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Episode 16: My Code of Ethics Will Forbid YAML

May 25, 2018 49:18


Adversarial Learning is back!
In this long-delayed episode (thanks, technical difficulties)
we are joined by data scientist
Schaun Wheeler to discuss our favorite topic, data ethics. Highlights include:

* Schaun's Medium post "An ethical code can’t be about ethics"
* Do we need a "Hippocratic Oath" for data science
* How to hire data scientists who won't steal people's kidneys
* Why Joel has a Values Mug
* The Manifesto for Data Practices
* Is this all secretly a competency problem?
* Skin in the Game
* Are data ethics issues really just business ethics issues?

Please listen to it! 

(More episodes coming soon!)

Episode 15: Could You Rephrase That As An Ethical Question?

Oct 13, 2017 01:04:12


Our guest this week is data scientist for good
Lisa Green

Topics of discussion include

What is ethics  Joel's previous life as a financial analyst and the ethical dilemmas therein whether there's anything incriminating in Joel's Yahoo history "identity theft" as a bullshit concept  Google's corrupt bargain with the NHS what the medical code of ethics actually says  polycentric ethics the difference between unethical and incompetent what good a code of ethics does when the "ethical" problems are emergent from the choices of many people that terrible article about the Seattle Nazi convention neuroticism  the Joel test  vgr's bad tweet

Please listen to it.

Episode 14: Totally Derivative

Sep 25, 2017 01:07:11


Our guest this week is flashcard kingpin and former Partially Derivative co-host Chris Albon.

Topics of discussion include

how good it feels not to have a podcast machine learning flashcards being a "natsec bro" whether Chris would punch a Nazi whether Chris would sexually harass a Nazi whether "magister" is a good woke replacement for "master" whether that Andrew Ng job posting is appropriate and whether any of us would apply for it killing your heroes having a day a week without social media treadmill desks Chris's next podcast and somehow Joel gets going on Harry Potter

Please listen to it.

Episode 13: Back to School

Sep 12, 2017 54:08


It's Back to School time at Adversarial Learning!

back to school

topics of discussion include

OUR SPONSOR: the Metis Demystifying Data Science Conference (at which Joel is speaking, please listen to it) Sudbury education John Holt times tables whether textbook piracy is the new stealing from the library Neil Tyson's "In School" cycle of tweets how to teach curiosity why math is a "hard" skill and people skils are "soft" skills when factorizing matrices is easy and dealing with people is hard whether and how our schools should be producing more data scientists

Please listen to it.

Episode 12: Data Science Myths

Aug 7, 2017 54:17


Data scientist Vicki Boykis joins Joel and Andrew to variously debunk and rebunk common Data Science Myths. Is data the new oil? Do data scientists spend 80% of their time munging and cleaning data? What happens if you look in the mirror and say "data science" five times? And many, many, many more.
Please listen to it.

Episode 11: Data Conferences

Jul 26, 2017 52:47


Andrew and Joel come out of hiatus to discuss data conferences: when to attend them, how to get your talk accepted, how to network, optimal heckling strategies, where to stay, and so on. Somehow they also end up talking about fidget spinners, the "objective" section on resumes, the right way to use LinkedIn, why Andrew doesn't think much of data science bootcamps, and why Joel can't convince any data science bootcamps to sponsor the podcast.
Please listen to it.

Episode 10: Stories of Degradation and Humiliation

May 22, 2017 59:36


Friend of the podcast Tim Hopper joins us as we share stories of Very Bad Interviews we've been on. (As you probably expect, Joel has the most humiliating stories.)

If you've ever gone on a terrible interview, listen and commiserate. If you've never gone on a terrible interview, listen and live vicariously.

Halfway through, Andrew's Internet flakes out and his part stops getting recorded. Thanks to the magic of editing, you'll hardly even notice!

Episode 9: Owning a Planet

Mar 21, 2017 01:06:02


Our guests this week are Curtis Yarvin and Galen Wolfe-Pauly, which means that our topic is Urbit ("a virtual city of general-purpose personal servers"). What is it?  Why is it? Is is a political project? And does it have anything to offer data science types?

Curtis and Galen try to explain what Urbit is and answer Joel's objections, while Andrew keeps trying to tie everything back to ham radio.

Episode 8: On Flink

Mar 4, 2017 59:51


Our guest this week is Trevor Grant (@rawkintrevo), an Open Source Technology Developer Evangelist (or similar) at IBM. We discuss how to be a high-energy public speaker, all sorts of weirdly-named Apache projects, the "my name is" meme, why Joel and Andrew don't like Jupyter-style notebooks, Voltron, and how to talk to your kid about "normies".

Please listen to it.

Episode 7: Telling a Bot to Go Shove It

Feb 25, 2017 01:12:23


Our guest this week is Juliet Hougland (@j_houg), data scientist and engineer at Cloudera. We discuss that bad Wired article about physics and software engineering, why Juliet knows so much about Urbit, censorship (Twitter and otherwise), dark patterns (LinkedIn and otherwise),
and why none of us was savvy enough to start a social network for data people
and raise $19M.

Episode 6: Good Data Science Is Always Political

Feb 11, 2017 51:38


Is good data science always political? Our regularly scheduled guest had to cancel at the last minute, so Joel and Andrew decided to talk about politics. 

Topics covered include:

the one data scientist who’s not on twitter how much Joel hates the xkcd cartoon free speech in Canada (which Joel gets very wrong, please don't @ me) how one (or one's bot) gets banned from twitter Joel getting a phone call from his kid's school #YarvinGate and #YarvinGate2 how good it feels to hold a pitchfork loving one's neighbor vs tolerating one's neighbor why everyone hates Kant Nazi-punching the pros and cons of street violence whether companies should take political stands whether Shopify should power the Breitbart store what the hell do they even sell in the Breitbart store anyway? the difference between refusing to do business with customers because you don't approve them and refusing to business with customers because twitter doesn't approve of them

Episode 5: The Legend of Plas Vander

Jan 14, 2017 01:03:56


Our guest is Jake VanderPlas, who is a real Data Science Fellow at the UW eScience Institute, and is the author of the recently published Python Data Science Handbook

Topics discussed include

BiCapitalization bridging the astronomy-astrology divide whether the e in eScience is the same as the e in eBay Myers-Briggs why Jake keeps saying “transcriptable” like it's a real word whether newsletters have replaced blogs how to talk to people at parties what it’s like being a data scientist in academia whether students still hook up in the library why your zodiac sign isn’t what you think it is whether Pluto is a planet and why people care teaching statistics using simulation how to pronounce "numpy" using deep learning to identify new constellations building an AI that chooses the right data visualization

This week's theme music has a cool Vegas swanky lounge vibe. 

Please listen to it.

Episode 4: Datasets We Hate

Jan 4, 2017 01:08:07


Our guest this week is Sarah Guido (@sarah_guido), Senior Data Scientist at Mashable. We discuss datasets we hate, how to pronounce "La Croix", what makes "library science" a science, 9/11, data science networking, Joel's plan to build a Twitter client that automatically inserts a "clap" emoji after every word, and Mashable's "best celebrity feuds" of 2016.

Episode 3: Beantown Data Science

Dec 23, 2016 01:02:41


Our guest this week is Andrew Therriault (@therriaultphd). We talk about data science in the big city, politics, slime in the ice machine, labor unions, how easy it is to join datasets, and whether Boston really deserves to be called Beantown.

Episode Two: The Tallest Data Scientist

Dec 7, 2016 50:47


Our guest this week is Tim Hopper (@tdhopper), the tallest data scientist. We discuss life, blogs, robots, Twitter, and other data-related stuff, but Joel keeps returning to the topic of his height.

Episode One: A New Hope

Nov 11, 2016 36:53


In the first episode, Joel and Andrew cover who they are, how they met, how they got into data science, why they have a podcast, and chat about topics they have in mind, including but not limited to:

Politics Technical tool development Whether to get a PhD How to get into data science How to hire data scientists Ethical questions in data science Jake van der Plas Type A vs Type B Thinkpiece about why Scala is the future of data science Dave Shing, AOL’s Digital Prophet, a.k.a. http://twitter.com/shingy Why is Silicon Valley considered a place you need to set up shop