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Reporter Jo Ann Klooz explores the dropout crisis in Indianapolis. Listen to 90.1 FM HD1 Wednesdays at 6:35 am, 9:35 am and 5:44 pm for weekly reports from Jo Ann and a variety of youth voices from the community.





American Graduate - Bullying Prevention Update - September 26, 2012

Sep 28, 2012 00:02:27


What are students doing after a summer workshop on bullying at Butler University? We go to an Indianapolis high school to see how students are implementing the plans they made.

American Graduate - Outdoor Education - September 19, 2012

Sep 21, 2012 00:02:31


Students who get the opportunity to study outside do better on tests and are more interested in learning. This segment of American Graduate looks at the annual trip that a Shelbyville middle school science class takes to the Smokey Mountain National Park.

American Graduate - Teacher Assessment - September 12, 2012

Sep 14, 2012 00:02:35


New models of teacher assessment are being rolled out in schools across Indiana because of changes to state law. This segment of American Graduate looks at how schools are responding as the school year gets rolling.

American Graduate - Achievement Gap - September 5, 2012

Sep 7, 2012 00:02:47


School test scores are lower for non-white students. Lawrence Township is making progress in a several year initiative to eradicate the racial achievement gap. This segment of American Graduate looks at what they're doing to make a difference.

American Graduate - Indiana's "Paths to Quality" Child Care Center Program - August 29, 2012

Aug 30, 2012 00:02:48


A good start is very important in education. In fact, quality pre-school experiences can be linked to better educational outcomes. This American Graduate segment looks at Indiana's Paths to Quality program that helps child care centers provide the best care possible.

American Graduate - Project Search - August 22, 2012

Aug 24, 2012 00:02:28


Indianapolis high school graduates with developmental disabilities are getting innovative job and life skill training through Project Search. This American Graduate segment follows them for part of their journey.

American Graduate - Parent-Teacher Partnership Matters - August 14, 2012

Aug 21, 2012 01:34:40


The data is clear: when parents are involved in schools, children do better.

American Graduate - Bullying - August 8, 2012

Aug 10, 2012 00:02:17


Education students at Butler University are working with teens across the city to address bullying. Students will take plans they've developed and work to make a difference in their schools.

American Graduate - Chronic Absence - August 15, 2012

Aug 9, 2012 00:02:45


Missing school will lead to poor performance in the classroom. A new state-wide study is calling for changes in the law about how absenteeism is tracked in Indiana.

American Graduate - Students and Teachers Talk - July 25, 2012

Jul 27, 2012 00:02:16


As the conversation about improving graduation rates continues, students and teachers weigh in with their ideas about what's working and what's not.

American Graduate - College Counseling - July 18, 2012

Jul 20, 2012


Due to technical issues the College Counseling segment from July 11, 2012 is repeated for July 18, 2012.

American Graduate - College Counseling - July 11, 2012

Jul 13, 2012 00:02:26


Indiana school counselors who help students and families plan for college are getting trained to be even better advocates.

American Graduate - Project Based Learning - July 4, 2012

Jul 10, 2012 00:02:36


Project based learning may use traditional tools including lectures, textbooks and tests but the focus is on relevancy, inquiry and hands on learning organized around a central question.

American Graduate - Make the First Five Count - June 27, 2012

Jun 28, 2012 00:02:19


A new free tool through Easter Seals Crossroads will help parents know if their child is developing on schedule.

American Graduate - Student Teachers - June 20, 2012

Jun 21, 2012 00:02:31


Student teaching will face changes as assessments on classroom teachers and tests for students increase the stakes.

American Graduate - Foster Youth - June 13, 2012

Jun 15, 2012 00:02:26


Foster Youth face big challenges that spill over into the classroom. American Graduate talks about the challenges and one student shares her story.

American Graduate - Technology in the Classroom - June 6, 2012

Jun 8, 2012 00:02:27


Smart boards are quickly becoming standard in classrooms. This segment looks at the ways in which technology changes education.

American Graduate - Strengths Based Intervention - May 30, 2012

Jun 1, 2012 00:02:24


Strengths based intervention is being used to work with difficult students as well as get more from high performing students.

American Graduate - Testing - May 23, 2012

May 25, 2012 00:02:20


Students are taking more tests and there are questions about whether or not it will lead to better outcomes.

American Graduate - Potential Dropout - May 16, 2012

May 18, 2012 00:02:34


Students who get involved and engaged at school are much more likely to graduate. American Graduate examines the story of one senior who graduates this month who says it could easily have gone another direction.

American Graduate - Interdisciplinary Teaching - May 9, 2012

May 10, 2012 00:02:35


Interdisciplinary teaching lets students learn math, science, English and economics during the same lesson. American Graduate explores how it’s used in Indianapolis classrooms and what teachers have to say about it.

American Graduate - After School Activities - May 2, 2012

May 4, 2012 00:02:20


After school activities and summer break aren't just for fun. Real learning is happening American Graduate explores several options in Indianapolis.

American Graduate - Butler Basketball Player Ron Nored - April 25, 2012

Apr 27, 2012 00:02:30


Butler Basketball player Ron Nored graduates in May and he’ll stay in the area to coach and influence high school students. He is also an advocate for the American Graduate initiative.

American Graduate - English Language Learners - April 18, 2012

Apr 20, 2012 00:02:21


Indianapolis is home to thousands of Burmese refugees who came to the U.S. to escape religious persecution. American Graduate takes a look at what tools Perry Township schools using to help children who are the first in their families to learn English.

American Graduate - 2012 Indy Reads - April 11, 2012

Apr 13, 2012 00:02:34


Thousands of adults in Marion County aren't functionally literate. Indy Reads, Central Indiana's largest program to help them is on the front lines of an effort that may well boost our high school graduation rates as well.

American Graduate - Middle School To Watch - April 4, 2012

Apr 6, 2012 00:02:40


Most high school dropouts follow a predictable path with key points for intervention. One critical point is middle school. Today's American graduate segment focuses on a middle school recognized as a school to watch.

American Graduate - Ben Davis Football Coach - March 28, 2012

Mar 30, 2012 00:02:35


Teachers are on the frontlines of the high school dropout crisis. Their influence and potential to guide the students they see daily can't be underestimated. American Graduate talks to a teacher and coach who fights to keep kids in school.

American Graduate - Pike HS Gay Straight Alliance - March 21, 2012

Mar 23, 2012 00:02:42


Gay students are frequently targeted for harassment and bullying. Pike High School has is one of a handful in the city that has a Gay Straight Alliance for students. The group is modeled after others around the country and promotes tolerance. American Graduate asks; does it really make a difference?

American Graduate - Brynden - March 14, 2012

Mar 21, 2012 00:00:15


Hope Academy Junior Brynden says he got in with the wrong crowd.

American Graduate - Patrick Soltice - March 14, 2012

Mar 21, 2012 00:00:16


Hope Academy English Teacher Patrick Soltice says students can get bored and he works to prevent that.

American Graduate - Principal Gail Stone - March 14, 2012

Mar 21, 2012 00:00:17


Hope Academy Principal Gail Stone explains that those in recovery need special care.

American Graduate - Caitlin - March 14, 2012

Mar 21, 2012 00:00:13


Hope Academy Senior Caitlin says she would try to help other teens struggling with addiction by telling her story.

American Graduate - Hope Academy - March 14, 2012

Mar 16, 2012 00:02:29


How do students with drug and alcohol problems stay clean and graduate? Indianapolis has a school specifically for them. American Graduate talks to students and staff at Hope Academy.

American Graduate - Emergency Planning - March 7, 2012

Mar 9, 2012 00:02:33


This segment looks at how emergency planning saved lives at Henryville schools when tornadoes struck last week. School officials will look at lessons learned and what comes from that will keep all schools safer.

American Graduate - Francis Parker, IPS school 56 - February 28, 2012

Mar 1, 2012 00:02:30


This segment looks at the work being done with the community's help at Francis Parker, IPS school 56. The school has seen better academic performance as the adults have begun bonding with the students. Additional information can be found at:,, and

American Graduate - Own Yours Media Arts Contest - February 22, 2012

Feb 23, 2012 00:02:31


Many organizations here in Indy want to help improve high school graduation rates and engage teens along the way. This segment is about one effort using a media contest.

American Graduate - Free Application for Federal Student Aid - February 15, 2012

Feb 23, 2012 00:02:20


If you're off to college next year or preparing to enter your senior year, you should know that important deadlines are coming up for financial aid. WFYI's Jo Ann Klooz reports for the American Graduate initiative.

American Graduate - Graduation Rates - February 8, 2012

Feb 23, 2012 00:02:30


We begin a brand new series of reports here on WFYI. Over the next several months, you'll hear weekly American Graduate segments focusing on education. The purpose is to amplify the conversation in Indianapolis about low high school graduation rates and