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about (making) games

How to get into and stay in the videogame industry
about (making) games


Interviews with the designers, artists and publishers of both video and paper games. Each episode we interview someone who holds a position that is critical to game development. Some have great experience, some are in unique positions, all have their own perspective on how games are created. Listen to the show and learn how games are made.



Discover SCRUM, product development at a fast pace!

May 20, 2006


Discover SCRUM, product development at a fast pace! You'll learn what Scrum is and why so many companiesa are using it.

GenCon SoCal Covention walkthrough, game sellers and MORE

Jan 26, 2006


GenCon SoCal held in Anaheim California. The best four days in gaming and it really is!

Interview with video game producer Jeff Peters

Dec 11, 2005


Interview with Jeff Peters, Video game Producer, Designer and one of the founders of EGM.

Interview with Editor-in-Chief Sean Aikens

Nov 3, 2005


30 minute interview with the new editor of one of the more popular review sites on the web.

Interview with Producer Lukas Codr and two game reviews

Oct 16, 2005


Interview with Producer Lukas Codr from Illusion Softworks in the Czech Reublic

Live! from Conquest SF and two game reviews

Sep 18, 2005


Mostly live from Conquest SF and reviews of Settlers of Catan TRAVEL edition and World Series Poker for the PSP..

Interview with Producer Mike Kawahara and two game reviews

Aug 9, 2005


Interview with a video game Producer and reviews of BANG! card game and Coded Arms for the PSP.