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ADHD Experts Podcast


Leading ADHD experts give real-life answers to questions submitted by ADD adults and parents raising children with attention deficit disorder across a range of topics covering symptoms, school, work, and family life. Note on audio quality: This podcast is a recording of a webinar series, and the audio has been captured from telephone conversations, not recorded in a studio. Register to participate in the live webinars at:


285- Moms with ADHD, Unite! How to Shape a Peaceful, Organized Life for You and Your Kids

Feb 7, 2020 01:05:03


Parenting a child with ADHD is challenging — even more so when Mom has ADHD, too. Overwhelmed parents often wonder: How do I help my kids stay organized when I’m always losing things? Terry Matlen, LMSW, ACSW, offers strategies — and reassurance.

284- Screen Use and Abuse: Create a Healthy Video Game Diet for Your Child with ADHD

Jan 30, 2020 01:03:34


Gaming delivers multimodal stimulation and immediate feedback, which explains why so many children with ADHD can spend hours zoned out in front of a screen. Randy Kulman, Ph.D., and James Daley share practical strategies for setting screen limits.

283- A Parent's Guide to Social Skills Strategies for Children with ADHD or Autism (or Both)

Jan 24, 2020 58:18


ADHD and autism affect peer relationships – and many children have symptoms of both. Mark Bertin, M.D., guides parents in sorting out what is causing your child's friendship challenges, and how to best support social skills growth and success.

282- Secrets of the ADHD Brain: How Brain Imaging Helps Us Understand and Treat Attention Deficit

Jan 23, 2020 59:33


Jonathan Posner, M.D., discusses recent advances in the neuroscience of ADHD, including how neural systems and brain regions differ from those in individuals with a neurotypical brain, and how ADHD treatments impact those brain systems.

281- Conquer Clutter, the ADD Way: 7 Practical Steps to Organizing a Messy House

Jan 21, 2020 01:01:08


We don’t have time to fold T-shirts into precise squares; we need strategies and tricks that will get us back on track to acceptable tidiness. Linda Roggli, PCC, explains why ADHD brains are predisposed to disorganization and how to create a system that works for you.

280- How Mindfulness Helps You Feel Less Overwhelmed and Be More Productive

Jan 16, 2020 01:00:32


People with ADHD often struggle with anxiety, either as a co-occurring or a secondary disorder. This anxiety drains your energy and makes managing your ADHD even more difficult. Lidia Zylowska, M.D., shares mindfulness techniques to dial down the worry.

279- Overcome Your Student's Toughest Daily Challenges and Get the School Day Back on Track

Dec 31, 2019 01:03:36


Now is the perfect time to regroup and make changes that will ensure a more successful second half of the school year. Sharon Saline, Psy.D., shares strategies for better mornings and bedtimes, managing screen time, avoiding homework hassles, and more.

278- The Flip Side of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: Tapping Into ADHD Energy & Motivation

Dec 24, 2019 01:00:05


Edward Hallowell, M.D., and John J. Ratey, M.D., highlight the counterpoint to Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) — the soaring enthusiasm and energy of Recognition Responsive Euphoria (RRE). Learn how to tap into RRE and share its gifts.

277- How to Optimize ADHD Medication to Achieve Better Symptom Management

Dec 17, 2019 56:45


Few clinicians receive adequate training in how to use ADHD medications. William Dodson, M.D., explains how to work with your doctor to fine-tune your medication and dose for optimal performance and minimal side effects.

276- After the Diagnosis: Achieving ADHD Acceptance, Treatment, and Momentum

Dec 12, 2019 01:04:13


A new diagnosis of ADHD can bring relief from understanding the neurological roots of your or your child’s actions and behavior — but also confusion, overwhelm, and questions. Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., answers many of the most common ones.

275- CBT and DBT for ADHD: How Talk Therapies Reduce Symptoms and Boost Confidence

Dec 11, 2019 01:02:29


John Mitchell, Ph.D., explains the similarities and differences between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), the structure of sessions and skills taught, and the typical time frames for seeing benefits.

274- "My Partner Has ADHD?!" 5 Strategies for Living Happily After a Diagnosis

Nov 26, 2019 01:06:26


An ADHD diagnosis can explain, finally, all those struggles over household chores and daily misunderstandings. Melissa Orlov elucidates why there's so much frustration and anger, and offers communication strategies that can tame it.

273- The Best Life Hacks for Adults and Children with ADHD

Nov 25, 2019 59:58


Are you exhausted by the time you leave the house in the morning? You are not alone! The challenges individuals with ADHD face on a daily basis add up. Michele Novotni, Ph.D., shares proven strategies to help you meet these challenges and live happily.

272- The ADHD-Depression Connection: Understanding the Link and First-Line Treatments

Nov 14, 2019 01:02:05


If you have ADHD, your risk of developing depression is four times greater than it is for those without the disorder. Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., discusses the link between these conditions, and first-line psychopharmacological and psychotherapy treatments.

271- Time to Unplug? How Screen Time Impacts the ADHD Brain

Nov 13, 2019 01:01:00


Research suggests that screen use impacts ADHD symptom severity at two distinct developmental stages — at younger ages and in the teen years. David Anderson, Ph.D., teaches actionable strategies to manage screen time at home and in school.

270- Get Things Done: ADD-Friendly Productivity Strategies for Adults

Nov 7, 2019 01:05:10


People with ADHD have to think outside the neurotypical box to boost productivity; we need to be interested in the task and use tools that are in sync with our differently wired brain. Linda Walker, PCC, shares ADHD-specific approaches to get things done.

269- The Adult Guide to Shedding ADHD Shame

Nov 6, 2019 01:02:15


Adults with undiagnosed ADHD may come to believe that we are fundamentally flawed. This shame impairs our self-esteem, our relationships, and our outlook on life. Join Linda Roggli to learn how to forgive yourself and leave shame behind.

268- Engaging Career Paths for Teens and Young Adults with ADHD

Nov 1, 2019 01:01:07


ADHD brings enormous strengths — as long as the job is a good fit. As Rick Fiery, M.S., MBA, discusses, college is not the best next step for all. Learn how to set your teen or young adult with ADHD on a career path that will lead to success.

267- A Parent's Guide to Evaluating and Troubleshooting Your Child's IEP or 504 Plan

Oct 31, 2019 58:28


Susan Yellin, Esq., helps parents understand whether or not an IEP or 504 Plan is truly meeting the needs of your child with ADHD or LD, how to make minor changes, what to do if educators aren't following the plan and offering accommodations, and more.

266- What to Eat, What to Avoid: The ADHD Guide to Food and Nutrition for Children

Oct 30, 2019 59:45


The food your child eats affects how his or her body and ADHD brain work. Sanford Newmark, M.D., outlines the basic dietary principles for ADHD, key nutrients your child may be lacking, sensitivities to certain foods and food additives, and more.

265- Having the Talk: How to Explain ADHD to Your Child, Family, and Friends

Oct 21, 2019 01:00:52


Too many kids (and parents) feel ashamed about having ADHD — most often because they've never received a clear explanation of the disorder. Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW, provides empathetic, practical ways to talk about ADHD with your child and loved ones.

264- 7 No-Fail Strategies for Getting Homework Done on Time and Without Drama

Oct 16, 2019 59:11


Ann Dolin M.Ed., shares research-based strategies for guiding your child through homework — and encouraging independence. Would life be better without homework? Quite possibly. Will you reduce stress by using these techniques? Almost certainly.

263- What Teachers Should Know About Their Students with ADHD

Oct 15, 2019 58:38


Teachers may think that children with ADHD who act out or fail to complete schoolwork do so "on purpose." Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S., provides educators the tools they need to understand and guide these students with patience and encouragement.

262- Time for Bed! Sleep Solutions for the ADHD Brain

Oct 14, 2019 01:05:08


Adults and children with ADHD often struggle with sleep for many reasons, everything from circadian rhythm and neurological abnormalities to engaging in overstimulating activities late at night. Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., offers explanations and solutions.

261- Tech to the Rescue: Create a Technology Toolbox for Students with ADHD and LD

Oct 4, 2019 58:41


Tapping into the right technology can make the difference between success and failure at school for students with ADHD and learning disabilities. Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D., discusses the most popular and effective assistive technology (AT) tools.

260- What Is ADHD? Everything You Need to Know Before and After a Diagnosis

Oct 3, 2019 01:04:20


Educating yourself and your family about ADHD is tougher than you may think. Most physicians receive little training in ADHD, and may not explain the disorder and treatments thoroughly. William Dodson, M.D., helps listeners fill in those holes.

259- The Best Kind of Discipline: Behavioral Parent Training for Children with ADHD

Oct 2, 2019 01:01:08


You are at your wit's end — exhausted by your child's disruptive and wholly frustrating daily behaviors. Tried-and-true parenting advice doesn't work — but this will. Learn the basics of behavioral parent training (BPT) from Carla Counts Allan, Ph.D.

258- "Could I Be on the Autism Spectrum?" – ASD in Adults

Oct 1, 2019 01:00:10


A growing population of adults suspects they may be on the Autism spectrum. Theresa Regan, Ph.D., shares facts (and myths) about autism in adults, why getting a correct diagnosis at any age makes a difference, effective supports, and more.

257- All the Feels: An ADHD Guide to Emotional Dysregulation & Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Sep 30, 2019 01:03:55


People with ADHD feel emotions more intensely, more frequently, and more suddenly. In fact, one third of adults with ADHD name this as the most impairing aspect of the condition. Learn more about out-of-control emotions from William W. Dodson, M.D.

256- Everything in Its Place: The ADHD Guide to Better Organization

Sep 18, 2019 57:17


Do you walk into a disorganized room and find yourself paralyzed? Do you spend time and money on organizing solutions that don't work? Lisa K. Woodruff will teach you how to start working with your ADHD brain, not against it, to get organized.

255- A Parent's Guide to Changing Schools for Your Student with ADHD or LD

Sep 17, 2019 53:33


School is supposed to be a place where children learn and grow, but certain school environments may not be a good fit for kids with ADHD and learning disabilities. Susan Yellin, Esq., discusses when is it might be time to consider a new school.

254- Worry Less: Managing Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with ADHD

Sep 16, 2019 01:03:32


Anxiety is common among school-aged children, and those with ADHD are at higher risk than their peers. Learn from renowned pediatricians Eileen Costello, M.D., and Perri Klass, M.D., how children and families can talk about and manage anxiety.

253- Vaping and Teens with ADHD: What Parents Need to Know

Sep 13, 2019 59:55


Vaping rates have skyrocketed in recent years. Kristin Seymour, MSN, RN, AHCNS, explains why stimulation-seeking teens with ADHD are at an increased risk of vaping. Learn how to discuss vaping and help a teen who may be addicted.

252- How to Optimize ADHD Stimulant Treatment for Children and Adults

Sep 12, 2019 01:04:16


Thomas Brown, Ph.D., discusses how to determine the "sweet spot" between too small and too large a dose, safely extend ADHD stimulant medication coverage from morning until evening, manage the "rebound effect," and more

251- Mindfulness and Self-Regulation Strategies for Children with ADHD

Sep 11, 2019 01:01:46


Have you ever tried to calm a child in the throes of an ADHD meltdown? Varleisha D. Gibbs, Ph.D., OTD, OTR/L, explains how to build and enhance self-regulation with ADHD meditation and shares mindfulness exercises designed to calm an unsettled child.

250- Beyond Shame and Guilt: Transformative Strategies for Women with ADD

Sep 10, 2019 01:01:40


As a woman living with ADHD, you are no doubt familiar with shame — and its dear friends guilt, fear, and self-limitation. Michelle Frank, Psy.D., discusses how to break free of this pattern and create space for new choices and behaviors.

249- The Social Lives of Boys with ADHD

Sep 9, 2019 01:00:04


Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW, shares realistic solutions to help your son with ADHD mature into a healthy, happy young man — from establishing and maintaining friendships to mastering executive function to taking responsibility for his own actions.

248- The Gift of Grit: Helping Children with ADHD Overcome Failure, Fear, & Disappointment

Sep 6, 2019 01:04:50


Brendan Mahan's "Wall of Awful" tool helps parents and children visualize and talk about the effects of repeated failure and disappointment — and overcome the fear, shame, and anxiety that are often associated with ADHD.

247- Teaching Executive Functions to Children with ADHD: A Course for Teachers (and Parents)

Sep 5, 2019 59:29


Most teachers and parents recognize weak executive functions (EF): disorganized projects, incomplete homework, last-minute cramming, forgotten chores. Karen Huberty, M.Ed., & Maureen Bechard, M.S., offer strategies for strengthening EFs.

246- The Exercise Rx for ADHD

Sep 5, 2019 55:09


Powerful evidence shows that exercise improves not only physical health, but attention, working memory, behavior, mood, and executive functions. John J. Ratey, M.D., explains how to use movement to ease symptoms of ADHD.

245- Find Your Path: A Roadmap for Choosing a College, a Career, or Something Different

Sep 4, 2019 59:05


When ADHD is in the picture, the leap to college often overwhelms, but, as Rick Fiery points out, this isn’t the only path. Learn about post-H.S. options for your teen with ADHD, and how to increase the likelihood of college success.

244- How ADHD Shortens Life Expectancy: What Parents and Doctors Need to Know

Sep 3, 2019 54:37


ADHD may lead to social, academic, & organizational challenges—but did you know that the disorder's increased health risks may shorten longevity? Russell Barkley, Ph.D., discusses why ADHD is not just a mental health disorder, but a public health disorder.

243- The ADHD-ODD Connection

Aug 27, 2019 01:01:10


Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a mental health disorder characterized by a well-established pattern of behavior problems. David Anderson, Ph.D., helps parents understand their child’s ODD diagnosis and find effective interventions.

242- ADHD and Substance Use Disorders: How to Recognize and Manage Addiction

Aug 22, 2019 55:15


An estimated 15 to 25 percent of adults with a lifetime history of substance abuse disorder (SUD) also have ADHD. Timothy Wilens, M.D., explores this link and outlines best treatments for managing an SUD and how to reduce the risk.

241- New Supplement Strategies: Using Trace Minerals and Plant Extracts to Treat ADHD

Aug 22, 2019 53:20


Addressing key nutritional imbalances with an integrative treatment plan has proven effective in treating ADHD, as has using natural, plant-derived compounds called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). Learn more from James M. Greenblatt, M.D.

240- How to Communicate and Connect with a Defiant, Explosive Child

Aug 22, 2019 58:16


How do you connect with a child or teen who doesn’t want to talk with you—and who is defensive or angry? Parenting expert Kirk Martin offers practical strategies for turning explosive situations into opportunities to build trust with your child.

239- Sleep and the ADHD Brain: Why It's Critical and How to Get More

Aug 9, 2019 53:45


Sleep is vitally important for brain development and learning in children, teens, and adults—yet few of us get enough. Joel Nigg, Ph.D., & Elizabeth Super, M.D., review the optimal amount by life stage, and offer solutions to common sleep challenges.

238- Expert Guidelines for Getting an Accurate ADHD Diagnosis

Aug 8, 2019 01:00:11


Some professionals insist that an ADHD evaluation requires a full battery of neuropsychological testing, brain imaging, and computerized tests. Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., disagrees. Learn which diagnostic tests are valuable, and which aren’t.

237- From ADHD Shame and Stigma to Pride and Truth

Jun 4, 2019 51:33


What if a person can’t conform because of his or her neurology? Leading experts Ned Hallowell, M.D., and William Dodson, M.D., explain why shame so often accompanies ADHD, how to correct misperceptions, and how to take pride in your ADHD.

236- Is It ADHD, Autism, or Both? A Parent’s Guide to Social and Emotional Health

May 28, 2019 57:07


When your child struggles to make friends, and you don't know why or how to help, it's heart-wrenching. Mark Bertin, M.D., explains how ADHD and autism spectrum disorder impact kids socially, behaviorally, and emotionally, and effective interventions.

235- Girls and Women with ADHD: Unique Risks, Crippling Stigma

May 21, 2019 57:52


A generation ago, ADHD was considered a condition for boys. We now know that both sexes are at equal risk for developing ADHD—but, as Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., discusses, that women and girls face delayed diagnoses and greater stigma.

234- IEP or a 504 Plan: Which Is Best for Your Child?

May 14, 2019 57:55


Matt Cohen, Esq., explains the key advantages and disadvantages of IEPs and 504 Plans for students with ADHD; how to identify the solution best suited for your child; and how to create a bulletproof IEP or 504 Plan and ensure that it's implemented.

233- Tech Tools That Help Children with ADHD Learn More

Apr 23, 2019 58:07


Your child's IEP or 504 Plan includes the use of assistive technology. Smart. But how do you ensure that the best technology is implemented consistently, used correctly—and whether or not it's working? Janet DeSenzo offers guidelines.

232- Getting It Done: Help Your Child with ADHD Start—and Finish—Homework

Apr 17, 2019 57:49


Do you dread the nightly homework battles? Are your evenings spent hovering, hand-holding, and helping your child with ADHD through assignments? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Leslie Josel offers solutions.

231- The ADHD Guide to Productive Parent-Teacher Cooperation

Apr 9, 2019 56:09


When parents and educators work together, everyone benefits—especially the student. Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., shares best practices for parent-teacher meetings and explains how to help teachers understand ADHD and address symptoms at school.

230- Organized and Motivated: Executive Function Fixes for Teens with ADHD

Apr 2, 2019 54:05


Reduce your teen's school-related stress by taking a collaborative, strength-based perspective. Sharon Saline, Psy.D., explains how to set goals, create systems, and sharpen your teen's organization, planning, and follow through.

229- Life Skills Every High School Student Should Learn Before Graduation

Mar 5, 2019 59:34


Research shows that students who learn to advocate for themselves in high school are more likely to succeed in college. Theresa E. Maitland, Ph.D., describes how to help your teen understand her needs, learn what to ask for, and how to ask effectively.

228- How to Use Brain Science to Increase Motivation in Children with ADHD

Feb 26, 2019 53:43


Jerome Schultz, Ph.D., explains the difference between “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” motivation and why traditional motivational methods miss the mark for ADHD brains—and shares very practical strategies that will get your kids going.

227- How to Build a Better IEP or 504 Plan for Your Child with ADHD

Feb 19, 2019 58:55


The key to an effective IEP or 504 Plan is to truly understand your child’s strengths & challenges. Susan Yellin, Esq., and Paul B. Yellin, M.D., share specific strategies to help with common challenges, explain what to do if things aren’t working, & more

226- Improve Your Child’s Social Smarts with YouTube, Video & Board Games

Feb 12, 2019 57:38


Anna Vagin, Ph.D., teaches parents how to use visual supports to help children with ADHD build their skill sets (and reduce your nagging); recommends YouTube videos to review social concepts and board games to practice cooperation; and more.

225- Parent Different: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World

Dec 11, 2018 58:17


Parenting a child with ADHD or another neuro-difference is complicated work. It is also important and fulfilling beyond your imagination. Deborah Reber discusses how to parent from a place of confidence, joy, and possibility instead of fear.

224- Understanding Dyscalculia: Is It Math Anxiety or a Learning Disability?

Dec 4, 2018 57:17


Though dyscalculia is nearly as common as dyslexia, it's neither well known nor fully understood. Daniel Ansari, Ph.D., describes the common signs of this life-long learning disability as well as supports to help a child who struggles with number skills.

223- How to Parent Your Child or Teen with ADHD Like a Coach

Nov 27, 2018 56:24


Do you shoulder most of the responsibilities in your ADHD household? Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, and Diane Dempster teach parents how to shift to a "coach approach" and create systems and structure to make life run more smoothly.

222- Your Back-to-School Plan for Academic, Behavioral, and Organizational Success

Nov 20, 2018 52:51


Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S., explains how to educate yourself, your child, and the teacher about ADHD, understand ADHD’s manifestations in the classroom, establish home routines that will maximize your child’s chances of school success, and more.

221- ADHD Plus: Diagnosing and Treating Comorbid Conditions in Children

Nov 13, 2018 01:00:40


Nearly two-thirds of individuals with ADHD have a comorbid condition. Mark Bertin, M.D., discusses how an initial ADD evaluation should address the possibility of additional diagnoses, how symptoms can look similar, which condition to treat first, & more.

220- Beyond Rewards & Consequences: A Better Strategy for Teens with ADHD and ODD

Nov 6, 2018 55:14


ADHD + oppositional defiance sound like an explosive combination — but it doesn't have to be, with Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.'s Collaborative & Proactive Solutions parenting model. Learn how to influence, not control, your adolescent's behavior.

219- Train the ADHD Brain: Games and Apps to Improve Executive Functions & Processing Speed

Oct 30, 2018 58:01


Randy Kulman, Ph.D., and James Daley discuss popular games, apps, and technologies that can be used to improve executive functions and processing speed in children and adults with ADHD—and how to transfer brain training skills to the real world.

218- ADHD Over 50: Old Age, ADHD, or Something Else?

Oct 23, 2018 55:11


David W. Goodman, M.D., FAPA, leads a discussion for clinicians: Learn how to identify ADHD symptoms in adults over age 50, how stimulants fit into a treatment regimen for patients who are taking multiple medications, and more.

217- How Diet, Sleep, Exercise & Behavioral Interventions Can Reduce ADHD Symptoms in Children

Oct 16, 2018 54:26


Sandy Newmark, M.D., discusses a range of natural ADHD treatment options and considerations, including optimal nutrition, how food sensitivities affect symptoms, the importance of sleep, the benefits of exercise, behavioral strategies, and more.

216- The Teen Years with ADHD: A Practical, Proactive Parent’s Guide

Oct 9, 2018 57:38


Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., shares helpful, hands-on ways to address a range of issues facing parents of teens with ADHD — from homework struggles to unpredictable emotions, road safety to the refusal to take medication, and more.

215- High School Prep: A Strategic Transition from Middle School to Higher Grades

Sep 18, 2018 57:47


Middle school is no cake walk, with multiple teachers, personal schedule responsibility, and long-term assignments. In ninth grade, that reality gets kicked up a notch. Learn strategies to ease the transition to high school from Ann Dolin, M.Ed.

214- Screen Time Rules and Systems for Teens with ADHD

Aug 28, 2018 58:19


Technology powers advancements in organization and information gathering—but it's also really, really distracting for teens with ADHD. Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., advises parents on how to rein in video gaming and balance it with other activities.

213- You’ve Got This! Motivating Teens with ADHD Without Threats or Arguments

Aug 21, 2018 57:44


Does your teen take forever to get started, whether it’s homework, chores, or extracurricular projects? Sharon Saline, Psy.D., teaches a strengths-based, collaborative approach to successfully motivating adolescents with ADHD.

212- How to Get, Afford, and Refill Your ADHD Prescriptions with Minimum Hassle

Aug 14, 2018 54:00


Laurie Dupar shares insider strategies to help you take control of your ADHD treatment plan, including how to manage refills, deal with uncooperative pharmacists, and save money on your prescriptions.

211- Breathe In, Breathe Out: A Mindfulness Guide for Teens with ADHD

Aug 7, 2018 52:22


Mindfulness builds emotional intelligence; increases attention; minimizes stress and anxiety; and boosts happiness. Want your teen to harness these benefits? Learn how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life from Christopher Willard, Psy.D.

210- A Summer Schedule for Kids with ADHD: How to Balance Fun, Independence & Structure

Jul 31, 2018 58:44


Children with ADHD thrive on structure. Instead of entirely lazy summer days, Sarah A. Tannenbaum, Psy.D., helps parents take a measured approach to the season by working with their child to establish schedules and goals while fostering fun and relaxation.

209- Boosting Your Teen's Executive Functions and Building Independence — Together

Jul 3, 2018 01:01:36


On top of raging hormones and escalating academic demands, teens with ADHD are navigating executive skill challenges. Peg Dawson Ed.D., offers parents the new tools they'll need to manage these turbulent years and transition their teen to adulthood.

208- 9 Ways Occupational Therapy Tackles the Symptoms of ADHD

Jun 26, 2018 57:07


OT can improve the skills kids need for daily living and give them the confidence to succeed in life. Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L, explains how to break down tasks into manageable steps, sensory interventions to increase focus, and more.

207- How to Support Loved Ones with ADHD

Jun 20, 2018 01:00:09


Russell A. Barkley Ph.D., offers guidance on helping a partner, sibling, parent, or grown child accept his or her ADHD and pursue effective treatment — while maintaining a strong, positive relationship.

206- How to Transform Your ADHD Into a Strategic Advantage at Work

May 8, 2018 58:35


Tap into your ADHD strengths and start excelling on the job. Edward Hallowell, M.D., and Peter Shankman offer career-changing tips, including: How to navigate office politics (even though you hate doing it) and how to defeat procrastination.

205- How to Get More Done with a Lot Less Stress!

May 1, 2018 52:06


Do you spend more time worrying about tasks than actually doing them? Susan Lasky gives you the tools you need to increase your productivity, including how to eliminate common time-wasters and the two magic words for getting more done.

204- How ADHD Shapes Your Perceptions, Emotions & Motivation

Mar 27, 2018 58:09


The textbook definition of ADHD fails to reflect the condition's complexity. William Dodson, M.D., discusses why we must be interested in order to start a task, why feelings of shame are so common among adults with ADHD, and more.

203- How ADHD Can Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Mar 20, 2018 59:48


It's not a coincidence that many of the world’s top CEOs have ADHD. Learn why from successful entrepreneur Ken "Bucky" Buckman, who feels that his "symptoms" turned out to be business advantages.

202- Your Teen Is Not Lazy! How to Best Motivate an Adolescent with ADHD

Mar 14, 2018 55:45


Are you over-parenting your teen with ADHD? Instead, learn from Adam Price, Ph.D., how to become his (or her) biggest ally as he develops greater independence and discovers the keys to self-motivation.

201- Stronger Than You Think: A Guide to Empowering Women with ADHD

Mar 7, 2018 59:10


As a woman with ADHD, it’s easy to lose yourself in day-to-day chaos. Linda Roggli explains how to "reframe" negative ADHD behaviors, rebuild your self-compassion, and gather the courage to live your passions, without apology or regret.

200- You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?! Empowering Lessons for Adults with ADHD

Feb 28, 2018 55:27


Peggy Ramundo, a pioneer in the effort to raise awareness about ADHD, shares the lessons and insights she's gleaned from three decades of hands-on experience working with adults with the condition.

199- Mindfulness Goes to School: How Meditation Helps Students with ADHD Thrive

Feb 21, 2018 54:21


Mindfulness activities can promote more focused and collaborative learning for students with ADHD. Elliott Buck, M.Ed., discusses how teachers, parents, and caregivers can incorporate meditation, mindfulness, and yoga into the school day.

198- How to Unleash Your ADHD Teen’s Superpowers

Feb 14, 2018 58:04


Stacey Turis explans how parents can encourage their teens to embrace their ADHD traits and understand that true strength comes from within, and maintain healthy minds and bodies, so they can discover their superpowers.

197- How to Energize Your Child’s Education with Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Feb 7, 2018 57:03


Susan Kologi, Ph.D., gives an overview of PBL, which lets students interact with the concepts they are studying—a much more conducive educational approach for children with ADHD—and advises on setting up PBL experiences at school and home.

196- College Accommodations for Students with ADHD and LD

Jan 31, 2018 57:48


High school IEPs and 504 Plans don't carry over to college and students don't receive educational support unless they ask for it. Elizabeth Hamblet explains how disability services work in college, and how to request accommodations.

195- How to Support (Not Enable) Children with ADHD at School

Jan 24, 2018 57:58


Is homework hijacking your evenings? Do you lie awake at night worrying about your child’s success at school? Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster help parents of children with ADHD step back and stop "helping" more than they should.

194- Homework Tools and Solutions to Lower Stress for Students (and the Rest of the Household)

Jan 17, 2018 51:47


Many parents of children with ADHD say homework is one of the biggest sources of family stress during the school year. Ann Dolin, M.Ed., presents research-supported strategies to end power struggles and help your child focus and finish.

193- Beyond Genes, Part 2: How Sleep, Diet & Exercise Impact a Child’s ADHD

Jan 10, 2018 55:45


Joel Nigg, Ph.D., presents the latest scientific evidence that is changing the way we think about the role of sleep, exercise, and diet on a child’s development, and how lifestyle changes can balance out ADHD symptoms.

192- Assistive Technology and Tech Tools for a Better School Year

Nov 22, 2017 57:02


Janet DeSenzo explains the difference between educational technology and assistive technology (AT) and recommends the best tech tools to include in your child's IEP or 504 Plan to help him or her meet learning goals.

191- The College Transition Guide for Teens with ADHD

Nov 15, 2017 57:55


Executive function demands increase as teens with ADHD leave the watchful gaze of their parents. Theresa Maitland, Ph.D., explains how you can avoid a rocky adjustment to college by planning and preparing during high school.

190- From Crushed to Confident: 10 Ways to Help Your Child Soar in School

Nov 2, 2017 59:01


Back-to-school time incites anxiety for many children with ADHD or LD, who may struggle to meet others’ expectations. Kirk Martin helps parents bolster their kids' confidence and give them tools to succeed socially and in the classroom.

189- Best Behavior: Classroom Strategies for Students with ADHD

Oct 18, 2017 56:04


Education specialist Shari Gent, M.S., NCED, shares parent-teacher guidelines for managing ADHD behavior at school, such as trouble handling transitions, interrupting, losing focus (and distracting others in the class), and more.

188- Beyond Genes: How Environment and Lifestyle Impact ADHD

Oct 11, 2017 53:30


Joel Nigg, Ph.D., shares the latest science behind ADHD, including the interplay of genes and environmental factors, how the ADHD brain connects and wires itself, and how lifestyle changes can improve your child’s journey with ADHD.

187- Beyond Dyslexia: Overcoming Reading Challenges for Children with ADHD

Oct 5, 2017 55:45


Robin McEvoy, Ph.D., discusses dyslexia and other reading disabilities, shares do-it-yourself strategies for helping a struggling reader and making reading fun, and advises parents on accommodations and a back-to-school reading game plan.

186- Practical Organization and Time Management Strategies for Middle and High Schoolers with ADHD

Aug 22, 2017 01:00:22


Students today have more demands, distractions, and busier schedules than ever. Professional organizers Michelle Cooper and Michelle Grey recommend strategies and resources and outline organizational systems that make sense to the ADHD brain.

185- Boost Your Child's Social Smarts: A Parent’s Guide for Children with ADHD and ASD

Aug 15, 2017 54:13


ADHD and autism spectrum disorder can impact social skills, affecting friendships and family relationships. Christine Lang, Ph.D., shares tools to help children to pick up on social cues, stay on topic in conversation, and be less emotionally reactive.

184- Lighten Up: A Healthy Weight-Loss Guide for Adults with ADHD

Aug 8, 2017 58:48


Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., explains why adults with ADHD are at higher risk for obesity—we may impulsively choose junky foods, and emotional overwhelm can lead us to self-soothe with carbs—and shares more mindful approaches to eating and food-shopping.

183- "What Do You Mean?": Language Processing Disorders in Children with ADHD

Aug 1, 2017 56:47


A language-processing deficit impairs a child's ability to attach meaning to verbal input and respond appropriately. Gail Richard, Ph.D., helps us differentiate between language deficits and ADHD and advises on addressing challenges at home and at school.

182- Summer Screen Limits and Apps that Promote Physical Activity and Social Skills

Jul 25, 2017 55:09


Downtime during the summer months is OK, but unfettered device usage isn't healthy. Randy Kulman, Ph.D., advises parents on how to set screen time limits, recommends apps that build fitness and social skills, and how to promote other types of activities.

181- The Benefits of Art Therapy for Children with ADHD and LD

Jul 18, 2017 55:45


Art therapy uses creative processes to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and address behavior. Stacey Nelson, LCPC, LCPAT, ATR-BC, teaches parents about this alternative therapy and describes projects they can do with their children at home.

180- Is It Really ADHD? Dr. Brown's Definitive Diagnosis Plan

Jun 6, 2017 59:28


In the absence of any definitive test for ADHD—blood analysis, brain scan, genetic screening, etc.—doctors who don't specialize in the condition may struggle to identify it. Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., offers comprehensive guidelines for diagnosing ADHD.

179- What Parents Should Know About Neurofeedback for ADHD

May 23, 2017 54:24


Proponents of neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, say it trains people with ADHD to maintain focused brainwave activity. David Rabiner, Ph.D., and Edward Hamlin, Ph.D., provide an overview of this treatment, including cost, duration, and existing research.

178- It’s About Time: Understanding the Science of Time Management with ADHD

May 16, 2017 01:00:41


Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., takes a deeper look at the science of time awareness to understand why procrastination, time blindness, and tardiness are such big problems for people with ADHD—and teaches strategies to help us "see" and "feel" time.

177- Dyslexia: Understanding the Condition, Plus Recommended Treatment Interventions

May 9, 2017 59:48


Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., discusses dyslexia, which is the most common learning disability—symptoms, similarities to and differences from ADHD, the most effective interventions, and how to talk with your child about the diagnosis.

176- Beyond Hello: Building Conversation Skills in Children with ADHD

Apr 26, 2017 58:20


As Anna Vagin, Ph.D., explains, the sustained attention and give and take required in face-to-face interactions can present challenges for children with ADHD. She offers strategies for parents and teachers to help kids improve their conversational skills.

175- Overcoming Dysgraphia and Writing Challenges: A Guide for Teachers and Parents

Apr 20, 2017 52:32


Dysgraphia and written expression challenges are common in children with ADHD. For these kids, staring at a blank page can feel like torture. Literacy specialist Kendra Wagner, M.A., shares strategies to help children with LD get their thoughts on paper.

174- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Video Games—How Parents Can Take Action

Apr 13, 2017 58:32


Video games can teach problem-solving skills and critical thinking—and also suck a child’s attention from real people and experiencesd. Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., and Ryan Sipes explain how to choose the best games and set reasonable restrictions.

173- Nonverbal Learning Disorder: An Overlooked LD in Kids with ADHD

Mar 22, 2017 55:40


NVLD is poorly understood, and is underdiagnosed in children with ADHD. Amy Margolis, Ph.D., explains the condition, how to distinguish symptoms from those of ADHD, and the strategies that can help these children in school and social settings.

172- An Educator’s Guide to Teaching Students with ADHD

Mar 15, 2017 55:21


Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D., explains the impact of stress and anxiety on learning and beahvior, and offers insider tips for teachers of students with ADHD—from modifying assignments and learning environments to managing disruptive behavior.

171- 7 Ways to Be More Productive and Crush It at Work

Mar 8, 2017 57:11


Too many individuals with ADHD have been called an underachiever or a slacker, despite having the brains and ideas to achieve greatness. Productivity coach Alan Brown shares strategies to quiet your mind, set priorities, stay on task, and get things done.

170- Lessons Learned—and Shared—By Families Homeschooling Children with ADHD

Mar 1, 2017 57:22


Parents who homeschool their children with ADHD say that it can nurture strengths, improve academic performance, and boost self-esteem. Kathy Kuhl explains how all families can customize their child's education and benefit from a "homeschool view."

169- Emotional Distress Syndrome and the ADHD Brain

Feb 8, 2017 56:28


In working with ADHD patients over 27 years, James Ochoa, LPC, identified what he calls Emotional Distress Syndrome, and the extent to which it affects everyday life. He shares tools for weathering emotional storms and building self-esteem.

168- Positive Parenting Strategies: How to Build Confidence in Your Child with ADHD

Feb 1, 2017 01:02:14


By age 12, a child with ADHD may receive 20,000 more negative messages than her neurotypical peers. Kirk Martin teaches parents how to stop power struggles and meltdowns, replace negative messages about ADHD, and spark a sense of can-do in their kids.

167- The Happiness Project for Women with ADHD

Jan 25, 2017 58:29


Many women and girls with undiagnosed ADHD grow up mistaking their symptoms for personal faults. Sari Solden explains how a diagnosis can unlock serious healing, helping you to redefine "success" and focus on unfulfilled dreams rather than a to-do list.

166- Born This Way: Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Adult ADHD

Jan 18, 2017 55:42


Emily Anhalt, Ph.D., spent two years interviewing ADHD adults who have achieved financial, occupational, and emotional success without using medication, and shares what she learned about leveraging the condition as a positive force.

165- "What Are You Saying?" Auditory Processing Disorder in Children

Dec 14, 2016 57:18


Speech and language pathologist Lois Kam Heymann, M.A., CCC-SLP, explains how to identify auditory processing disorder in children and distinguish it from ADHD, and the best diagnosis and treatment approaches for APD.

164- Comeback Kids: Building Resilience in Students with ADHD

Dec 7, 2016 45:09


Research suggests that children with ADHD receive 20,000 more negative messages than do their neurotypical peers by age 12, impacting self-esteem and initiative. Anna Vagin, Ph.D., describes how to counter this negativity and build resilience.

163- ADHD Myths and the Stigmas They Perpetuate: A Guide to Overcoming Shame

Nov 23, 2016 57:10


Myths about ADHD—it's made up; it's an excuse for laziness—still abound, and it's woefully easy to internalize the shaming messages. Michele Novotni, Ph.D., explains how to overcome ADHD stigma, and how to change others' minds.

162- Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Unlock Positivity and Productivity for ADHD Adults

Nov 17, 2016 55:55


As J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., explains, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can equip people with ADHD and executive-function deficits with the skills to overcome disorganization, poor time management, and workplace challenges.

161- College Standouts: How to Empower Your Teen with ADHD/LD to Succeed on Campus

Oct 26, 2016 55:53


College students with ADHD/LD may struggle to balance term papers, laundry, getting exercise, and so on—and parents often fall into the role of concierge. Theresa Maitland, Ph.D., explains how to avoid this trap and help your teen learn to self-manage.

160- A Back-to-School Nutrition and Exercise Plan for Children with ADHD

Oct 19, 2016 53:07


Your child's activity level and daily menu can have a measurable impact on his behavior and ability to learn. Laura J. Stevens, M.S., discusses foods to avoid, and healthy alternatives, and presents strategies designed for busy families and picky eaters.

159- How to Solve Your ADHD Child's Homework Problems

Oct 12, 2016 55:14


In ADHD households, homework is often loathed by kids and parents. Peg Dawson, Ed.D., offers tips for children who come home exhausted after a long day of executive function challenges, and for parents who are weary of nagging and micromanaging.

158- Fight the Fizzle: How to Maintain Academic Motivation for Children with ADHD and LD

Oct 5, 2016 56:57


Does your child begin the school year enthusiastically—only to say he "hates school" two weeks later? Ann Dolin, M.Ed., discusses why motivation tapers off and how to end this cycle by increasing resilience, bolstering study skills, and using rewards.

157- How to Fight for Your ADHD Child's Rights—and Happiness

Sep 27, 2016 01:01:35


Do you know your child's legal rights at school and how to secure them? How to get the doctor to address your child's challenges? Penny Williams shares real-life advice that will transform you into an effective advocate for your child with special needs.

156- Ready, Set, Work: Help ADHD Students Fight Procrastination and Get to Work

Sep 20, 2016 54:34


For many students with ADHD, the first step is the hardest. As Cindy Goldrich explains, the trick is often feeling ready—emotionally, physically, and mentally—to begin. She shares practical strategies to help kids get started at home and at school.

155- "My Child Is Being Bullied at School. What Do I Do?"

Sep 6, 2016 56:03


Learning that your child is a victim of bullying is heartbreaking. These children often suffer depressed self-esteem and academic performance, and dread going to school. Michele Borba, Ed.D., provides strategies for addressing this serious problem.

154- How to Start (and End) the School Year Organized

Aug 30, 2016 57:12


ADHD often brings serious executive function challenges that impact school performance. Susan Lasky, M.A., shares organizing systems and tools students can use to declutter their backpacks, turn in assignments, manage long-term projects, and more.

153- Preventing the Summer Slide: Parent Strategies for Year-Round Learning

Aug 23, 2016 56:40


During the summer months, children with ADHD and LD can lose academic skills and forget facts—a frustrating step backward for kids who work hard all year long. Ann Dolin, M.E., shares fun, hands-on ways to keep kids’ minds sharp during vacation.

152- What Neuroscience Reveals About the ADHD Brain

Aug 2, 2016 57:13


Joel Nigg, Ph.D., presents the current neuroscience of the ADHD brain, including how the brain pays attention and processes information, why kids can focus on a video game but not a lecture, why stimulant medications “calm” ADHD brains, and more.

151- Bipolar Disorder Looks a Lot Like ADHD: Detecting and Treating a Misunderstood Condition

Jul 28, 2016 01:00:21


Roughly 20 percent of people with ADHD also suffer from Bipolar Disorder, but bipolar is often misdiagnosed or missed entirely. Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., discusses symptoms of the disorders that overlap, and how to ensure the best treatment.

150- Emotions and ADHD: What Clinicians Need to Know for Accurate Diagnosis

Jul 19, 2016 57:23


Few clinicians understand the powerful emotional component of ADHD. William Dodson, M.D., explains how to distinguish ADHD emotional shifts and rejection sensitive dysphoria from bipolar and depression, and how to address patients' challenges.

149- ADHD Medication Management: How to Use and Adjust Stimulants Safely

Jul 12, 2016 57:59


William Dodson, M.D., shares ADHD medication treatment guidelines for clinicians. Learn about the different stimulant formulations, how to optimize the dose while minimizing side effects, and which ADHD impairments don't respond to medication.

148- Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in Adolescents and Adults

Jun 28, 2016 58:30


SPD can make clothing tags unbearable, loud music intolerable, perfume sickening. Whatever your specific symptoms, daily living is a challenge. Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A., offers practical coping strategies and longer-term treatment options.

147- Beyond Meds: A Parent's Guide to Using Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

Jun 21, 2016 54:31


Many parents wonder if they can reduce (or replace) the role ADHD medication plays in their child’s life. William Pelham, Jr., Ph.D., details how to do that by implementing behavioral therapy at home and at school.

146- No More Paper Planners! Apps and Websites for Students with ADHD

Jun 14, 2016 57:50


Get organized…remember assignments…stay on-task…all without writing anything down? Janet DeSenzo reviews the latest technology, tools, and plug-ins that can help teens and tweens succeed in middle school and beyond.

145- Five Lessons That ADHD Medication Can't Teach (But Parents Can!)

Jun 7, 2016 58:41


A balanced ADHD treatment plan should entail more than taking a pill. Vincent Monastra, Ph.D., offers at-home strategies for teaching the life skills that medication cannot: conversation skills, confidence, strength, empathy, organization.

144- The Case for a Gap Year: Taking a Year "Off" Can Translate into Gains in Life Skills and Perspective for ADHD Teens

May 24, 2016 57:34


Many teens with ADHD benefit from taking a year between high school and college to explore interests, learn independent living skills, and clarify their direction in life. John Willson, M.S., OTR, explains how to structure a successful gap year.

143- Are Depression or Anxiety Hiding Behind Your ADHD? Recognizing and Treating Overlapping Conditions

May 17, 2016 59:08


Many doctors assume that anxiety or depression are side effects of ADHD—or they fail to diagnose ADHD in their patients with anxiety or depression. Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., helps untangle co-existing conditions.

142- Beyond Minecraft: The Best Games and Apps for Kids with ADHD and LD

May 10, 2016 01:00:19


What makes Minecraft so appealing to kids with ADHD—and can it really improve problem-solving, executive function, and emotional control? Randy Kulman, Ph.D., and James Daley explain, and recommend other games with similar benefits.

141- A Parent’s Guide to Managing ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism in Children

Apr 26, 2016 56:36


Each child with ADHD, autism, and anxiety will have unique needs. Laurie Better Perlis, Psy.D., explains how to understand your child's diagnoses and fine-tune your own strategies for managing treatment and everyday life.

140- Is It ADHD—or Age? Recognizing and Treating ADHD in Midlife and Beyond

Apr 19, 2016 01:00:13


ADHD is not a childhood disorder. But, in older adults, symptoms may be difficult to differentiate from the forgetfulness and "brain fog" that often come with age. Linda Roggli explains how, and shares treatment advice for ADHDers over the age of 55.

139- Executive Function Strategies for Middle and High School Students with ADHD

Apr 12, 2016 56:13


Executive function deficits manifest as procrastinating, forgetting homework assignments, and so on. If your preteen or teen faces such challenges, learn from Sarah Ward, M.S., and Kristen Jacobsen, M.S., how to help him build stronger EFs.

138- Ned Hallowell's Step-by-Step Guide to Adult ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Apr 5, 2016 54:08


Dr. Ned Hallowell guides adults through recognizing ADHD symptoms and getting a proper diagnosis later in life, then explores strengths-based approaches to treating ADHD symptoms and harnessing the condition's positive aspects.

137- "I Can Do This!" How Mindset Impacts Learning in Kids with ADHD

Mar 16, 2016 56:49


Children make much greater progress at school when they see themselves as learners. ADHD coach Cindy Goldrich teaches parents how to foster a "growth" mindset in your child and how to frame mistakes as learning experiences.

136- The ADHD-Executive Function Connection

Mar 9, 2016 57:25


Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., discusses the executive functions impaired by ADHD, such as activation (organizing tasks and materials, prioritizing, getting started); focus; and managing frustration and modulating emotions; and shares strategies that help.

135- Engage Your Brain: How to Defeat Boredom and Get Things Done

Mar 2, 2016 58:27


When interested in something, ADHDers can be enormously productive. When bored, we cannot find the motivation to start or continue. Jeff Copper, PCAC, PCC, MBA, explains how to engage your brain to make even the deadliest tasks fly.

134- Women with ADHD: How to Let Go of Guilt and Shame and Live Your Life

Feb 24, 2016 50:57


Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW, delves into the inner lives of women with ADHD. She discusses how to let go of guilt about perceived shortcomings or worry about societal expectations as you balance home, work, and relationships.

133- Social Learning Through YouTube: Teaching ADHD Kids to Talk About Feelings and Relate to Friends

Feb 10, 2016 56:39


Children with ADHD may have trouble reading facial expressions and understanding how their actions affect others. Speech/language pathologist Anna Vagin, Ph.D., explains how parents can use YouTube videos to teach critical social skills.

132- 5 Ways to Be a Better Dad: Parenting Strategies for Men with ADHD

Feb 3, 2016 53:11


Disorganization, angry outbursts, and the poor self-esteem that often accompanies ADHD make parenting hard. Terry Dickson, M.D., offers special strategies that can help the more than 4.5 million American fathers with the condition be their best.

131- Screen-Smart Parenting: Reap Technology's Benefits While Setting Reasonable Limits

Jan 20, 2016 54:12


Does your ADHD child seem to have a tablet or game controller glued to his hand? Jodi Gold, M.D., discusses how to use technology to your advantage and and raise a smart "citizen of the digital world," while setting realistic screen time limits.

130- What Really Causes ADHD—and What's the Best Way to Treat It?

Jan 13, 2016 55:37


Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., explains the genetic, environmental, and psychosocial factors that lead to ADHD, and provides an overview of the best behavioral, medicinal, and natural treatments for children and adults.

129- Top 3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Taking ADHD Medication

Dec 30, 2015 59:14


You or your child just started taking ADHD medication—but how can you make sure it's working optimally? Laurie Dupar explains how to determine if you're taking it at the wrong time, taking the wrong dosage, or even the wrong med.

128- Kirk Martin's Best Strategies for Stressed-Out Moms of ADHD Kids

Dec 23, 2015 59:29


Mental and physical exhaustion are common in parents of special-needs children. Kirk Martin shares strategies that will help moms who "do it all" to simplify their lives, make themselves a priority, and teach their kids to be more self-reliant.

127- Language and Auditory Processing Problems in Children with ADHD

Dec 16, 2015 01:02:06


Language and auditory processing overlap with attention in the brain, so problems in these areas often co-occur. Neuroscientist Martha S. Burns, Ph.D., discusses how to take advantage of the brain's amazing plasticity to bring about improvements.

126- How Your Child's Diet Can Improve (or Worsen) His ADHD Symptoms

Dec 9, 2015 51:37


The food your child eats can have a big impact on behavior. Laura Stevens, M.S., discusses common food sensitivities, the importance of essential fatty acids, elimination diets, and how artificial food colors, flavors, and preservatives affect us.

125- Just Diagnosed? How to Succeed with Adult ADHD

Nov 25, 2015 56:04


It's not too late to turn around your career, relationships, and day-to-day life after an adult ADHD diagnosis, but it will take time. Michele Novotni, Ph.D., advises on finding the right professionals, treatment, and skills that will lead you to success.

124- Screen Time Limits & Transitions: Making Sure Homework Gets Done Before Minecraft

Nov 18, 2015 50:17


Does your child want to play Minecraft for hours, and have a meltdown when you tell him to stop? Randy Kulman, Ph.D., offers tips on getting homework done before gaming, setting sane screen time limits, and keeping the screen-free transition calm.

123- Addressing ADHD Behaviors in the Classroom

Nov 11, 2015 56:29


Pay attention. Be quiet. Stop squirming. These school 'rules' can be tough for any child, but they can be especially challenging for children with ADHD. Chris Dendy, M.S., explains why, and offers solutions for parents and teachers.

122- Where Is My Notebook? Teaching Organization Skills That Last

Nov 4, 2015 51:50


No more lost assignments and school supplies or missed due dates! Shari Gent tells parents how to implement a system that works with their child's organizational style, and recommends her favorite organizing products for kids with ADHD.

121- "Why Don't I Have a Best Friend?" ADHD Children & Social Skills

Oct 28, 2015 53:47


Nothing is more heartbreaking for a parent than hearing from her child that "no one will play with me at recess" and seeing him passed over for playdates. Fred Frankel, Ph.D., shares strategies for helping your child foster true friendships.

120- Technology Supports for Middle and High School Students with ADHD and LD

Oct 14, 2015 55:59


Assistive technology can help students with ADHD or learning disabilities leverage strengths to compensate for weaknesses. Shelley Haven discusses available devices and technology, and how to match them to your child's learning profile.

119- Homework Made Simple: Strategies for Students with ADHD

Oct 7, 2015 57:47


Are you ready to stop the daily homework battles with your ADHD child? Ann Dolin, M.Ed., takes the "work" out of homework with her tips for creating a study sanctuary, avoiding careless mistakes, and minimizing ADHD distraction.

118- Assessing Your Child's ADHD Medication Treatment as the School Year Begins

Sep 24, 2015 55:48


Last year's treatment plan may not provide the coverage your child needs for this school year. David Rabiner, Ph.D., explains how to assess the plan, adjust accordingly, and involve teachers in monitoring the medication's effectiveness.

117- Your Legal Rights at School: Get the IEP or 504 Plan Your Child Is Entitled To

Sep 15, 2015 01:00:23


Special education attorney Matt Cohen, Esq., interprets the "legal speak" of evaluations, IEPs, and 504 Plans, and equips parents to secure the accommodations and services their child is entitled to by law.

116- How to Stop Hovering: Teaching ADHD Preteens Independence

Sep 9, 2015 51:17


Parents of ADHD and LD children are used to going the extra mile. In middle school, however, you need to start empowering your preteen to plan, organize, and manage her own time. Peg Dawson, Ed.D., explains how to foster independence.

115- IEP/504 Plan Back-to-School Checkup

Sep 2, 2015 57:28


Susan Yellin, Esq., discusses how to make adjustments to your child's accommodations as the school year begins, ensure that this year's teacher will follow the plan, and how to switch from a 504 Plan to an IEP, if needed.

114- Are You Sure, Doc? ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Mistakes Doctors Make

Aug 18, 2015 01:01:50


ADHD is frequently misdiagnosed as anxiety, bipolar, OCD, depression, or a sleep disorder, and doctors may not know how to fine-tune medication. William Dodson, M.D., offers guidance for ensuring the correct diagnosis and best treatment.

113- Brain Training: Neurofeedback and Cognitive Training for ADHD

Aug 11, 2015 57:58


Naomi Steiner, M.D., explains the science behind neurofeedback (NF) and cognitive training (CT), and how computer-based brain training can help children with ADHD and Executive Function Disorder.

112- Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and ADHD in Children

Aug 4, 2015 55:56


Is your child irritated by tags and seams in clothing, car alarms, pungent smells? Carol Kranowitz, M.A., explains the hallmarks of sensory processing disorder (SPD), why it often travels with ADHD, and how to treat it.

111- Healing the ADD Brain: Treatment Options That Work

Jul 28, 2015 48:12


There's no one-size-fits-all approach for treating ADHD. Daniel G. Amen, M.D., explains a range of interventions, including medication, supplements, diet/exercise, neurofeedback, focused breathing, personal coaching, and more.

110- Summer Learning Strategies That Won't Overwhelm ADHD Kids

Jul 21, 2015 55:47


Every parent of an ADHD child worries about academic backsliding over the summer, but also wants to let their kid rest and rejuvenate away from the stress of school. Jodi Sleeper-Triplett helps us find the right balance.

109- Decluttering Made Easy for ADHD Adults and Kids

Jul 15, 2015 54:10


Tired of living and working amidst clutter? Professional organizer Susan C. Pinsky shares simple steps for eliminating excess, then outlines systems that will help you keep your life clutter-free.

108- Let's Talk About ADHD: How to Answer Questions from Doubters & Explain It to Your Child

Jun 30, 2015 44:43


Ned Hallowell, M.D., brings ADHD into the light of day. Learn how to address skeptical or hurtful comments from doubters, and how to boost your child's self-esteem and talk openly about his or her diagnosis.

107- Sex, Love, and ADHD: What Your Teen Needs to Know

Jun 23, 2015 57:19


Raging hormones and teen angst plus ADHD impulsivity and immaturity can lead to poor decisions. Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., offers advice for talking with your teen, openly and without judgment, about sex and love.

106- Be On Your Own Team: 7 Self-Defeating ADHD Behaviors and How to Stop Them

Jun 17, 2015 48:27


Alan Brown identifies seven common unproductive ADHD behaviors—such as too much screen time, guilt and blame, the tendency to multitask—and presents the fixes that will help you stop sabatoging yourself.

105- The Well-Behaved Student: Solving ADHD Children's Behavior Challenges at School

Jun 3, 2015 58:01


Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., helps parents understand the root causes of ADHD children's behavior problems at school, why time-outs and sticker charts don't work, and suggests strategies that will bring real improvement.

104- Improve Your Mental Clarity: Mindfulness for Adults with ADHD

May 27, 2015 57:15


Adults with ADHD either battle continual distractions or feel they have to go on "auto-pilot" to get things done. Mark Bertin, M.D., teaches us how to reduce stress and live life in real-time through mindfulness.

103- Stress at School: How It Impacts Learning and Behavior in Kids with ADHD

May 20, 2015 56:12


Many school-day tasks—organizing, focusing for long periods, taking tests—create high levels of stress for ADHD and LD kids. Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D., explains how stress negatively impacts learning and behavior, and how to reduce it.

102- OCD in Focus: Recognizing Symptoms and Getting the Best Treatment

May 13, 2015 01:01:58


Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., provides an in-depth look at obsessive-compulsive disorder—what is OCD, how is it different from ADHD, why do doctors frequently miss OCD, and what treatments are most effective.

101- Raising a Child with Special Needs: Letting Go of Expectations

May 6, 2015 52:40


When your child is diagnosed with ADHD or another special need, it's normal to go through a "mourning" period. Mother-daughter duo Gina and Katie Gallagher discuss how to give up your need for control and celebrate your child's successes.

100- ADHD Driver's Ed: Help Your Teen Avoid Accidents and Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Apr 30, 2015 59:09


All parents blanch at the thought of their teen driving, but ADHDers are more likely to speed and get into accidents. Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., explains why, and outlines safe-driving strategies to pass along before you hand over the car keys.

99- ADHD and Gifted? Helping Twice-Exceptional (2e) Kids Succeed

Apr 23, 2015 59:58


When a child who is gifted also has ADHD or LD, he or she is more likely to fall through the cracks. Diane M. Kennedy and Rebecca Banks-Cull share their "whole-child" approach to helping 2e kids achieve their potential.

98- Just Get Started: How ADHD Adults Can Turn Intentions Into Actions

Apr 15, 2015 57:31


We all know what we need to do, but getting started and finishing the job are more easily said than done. J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., shares ADHD-proof strategies for initiating tasks and managing interruptions.

97- Being the Best ADHD Mom You Can Be Doesn't Mean Being Perfect

Apr 7, 2015 56:36


Ellen B. Littman, Ph.D., explain why it's counterproductive for mothers with ADHD to always put others' needs before their own, and how to let go of the pursuit of perfection.

96- Your Brain on Music: How Sound Therapy Can Unlock Your Child's True Potential

Apr 1, 2015 58:23


Sharlene Habermeyer explains why music is such a powerful catalyst for development and learning, and shares fun ideas for incorporating sound therapy into your ADHD child's routine.

95- Identifying and Treating Bipolar Disorder in ADHD Adults and Kids

Mar 25, 2015 57:42


Mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, are the most common misdiagnosis in people with ADHD. William Dodson, M.D., explains why, how to tell the difference, and how to treat the conditions when they coexist.

94- Minecraft and ADHD Kids: Brain Busting or Attention Boosting?

Mar 18, 2015 54:07


Could all those hours your child spends breaking blocks be good for his ADHD brain? Randy Kulman, Ph.D., and James Daley explain how Minecraft and other video games can be used as learning tools, and how to set screen time limits.

93- How to Teach Your ADHD Child to Become Time-Aware

Mar 11, 2015 53:28


When kids with ADHD struggle with the concept of time, they are unfairly labeled "lazy" or "unmotivated." Marydee Sklar explains how to teach your child to manage time—and drop the labels.

92- Stick to Your Resolutions and Make Your Goals Reality

Mar 4, 2015 56:06


Tired of giving up on New Year's resolutions and abandoning personal goals? Make this the year change happens! Judith Kolberg shares behavior modification and organizing tips that work for ADHDers.

91- Managing Mood Disorders and Depression in Adults and Children with ADHD

Feb 25, 2015 58:34


ADHD adults and children are at greater risk for developing mood disorders than their non-ADHD peers. William Dodson, M.D., explains how to identify the symptoms and treat comorbid depression.

90- ADHD Weight-Loss Guide: Take It Off...and Keep It Off!

Feb 18, 2015 56:52


Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., identifies the cognitive, biological, and emotional risk factors that usually lead to diet failure, and outlines his proven mindful eating system for helping ADHD adults lose weight.

89- Why So Worried? Identifying and Managing Anxiety Disorders in ADHD Adults and Children

Feb 11, 2015 56:29


Adults and children with ADHD are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder than their peers. Thomas Brown, Ph.D., explains why, how to differentiate symptoms of anxiety from those of ADHD, and which condition to treat first.

88- How to Break the Procrastination Cycle and Get Things Done

Feb 4, 2015 56:42


Surprise—procrastination isn't actually a time-management problem, it's an emotion-management problem. Timothy A. Pychyl, Ph.D., shares proven strategies to stop avoiding tasks and start seeing them through.

87- ADHD in Adults vs. Children: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Jan 28, 2015 48:26


ADHD is a lifelong disorder, but it can look different in adults than in children. William Dodson, M.D., explains how symptoms change with age and why many adults aren't diagnosed with the condition until their kids are.

86- Food Fixes: Eat Your Way to Better Focus, Mood, Memory, and Motivation

Jan 21, 2015 54:04


Your meal choices can impact your ADHD. Tana Amen, BSN, RN, discusses what you should eliminate from your family's diet and the specific foods you should start eating to improve symptoms, with plenty of simple menu ideas.

85- Executive Function Deficit Disorder in Adults and Kids with ADHD

Jan 14, 2015 57:24


What's behind your difficulties with planning, organizing, and meeting deadlines? Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., describes the seven major types of executive function and how they're affected by ADHD, and suggests treatment strategies.

84- Freeing ADHD Students from Obstacles Like Perfectionism and Procrastination

Jan 7, 2015 57:35


Ann Dolin, M.Ed., shares strategies that can minimize common obstacles for ADHD students, such as perfectionism, procrastination, and poor organization, so they can live up to their academic potential.

83- Why ADHDers Can't Sleep—and What You Can Do About It

Dec 17, 2014 01:04:12


ADHD is truly a round-the-clock condition, as the many ADDers who struggle to fall and stay asleep can attest. Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., shares ways to improve sleep hygiene and train your brain to shut down for the night.

82- Teaching Kids to Become "Social Detectives" and Identify Hidden Social Cues

Dec 10, 2014 58:56


Children with ADHD may be excluded by "friends," but not know why. Michelle Garcia Winner explains how to help your child develop his "social thinking vocabulary" and respond to subtle social cues.

81- ADHD in Women and Girls: Why Gender Matters in Diagnosis and Treatment

Dec 3, 2014 57:55


Women with ADHD are more frequently diagnosed later in life than men. Michele Novotni, Ph.D., discusses why this happens, the unique challenges ADHD brings for girls and women, and how symptoms change during menopause.

80- ADHD Children: The Right Diagnosis and Best Treatment Options

Nov 26, 2014 58:46


Thomas Brown, Ph.D., offers no-nonsense advice on diagnosing ADHD in children (without missing related conditions like anxiety or depression) and why managing ADHD will require more than medication.

79- The Organized Child: How to Establish Order at Home and at School

Nov 19, 2014 53:47


Does your child undertand the difference between "tidy" and "organized"? Do you? Jill Murphy shares simple, effective organizing tools that will do more than just clear floors and surfaces at home and in the classroom.

78- Accept Your Child's ADHD Diagnosis, Accept the Life It Brings

Nov 12, 2014 57:19


Ready to get real about your child's ADHD? Marianne Russo explains how to use a strengths-based approach to develop social skills and life skills and become a true advocate for your child.

77- Stop Procrastinating Now! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for ADHD Adults

Nov 5, 2014 57:37


Is just getting started always the hardest part of the task for you? J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., explains how to identify your "tipping points" that will spur you to start and finish projects.

76- Do's and Don'ts of Behavior Management at School

Oct 29, 2014 58:05


ADHD doesn't just affect kids' academic abilities in the classroom, it affects the way they behave. Sharon K. Weiss, M.Ed., shares strategies teachers and parents can use to manage impulsivity, distractibility, and other challenging behaviors.

75- Moms of ADHD Kids: Recharge Your Batteries and Feel Understood

Oct 22, 2014 57:24


Raising a child with ADHD can be isolating. When the world doesn't understand the challenges you face and resentment builds up between you and your spouse, use these strategies from Kirk Martin to get the support you need.

74- "Normal" Is Overrated: Feeling Good About Your ADHD Brain

Oct 15, 2014 55:49


Do you live your life comparing yourself to others and feeling guilty? ADDitude blogger Stacey Turis, an expert on being weird, explains how to stop and what can happen when you embrace doing things your way.

73- On Your Own: A Game Plan for ADHD Teens and Young Adults

Oct 8, 2014 59:37


Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., guides ADHD teens (and their parents) through the many challenges of the transition to adulthood, including achieving success in college, finding the right job, and taking control of daily living responsibilities.

72- Why So Sensitive? Why ADDers Have Extreme Emotions, and How to Manage Them

Sep 30, 2014 57:10


Zoë Kessler, diagnosed in mid-life, knows firsthand that adults with ADHD experience emotions and even physical sensations in the extreme. She explains the phenomenon, and shares personal advice on managing sensitivities.

71- The IEP/504 Checkup: Are Your Child's Accommodations Set for the School Year?

Sep 23, 2014 57:00


Education attorney Susan Yellin, Esq., explains what schools should be doing to make sure a child's IEP/504 Plan will continue to serve him well, and steps parents can take to update accommodations for ADHD or LD.

70- Smart Money Strategies for Adults with ADHD

Sep 16, 2014 53:21


Executive function challenges frequently lead to financial woes for ADHD adults. Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D., offers tips on curbing impulsive spending and sticking to a budget, and recommends the best money management apps.

69- Your Back-to-School Game Plan: Set Up Your Child for a Successful Academic Year

Sep 9, 2014 57:09


What's your plan for the first weeks of school? Chris Zeigler Dendy, M.S., shares pages from her playbook, including developing a schedule and how to find an ally at school who really understands your child.

68- Brain Imaging Changes Everything: Dr. Amen's Lessons from 90,000 ADHD Brain Scans

Sep 4, 2014 48:03


Dr. Daniel G. Amen, founder of Amen Clinics, shares the most important lessons he's learned from the world's largest database of brain scans related to ADD/ADHD, including natural ways to heal the brain.

67- ADHD and LD: Diagnosing and Managing Learning Disabilities in Adults and Kids

Aug 27, 2014 59:16


Do you or your child have a learning disability in addition to, or instead of, ADHD? Nancie Payne, Ph.D., explains how to tell, and the right way to diagnose and manage an LD at school and on the job.

66- Why Your Diet Doesn't Work: Weight Loss Secrets for ADHD Adults

Aug 20, 2014 54:00


Have you been unsuccessful at losing weight? John Fleming, Ph.D., explains how sleep habits can affect weight, why you should treat your ADHD before trying to shed pounds, and other ADHD-friendly slim-down tips.

65- Overcoming ADHD Shame: Why We Feel It and How to Manage It

Aug 12, 2014 51:27


Leading ADHD expert Ned Hallowell, M.D., explains how to accept your ADHD as a neurobiological condition, not a character weakness, and how to surround yourself with people who believe the same.

64- Stop the Blame and Excuses: How ADHD Adults Can Feel Good About Ourselves

Aug 5, 2014 55:17


Adult ADDers not only forget things and arrive late, we call attention to those behaviors. Coach Joyce Kubik teaches you how to stop calling out your ADHDisms, and how to feel good about yourself.

63- Sex and ADHD: How to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship

Aug 1, 2014 55:46


Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA, and Linda Roggli, PCC, discuss how ADHD adults can achieve a more satisfying sex life by treating symptoms and improving communication in their relationship.

62- Calm the Chaos: Managing Your ADHD Child's Intense Emotions (and Your Own!)

Jul 15, 2014 55:17


Coaches Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster offer tips for managing intense emotions (no small feat, with ADHD impulsivity in the equation) and preventing angry outbursts.

61- ADHD Career Clinic: Find the Right Job and Manage Symptoms in the Workplace

Jul 9, 2014 57:20


Finding the right job is vital for ADHD adults. Career counselor Wilma Fellman advises on choosing a job that suits your passions, strengths, and weaknesses, and how to manage symptoms once you get your dream job.

60- Family Mindfulness: How to Manage Stress and Stay Happy in ADHD Households

Jul 2, 2014 50:36


Want a calmer, happier household? Mark Bertin, M.D., explains how mindfulness can lead to better parenting and offers tips for dialing down stress in your family.

59- The ADHD Explosion: The Facts Behind the Rapid Rise in Diagnoses

Jun 25, 2014 55:05


One in 20 kids was diagnosed with ADHD in the 1980s and '90s. One in nine is diagnosed with the condition today. Dr. Stephen Hinshaw explains what's behind this rise in ADHD diagnoses. 

58- What's Eating Your Child? How Foods Affect ADHD Symptoms

Jun 17, 2014 56:22


Nutrition detective Kelly Dorfman gives the lowdown on food dyes, gluten sensitivity, and ADHD; the culprit foods you should eliminate from your child's diet; and key nutrients your child probably isn't getting enough of.

57- Emotions and ADHD: How Adults and Teens Can Find Emotional Balance

Jun 11, 2014 59:56


Shame, anger, guilt, hopelessness - feelings like these can take over and cause an ADHDer to get "stuck" at school, at work, or in relationships. Dr. Thomas Brown brings attention to the unrecognized role emotions play in our lives.

56- Defuse Defiance: Treating Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Kids and Adults

Jun 6, 2014 54:42


Standard discipline tactics, like offering rewards for good behavior, don't work for kids with ODD. Dr. William Dodson describes the medications and behavior programs that do make a difference, and why parents shouldn't delay treatment.

55- Motivate Your ADHD Child: What Makes Kids Tick and How Parents Can Help

Jun 4, 2014 58:31


Tired of nagging your ADHD kid? Ann Dolin, M.Ed., teaches parents how to inspire initiative in your child. The turnaround can start by spending just 15 minutes a day doing something he likes together.

54- CBT for ADHD: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Improve Time Management and Executive Function

May 27, 2014 51:37


Mary Solanto, Ph.D., outlines cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that can help ADHD adults overcome procrastination, ward off the irrational thoughts that can lead to anxiety and depression, and more.

53- Tech That Teaches: The Best Apps, Games, and Software for ADHD Children

May 21, 2014 56:22


Can't tear your child away from video games? Use his love of technology to boost organization, planning, and academic skills. Randy Kulman, Ph.D., and James Daley recommend games and apps that can help ADHD kids succeed.

52- Stop the Bully: Helping Your ADHD Child Overcome Teasing

May 14, 2014 50:48


If your child with ADHD is the target of aggressive teasing and social rejection, it's heartbreaking. Cathi Cohen, LCSW, explains ways to respond if your child has been bullied, and how to prevent it.

51- "I Am Good Enough" - How ADHD Adults Can Accept and Value Differences and Thrive

May 7, 2014 55:33


Tired of being "neuro-profiled" by society and feeling not good enough? Sari Solden shares ways adults with ADHD can learn to value their differences, and recognize their unique skills and gifts.

50- ADHD and Executive Functions: Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Academic Success

Apr 29, 2014 54:28


Executive function lets us learn and get things done, but it's often in short supply in kids with attention deficit. Ann Dolin, M.Ed., answers questions about reducing homework struggles and the skills that help kids learn.

49- Green Time for ADHD: How Mother Nature Can Ease Symptoms

Apr 26, 2014 53:10


Andrea Faber Taylor, Ph.D., shares her research proving that children with ADHD benefit from time in natural settings. Learn how green time can increase focus, and how to maximize your child's exposure.

48- Secrets to Raising a Confident, Successful, Happy ADHD Child

Apr 10, 2014 55:40


Ready to be your child's champion? ADHDers most often lead happy, successful lives when they had someone during their childhood who never gave up on them. William Dodson, M.D., explains how to be that parent.

47- IEP vs. 504 Plans: Learn the Differences and Secure School Services for Your ADHD Child

Apr 3, 2014 59:01


Children with ADHD or learning disabilities may benefit from accommodations or special education services at school. Educational attorney and advocate Susan Yellin, Esq., explains how parents can request an IEP or 504 Plan.

46- The Resilient ADHDer: How to Manage Stress and Bounce Back from Setbacks

Mar 26, 2014 52:08


ADHDers are especially vulnerable to setbacks, and can be left reeling after a job loss or the end of a relationship. Coach Jodi Sleeper-Triplett offers specific strategies to shift your mindset and increase resiliency.

45- Dr. Amen on the 7 Types of ADHD: Understanding Your Type and the Best Way to Treat It

Mar 22, 2014 57:10


Dr. Daniel G. Amen, author of Healing ADD, discusses his proposed seven types of attention deficit disorder. Learn which type you or your child may have, and the best way to treat symptoms.

44- Sleep Solutions for Children with ADHD

Mar 20, 2014 37:16


Poor sleep can exacerbate symptoms for ADHD children, but getting a good night's rest can be a struggle. Lisa Shives, M.D. and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, discuss strategies parents can start using at bedtime tonight.

43- Mindfulness: A Natural Therapy to Manage ADHD Symptoms

Feb 20, 2014 53:56


Ever wish you could just slow down your ADHD brain? Board-certified psychiatrist Lidia Zylowska discusses how you can meditate, decrease stress, and reframe negative situations through mindfulness. 

42- Social Success Strategies: Helping Your ADHD Child Make Good Friends

Feb 13, 2014 59:28


Children with ADHD may have a hard time making close friends. Michelle Garcia Winner give parents strategies they can use to teach their child a social "vocabulary" and help them master interactions.

41- Getting Homework Done: Practical Strategies for Students with ADHD

Feb 7, 2014 57:24


Michele Borba, Ed.D., advises parents on creating healthy homework habits and addresses specific concerns, like math or reading challenges, to help make homework less of a battle.

40- Girls and Women with ADHD: Gender Differences and Stigma

Feb 4, 2014 55:30


ADHD doesn't affect only boys. As Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., explains, the disorder can look different in women and girls, and they face greater stigma surrounding symptoms.

39- Stop School Stress: Targeted Strategies to Improve Focus, Study Skills, and Daily Routines

Jan 31, 2014 57:16


Kirk Martin, founder of, gives parents the tools to handle morning frenzy and after-school fatigue, partner with teachers to help them understand your ADHD child, and more.

38- The Organized Student: Set Your ADHD Child Up to Succeed at School

Jan 25, 2014 58:05


How many times has your ADHD child completed his homework, then lost it before he could turn it in? Donna Goldberg offers solutions to help tame the chaos of lockers and backpacks and keep computer files organized.

37- You Can Do It! Managing Adult ADHD All Day, from Morning Through Bedtime

Jan 11, 2014 55:18


ADHD doesn't affect adults only during the workday. Michele Novotni, Ph.D., presents everyday solutions for fighting procrastination, identifying strengths, getting motivated in the morning, and, yes, getting to sleep at night.

36- Tame Your To-Do List: Stay on Time and on Task with Adult ADHD

Jan 7, 2014 56:16


Do you have trouble getting things done? Use the concrete strategies from ADHD coach Beth Main to develop a task-management system that works, avoid procrastination, and learn when to delegate, defer, and drop to-do items.

35- Defeat Distractions: How Adults with ADHD Can Increase Productivity at Work and at Home

Jan 1, 2014 58:14


Adults with ADHD have an especially hard time refocusing after interruptions, whether from technology, from other people, or internal sources. Geraldine Markel, Ph.D., outlines a seven-step system to limit distractions.

34- Time-Blindness and ADHD: Become More Aware of Time and Learn to Manage It

Dec 19, 2013 58:03


Are you always late? Does time feel "infinite" or "like a black hole" to you? Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., explains why common time-management techniques don't work for ADDers, and describes some solutions that will.

33- The ADHD Diet: Best Supplements, Vitamins, and Foods for Kids with Attention Deficit

Dec 17, 2013 56:03


Sandy Newmark, M.D., explains why the right nutrition can make a big difference for children with ADHD. Learn the family meal-planning approach (starting with a good breakfast!) that can help improve symptoms.

32- Exposing ADHD Myths: Science's New Understanding of the Disorder

Dec 14, 2013 58:26


Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., offers the latest research to refute common myths about attention deficit disorder, including "ADHD isn't real," "bad parenting causes ADHD," and "most kids outgrow ADHD."

31- Remember More, Forget Less: How to Improve Your Working Memory

Nov 15, 2013 59:37


Weak working memory is what causes adults with ADHD to forget where we parked the car or the item we just ran to the store to buy. Dr. Ari Tuckman presents exercises and tricks you can use to build up your working memory.

30- Thrive with ADHD: Dr. Ned Hallowell on the Best Medical and Natural Treatments

Nov 13, 2013 39:33


Let Ned Hallowell, M.D., inspire you to switch from trying to "fix" your child or yourself to raising a champion. He discusses an optimized treatment plan that includes medical and natural interventions as well as lifestyle changes.

29- Diagnosing ADHD: What You (and Your Doctor) Need to Know

Oct 29, 2013 52:22


Do you think you or your child might have ADHD? Joel Nigg, M.D., explains how to get a foolproof diagnosis, discusses new diagnostic techniques, like brain imaging, and runs through what you should do before seeing a doctor.

28- What Is ADHD? Explaining It to Family, Friends, Teachers, and Colleagues - ADHD Awareness Month Series

Oct 8, 2013 57:37


Do people in your or your child's life just not get attention deficit? Michele Novotni, Ph.D., shares strategies and sample language you can use to explain ADHD in different settings, and to raise awareness in your community.

26- Get Started, Get Organized, Get Things Done: Practical Solutions for ADHD Adults

Oct 7, 2013 01:04:12


Streamlining your ever-growing piles of paperwork, developing new routines to stay organized -- and sticking with them, setting up systems to jog your memory, and more from adult ADHD coach Sandy Maynard, M.S.

27- Moms with ADHD: Keep Your Kids and Yourself Organized and Get Things Done!

Oct 6, 2013 52:14


Terry Matlen shares her best strategies, from one woman and mom with ADHD to another, about limiting responsibilities, creating structure for yourself and your child, managing paperwork and clutter, and more.

25- Fast Minds: Managing Time, Tasks, and Relationships When You Have Adult ADHD

Oct 4, 2013 51:49


Dr. Craig Surman and Dr. Tim Bilkey describe the organization and time-management strategies that work best for ADDers, explain how to drop negative thinking patterns, and more to help adults with "fast minds" start thriving.

24- Love, Marriage, and ADHD: Improving Communication and Finding Balance in Your Relationship

Oct 4, 2013 59:11


Marriage consultant Melissa Orlov offers relationship-saving advice on communicating clearly and fighting productively, allocating household duties, helping a partner who denies ADHD, and more.

23- Secrets of the ADHD Brain, Revealed: Understanding Core Symptoms and Working with Strengths

Aug 14, 2013 57:59


Dr. William Dodson takes us on an insider's tour of the ADHD nervous system. Learn how to build on your strengths to function at remarkable levels, get engaged in a task you find boring, and more.

22- Raise Your Child's Social IQ: Tips to Help ADHD Kids Make and Keep Friends

Aug 13, 2013 00


Practical tips for addressing your ADHD child's social challenges, including reading body language and other cues, conveying feelings, facing bullying, and more, from leading social skills therapist Cathi Cohen.

21- Put Your ADHD Teen in the Lead: How to Stop Managing and Start Supporting

Aug 10, 2013 58:27


Parents of ADHD teens must eventually take a step back to encourage them to develop independence. Jodi Sleeper-Triplett explains how to become your child's coach, modeling healthy behaviors and life skills.

20- Friends Forever: Better Play Dates and Lasting Friendships for ADHD Children

Aug 9, 2013 59:37


Does your child with ADHD have trouble making and keeping friends? Social skills expert Fred Frankel, Ph.D., give practical tips for hosting a successful play date, developing closer friendships, and more.

19- What to Treat First? Depression, Anxiety, and Other Comorbid Conditions Associated with ADHD

Aug 8, 2013 01:06:41


ADHD is frequently accompanied by one or more comorbid conditions, such as depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, or ODD. Dr. Larry B. Silver explains what to look for, and how to treat dual diagnoses.

18- Securing Accommodations: Working with Your ADHD Child's School

Aug 6, 2013 59:00


Special education lawyer Matt Cohen, J.D., answers parents' questions about getting teachers on your team, best IEP and 504 Plans for ADHD children, steps to take when your child is denied accommodations, and more.

17- ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, Now!

Aug 6, 2013 57:43


Judith Kolberg, a pioneer of the field of professional organizing, shares her innovative advice to help chronically disorganized adults with ADHD clear their space and get things done.

16- ADHD in Women: How to Unlock Your Potential After a Midlife Diagnosis

Aug 3, 2013 56:48


Best-selling author Zoe Kessler shares her story, which every woman with ADD will relate to, and her strategies and resources to heal emotionally and overcome shame after a midlife diagnosis.

15- Keep Your ADHD Child Learning All Summer: Fun Ways to Boost Academic Skills

Jul 31, 2013 55:37


Don't let your child lose the academic skills he gained last last school year! ADHD education specialist Sandra Rief, M.A., suggests fun summer activities parents can use to improve math, reading, and writing abilities.

14- Teens with ADHD: How to Sharpen Executive Function Skills and Help Them Succeed

Jul 26, 2013 52:44


Smart But Scattered co-author Peg Dawson, Ed.D., explains how to strengthen the executive skills teens with ADHD need, like planning, organization, and time management, to make good, independent decisions.

13- Growing Up ADHD: Treating Attention Deficit in Preschoolers Through Adults

Jul 24, 2013 54:34


Steven Dickstein, M.D., explores age-appropriate medical and non-medical ADHD treatments, as well as how to adapt treatment based on symptoms, diagnoses, and an individual's strengths and weaknesses.

12- Clutter Cures: FlyLady's ADD-Friendly Answers to Eliminate Household Chaos

Jul 23, 2013 56:38


Are you living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? Marla Cilley, the founder of, explains the concrete "baby steps" ADDers can take to de-clutter and establish new household routines.

11- The College Transition: How to Prepare Your ADHD/LD Teen for Success in Life

Jul 20, 2013 56:46


Is your teen ready to manage his time, secure accommodations, renew his ADHD his laundry? Theresa Maitland, Ph.D., co-author of On Your Own: A College Readiness Guide for Teens with ADHD/LD, explains how to prepare your young adult ADDer.

10- 'You're Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy!' Managing Stress and Negative Self-Talk for ADHD Adults

Jul 17, 2013 01:00:02


Practical advice for ADHD adults to defuse negative self-talk, and make good decisions when emotions throw you off course, from Peggy Ramundo, co-author of the best-selling book, You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?!

9- Executive Function Deficits and ADHD at School: Accommodations That Work

Jul 17, 2013 58:52


Education and mental health specialist Chris Zeigler Dendy explains how to work with your child's school as well as the specific accommodations that will help your ADHD child with executive function deficits succeed academically.

8- ODD and ADHD: Strategies for Parenting Defiant Children from Dr. Ross Greene

Jul 17, 2013 59:27


Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., author of The Explosive Child, outlines positive parenting techniques that will help oppositional and defiant kids manage frustration and develop greater empathy and reasoning skills.

7- Positive Parenting: Helping Young Children with ADHD Reach Their Full Potential

Jul 2, 2013 59:22


Improving behavior in elementary-aged children through consistency, external motivators, and selective negative consequences, from Mary Rooney, a clinical psychologist at the ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorders Center.

6- The Calm Parent: How to Keep Your Cool When Your ADHD Child Acts Up

Jul 2, 2013 58:28


Parents of ADHD children with challenging behavior  may be locked in a cycle of defiance, disrespect, bullying, sibling fights, meltdowns, and power struggles. Kirk Martin, founder of Celebrate Calm, explains how to stop that cycle.

5- Alternative Therapies: Non-medical Interventions to Manage ADHD Symptoms

Jun 29, 2013 00


Would you like to reduce your dose or do away with ADHD meds? Learn about effective nutrition for ADHD and minerals and supplements that can help manage symptoms from Dr. Sandy Newmark, author of ADHD Without Drugs: A Guide to Natural Care of Children with ADHD.

4- School Success: Practical Tools to Help Your ADHD Child Achieve in the Classroom

Jun 29, 2013 58:04


Techniques to help children with ADHD and learning disabilities plan assignments, finish homework without arguing, improve working memory, and much more from Susan Kruger, a certified teacher and reading specialist.

3- ADHD Medications: Minimizing Side Effects and Using Meds Effectively

Jun 29, 2013 00


Learn all about choosing ADHD medications, minimizing side effects, fine-tuning treatment, and much more from board-certified psychiatrist Dr. William Dodson.

2- The Bright Side of ADHD: Dr. Ned Hallowell on Embracing and Succeeding with Attention Deficit

Jun 29, 2013 54:14


ADHD can be a gift, as long as you find the right ways to manage it. ADD guru Dr. Ned Hallowell discusses ways to stay organized, meet your goals, and control comorbid conditions.

1- 'Why Does He Do That?' - Dr. Russell Barkley on Understanding and Improving Your ADHD Child's Behavior

Jun 29, 2013 00


How does attention deficit disorder affect your child's behavior and development? Dr. Russell Barkley explains, and offers insightful tips on providing structure, consequences, and rewards.