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Gardening Sustainability and Food
All The Dirt  Gardening, Sustainability and Food


Weekly podcast with Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe discussing everything gardening, sustainable practices and seasonal food including organics, your questions answered and tasty garden to kitchen recipes


Ep 104 Inspirational, Award Winning Fire Resistant Garden

Feb 16, 2020 29:32


Gardening Australia's Garden of the year 2016 was inspired by fire resistant succulents and cacti

Ep 103 Indoor Plants Best varieties and latest trends

Jan 31, 2020 42:33


Indoor Plants Best varieties and latest trends

Ep103 Fire Protecting our Homes and Garden

Jan 22, 2020 53:14


 Fire, Protecting our Homes and Gardens with good design

Ep102 Lawns and Turf From Cricket Pitches to the Home Garden

Jan 6, 2020 49:45


Lawns and Turf From Cricket Pitches to the Home Garden

Ep 101 Growing Tomatoes Hints and Tips for the best results

Dec 17, 2019 53:30


Deryn and Steve talk growing Tomatoes and discuss our favorite hints and tips for maximum results

Ep 100 All The Dirt Celebrates 100th Episode

Dec 1, 2019 43:04


All The Dirt Steve and Deryn Celebrate 100 Episodes

Ep 99 Paul West, River Cottage and Darryl Nichols Grow It Local

Nov 19, 2019 50:21


Paul West talks home grown produce and the national Grow It Local program with Deryn and Darryl Nichols

Ep 98 Healthy Soil Healthy Food Healthy People Earthwhile Australia's Georgina Marsh

Nov 3, 2019 40:00


Deryn Talks To Georgina Marsh from Earthwhile Australia about how healthy soils, healthy food and healthy people are all interrelated.

Ep 97 The Art Of Natural Wines With Sam Vinciullo and Rhys Parker

Oct 20, 2019 40:13


The Art of natural wine making dates back thousands of years we speak with passionate winemakers Sam Vinciullo and Rhys Parker

Ep 96 Spring Tasks In The Garden

Oct 4, 2019 51:40


Spring Tasks In The Garden, Deryn and Steve discuss tips and ideas plus all those jobs that are best done now for getting the garden looking great this Spring

Ep95 Hemp the amazing properties of this ancient product

Sep 14, 2019 34:09


Ep95 Hemp the amazing properties of this ancient product

Ep 94 David Holmgren Co Founder of Permaculture

Sep 1, 2019 44:23


Ep 94 David Holmgren Co Founder of Permaculture

Ep 93 Mathew Evans Gourmet Farmer on the Ethics of Eating Meat

Aug 17, 2019 01:02:06


Ep 93 Mathew Evans Gourmet Farmer discusses the ethics of eating meat

Ep 92 Australian Native Plant Botanist Greg Keighery

Aug 3, 2019 42:19


Ep 92 Australian Native Plant botanist Greg Keighery

Ep 91 Roses: A Joy In Any Garden

Jul 21, 2019 52:13


Ep 91 Roses are a joy in any garden, we talk do's and dont's and the very our favourite varieties

Ep 90 Ground Covers and Glenarty Wines

Jul 8, 2019 51:06


Ep 90 Our favourite ground covers and Glenarty Wines Karridale

Ep 89 Winter Tasks in the Garden

Jun 23, 2019 01:00:47


Deryn and Steve discuss all those gardening jobs that are best done in winter. 

Ep 88 Grady Brand Senior Curator Kings Park Botanical Gardens

Jun 9, 2019 41:42


Ep 88 Grady Brand Senior Curator Kings Park Botanical Garden

Ep 87 Charlie Albone from Selling Houses Australia and Leesa Hart from Heart Space Gardens

May 25, 2019 54:03


Charlie talks about his amazing journey as a gardener, television presenter and award winning garden designer. Leesa Hart talks about the healing value of a garden.

Ep 86 Gardening Australia's Sophie Thomson

May 12, 2019 59:24


Deryn chats with Gardening Australia's Sophie Thomson about her love of gardening and its joys and challenges.

Ep 85 Hanna Etchells Fulbright Scholar Fire Regeneration

Apr 28, 2019 43:58


Hanna Etchells discusses her world leading studies on fire regeneration of Australian bush lands and our changing environment.

Ep 84 Alison Smith Kings Park Botanical Gardens and the Eden Project

Apr 13, 2019 47:56


Deryn and Steve chat with Alison Smith about Kings Park Botanical Gardens and her role in the spectacular Eden Project.

Ep 83 Autumn In The Garden

Mar 30, 2019 41:37


Deryn and Steve discuss hints and jobs for the Autumn garden.

Ep 82 Perth Garden Festival Chef Melissa Palinkas and Salvias

Mar 15, 2019 40:48


Deryn chats to Melissa Palinkas one of our chefs at this years Perth Garden Festival and Deryn and Steve talk Salvias, including Salvia Love and Wishes.

Ep 81 Indoor Plants - The Trend Continues

Mar 1, 2019 44:41


Steve, Deryn and Mitch from Little Leaf Co talk Indoor plants. 

Ep 80 Kalamunda Garden Festival

Feb 15, 2019 49:15


Join Deryn Steve Sabrina Hahn and Neville Passmore as they talk with guests and exhibitors at the Kalamunda Garden Festival

Ep 79 WAFEX Breeding West Australian Wildflowers

Feb 3, 2019 44:26


Craig Musson from WAFEX leads the world in West Australian Wax flower breeding

Ep 78 Angus Stewart West Australian Wildflowers

Jan 19, 2019 37:30


Angus talks with Deryn about West Australia's rich biodiversity and his passion for Wildflowers

Ep 77 All The Dirt Leading Scientist Monica Gagliano Plant Communication and Cognition

Jan 5, 2019 34:35


Deryn talks with leading research scientist Monica Gagliano about her latest discoveries on plant communication and cognition.

Ep 76 Episode 21 Revisited Costa Georgiadis Shares his passion for gardening

Dec 16, 2018 52:53


Costa shares his passion for gardening the  importance of clean healthy food and his love of nature

Ep 75 Episode 16 Revisited Talijancich Organic World Class Wines

Dec 6, 2018 54:52


Steve and Deryn chat with James Talijancich about his love of West Australia's Swan Valley, the soil and producing award wining wines.

Ep 74 Episode 6 Revisited Growing Succulents and special guest Sue Mcdougall

Dec 2, 2018 49:58


Steve and Deryn discuss growing succulents and we talk to special guest Sue McDougall

Ep 73 Episode 2 Revisited Healthy Soils with Sabrina Hahn

Nov 26, 2018 55:21


Building Healthy Soils with Sabrina Hahn Deryn Thorpe and Steve Wood

Episode 1 Revisited Microgreens and more

Nov 17, 2018 01:04:23


We revisit our very first episode of All The Dirt talking the power of Microgreens and more.

Episode 71: Paul Roy of RedRock Nursery Gives Us the Tips and Tricks for Cultivating Captivating Carnivores

Nov 2, 2018 34:36


Paul Roy from Red Rock Nursery at Gidgegannup grows and sells carnivorous plants.  He talks with Steve and Deryn about his fascination with sundews, venus fly traps and pitcher plants and shares his tips for caring for these fascinating carnivores. 

Episode 70: Community, Environment and Growing for Good with Rachael Roberts

Oct 26, 2018 34:35


Eighteen years ago three friends created a meeting place where people could learn how to live more sustainably. Environment House in Bayswater has grown to become a community hub that promotes climate protection, river and wetland care and a range of sustainability issues.   On this week’s podcast Deryn and Steve talk with one of the founders, Rachael Roberts, about how a small grass roots organisation can make a difference. 

Episode 69: All Things Composting with Garden Presenter Angus Stewart

Oct 19, 2018 43:19


Deryn talks to gardening presenter Angus Stewart about composting waste; the benefits of worm farming and other practical composting methods.

Episode 68: Broadacre Farmer Nick Gillett on the Joys and Challenges of Agriculture

Oct 13, 2018 41:51


Nick Gillett is a farmer in Bencubbin, in the North Eastern Wheatbelt of WA.

He talks to Steve and Deryn about the challenges of farming on 300mm annual rainfall (about 175mm in the average April to October growing season) and how farmers are adapting to new technology and reduced use of herbicides.

Episode 67: Dr Terry Houston on our fascinating native bees

Oct 5, 2018 45:41


As a boy Dr Terry Houston was fascinated by the natural world and has spent more than 50 years studying Australia's 2000 native bees.

He talks with Deryn and Steve about their important in our bush and gardens and reveals some of their unusual, and to our human understanding, quirky behaviours.

Episode 66: Perth's Lawn Guru Nick Bell and Horticulturist Extraordinaire Neville Passmore

Sep 29, 2018 42:41


Nick Bell was born in 1936 and is one of the pioneers of the turf 
industry but got his foothold in the industry travelling through SWWA  
restocking Yates' seed stands. We talk about lawn, artificial turf and 
his life with well known garden presenter Neville Passmore, who has 
written a book on Nick's life.

Episode 65: All the Wonders of Water Gardens with Calinda Anderson

Sep 21, 2018 45:59


In this week's podcast Deryn and Steve talk about edible and ornamental water plants, aquaponics, edible fish and ponds with Calinda Anderson from the Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm.

Episode 64: Rob Melville and Katie Coyle Bring the Passion of a Rose Growing Dynasty to All The Dirt

Sep 14, 2018 48:50


If you love roses you're going to enjoy our chat with Rob Melville,  a 
third generation rose grower who with partner Katie Coyle runs 
Melville's Rose and Garden, a propagation and retail nursery in the 
Perth hills.

The couple have an enduring passion for everything rosy and discuss 
with Steve and Deryn their best loved rose varieties and favourite 
salvias to team with with roses.

Episode 63: Apiarist Rupert Phillips shares his wealth of knowledge about our favourite pollinators

Sep 7, 2018 52:09


Rupert Phillips from the House of Honey fell in love with beekeeping at age 8 and brings a lifetime of experience to share with All The Dirt. 

He joined Deryn and Steve to talk about backyard bee keeping and the medicinal properties of honey.

Episode 62: Rose Grower Lynne Chapman on the Joy of her Favourite Blooms

Aug 31, 2018 52:06


Lynne Chapman brings her lifetime of plant knowledge and love for roses to the show. Find out about her favourite varieties, how to strike successful cuttings, and how to bring out the best in your blooms. 

Also, find out where to find Deryn and Steve at the Kitchen Warehouse Homegrown Market Day September 9th. 

Episode 61: Episode 60: Tree Expert Dr Paul Barber talks tech, his love for nature, and the species he'd love to see more

Aug 24, 2018 45:28


Dr Paul Barber of ArborCarbon fell in love with trees and ecology as a young man and brings that passion and knowledge to his talk with Deryn and Steve. 

He covers tree technology, the environmental impacts of healthy trees, and the emotional connection people have to their trees. If you're trying to choose a good tree for that tricky spot in your yard, or just love the spectacle of a well placed Oak or Ash, he's got something for you. 

Episode 60: Sabrina Hahn talks Begonias, her upbringing in New Guinea and her love for gardening

Aug 17, 2018 59:19


Garden Writer, Horticultural expert and ABC broadcaster Sabrina Hahn brings her particular brand of humour and knowledge to All The Dirt for this week's episode. 

She talks with Steve and Deryn about her love for Begonias, her upbringing in New Guinea, her home garden and creating vegie gardens in Aboriginal communities. 


Episode 59: Spring is nearly here! Deryn and Steve are getting ready, heres how you can too

Aug 10, 2018 40:04


Deryn and Steve are getting excited with the first hints of Spring and priming their gardens for the best growing season of the year. 

Soil and bed preparation, starting the spring vegies, stocking up on seedlings as well as good fertilising, this is the best place for all the tips and tricks to make the most of the season. 

Episode 58: Landscaping Tips and Tricks with Garden Solutions' Darren Seinor

Aug 4, 2018 46:07


Darren Seinor from Garden Solutions chats to Deryn and Steven about creating gardens, his favourite plants and tips for great soil. 

Darren brings more than 20 years experience to bear to talk about how to get the best out of our tricky West Aussie soils as well as all the tips and tricks of making your garden look its best. 

Love trees? This is the episode for you

Jul 28, 2018 40:18


Steve and Deryn sat down with landscape architect Craig Woodroffe of family nursery Ellenby Tree Farm. The 6 acre site is Perth's biggest display nursery for advanced trees and one of the biggest tree nurseries in Australia.

Craig talks about his favourite trees, and transplanting big trees. If you love your trees, and let's face it, we all do, this is the episode for you. 

Ep56 Growing Exotic Gourmet Mushrooms

Jul 21, 2018 39:26


Dave Proudmore from Swan Valley Gourmet Fungi discuss the range of exotic and delicious mushrooms available to the home gardener.

Episode 55: Food Waste into Electricity and Garden Travel including Madagascar

Jul 14, 2018 52:06


Geoff Richards from Richgo talks about his family's Garden Industry history and their unique project f turning food waste into electricity. Paul Urquhart Author, Editor and Garden Tour Guide.


Episode 54: Fire Prevention around the Home and Garden

Jul 6, 2018 37:57


Fire consultant Rohan Carboon discusses the best ways and ideas to make our homes and gardens as fire safe as possible.

Episode 53: Frog Doctor Johnny Prefumo discusses the amazing and wonderful world of Frogs

Jun 30, 2018 51:56


Environmental biologist and Frog Doctor Johnny Prefumo discusses the amazing and wonderful world of Frogs.

Episode 52: Winter Garden

Jun 25, 2018 44:11


Winter in the garden, Deryn and Steve discuss the jobs that need attention in the garden during winter.

Episode 51: Richard Heathcote Carrick Hill Historic House and Garden

Jun 17, 2018 46:13


Richard Heathcote is currently Director of Benefaction at historic Home and Garden, Carrick Hill in Adelaide. He previously managed for a decade Rippon Lea Estate, the National Trust's flagship property in Melbourne. He presented for ABC TV's The New Eden - a six part series tracing the evolution of the the Australian Garden.

Episode 50: Sustainability Expert Chris Ferreira

Jun 9, 2018 43:26


Chris joins Deryn and Steve on their 50th Episode and celebrates the launch of his new book A Place in The Country. A wonderful guide for small landholders and those that dream of a tree change.

Episode 49: Dr Uwe Stroeher Microbiologist

Jun 4, 2018 56:47


Microbiologist Dr Uwe Stroeher talks to Steve and Deryn about the incredible science behind the life in our soils and its importance to  food security.

Episode 48: Landscape Designer Jim Fogarty

May 18, 2018 40:44


Jim Fogarty is an award-winning landscape designer and garden writer who has twice presented at the Chelsea Flower Show in London and exhibited display gardens in the USA, Singapore and Japan where he has won many gold and 'best in show' awards.

He speaks to Steve and Deryn on this week's 'All The Dirt' podcast about garden design and garden travel.

Episode 47: Dr Jana Söderlund Biophylics

May 11, 2018 38:25


Dr Jana Söderlund is a sustainability consultant and environmental educator who believes that nature needs to play a bigger part in our built environment. She speaks to Steve and Deryn on this week's All The Dirt podcast about the social, environmental and economic benefits of 'biophilic architecture'.

Episode 46: Landscape Architect Keith Edwards

May 4, 2018 49:36


For the last ten years landscape architect Keith Edwards has worked for The Digger's Club in 'Heronswood' in Dromana and 'St. Erth' at Blackwood, Victoria.

He is Diggers' garden designer and he speaks to Deryn and Steve on this week's All The Dirt podcast about his passion for soil health, heirloom vegetables and creating productive and beautiful gardens.

Episode 45: Landscaper Tim Davies

Apr 20, 2018 39:58


Tim Davies is an award winning landscaper whose design, construction and maintenance company has been transforming gardens since 1983.

He talks with Deryn Thorpe and Steve Wood on this week's 'All The Dirt' podcast about his life, garden trends and passions.

Episode 44: Celebrity butcher Vince Garreffa

Apr 8, 2018 53:45


Celebrity butcher Vince Garreffa,  is a larger-than-life personality with 50 years of experience in the meat industry and a passion for raising money for charity. He shares his life story on this week's 'All The Dirt' podcast with Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe.

Episode 43: Award Winning Head Chef Guy Jefferys

Mar 30, 2018 46:23


Guy Jefferys, award winning head chef at Millbrook Winery, grows all the fruit and vegetables served in the restaurant.  He speaks with Deryn and Steve on this week's All The Dirt podcast about growing your own heirloom crops. 

Episode 42: John Patrick

Mar 22, 2018 01:00:30


John Patrick, is well known to Australians as a former presenter on ABC's television series Gardening Australia but he is also a well known landscaper, garden author and traveller.

He speaks to Deryn and Steve on this week's All The Dirt podcast about his life, love of plants and favourite gardens.

Episode 41: Professor Tim Entwisle

Mar 16, 2018 37:13


Professor Tim Entwisle, the Director and Chief Executive of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, enjoys communicating and promoting science, plants and gardens.

In this week's 'All The Dirt' podcast, recorded in the Melbourne Botanic Garden, he shares with Steve and Deryn some of his favourite trees, his fascination with algae and love of garden travel.

Episode 40: Joe Tassone from Tass 1 Nursery

Mar 12, 2018 52:24


Joe Tassone from Tass 1 Nursery grows a wide range of common and unusual fruits at his Middle Swan nursery.

On this week's All The Dirt podcast he chats with Steve and Deryn about growing fruits in sub tropical and Mediterranean climates and they taste and discuss the fruits he picked that morning from his garden.

The fruits are: panache and hasbergen figs, acerola cherry, orange berry, Chinese date (Ju-jube), beach cherry, white sapote, tropical wampee, native wampi, wax jambu and passion fruit.

Episode 39: Author Ross Mars

Feb 25, 2018 43:23


Ross Mars is a wastewater specialist, permaculture teacher and author who speaks to Steve and Deryn on this week's All The Dirt podcast about designing systems that reuse water in the house and garden.

Episode 38: Lawn Doctor-Terry Sellick

Feb 16, 2018 47:42


In this week's podcast Terry Sellick, the Lawn Doctor, talks with Deryn and Steve about the best lawn varieties, dispels a few turf myths and shares tips on maintenance to keep lawns looking good year round.

All The Dirt Episode 37: Coast Road Palms

Feb 9, 2018 48:33


Since 1987 the Varischetti family have been growing tropical plants in their 10-acre Beechboro nursery,  Coast Road Palms. In this week's podcast Steve and Deryn are joined by Connie and son Daniel to talk about the plants that thrive in warm areas outside of the tropics.

All The Dirt Episode 36: Neville Passmore

Feb 2, 2018 44:39


Neville Passmore is a passionate horticulturalist who was born into a gardening family and has spent more than 47 years in the gardening industry.  On this week's podcast he speaks to Steve and Deryn about his career which includes plant production, gardening retailing, media and education and his passion for bringing greenery into suburbs and cities.

All The Dirt Episode 35: Making The Perfect Compost

Jan 23, 2018 45:35


Haydn Gunningham has perfected making compost at home. On this week's podcast he tells Steve and Deryn his secrets for making a perfect batch every time and talks about his thriving vegetable patch. For in-depth written notes and a list of the carbon and nitrogen content of organic products visit the DIY section of our website.

All The Dirt Episode 34: Summer Gardening

Jan 10, 2018 46:40


Keeping the garden looking good in summer can be a challenge in a hot and dry climate but Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe from All The Dirt Podcast share tips to keep your garden thriving as the temperatures soar.

All The Dirt Episode 33: Jeremy Thomas

Jan 2, 2018 48:01


Jeremy Thomas the Curator of Aboriculture at Kings Park and Bold Park talks trees with Steve and Deryn in this week's podcast. They discuss moving the giant boab from the Kimberley to Kings Park and techniques for looking after stressed trees.

All The Dirt Episode 32: Aboriginal elder Dale Tilbrook

Dec 22, 2017 47:48


Aboriginal elder Dale Tilbrook talks about traditional bush tucker, using our tasty Australian ingredients to flavour our food at home and Aboriginal spirituality.

All The Dirt Episode 31: Dr Philip Groom

Dec 15, 2017 42:18


Dr Philip Groom, author of Plant Life of Southwestern Australia, talks about the adaptations that plant have to cope with the world's most nutrient- impoverish soils, a hot dry summer, frequent fires and the animals and birds that want to eat them!

All The Dirt Episode 30: The Orchids Society of Western Australia

Nov 27, 2017 42:39


There are over 25,000 orchid species known and many more hybrids. With just a little knowledge, orchids can be surprisingly easy to grow. Join Kaye and Jay Baylis from The Orchids Society of Western Australia as they chat everything orchids with Deryn and Steve. 

All The Dirt Episode 29: Kings Park's Senior Plant Breeder

Nov 13, 2017 40:47


Digby Growns is Kings Park's Senior Plant Breeder. Digby, leads a small team of staff and volunteers involved in the plant breeding program. This week Deryn and Steve discuss the science behind plant breeding.

All The Dirt Episode 28: Growing Your Own Green Roof

Nov 6, 2017 39:14


Louise Clark is a horticulturist at Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia in the US, and provides advice on growing green roofs, expands on her favourite trees and gives us an insiders look at the many outstanding gardens in the Philadelphia region.

All The Dirt Episode 27: Celebrity Guest Josh Byrne

Oct 30, 2017 40:21


Dr Josh Byrne, television gardening presenter with ABC's Gardening Australia, talks about how his love of nature and childhood spent in the garden developed into a career developing sustainable environments.

All The Dirt Episode 26: The Secret to Succulents and Cacti

Oct 20, 2017 51:00


Bob Hunter, president of the Cactus and Succulent Society of WA, talks to Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe about succulent and cactus varieties and shares the secrets of his potting mix and cactus shadehouses.

All The Dirt Episode 25: Using Our Gardens To Heal

Oct 9, 2017 47:00


Horticultural therapy is using plants and gardening to promote healthy bodies and minds.

Practitioners Glenice Batchelor and Jeanette Penklis talk with Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe about how we can use our gardens to heal.

All The Dirt Episode 24: Scientist Monica Gagliano

Oct 2, 2017 46:44


Scientists are beginning to understand that plants have abilities that we've only ever associated with animals. They can learn, have memory and decision making capabilities.

Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe discuss the latest research with scientist Monica Gagliano, a Research Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology and  Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia & Research Affiliate at the Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney.

All The Dirt Episode 23: Saving Money In The Garden

Sep 22, 2017 46:47


Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe discuss ways to save money in the garden like taking cuttings and making your own compost.

All The Dirt Episode 22 What to do in the spring vegetable patch

Sep 15, 2017 49:22


It's spring and Steve and Deryn discuss what should be planted in the veggie patch now.

Listen in to find out tips for planting tomatoes, including their favourite varieties as well as how to get the most out of your, sweetcorn, zucchini, eggplant, Ceylon spinach, capsicum and chillies.

All The Dirt Episode 21: Celebrity Guest Costa Georgiadis

Sep 8, 2017 52:59


Our celebrity guest is Costa Georgiadis, a Greek-Australian landscape architect and the host of ABC's Gardening Australia.

He is passionate about living a sustainable life and speaks to Deryn and Steve about connecting plants and people by showing them how simple it is to grow food on their verge. The wide-ranging conversation reveals Costa's rich cultural life which includes his crazy funk, disco, rock, cabaret band called the More Please Orchestra and his passion for umpiring rugby.

All The Dirt Episode 20: Nutrition and Naturopathy With Natalie Woodman

Sep 1, 2017 53:00


Natalie Woodman is a nutritionist and naturopath from Voi Clinic who speaks to Steve and Deryn about how the gut microbiome impacts health.

Natalie discusses how a diet that targets the gut microflora can improve health and conditions like digestive disorders, weight gain, depression, anxiety, eczema, psoriasis, acne, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure and assist the management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson’s, MS and Alzheimer’s.

Check out her recipe for delicious Kimchi a naturally fermented food that aids gut health which is easy to make at home.

All The Dirt Episode 19: Dr Bob Longmore Herbal Specialist

Aug 28, 2017 42:15


Dr Bob Longmore is a former pharmacy academic and herbal medicines writer who lives with wife Maggie on an 8 acre semi-rural garden in Nannup with extensive productive, native and ornamental gardens. Steve and Deryn talk to him about medicinal herbs, smoking feral fish and growing food.

All The Dirt Episode 18 Janine Mendel On Landscaping For Small Gardens

Aug 19, 2017 53:57


Janine Mendel founder of CultivArt Landscape Design discusses how to make your small garden work.

Janine believes that that 'at the end of the process, your house should look like it's been planted in the garden.'

All The Dirt Episode 17 Australian Bush Tucker Delicious Flavours and Easy to Grow

Aug 11, 2017 42:19


Mark Tucek talks growing bush tucker plants in your backyard. The interest in Australian Bush Foods is being embraced by chefs all around the world. The unique flavours inspire culinary creativity and many of the varieties are easy to grow. 

All The Dirt Episode 16 Talijanchich family's World Acclaimed Liqueurs The Secret Is In The Soil

Aug 4, 2017 54:58


James Talijancich 3rd generation wine grower from Western Australia's spectacular Swan Valley talks about the passion and art of producing their world acclaimed liqueurs, the value of using organic techniques in the vineyard and winning gold in London 3 years running in the worlds most prestigious fortified wine competition.

Episode 15 Fermented Foods Kefir Kombucha and Kimchi

Jul 28, 2017 55:28


Tim Kershaw has worked in leading fine dining restaurants throughout Australia and the UK and shares what really goes on in the kitchens. He discusses his new found passion for growing his own organic produce and talks about the wonders of fermented foods.


Episode 14: Australian Native Plants with Award Winning Zanthorrea Nursery

Jul 22, 2017 56:48


We talk with Alec and Jackie Hooper from one of Australia's most awarded Garden Centres Zanthorrea Nursery Australian Native Plant specialists.

All The Dirt - Episode 13 Managing Your Waste and Winter Garden Tasks

Jul 14, 2017 58:33


Steve and Deryn talk with Waste Management Educator Peg Davies and discuss those important Winter tasks for the Garden 

All The Dirt - Episode 12 Special guest John Colwill and Araluen Botanical Park

Jun 28, 2017 47:49


Special guest John Colwill talks about his passion for sharing horticultural knowledge and discusses the history of Araluen Botanical Park famous for its Tulips, Camelias, Heritage Roses and Chili Festival.

All The Dirt Episode 11 Citrus for the Home Garden and Rural Plantings

Jun 21, 2017 55:38


Steve and Deryn talk Citrus for the home garden. We talk with Bill Davey about his work planting trees and shrubs in the wheat belt, the wonders of deep planting and the value of tube stock.

All The Dirt - Episode 10 Permaculture for Everyone and Common Garden Pest Solutions

Jun 13, 2017 52:38


Steve and Deryn talk Permaculture with Charles Otway from Terra Perma. Permaculture continues to grow in popularity around the world and for good reason. We also discuss solutions for some of gardening's most common pests and diseases


All The Dirt - Episode 9 Angus Stewart shares his passion for horticulture

Jun 5, 2017 59:28


Angus Stewart discusses his passion for horticulture, his involvement in plant breeding and the importance of working as a garden educator. Angus has published numerous books, presented for over a decade on ABC TV Gardening Australia and 25 years with ABC radio.

All the Dirt -Episode 8 Best Trees for the Home Garden and We talk Coffee

May 30, 2017 01:05:16


Steve and Deryn discuss the best trees for the home garden with Joanne Harris from Guildford Town Garden Centre and Steve chats with Toni Riccelli International Cup of Excellence Coffee Judge

All the Dirt - Episode 7 Senior Entomologist Dr Darryl Hardie

May 21, 2017 49:01


Steve and Deryn talk garden bugs and diseases with Dr Darryl Hardie from West Australia's Dept of Agriculture and Food. Audrey shares a great baked mushroom recipe.

Episode 7 Bugs in the garden with the wonderful Dr Bugalugs

May 21, 2017


Steve and Deryn talk garden bugs and diseases with Dr Darryl Hardie from West Australia's Dept of Agriculture and Food. Audrey shares a great baked mushroom recipe.

All The Dirt - Episode 6 Growing Succulents and Special Guest Sue McDougall

May 15, 2017 50:05


Steve and Deryn discuss the secrets to growing beautiful succulents, Sue McDougall, much loved garden talk back host is our special guest and Audrey has a delicious baked sweet potato and baby spinach salad recipe that the family will love.

All The Dirt Podcast Episode 5 Keeping Chickens and Preserving Olives

May 6, 2017 50:24


Steve and Deryn talk keeping chickens in the suburban back yard and then later are joined by special guest Linda Mitchener from the Green Life Soil Companyy. Audrey takes us through the perfect olive preserving recipe

All The Dirt Episode 4 Indoor Plants and Living Fertilisers

Apr 29, 2017 48:54


Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe discuss the best Indoor plant selections for your home.Brian Klepzig from Neutrog talks all about proven products for your garden and Audrey has an amazing caramalised banana recipe that is easy to cook and delicious.

All the Dirt - Episode 3 Hardy Shade Plants and guest Chris Ferreira

Apr 21, 2017 54:52


Steve Wood Deryn Thorpe and Chris Ferriera talk Gardening Sustainabiliy and Food, Great Gardens and The Forever Project, Shade plants for difficult locations and Audrey's baked quince recipe

All The Dirt Episode 2 Building Healthy Soil Special Guest Sabrina Hahn

Apr 15, 2017 55:52


Your weekly podcast where we talk Gardening, Sustainability and Food. Interviews, guests, your questions answered and tasty garden to kitchen recipes


All The Dirt Episode 1 Growing Healthy Organic Microgreens

Apr 15, 2017 01:02:43


Join Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe, great gardening advice, interviews and discussions on sustainability, organics and food your questions answered and tasty garden to kitchen recipes.