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A weekly discussion aboot video games. We talk aboot the upcoming releases and the biggest news in the video game world.
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Episode 58

May 3, 2007


Direct Download Link! Reviews Field General – PSP Turn based strategy Basic games play – move/shoot/deploy pretty bland graphics addictive gameplay “just one more turn” appeal Marvel Ultimate Alliance – XB360 This game is the beautiful cousin of the recent co-op X-Men games, X-Men Legends. It tweaks the formula again and delivers a smoother, prettier […]

Episode 57 – And the cats agree.

Apr 11, 2007


Direct Download Link! More to follow

Episode 56 – Six Inches to the Left!

Apr 2, 2007


Another week down and a slight move for the show. Direct Download Link! Reviews – Okami – PS2 – Very stylized graphics Looks like Japanese style water painting 3d action platformer / not heavy on the action character has minimal attacks a brush is the main tool im this game 13 techniques for the brush […]

Episode 55!

Mar 27, 2007


If you know of any independant bands looking to expand their audience send thier inf to Direct Download Link! Reviews – Bullet Witch – XB360 This is another of those games that I could only sit through for an hour. It’s that bad! It’s good looking third person shooter with “magic” You play as […]

Episode 54! Tin Box!

Mar 20, 2007


I am please to announce that I am putting all the filesup on the correct day this week. The first litle change to the site and show is the ability to subscribe via email. There is a box on the right bar where you can enter your email address and recieve note on when new […]

Episode 53!

Mar 13, 2007


Download Link! Reviews – GT Pro Series – Wii Surprisingly good racing game The Wii-mote is held with the D-Pad facing you and you use it like a steering whell. In fact if you buy this game it comes with a plastic steering wheel you can snap your Wii-mote into. Either way it controls the […]

Episode 52!

Mar 6, 2007


Direct Download Link! Reviews Killzone Liberation- PSP – Avatar the Last Airbender – DS A good little Action based RPG Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin – DS – Over-G Fighters – XB260 Ultra realistic Fighter plane SIM with a weired Japaneese feeling to it Good online presence, if you like flight SIM nerds! Retro – Download […]

Episode 51!

Feb 27, 2007


Here is this weeks episode. Reviews Worms – Open Warfare (DS) A faithful port of the hugely popular PC game. Good use of the touch screen to select weapons Unfortunatly the DS doesn’t seem to have enough processing power to run it! The AI has a hard time and more than once an opponent did […]

Episode 50!

Feb 13, 2007


Direct Download Link! Reviews Dynasty Warrior vol. 2 – similar to console version wave after wave of enemy – button masher style often getting hit or battling thing off the screen different playable characters – but all play basically the same Choose lieutenants / equipment before each battle meet the victory conditions and move on […]

Episode 49!

Feb 6, 2007


Happy Superbowl Week End! Congratulations to the Indy Colts for winning yet another title for the AFC. Anywho here is the show. Direct Download Link! Announcements Feb. CGP coming Saturday DVD Empire calls it quits – all games 20%off Reviews Armed and Dangerous (PC) Lucasarts games that isnt “Star Wars” Good sense of humour 3rd […]