an American population growing weary of taxation without representation. The burning of the Gaspee and the Boston Tea Party are two examples of physical protest against British taxation of the colonies.

The Stamp Act, Sons of Liberty & British Troops in Boston

Jul 4, 2015 24:54


The American Revolution didn't happen overnight, nor did it happen without the help of "radical" freedom fighters like the Sons of Liberty, but how exactly did it start and why were the colonists angry enough to rebel against one of the largest world powers of the time?

Announcing The Podcast!

Jun 22, 2015 1:52


I'm excited to announce that the American Military History Podcast is officially launching on July 4, 2015. Check back then for the first episode!