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The only podcast where you'll discover everything you want to know about former racing greyhounds.
About Greyhounds


– About Greyhounds – The podcast where you'll discover everything you want to know about former racing greyhounds.


Episode 83: A Conversation with Renowned Greyhound Artist Linda K Evans

Jul 20, 2019


Find hidden greyhounds in the Botanical Series.

Episode 82: Go On a Virtual Galgo and Podenco Transport, New York to Madrid and Back

Jul 6, 2019


Rescued hunting dogs from Spain flying to safety in the USA.

Episode 81: When’s a Greyhound Not a Greyhound? When He’s a Galgo!

Jul 6, 2019


If it looks like a greyhound ... it may not be a greyhound.

Episode 80: One Rescuer’s Experience Saving Greyhounds in China

Jun 29, 2019


Flying greyhounds to safety in the UK and USA.

Episode 79: Sighthound Shivoo

Apr 6, 2019


An event for sighhounds and their people in beautiful Utah.

Episode 78: Greyhounds in Gettysburg® 2019

Mar 16, 2019


The largest greyhound event in the USA.

Episode 77: Behold the Power of Diatomaceous Earth!

Jan 21, 2019


A non-toxic, natural multi-purpose solution.

Episode 76: Greyhounds as Therapy Dogs

Jan 19, 2019


Discover the profound difference therapy dog teams can make.

Episode 75: A Conversation with Rich Skipworth

Jan 2, 2019


Grab a seat at the table for a convo with Rich Skipworth.

Episode 74: Greyhound Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2018

Dec 5, 2018


Get our Top 11 Greyhound Gift List

Episode 73: Your Greyhound’s Life Saving Powers

Oct 27, 2018


Chances are that your greyhound can be a universal blood donor.

Episode 72: Peritas the Greyt

Oct 6, 2018


A royal greyhound and heroine.

Episode 71: Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet (Greyhound) Week

Sep 22, 2018


Consider adopting a "less adoptable" greyhound.

Episode 70: You’re Invited––Fall 2018 Greyhound Events in NJ (And One in NY!)

Sep 8, 2018


Don't miss a thing or all the fun!

Episode 69: 20 Experiences for Your Greyhound’s Bucket List

Sep 1, 2018


Jump start your list of fun experiences for your dog.

Episode 68: When It’s Time–Saying Good-Bye to Your Greyhound

Aug 25, 2018


The greatest gift is the hardest to give.

Mini Episode: 5 Seconds, $20,000 for the Greyhounds

Aug 23, 2018


Vote for Apple Jack-–This is Important

Episode 67: Holy Greyhound! St. Guinefort, the Greyhound Saint

Aug 18, 2018


Celebrate St. Guinefort the greyhound saint on August 22.

Episode 66: Something to Chew On–Addressing Destructive Chewing

Aug 11, 2018


Discover ways to nip destructive chewing in the bud.

Episode 65: Greyhound Proofing Your Home

Aug 4, 2018


Safety measures to take in your home.

Episode 64: Healthy Tips for Your Greyhound’s Toes, Ears & Skin

Jul 28, 2018


Get tips to help keep your greyhound healthy.

Episode 63: Lost Dog Prevention Month

Jul 21, 2018


Help prevent one of your worst nightmares.

Episode 62: Ahoy There, Greyhound! Water & Boat Safety

Jul 14, 2018


Keeping your greyhound safe in the water.

Episode 61: What(us) is Pannus?

Jul 8, 2018


Get the info you need about a serious eye disease.

Episode 60: It’s the Greyhound Glossary Game Show!

Jun 2, 2018


Play along at home!

Episode 59: Service Dogs 4 Servicemen–Greyhounds Helping Veterans & First Responders

May 26, 2018


Greyhounds helping veterans and first responders.

Episode 58: Eww! Why Do Some Greyhounds Eat Poop?

May 19, 2018


Gross, but important to know.

Episode 57: When Greyhounds Raced Cheetahs (Seriously)

May 12, 2018


... and we have the photos to prove it.

Episode 56: Lyme Disease and Your Greyhound

May 5, 2018


It's Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Episode 55: Adopting a Senior Greyhound

Apr 28, 2018


The quality of the love is more precious than time.

Episode 54: What Price Love? Costs to Consider When Adopting a Greyhound

Apr 21, 2018


Understand the initial and ongoing annual costs.

Episode 53: Double the Love–Adopt a Second Greyhound (Maybe)

Apr 14, 2018


Is now the time to adopt a second greyhound?

Episode 52: To Greyhound or Not to Greyhound

Apr 7, 2018


Find out if adopting a greyhound is right for you.

Episode 51: 8 Ways to Celebrate Adopt a Greyhound Month … and AG’s 1 Year Anniversary!

Mar 31, 2018


8 ways to promote greyhound adoption.

Episode 50: Fence Me In–Choosing the Right Fence for Your Greyhound

Mar 24, 2018


Explore three popular fence options for your greyhound.

Episode 49: Nothing In Life Is Free–A Philosophy for Your Greyhound

Mar 17, 2018


Show your greyhound how to get what s/he wants.

Episode 48: Heart of Man–An Irish Greyhound Named Master McGrath

Mar 10, 2018


Meet the legendary Irish greyhound.

Episode 47: Greyhounds in Gettysburg®––The Largest Greyhound Gathering In the U.S.

Mar 3, 2018


Discover the largest greyhound gathering in the USA.

Episode 46: Beware of Bloat in Your Greyhound

Feb 24, 2018


Bloat can be fatal to your dog––find out what you need to know about it.

Episode 45: The Laelaps Paradox

Feb 17, 2018


A mythological greyhound that always caught his prey.

Episode 44: Demystifying NGA and AKC Greyhound Breed Standards

Feb 10, 2018


NGA and AKC registered greyhounds are the same, but different.

Episode 43: Kids & Greyhounds––Training Both to Live Together (Part 2, 12 Dos)

Feb 3, 2018


You often hear some dogs described as being “good with kids” or “kid friendly.” But there’s a flip side to this coin: any child living with or visiting a dog, including a greyhound, needs to be “good with dogs” or “dog friendly.” We’ve divided this episode into two parts. This is Part 2 of this […]

Episode 42: Kids & Greyhounds––Training Both to Live Together (Part 1, 12 Don’ts)

Jan 27, 2018


"Kid friendly dogs" live best with "dog friendly kids."

Episode 41: Here Kitty, Kitty––Greyhounds & Cats Living in Harmony

Jan 20, 2018


Introducing your new greyhound to your cat.

Episode 40: ‘Sup with Corns & Greyhounds

Jan 13, 2018


The bane of many greyhounds: Corns.

Episode 39: Art, Courtesy of Your Greyhound–A Conversation with Artist Nicole Peters

Jan 6, 2018


Delight in this unique art created by your greyhound.

Episode 38: 10 New Year Resolutions to Keep for Your Greyhound

Dec 30, 2017


Do something new for your greyhound.

Episode 37: 10 Winter Safety Tips for Your Greyhound

Dec 23, 2017


Keeping your greyhound safe from wintertime pitfalls.

Episode 36: The Potty Episode––House Training Your Greyhound

Dec 16, 2017


Get the steps you can take to house train your greyhound.

Episode 35: 13 Ways to Give Back to Greyhounds––10 Are Free!

Dec 9, 2017


Give back to help more greyhounds find loving homes.

Episode 34: Exploring Health Insurance for Your Greyhound

Dec 2, 2017


Discover how pet health insurance works.

Episode 33: 11 Pawesome Holiday Gifts for Your Greyhound

Nov 25, 2017


A wish list for your greyhound.

Episode 32: ‘Tis the Season! 10 Holiday Tips to Keep Your Greyhound Safe

Nov 18, 2017


Keeping your greyhound happy and healthy.

Episode 31: The Adventures of Logan the Greyhound–Author Suzanne E. Burke

Nov 11, 2017


A conversation with greyhound book author Susanne E. Burke.

Episode 30: Your Greyhound’s Chompers

Nov 4, 2017


Dental health is related to overall health.

Episode 29: 9 Ways to Avoid Greyhound Halloween Boobytraps

Oct 28, 2017


Tips to keep your greyhound safe from ghosts and goblins.

Episode 28: Greysitting 101, Part 2

Oct 21, 2017


A crash course on "babysitting" greyhounds in your home.

Episode 27: Greysitting 101, Part 1

Oct 14, 2017


A crash course on "babysitting" greyhounds in your home.

Episode 26: Greyhounds in the City

Oct 7, 2017


Discover why greyhounds can be perfect city dogs.

Episode 25: National Black Dog Day

Sep 30, 2017


October 1 is National Black Dog Day.

Episode 24: Hooked on Hookworms!

Sep 23, 2017


You can't see them, but they can harm your greyhound.

Episode 23: It’s a Disaster! Protecting Your Greyhound Before, During, and After an Emergency

Sep 16, 2017


September is National Disaster Preparedness Month.

Episode 22: 5K for Greys–An International, Virtual Event Benefiting Greyhounds

Sep 9, 2017


An international, virtual event for the greyhound community.

Episode 21: Greyhounds Reach the Beach®

Sep 2, 2017


Discover an annual greyhound event on the beaches of DE.

About Greyhounds Takes 2-Week Hiatus

Aug 17, 2017


About Greyhounds will be back on September 2, 2017.

Episode 20: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles–Traveling with Your Greyhound

Aug 12, 2017


Traveling with your greyhound is fun. Here's how to stay safe.

Episode 19: My Adoption Experience and First Month with My Greyhound

Aug 5, 2017


You've heard it from us. Now hear it from a new adopter's point of view.

Episode 18: Now What? Bringing Your New Greyhound Home (Part 2)

Jul 29, 2017


Discover steps you can take when welcoming your dog home. (Part 2)

Episode 17: Now What? Bringing Your New Greyhound Home (Part 1)

Jul 22, 2017


Discover steps you can take when welcoming your dog home. (Part 1)

Episode 16: Your Greyhound’s Staycation When You Travel

Jul 15, 2017


Making an informed decision for your greyhound's accommodations when you travel but s/he does not.

Episode 15: The Surprising Backstories About Greyhound Constellations (Plus, The Origin of the Dog Days of Summer)

Jul 8, 2017


Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's a ... greyhound?!

Episode 14: All the Presidents’ Greyhounds

Jul 1, 2017


Celebrate the USA's Independence Day with two past presidents and their greyhounds.

Episode 13: BOOM! Fireworks, Thunderstorms, and Calming a Frightened Greyhound

Jun 24, 2017


The booms and flashes of fireworks and thunderstorm can frighten some greyhounds (and other dogs). Take these steps to help calm your dog.

Episode 12: When You Can’t Take the Heat (And Greyhounds Can’t): Summer Safety

Jun 17, 2017


With barely any fat and no under coat, the dangers of summer time heat and humidity are amplified for greyhounds.

Episode 11: Toxins and Injuries and Dangers, Oh My! First Aid for Your Greyhound

Jun 10, 2017


Discover the first aid tips that may serve as your greyhound's first defense when injury or illness strike.

Episode 10: Thousands of Greyhounds, One Day, One Big Global Walk

Jun 3, 2017


On June 11, 2017 greyhounds and their people unite for a global greyhound walk.

Episode 9: A Goddess, A Royal Greyhound, and Immortality

May 27, 2017


Goddesses are born with immortality, while some greyhounds have been immortalized by the people who loved them.

Episode 8: Unexpected Approaches to “Curing” Separation Anxiety within Days

May 20, 2017


A dog's separation anxiety can be highly challenging to turn around. While these strategies may seem counter intuitive, they truly do work.

Episode 7: Inside GFNJ’s Greyhound Prison Foster Program

May 13, 2017


Go inside the prison where inmates and greyhounds help each other to transform their lives.

Episode 6: Caring for Your Aging Greyhound

May 6, 2017


Insights on caring for a senior greyhound.

Episode 5: Martis Jerk & Lady Greyhound

Apr 29, 2017


Discover what a man born in Sweden in 1887 and a greyhound born in Kansas in 1957 have in common.

Episode 4: A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Greyhound Fostering Experience

Apr 22, 2017


Explore what it's like to foster a retired racing greyhound and what it was like for your greyhound when s/he was a foster dog.

Episode 3: An Officer and His Greyhounds: George Armstrong Custer

Apr 15, 2017


Go back in time to discover the surprising love and relationships Custer had with his greyhounds.

Episode 2: Let’s Hear It for the Boy! A Conversation with UK Chart Topper, Allan Jay.

Apr 8, 2017


Male greyhounds are generally big, mooshie boys who adore their people. But they are often overlooked. Discover why "the boys" make "greyt" companions.

Episode 1: Adopting a Greyhound (Plus the GFNJ Process)

Apr 1, 2017


If you're thinking about adopting a greyhound, hear the things to consider so you can make an informed decision.

Introducing the About Greyhounds Podcast

Mar 25, 2017


Introduction to the new About Greyhounds Podcast series.