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AMAV Revolution Radio – Final Episode (Part Two)

Jul 14, 2017


This episode was a long time coming. I knew I was going to step away from AMAV altogether, but the idea of just stopping didn't sit well with me. I've had this idea for a last episode bouncing around my head for a while, and I let it kick around a little longer than I would have liked, but there was a lot to say. A lot to talk about. So much, in fact, that I had to break the last episode into two parts. In Part Two, we revisited the March 10, 2017 episode of AMAV Revolution Radio (Episode #7) which featured my interview with Emidio "Mimi" Soltysik of the Socialist Party USA. We spoke about fighting the establishment and organizing through political means or direct action networks, and the different groups out there that need our support. We also spoke about the environmental threat of Capitalism, and the need for a resourced based for-use production model rather than the current over-production for profit system we have now. Thank you all for all of your support. Keep your eyes open for an announcement on our next project. Until then, as always - Keep Talking, Keep Thinking, and Keep Moving Forward.

AMAV Revolution Radio – Final Episode (Part One)

Jul 14, 2017


This episode was a long time coming. I knew I was going to step away from AMAV altogether, but the idea of just stopping didn't sit well with me. I've had this idea for a last episode bouncing around my head for a while, and I let it kick around a little longer than I would have liked, but there was a lot to say. A lot to talk about. So much, in fact, that I had to break the last episode into two parts. In Part One, I gave my reasoning for ending AMAV Revolution Radio. We spoke about the need for the left to rise above the petty differences and identity politics and unite against the corporate oligarchy. We spoke about the oppression and exploitation of the Capitalist system we live under. We talked about the rise of Fascism in history and present day, the similarities between those eras, and the ways we can fight against it. We also talked about the intersectionality of all of these issues - from capitalisms inherent drive toward fascism to the effects of capitalism and the ruling class in dividing the working class and keeping us in wage-slavery. Thank you all for all of your support. Keep your eyes open for an announcement on our next project. Until then, as always - Keep Talking, Keep Thinking, and Keep Moving Forward.

AMAV Revolution Radio #17 – Yeah, Liberals, I’m Talking To You

May 16, 2017


Well, I wrote an opinion piece about NeoLiberal garbage, and the reactions were... mixed. So, I went into a little more detail today. Felt it was necessary. I also talked about Flint, MI - yeah, that whole shit show is still going on, only now around 8,000 residents are facing the prospect of losing their homes because they don't want to pay for the privilege of having poison pumped directly into their homes. Go figure. And of course, that was all caused by more NeoLiberal Centrist Corporatist garbage (keep in mind that NeoLibs and NeoCons are the same thing, just with different letters next to their names). And we talked a little bit about the most recent authoritarian power-grab by our favorite protofascist, Cheeto Mussolini, and his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, or TuneIn Radio, and leave us a review. Get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter, or directly through email. Links are found in the usual spots on this website.

AMAV Revolution Radio #16 – Attacking The Establishment From All Sides

Apr 29, 2017


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may finally get her comeuppance, and it's long past due. She has swindled people who thought they were voting for a Democrat with her warmongering ways and her love for all things Capitalism for far too long. With her doubling down on her opposition to single-payer health care and her endorsement of bombing people on flimsy (or no) evidence has hopefully finally clued people into her closeted Republican status. Stephen Jaffe sees it, and he's gunning for her seat. House Science, Space, and Technology Chair Republican Lamar Smith is also getting challenged, something that has never really been an issue for him in the past. As a Climate Change denying, Big Oil-funded Texan, he's always been able to defeat his challengers with huge margins, never getting below 60% of the vote. But changing winds across Texas and the rest of the country could be the final straw in Smith's career as Derrick Crowe intends to shine a light on Smith's corruption and irresponsibility in his duties to his district. Ann Coulter got shut down at Berkeley, but nobody really gives a shit about that. They are only acting like they do so they can whine about "muh Free Speech!!!" The ACLU came out in defense of her right to speak, but they missed the mark. This isn't government censorship, this is wholesale public rejection of ignorant assholes spewing ignorant bullshit.

AMAV Revolution Radio #15 – Trump & North Korea; Science March; French Fascism

Apr 26, 2017


Trump got some big boy attention by dropping bombs in Syria and Afghanistan. Now he wants to heighten tensions with North Korea, and he's gathering all the grownups to the White House so he can show off his new fingerpainting. Science lovers and science practitioners gathered to show support for the real world, and to tell the government that basing opinion on opposition data that magically turns 99% of the rest of the data "inconclusive" is no way to run a country. Bill Nye was there, and he's still as cool as he was when I was a kid. France lost their shot at a real populist leader in Melanchon - Le Pen's brand of "populism" doesn't include some people, which means it's actually fascism. And she's running against a Centrist Establishment Status Quo candidate with zero political experience - I hope I'm wrong, but I think we already know how this is going to turn out.

AMAV Revolution Radio #14 – The 1st Amendment Goes Bye-Bye; Mélenchon is France’s Bernie… Kinda

Apr 22, 2017


This new “rough and tough” administration is really shaking things up. Really taking a new path here by continuing the exact same policy of the previous administration in the demonization of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. When our own government consistently attacks those who shine a light on the truth, what does that tell you about our government? CIA Director Mike Pompeo attacked WikiLeaks last week, calling them a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”. But strangely, this is a complete 180 for him – on July 24, 2016, when he was just a lowly member of the House of Representatives, Pompeo tweeted that anybody who needed further proof that the “fix was in from President Obama on down” need only to look at the 19,252 emails from the DNC that WikiLeaks had just published. The real problem here is the fact that if these proposed charges from the DOJ are filed, this is going to shred the First Amendment. The Freedom of the Press is going fucking Bye-Bye, and NeoLiberals like Keith Olbermann are ecstatic about it simply because they’re mad that their Queen lost to the Orange Mussolini - but their support of any effort to get to Assange out of spite because of their disappointment is a big fucking mistake. Some green technology is having some very positive benefits for the people of Bangladesh, and in some weird way of looking out for their people, unlike the US government, which is run by people who take a shitload of money from giant oil companies and do nothing but their donor’s bidding, the government of Bangladesh is seeing these positive effects and actually encouraging expansion. Why is Le Pen an issue when the National Front has only had one politician ever make it to the second round? Because she’s a nationalist, a xenophobe, and a fascist in the making. Oh, and she's in the lead, and even though French media pundits are saying that it’s unlikely that she will win the second round, the media said the same thing here about Trump in both the primaries AND the general, so you tell me what that means. But there is one guy – and in a perfect world this is the guy who would win – his name is Jean-Luc Melenchon, and he’s with Unbowed France, and the slogan of that party is “The Force of the People”.

AMAV Revolution Radio #13 – The Sanders-Perez “Unity” Tour; AntiFa in Berkeley

Apr 19, 2017


The DNC still has Bernie out there sheep dogging, and they are still begging him for his donor email list. When are they going to learn that the left doesn't care about "Cult of Personality", we care about policy? As much respect and admiration as I have for Bernie, just because he says something doesn't mean I automatically agree with him. When he is still the leader of progressives, and is still fighting every day for progressive causes, this "Unity Tour" act is a cruel, extremely unfunny joke. Trump "protests" don't mean a damn thing - not to Trump, and not to anybody else. They are just a way to show how "woke" one might be. After promising to release his tax returns and then saying that he'll never release them, did a few hundred people marching expect to change that? But those same people will admonish the people who are actually out in the streets fighting back against the fascist repression that we are all facing. Like in Berkeley - a Nazi scum White Nationalist Nathan Domigo sucker punches an AntiFa warrior (who happens to be female, but that has no bearing on this), and people are saying it's her fault for being there. When did allowing fascist activity become "politically correct"?

AMAV Revolution Radio #12 – Whoopee! We’re All Gonna Die!

Apr 15, 2017


Whoopee! We're All Gonna Die! We talk about Syria, about the MOAB in Afghanistan, and about North Korea. We talk about why these things are happening, and of course the reasons aren't what the media is telling us they are - but if you are reading this, that's likely no big surprise to you. We talk about our options, or the few we have left, anyway.

AMAV Revolution Radio #11 – Capitalism, Nationalism, & Fascism Will Kill Us All

Mar 25, 2017


Let's not toy around any longer with the idea that either major US Political Party gives a damn about any one of us. They don't. Likewise, let's not toy around any longer that the path we're on is sustainable. It isn't. While rich, old (mostly) white men wearing $4000 suits sit in leather chairs and debate things that hold the lives of poor people in the balance, like it's a question or something, people are actually dying. We are told to "work hard and you, too, can achieve The American Dream", we can't even fulfill our basic physiological needs. And it's not for lack of trying. Nationalism is taking over - even the so-called "Left" is falling victim to it. We have these delusions that the dirt these imaginary lines is somehow better than the dirt in those imaginary lines over there, and the people born on this dirt are somehow better than the people born on that other dirt. A very few rich people control what happens inside those imaginary lines, and they've convinced us that we should be grateful to live inside of those imaginary lines that they've magnanimously allowed us to exist in, so much so that they'll start wars to defend those lines and the resources within them (or to take control of resources within other imaginary lines), and they've tricked the people who live there that it is their duty to go and fight and die in defense of those imaginary lines, because apparently "Freedom" = Death.

AMAV Revolution Radio #10 – Comey & The Spineless Democrats VS The Russians

Mar 22, 2017


Examining the contents of the Congressional Hearing on Russian Interference in the 2016 US Election. Testimony from FBI Director James Comey as well as statements from Comey and Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff. What was said? Not a lot. There was a whole lot of "I can't comment on that right now" from Comey. What wasn't said? That can be just as important. Did Comey drop any bombshells? Not. Even. Close. Why the media frenzy over it, then? That's a great question. I imagine it's distraction. What are they distracting us from? Probably the spineless Senate Democrats letting the GOP steamroll them in the approval of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

AMAV Revolution Radio #9 – Prison Abolition; Trump’s Budget; Anarcho-Syndicalism

Mar 18, 2017


Looking at the Prison-Industrial complex and the problems created by Capitalist Incarceration-For-Profit. Recidivism rates, mandatory minimums, and stricter laws - all lobbied for by the Private Prison Industry. Prison Reform? Prison Abolition? Trump's Budget Proposal - looking at the EPA budget cuts, including the Great Lakes Initiative and the Chesapeake Bay Clean-Up projects. Energy corporations using "Eminent Domain" to grab land for pipelines - land owners desires don't matter. All Capitalism is Crony Capitalism. Noam Chomsky - the benefits of Anarcho-Sydicalism. Forbes even warns about Capitalism, and suggests we look at collective ownership of the means of production - yes, even Forbes is talking about the benefits of Socialism and collectivism.

AMAV Revolution Radio #8 – Nazis: Punch ‘Em, or Nah?, & Other Bedtime Stories

Mar 15, 2017


Looking at the new twist in the "Trump-Russia" narrative - communication between a Russian Bank and a server owned by the Trump organization. Looking at why that connection doesn't matter at all. A suburb of Ethiopia is in crisis as dozens of people have been killed and unknown more are still buried under a garbage landslide. How Capitalism is the cause of this, and how we are responsible for these deaths as a result. Punch Nazis or nah? One of us says "Yes, punch them more and harder", the other says "No, that's how they win". Who is right? Both? Neither? Let us know what you think.

AMAV Revolution Radio #7 – Interview with a Socialist – Mimi Soltysik

Mar 11, 2017


Diving into WikiLeaks Vault 7 release from Tuesday - the CIA's entire cyber-warfare arsenal has been exposed, and it not only can, but actually has been, used on US citizens. They can hack your phone, your computer, your TV, even your car. They can control everything and anything that is connected to the internet. Google, Microsoft, Apple - they have all been compromised by covert CIA agents in their technology development and coding departments. And, they can even make it look like someone else did it. These aren't just "conspiracy theories" anymore, it's proven. Also, we had an opportunity to speak with Emidio "Mimi" Soltysik, who was the 2016 Presidential Nominee for the Socialist Party of The United States of America. We took a look at our For-Profit Prison-Industrial Complex, including the ability to "Upgrade" your jail cell for a nominal fee.

AMAV Revolution Radio #6 – Know Who The Real Enemy Is

Mar 8, 2017


Wikileaks announced the first dump of their much-anticipated "Vault 7" file dump, and a press conference for 9:00AM EST on March 7, 2017, but the press conference had to be postponed due to Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange's internet access being digitally attacked - not surprising considering the content of the file dump. Wikileaks still shared the pass key for the file dump, and people are scouring the documents right now. Discussion on this upcoming Friday's episode of AMAV Live! Revolution Radio. Saturday, March 4, 2017, we visited a couple of the "March 4 Trump" events around Michigan - with some interesting results. Finding common ground with people who hold opposing political viewpoints isn't as hard as you might think (except racists, just punch those people). Donald Trump isn't really the real threat we face right now. Yeah, he's awful, and everything is terrible, but there is a much more dangerous monster lurking under the bed that nobody is talking about. The Source Bulk Foods is a store in Australia that is changing the way people think about consumerism.

AMAV Revolution Radio #5 – A Society Without Money? WTF?

Mar 4, 2017


Stormie Lantis' debut as an "AMAV Live! Revolution Radio" contributor! Examining Jeff Sessions' controversy regarding his contact with the Russian Ambassador durring the 2016 Presidential Election - what matters, what doesn't, and how the media coverage doesn't help their case that they aren't "Fake News". Between Trump's Twitter fetish and all the crazy stuff he and his administration have been pulling every day, the extremely important topic of Environmentalism hasn't been getting the attention it needs to. Stormie is here to change that. Food waste and global hunger - 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is thrown out while 1/9 of the planet goes hungry. How can we shift away from this? For starters, we can stop production-for-profit and start engaging in production-for-use. But what about a society without money?

AMAV Revolution Radio #4 – Identity Politics; What Good Is It?

Mar 1, 2017


Defining "Identity Politics" - what is it? What isn't it? Pros and Cons of Identity Politics, and the tactics used by those who engage in it. Understanding allies in Identity Politics - how to find them, how to keep them, and how to not push them away. Examples of Identity Politics in action - properly using IdPol in government and resistance. GOP's push to "defund Planned Parenthood" - it doesn't work like that. Trump Administration's attack on the Free Press - who is to blame? (Hint: It's the Media)

AMAV Revolution Radio #3 – The Power Of Words

Feb 10, 2017


The Power Of Words - To be able to communicate with people and truly understand each other, we must have an understanding of the words we use - even the scary, dirty words. Some Radicals Ideas for you: If you like the community you live in, and you want to make it a better place to live for yourself, your family, and your neighbors, you are a communist. If you think that people should strive to be functioning and productive members of society and to work towards the prosperity of society as a whole, and that we should actively work towards making that opportunity available for all people, you are a socialist. If you think you have a better idea of how to live your life than the suits in Washington do, you are an anarchist. If Democracy means you have a voice in your government, electing people who do not listen to you but only pay attention to moneyed interests that fund their campaigns means that we do not live in a democratic state. If you think that there needs to be a fundamental shift in government and in society away from the status quo and business-as-usual politics, you are a radical.

AMAV Revolution Radio #2 – Hey, Soros! Where’s My Fucking Check?!?!?

Feb 9, 2017


Breaking down the George Soros myths - don't be so gullible, people like Soros control government and media, not underground AntiFascist groups. Go punch a Nazi - it's the right thing to do, and you'll feel good about it. Kill Your Television - that's how they control your mind. Republicans aren't the only fascists - Democrats are exactly the same. Wanna fight capitalist oppression? Stop giving them money. Don't ever listen to the people who say "Why weren't you protesting four or eight years ago?" They only want to invalidate you.

AMAV Revolution Radio #1 – What Does “Free Speech” Actually Mean?

Feb 8, 2017


New format for AMAV Podcasts. We are doing live broadcasts (recorded for audience members who can't join us for live broadcasts). We will be looking at Tuesdays and Fridays for our live broadcasts, and you can find them on Mixlr, or the recordings here. We are going to move away from a "news" type podcast. We've always been focused on commentary, but with the insane amount of current events coming at such a ridiculous rate, we decided that rather than trying to keep up with each individual thing, we are going to look at the overall social and political environment. There will still be discussion on individual events, but with a broader focus on what we can do to affect positive change. There is a revolution coming, and it's getting larger and faster every day. It's time to choose which side you stand on - that of the Capitalists, or that of the people.

Ep 30 – Trump Inauguration; Women’s March; TPP Victory; Brock is Back

Jan 24, 2017


Millions worldwide join protest marches against Trump and fascism, but Americans framed it as marching for Women’s Rights, carrying "I’m With Her" signs and pictures of Hillary Clinton, who, as a supposed champion of women’s rights for her entire career, was nowhere to be found. Donald Trump's Inauguration Day saw protests throughout Washington DC, but it was tamer than the media would have you believe. Presumed Attorney General Jeff Sessions is worrisome, but maybe not for the reasons everyone thinks. DNC Chair candidates all deny any wrongdoing by the DNC in tipping the scales in Hillary Clinton's favor throughout the Democratic Primaries, despite clear evidence. They also decided that spending a weekend in Florida with Correct The Record Troll Army General David Brock and his merry band of Corporate Donors was a better idea as a way to reach out to progressives than to join in the Women's March. Donald Trump backs out of the TPP, but then he promises to slash corporate regulations and taxes, reinstates a "global gag order" for abortion, and puts a hiring freeze on all Federal workers except Military. Kellyanne Conway uses creative phrasing when she calls blatant lies by the Trump administration's Press Secretary Sean Spicer "Alternative Facts", but more concerning is the type of blowback we are seeing for her phrase.

Ep 29 – ODNI Russia Hack Report; Sanders Town Hall; REINS Act

Jan 12, 2017


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released a declassified report on the alleged Russian Hacking of US political systems, and it’s as weak as you would expect from a report with no evidence. The US Senate is set to introduce a bipartisan bill to impose new sanctions on Russia. Approval of Trump's Cabinet nominations could depend on whether or not the new appointees believe in this Russian cyber attack propaganda. Bernie Sanders did a CNN Town Hall Monday night – complete with “Russia” rhetoric. The US, through NATO, is sending tanks and troops and heavy equipment to Russia’s borders, which has Germany concerned. Cornel West pens a scathing op-ed piece on the sad legacy of outgoing president Barack Obama. Congress passed the REINS act which seeks to limit the ability of key government agencies, like the EPA and the Dept of Education, to make and implement new rules and regulations. China will invest $361 Billion into renewable energy technology by 2020.

Ep 28 – Chicago Assault; Assange on Hannity; Trump’s Tweet Gets Berned

Jan 7, 2017


Four people in Chicago are facing criminal charges resulting from an apparently racially motivated kidnapping and beating of a disabled man that was broadcast on Facebook Live. Alt-Right trolls immediately, and falsely, pin the assault to the Black Lives Matter movement. Julian Assange sat down to talk with Sean Hannity face-to-face, assuaging fears of his incarceration or demise, and giving ironclad assurance that Russia provided WikiLeaks with absolutely nothing. After the interview aired, the Washington Post wasted no time denying their own collusion exposed by WikiLeaks. John McCain beats the War Drum some more with a Senate Hearing on Russia's Cyber-Agression and Influence on the US Election - with still no evidence whatsoever. The Sun Sentinel, a South Florida publication owned by the Chicago-based Tribune Media, starts reporting some of the ridiculous claims in this hearing, AKA fake news. Bernie Sanders is pushing back against Trump and the Conservative agenda, speaking truth to power, without the Trump War Room put together by the DNC and staffed by the very people who just lost the most winnable election in history. FBI never examined the DNC servers, even though they were investigating claims that Russia hacked them. Despite the Fossil Fuel Friendly incoming US Executive Administration, the world is seeing a growing transition to clean, renewable energy on a global scale.

Ep 27 – Obama Pokes Putin, & Is Garbage

Jan 5, 2017


New Year's Prank turns Hollywood into "Hollyweed". 2017 can be the year of accountability and improvement in US government, but only if we make it so. The ongoing nationwide #NoDAPL protest reached new heights Sunday when a giant “DIVEST” banner was unfurled from the rafters at a Minnesota Vikings football game. WikiLeaks promises that 2017 will be much more interesting than 2016, tweeting “If you thought 2016 was a big WikiLeaks year 2017 will blow you away. Help us prepare for the showdown". Democrats create War Room to oppose Trump, but head it with people who are more familiar with defeat at his hands. NY Gov Andrew Cuomo pledged to cover tuition costs at state colleges for hundreds of thousands of middle-and low-income New Yorkers. Of course, this was right after he vetoed a bipartisan bill with unanimous support to reform the public defense system in his state. Ejecting diplomats and sanctioning Russia for no reason, Obama succeeded in amending an Executive Order that allows him to take direct actions to punish Russia for these alleged hackings and influencing the 2016 US election – allegations which STILL have no evidence and are actively disputed by Julian Assange. Washington Post ran a Russian Hacker story that turned out to be extremely fake, but the Truth Judges of Facebook,, didn't say a word. Finland has approved a universal basic income for the nation’s citizens - a safety net, something like welfare or unemployment, but not really.

Ep 26 – Obama To Punish Russia, and Our First Amendment Gets Destroyed

Dec 29, 2016


President Obama is apparently trying to make some waves in his last few weeks, reportedly being very close to announcing a series of measures to punish Russia’s alleged and still unproven interference in the US election. The Hill releases their list of the top 15 contenders for Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2020 - before the most recent election winner is even inaugurated. Obama signs the 2017 NDAA which includes a provision for setting up an Anti-"Anti-US-Propaganda"-Propaganda Agency to battle "Fake NEws" and foreign influence in the US. The Hill reports blatantly false information about Julian Assange (no big surprise there) but nothing will ever come of it because they are corporate approved media. Donald Trump and President Obama have at least one thing in common – they both believe that America needs a little less freedom, especially when it comes to sources of information. Citizen Science is on the rise globally, demonstrating that humanity has far more faith in science than certain government officials would like.

Ep 25 – The Truth Episode – Electors, Hacking, and “Fake News”

Dec 21, 2016


The United States Electoral College has upheld the results of the November 8th Presidential Election, officially making Donald J. Trump the President-Elect. Democrats are still pushing the blame for their astounding loss onto everyone and everything but themselves - what's the truth? While we’re talking about the truth, can we look at some other truths that have come out recently? About elections? And hacking? And who might be responsible for it? Hacking of state electoral systems has been confirmed, but the source of those hacks isn’t who you might think. Thousands of Palestinians, half of them children, have been forced out of their homes to make way for Israeli settlements in the past 10 years, considered to be human rights abuses that are in clear violation of international law. Robert Reich appeals to those who are resistant to a Trump presidency or who might be sliding into certain syndromes - we must fight, resist, demonstrate, and speak truth. A media organization celebrates a victory for independent media as a crowd funded news organization becomes the world’s first media co-operative, and in the process becoming a new model for journalism in the future.

Ep 24 – Analyzing Syria; Tulsi Fights Back; EPA says “Fracking is Hazardous”

Dec 15, 2016


Reports surrounding the situation in Aleppo, Syria are confusing to say the least, with some claiming that the city has been liberated and others saying it has fallen, but the most confusing part is what actually happened. US Representative Tulsi Gabbard is leading the fight against ISIS in the halls of congress, but not in the way you might expect. Donald Trump has been shunned by Washington, DC high schools for his upcoming inauguration. The US Environmental Protection Agency has finally admitted that fracking poses a groundwater contamination risk, clearly refuting the industry’s claims otherwise.

Ep 23 – Answering Robert Reich; Trump’s (Lack Of) Intel; Florida’s DAPL

Dec 14, 2016


The Russian interference and "fake news" narratives are still going strong, despite a lack of evidence, and is being pushed by people like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich among many others. President-elect Trump is avoiding the job of actually being President by refusing daily intelligence and national security briefings, further cementing the idea that he isn’t really interested in the position. Another fossil fuel pipeline is being quickly and quietly installed in the US, this time in Florida, and the Sabal Trail Transmission company is hoping to avoid the attention that the DAPL got. Google reveals that it is on track to be powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy sources in 2017, showing that major corporations can profitably transition away from fossil fuels despite what the Fossil Fuel Industry would have us believe.

Ep 22 – The Return of AMAV; But Muh Rushuns!; A Tesla Powered Island

Dec 13, 2016


Today marks a banner day in internet broadcasting, ushering in a new era in independent media and commentary as A Mostly Accurate View is finally relaunched after almost two months.The Mainstream Media, government intelligence agencies, and especially the Democratic Party are scapegoating Russia for failures in the recent election, and threatening our First Amendment rights in the process. Post-Election State of Disunion Address. Protest is a useful way to show the government that something's got to give - but only if we have the right purposes in mind, and do it in the right way. The Mainstream Media, government intelligence agencies, and especially the Democratic Party are scapegoating Russia for failures in the recent election , and threatening our First Amendment rights in the process. Tesla and Solar City have run an entire island on solar energy, proving without a doubt that mass producing renewable energy isn’t just smart, it’s fairly easy.

Ep 21 – Podesta Files Everywhere; Assange Is A Hero; AMAV Sabbatical

Oct 19, 2016


WikiLeaks is making a huge impact on the political world, with releases of John Podesta's emails numbering in the thousands every day. Many of them are mundane, but more and more examples of the illegal and unethical behaviors of the Clinton Mafia are coming to light. Julian Assange and other whistleblowers are often called criminals and traitors by members of the mainstream media and government officials. This could not be further from the truth. I am going to be taking a break from producing A Mostly Accurate View for a few weeks. There is a need to address some personal issues and it is going to take some time and intensive focus. But, fear not! I am absolutely going to be back.

Ep 20 – The WikiLeaks Effect: Why It’s Important, & Why It Shouldn’t Be

Oct 14, 2016


Wikileaks has been making waves in the already tumultuous landscape of US Politics, and with less than a month to go before the Presidential Election, the effects have been devastating to Hillary Clinton's campaign. But why do we even have WikiLeaks? Why does it exist? Should it? Well, short answer is yes, we need it for the very reason that it was created - misinformation in corporate controlled media keeps Americans uninformed and obedient. So, WikiLeaks is very important, but it shouldn't be.

Ep 19 – Podesta Files 3.0; FBI Investigates Russia; Recycled Clothes

Oct 13, 2016


WikiLeaks struck again yesterday with the third release of the Podesta Files, and the mainstream media is still completely ignoring it.The FBI has stated that it will be investigating the DNC and Podesta email hacks and the possible connections to Russia, but after the tragic mishandling of their investigation into Clinton’s private server, some people aren’t very confident in the Bureau. A funeral in Yemen was bombed by US-backed Saudi forces on Saturday, killing more than 140 people and wounding 525. Bionic Yarn is a New York City-based fabric company that literally makes clothes from trash.

Ep 18 – Podesta Files 2.0; DAPL; Tim Canova & Progress For All

Oct 12, 2016


WikiLeaks has dropped another file dump, the second in a series of 10 promised at the WikiLeaks 10th Anniversary Press Conference last week, and this one is even more damaging than the last.A meme is floating around with a Glenn Beck quote taken out of context that makes it seem like he has endorsed her.CNN denies that the video showing reporter Pamela Brown telling a focus group member what to say was “coaching”. Actress and Activist Shailene Woodley of the Divergent series has been arrested for exercising her first amendment rights while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tim Canova has launched “Progress For All”, a small-donor based grassroots political and community action group supporting progressive candidates and causes at the national, state, and local levels.

Ep 17 – Debate Review; The Trump Tapes; John Kerry Puffs Out His Chest

Oct 11, 2016


Last night was the second Presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle, and things got heated from the moment the candidates walked on stage. Is this really the future of our nation? More about the Podesta Files outside of the Pied Piper strategy - speech excerpts, influencing news coverage, John Podesta's half-fake denial, and illegal coordination with trollmaster David Brock. An 11-year-old recording of Donald Trump saying some pretty nasty things, now being called “The Trump Tapes”, has had some pretty devastating effects on his campaign. Secretary of State John Kerry is calling for an investigation into Russia and Syria for supposed war crimes, completely ignoring the fact that the US is guilty of the exact same things. A Syrian man who entered Germany during the refugee crisis in the UK has been arrested on suspicion of jihadist terrorist activities after fellow Syrians subdued and restrained him before turning him in to authorities. Three police officers have been shot, two of them fatally, in a Palm Springs, CA standoff. A program that puts rescue dogs with inmates for training at a Washington State prison has great benefits, not just for the dogs but for the inmates, too.

Special Edition – Wikileaks: The Podesta Files

Oct 10, 2016


Amidst accusations from Hillary Clinton and her surrogates that Russia is responsible for the recent hacks exposing more of her fraud, corruption, greed, and crimes, we find some evidence that gives legitimacy to the tin-foil hat theory that Donald Trump was planted by the Clintons and the Democratic party to ensure an easy victory for Clinton come November. WikiLeaks is making good on the promise given by Julian Assange that they transparency advocate will be releasing thousands of documents every week for the next ten weeks. The first of these releases is The Podesta Files - over 2000 emails from John Podesta, former campaign manager of Bill Clinton and advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Ep 16 – Obama’s Email Problems; US Bombs Iraqis; House Dems Obstruction

Oct 8, 2016


Newly released documents show that the Obama White House coordinated with the Clinton Presidential Campaign early in 2015 in order to suppress media coverage of the growing controversy surrounding the Secretary’s use of a private email server. Another “accidental” bombing by US-led coalitions forces has killed 20 Anti-ISIS fighters, this time in Iraq. House Democrats are seeking to limit committee chair power to subpoena evidence in congressional oversight investigations. Anti-Hillary is NOT Pro-Trump. The Huffington Post put out yet another hit piece on Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, this time in the form of "concerned former 3rd party voters" who happen to now work for the Democratic Party. As Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump on his perfectly legal tax returns, the Clinton Foundation takes in massive donations from people who evade taxes illegally. A new study by the Johns Hopkins University shows that Washington’s governing elites think we’re all morons. An entrepreneur with a heart is making a difference in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Buffalo, NY.

Ep 15 – Crisis in Yemen; US Propaganda; UN’s Anti-Trump Power Play

Oct 7, 2016


A humanitarian crisis in Yemen is gaining worldwide attention, as malnutrition and famine are affecting more than half of the nation’s population. As the second cold war starts to heat up, the Pro-American Anti-Russian propaganda machine is starting to lose influence over US public opinion. New polling data shows that the public is losing trust in major media outlets, and a lot of it has to do with the way this election cycle has been covered. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been exposed using scripted "newsworthy moments" to woo voters. The UN has pushed to ratify the Paris Agreement far earlier than expected in an attempt to counteract potential consequences of a Trump presidency. The World Health Organization has announced that a staggering 92% of the world’s population lives in areas with excessive air pollution. Investors in the fossil fuel industry are getting a little upset because they don’t really know what’s going on with their money. A not-for-profit company has designed an extreme-weather tent that could give shelter to millions of homeless around the world.

Ep 14 – VP Debate; Clinton Foundation Hack; Russia Prepares for War

Oct 6, 2016


The Vice Presidential Debate was last night, and it was slightly less of a circus than the previous Presidential Debate, and also an interesting study in Role Reversal. Hacker Guccifer 2.0 releases documents allegedly from the ClintonFoundation database that shows some serious corruption in the Democratic party regarding TARP funds. Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing his country's citizens for the possibility of nuclear war with drills in the more highly populated ares of the country. The Obama Administration, specifically the Department of Justice and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have moved for the dismissal of charges against a weapons dealer for brokering unapproved sales to Libyan rebels amid concerns that a trial would bring additional scrutiny to Hillary Clinton's email scandal. Yahoo has helped US Intelligence agencies with mass surveillance by scanning millions of customer emails. FBI immunity deals regarding two top Clinton aides reportedly included side deals that obliged the bureau to destroy laptops, and therefore evidence. US officials have added 7 new species of bees to the Federal endangered species list. California repeals a restriction on counties to regulate or prohibit GMO crops from being cultivated within county lines.

Ep 13 – WikiLeaks Surprise; Trump’s Taxes Backfire; LA Cops Kill Again

Oct 5, 2016


WikiLeaks highly anticipated press conference this morning was disappointing to many, but holds lots of possibilities. Julian Assange has called for the formation of a WikiLeaks Task Force, and has promised the release of much more information in the coming weeks. Donald Trump's leaked 1995 tax return was expected to deal a lot of damage to his campaign, but it may have backfired. Turns out that the loophole he used in 1995 was the exact same loophole used by the Clintons just last year. Protests erupt in LA after Carnell Snell was shot and killed by police - though he was armed, he was running away when he was shot, which is illegal, and it was after a stop that also was illegal, meaning the situation never should have occurred. Anti-GMO Activists are looking into scientific studies that show that GMO foods are safe and harmless, but they are finding some troubling connections between GMO corporations and the scientists conducting the studies. Donald Trump's VP pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has been shown to have reversed his position on gambling in the state after massive contributions from the industry made their way into his campaign funds. Despite tremendous evidence regarding climate change, including recent data from the Mauna Loa Observatory, US officials are still publicly skeptical. Tens of thousands of women in Poland, and even more worldwide, are in the streets protesting the country's proposed ban on all abortions, except in cases of extreme medical emergency. Germany, a world leader in renewable energy, is taking steps toward banning fracking in the country.

Ep 12 – Hillary’s Basement Dwellers; Trump’s Taxes; Radioactive Pacific

Oct 4, 2016


A leaked audio recording of a speech given by Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser in February shows her disdain for Bernie Sanders supporters - calling them basement dwellers and implying that they don't know what they are talking about. Tax documents from 1995 have been published by the NY Times showing that Donald Trump may have avoided paying taxes for up to 18 years - but everything on the documents was legal. Wikileaks creator Julian Assange has cancelled his public appearance tomorrow, when he was to release his biggest evidence to date on Hillary Clinton. However, because tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Wikileaks, he has announced that he will still release the information via video link at a Berlin event commemorating the website's birthday. 80% of Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials in China have been shown to be fabricated. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is now the biggest environmental disaster in history - in just 5 years, it has contaminated the entire Pacific Ocean, and it's only going to get worse. The Pentagon has reportedly been paying a UK PR Firm to create fake Isis videos in a counterintelligence effort, as well as controlling the media narrative in the Middle East. Russia has reportedly killed 30 British, Israeli, Saudi, and US Officers believed to be helping ISIS against Russia and the Assad regime in Syria. The Cause Cafe in Long Island, NY is giving adults on the Autism spectrum a chance to feel accepted and productive with employment opportunities.

Ep 11 – Millennial Problems; Aleppo Moments; Awful Excuses

Oct 1, 2016


Hillary just can't seem to reach millennials, but don't worry, Michelle Obama has the solution - insulting them. Gary Johnson keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby has some really bad excuses.

Ep 10 – SC School Shooting; Vetoing Obama’s Veto; Comey’s Testimony

Sep 30, 2016


The difference in how a school shooter was dealt with vs. unarmed citizens, Congress may be regretting their decision to override Obama's veto of a 9/11 Victims Bill, and FBI Director James Comey is asked some very tough questions about his investigation.

Ep 9 – Another Police Killing; DNC & Pay-to-Play; Space X Mars Vision

Sep 29, 2016


El Cajon, CA police have shot and killed an unarmed African-American man, the DNC has finally released the list of donors to the July Convention in Philadelphia, and Elon Musk has laid out the details of his Space X vision for future colonization of Mars.

Ep 8 – Debate Review; Islamic Execution; & PA Racist Gets The Boot

Sep 28, 2016


Looking at the first General Election Presidential Debate of 2016, wondering what will happen in Jordan, and Pennsylvania fair vendor gets tossed out.

Special Edition – In Defense of the Third Party Vote

Sep 27, 2016


What is it about a Third Party Candidate that makes people so nervous? In most elections, there are usually more than two candidates running, but people generally only know about two - the Republican and the Democrat. Why is this? In this Special Edition episode, before the first debate of the 2016 United States Presidential General Election, we examine the tactics people use in order to dissuade another person from using their Constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice, and to keep their vote within the Two-Party System. We also examine the defense against these tactics, also known as using facts.

Ep 7 – “Copsplaining”; Obama’s Legacy; & Psuedonyms

Sep 27, 2016


Charlotte, NC Police Chief Kerr Putney is "copsplaining" the death of Keith Scott at the hands of his department. Obama calls for an end to proxy wars in his final address as sitting US President to the United Nations while actively giving support to two different nations that are in perpetual war. Obama vetoes a 9/11 Victim's Families bill that made it through Congress with tremendously strong support. Reports have come out of the region that the US has been using White Phosphorus munitions in Iraq, possibly against international law. Under Hillary Clinton, the US State Department sold Chemical Weapons to Clinton Foundation donors. 81% of Americans oppose Obama's recent $38 Billion pledge in aid to Israel. Former JFK staffer, RFK speechwriter, & lifelong Democrat has come out in support of Donald Trump as the more peaceful candidate. FBI reports have come out that Obama used a pseudonym when emailing Hillary Clinton, contradicting his claims last year that he had no knowledge of her private server and found out when everyone else did. A Police Officer's Association bought a bicycle for a 19 year old after they found out he walks four hours every day just to get to and from work.

Ep 6 – Hillary’s 50 Points; Trump’s Stop-And-Frisk; & False Charges

Sep 24, 2016


Hillary wants to know why she isn't leading by 50 points, Donald Trump says he'll bring back one of the most racist policing policies ever, and State Troopers in CT fabricate charges.

Ep 5 – NC Protests; Middle East Tensions; & Edward Snowden

Sep 23, 2016

Description: We could be facing the beginning of WWIII – US-backed Saudi military is possibly engaging in chemical warfare against Yemen, a violation of international law, and US-led offenses in Syria are called “intentional”. Tensions are at the breaking point. Corruption in the US Senate has blocked a bipartisan attempt to suspend a $1.15 Billion […]

Ep 4 – Keith Lamont Scott; New Reddit Revelations; & More

Sep 22, 2016


Cops are still killing black men for literally no reason. Hillary Clinton is still being shown as the incompetent and grossly negligent "leader" that she is. Elizabeth Warren eviscerates Wells Fargo in Capitol Hill hearing.

Ep 3 – Hillary’s Reddit Problem; Terence Crutcher; and WWIII

Sep 21, 2016


US-led airstrikes in Syria have tensions heating up with Russia. Yet another unarmed African-American man, Terence Crutcher, was gunned down by police, this time in Tulsa. The man that Hillary Clinton tasked with altering and deleting emails likely turned to online community Reddit for advice on how to do it. GMO giant Monsanto and Pharmaceutical giant Bayer make a deal to join forces. Vietnam stalls the TPP. Donald Trump calls for increased profiling after the NY/NJ explosions. The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI),a Clinton Foundation program, has been implicated in distributing watered-down HIV drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Alabama and Georgia have declared a State of Emergency due to a ruptured pipeline that has spilled at least 250,000 gallons of gasoline. Belgium gets a beer pipeline.

Ep 2 – PseudoJournalism, NY/NJ Explosions, & WWIII

Sep 20, 2016


Examining the pseudojournalism of the Corporate Mainstream Media and the narratives it controls public opinion through, and the importance of independent media sources. The NY/NJ explosions, and the responses to it from the presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton is NOT better than Donald Trump, they are both awful in different ways. Answering Robert Reich's plea to vote for Hillary anyway. Mandated patriotism is fascism dressed up in a flag.

Ep 1 – Third Party Candidates – Spoilers or Saviors?

Sep 17, 2016


Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson are all running for President of the United States. Yet, some say that our choice comes down to only Clinton or Trump, and a vote for anybody else is wasted - a spoiler vote. Green Party VP Nominee Ajamu Baraka spoke out on Facebook this morning about the fear tactics being used in an attempt to sway voters away from Third Party Candidates. Hillary Clinton is the most disliked and untrusted Democratic candidate for President in history. But, is that the voters' fault, or is it her own? And, why I am not as scared of a Trump presidency as many think I should be (and why you shouldn't be either).