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Does Black Friday Matter Online? – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #66

Nov 30, 2012


In this episode, Trisha & Daniel look at the elephant in the room - Black Friday & Cyber Monday data - and wax philosophical on whether or not these kind of days are relevant to online marketers. Also discussed is - why not a Cyber Monday in May? They take a look at the new Performance Marketing Association board of directors, say glowing things about president-elect Brian Littleton, and bring it back around to holiday shopping.

Product Review Revolution – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #65

Nov 10, 2012


In this episode, Trisha & Daniel start with some discussion on the election with some political science food for thought. As the main focus of this episode, our hosts share some great best practices for writing useful product reviews to help your holiday sales flourish.

Have Fun at Jury Duty! – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #64

Oct 24, 2012


In this installment, Trisha regales us with her frustration having to fulfill her civic duty for the courts and, probably because of that, gets annoyed at Penn Jillette calling Adam Carolla a 'pioneer' of using Amazon links. Of course, that evolves into a semantic discussion of the concept of a podcast sponsor vs. a podcast using affiliate programs.

They Needed to Know – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #63

Oct 19, 2012 53:09


In this installment, after missing a week (blame Trisha), Trisha & Daniel debated the methods behind the lack of moderation of proposed panels for Affiliate Summit, discuss their feelings of the changes to this year's Pinnacle Awards, and give some props to charity. Hindsight is 20/20, and we talked about the retirement of the Affiliate Marketing Legend award and our speculations, but if you listen to this week's Affiliate Thing, Shawn explains the actual fate of the Legend award.

What Should We Call This? – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #62

Sep 26, 2012


In this installment, Trisha & Daniel mostly get into a discussion about seasonality in affiliate marketing and wanting more education and classes at affiliate events and less high-level presentations. Mostly.

Square Peg, Round Hole Me – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #61

Sep 13, 2012


In this installment, Trisha & Daniel get off track and talk about affiliate marketing with splashes of sports, movies, and fitness.

Resurrect Pod – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #60

Aug 29, 2012


In this installment, the first on QAQN, Daniel plays a supporting role while Trisha goes for Oscar gold as host of Affiliate Marketing Fanatics. Former co-host Mike Buechele is mentioned, as is an update to what Trisha's been up to lately in the affiliate marketing world. Our hosts discuss the positive ROI they got from attending Affiliate Summit East 2012 in New York and some recent knee-jerk reactions by affiliate managers that are false, and developments in the affiliate nexus tax in California and Pennsylvania that are true.

Prelude – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #0

Aug 25, 2012


It's a prelude episode for yet another new QAQN production! Regular episodes start the week of August 25th, hosted by Trisha Lyn Fawver and co-hosted by Daniel M. Clark. Subscribe in iTunes today!