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ADHD or Active Child?

Here to bring peace to the hectic life of moms with active kids or active daydreamers
ADHD or Active Child?


Here to bring peace to the hectic life of moms with active kids or active daydreamers



Planning a Long Journey with Your Active Child

May 24, 2014


Planning a Long Journey with Your Active Child As summer beckons, most people with be looking forward to taking a vacation and enjoying some well-earned rest, but for families with a very active child, the summer vacation can be a … Continue reading →

School System pushes ADHD Label

May 20, 2014


How the School System is Labeling Children with ADHD The number of American school children who are diagnosed with ADHD is increasing every year at a rapid rate, leading some medical professionals and even parents to question whether children are … Continue reading →

Working With Families Episode 16

Mar 3, 2012


After the first month of an ongoing tele-seminar where Dr. Guffanti answers your questions we are seeing the translation from theory to application. This podcast discusses how to get your child to finish his chores without constant reminders? How do … Continue reading →

Passion’s Purpose Part 3: Passion’s Pitfalls Episode 15

Jan 9, 2012


Your children’s passion will unfold their destiny if you avoid the three pitfalls and learn to support. The 3 pitfalls to avoid are: don’t feed an addiction, empower rather than enable and let your child attempt the impossible. In essence, … Continue reading →

Passion’s Purpose Part 2: Preparing Your Child to Thrive Episode 14

Dec 16, 2011


In a country where only one out of three children can read their textbooks, where anxiety, depression and suicide are consuming more and more of our teenagers where graduation doesn’t seem to lead to a job how do you prepare … Continue reading →

Passion’s Purpose Part 1 Episode 13

Dec 8, 2011


Did you ever wish for an operator’s manual on raising your children? Sorry, its not available, but learning to feed your passion and your child’s passion is the next best thing. This podcast is the first in a multi-part series … Continue reading →

Girls and the ADHD Label Part 3 Episode 12

Nov 13, 2011


Some girls have a passion for their friends and risk losing their identity to please others. Developing firm internal boundaries is your best defense against this happening. Basing your boundaries on love, truth, freedom and consequences sets a solid foundation … Continue reading →

Girls and the ADHD Label – Episode 11

Sep 11, 2011


Dr. Martin Stein, a pediatrician at UCSD, notes that girls are likely to be diagnosed with ADD later than boys, some as early as third or fourth grade, or as late as junior high. Here’s my take on what happens: … Continue reading →

Girls: The Pressures and the Protections

Jul 13, 2011


In an effort to help the ADHD parents I have posted a survey. This podcast is the answer to some of the questions posted there. Moms want help with their girls. In this episode you will learn: The incredible pressure … Continue reading →

ADHD Fathers and their Family – Episode 9

Jun 19, 2011


Father’s Day Special – Getting Dad involved in the family In an effort to help the ADHD parents Dr. Guffanti has posted a survey. This podcast is the answer to some of the questions posted there. This mom asks, “What … Continue reading →

Motivating the Oppositional Child Part 2 Episode 8

May 31, 2011


The essential ingredient for those children  who often blame others for their misbehavior is for the parents to decide “Whose problem is it?” When parents step in and solve problemss for their child they communicate, “You are not capable of … Continue reading →

No Matter What The Label – Now What?

May 26, 2011


Labels often confuse rather than clarify. This video gives you the opportunity to take a practical step into working with your child’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Watch it and put your results below. BlogCatalog

Motivating the Oppositional Child – Episode 7

May 19, 2011


But today we learned that the low auditory (half of the children labeled ADHD) often blame others for their misbehaviors, partly because they don’t know how to speak their heart. We learned how to teach someone to speak his heart … Continue reading →

ADHD And Relationships – Episode 6

Apr 29, 2011


One of the issues that keep parents up at night is their child’s relationships. Will they make friends and keep them? How do I get my child to cooperate? Or simply not constantly annoy his brother and sister? ADHD And … Continue reading →

Balancing Your Active Child’s Energy – Episode 5

Apr 22, 2011


In this episode Dr. Guffanti Reviews our two kinds of energy: focused and momentum-building Three ways to create focused energy Telling the difference between passion and addiction Why Hands-on Learners have transition problems Dr. Guffanti’s GAP Solution Download the episode … Continue reading →

ADHD & Public School Frustrations

Apr 20, 2011


“Feeling very frustrated with the whole school/daughter (8 yrs old) thing. My Olivia is a free spirit with tons of energy. She’s spunky, artistic, and spontaneous, sweet and full of love. Everything I love about her! The school sees disruptive, … Continue reading →

Keeping Your ADHD Child Alive – Episode 4

Apr 2, 2011


In this episode Dr. Guffanti discusses keeping your child alive until they develop wisdom. We will view impulsivity and hyperactivity through different lenses like: Impulsivity, fast and thorough experiential learning Hyperactivity, a high energy that can be funneled Why the … Continue reading →

The pressure schools place on parents to medicate

Mar 21, 2011


My oldest child (now 17) was diagnosed ADD, she is inattentive only. We tried behavior therapy for a while, to see if it would help her in school. We reached the point when she came home and told me she … Continue reading →

Episode 3: How active kids learn

Mar 19, 2011


In this episode Dr. Guffanti discusses the consequences of assuming that everyone learns the same way you do. When people who learn by watching or discussion, like teachers and psychiatrists, perceive children who learn by hands-on activities, they call them … Continue reading →

Episode 2: ADHD and learning styles

Mar 5, 2011


Episode 2: Children are driven by curiosity. This drive makes learning style (How people prefer to learn) a prime motivator of behavior. Suppose ADHD is simply how people who learn by watching or discussion like teachers and psychiatrists perceive children … Continue reading →

Daydreamer Son Hates School Need Help

Mar 4, 2011


My son has been struggling in school for 4 years now.  He has had trouble since Kindergarten and is now in third grade.  He absolutely hates school.  He has had good teachers that seem concerned about him however, they always … Continue reading →

3 Reasons for the Rise in ADHD

Feb 24, 2011


1. In 1990, SSI pays for each child labeled ADHD and taking medication– by 2009 ADHD is 31% of SSI. ($700 a month per child) 2. In 1991, a Policy Clarification Memorandum adds ADHD to IDEA. 3. In 1997, IDEA, … Continue reading →

ADHD or Active Child Episode 1: What’s ADHD

Feb 19, 2011


In this episode we will discuss ADHD with Dr. Guffanti, an international speaker on ADHD, who not only has ADHD, but has its most common associated problems – ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) and dyslexia. We will peak into the world … Continue reading →

Parenting the ADHD Labeled Child

Feb 19, 2011


My Charley Has ADHD Lessons Learned (Click here for Pat Wyman’s  Super Speller Strategy video) This video demonstrates many of the common issues about ADHD: Teachers are the most common referrer for ADHD. They are more often wrong than right … Continue reading →