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{Podcast Episode #36 | Giveaway} A Casual Conversation with Liza Wiemer author of Hello

Nov 11, 2015 31:55


I met Liza Wiemer this summer at Book Expo America.  We were in the company of so many authors and bloggers enjoying the evening and meeting new people.  Who would’ve known that her publicist, Kelly Hager, with Spencer Hill Press and may I add, past guest with A Leisure Moment, […]

{Podcast Episode #35 | Part 2} A Casual Conversation with Krysten Lindsay Hager + Giveaway

Sep 29, 2015 23:46


Did you get a chance to listen to my casual conversation with author Kristen Lindsay Hager?  If so,  you are in for a double treat.  Here is part 2, almost an entire year later, with more great conversation still to come.  Boy does time fly.  Be sure to enter Kristen’s […]

{Podcast Episode #34 | Part 1 } A Casual Conversation with Krysten Lindsay Hager + Giveaway

Sep 28, 2015 21:38


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that remembers those high school years.  You know the ones, where finding the right table to sit at during lunch was crucial.  Or simply staying grounded and connected with friends, that were true and really there for you, was of great importance.  […]

{Podcast Episode #33} A Casual Conversation with Daryl Janney + Giveaway

Sep 2, 2015 29:40


With the hustle and bustle of Book Expo America and the endless lines and streams of people waiting to meet authors, I became acquainted with so many new authors and Daryl Janney was one of them.  A work of fiction, based on a true story, Nineteen is definitely, unlike anything you have […]

{Podcast Episode #32} A Casual Conversation with Author Michele Barrow-Belisle + Giveaway

Jul 13, 2015 24:58


Just when you think the casual conversation is over.  It isn’t really.  There’s more to say.  There’s more to chat about and there are more connections to be made.  Michele and I have a lovely conversation about her Faerie Song Trilogy and all the latest happenings in her publishing journey.  […]

{Podcast Episode #31} A Casual Conversation with Author Chris Ledbetter + Giveaway

Jul 6, 2015 23:30


I saw the cover and synopsis of  Chris Ledbetter’s debut novel Drawn and it immediately caught my attention.  Several months later we are having a casual conversation about writing, the inspiration of, soccer, yes soccer, more writing and the list goes on.  We’ve even put a twist on this Casual […]

{Podcast Episode #30} A Casual Conversation with Author Emma Chase

Jun 24, 2015 29:15


Emma Chase is one busy author.  When one book is finished, another is on the horizon waiting to hit the press.  This casual conversation is all about her Legal Briefs series, the research behind it and the action of getting it down on paper.  Enjoy! The novel featured in this […]

{Podcast Episode #29} A Casual Conversation with T.A. Maclagan + Giveaway

Jun 17, 2015 15:57


From a bachelor’s degree in biology, to a Ph.D. in anthropology, this debut novelist has entered the wonderful world of writing.  T.A. Maclagan brings to the scene suspense, action and hints of romance all twisted together.  Currently living in New Zealand.  No problem.  Distance didn’t stop this casual conversation from […]

{Podcast Episode #28} A Casual Conversation with Tonya Kuper + Giveaway

Jun 15, 2015 28:09


Within 20 seconds I knew that this casual conversation would be one that would take me down memory lane.  Kindred spirits we must be.  With so many things in common, this casual conversation with Tonya Kuper revealed her passion of science fiction and how it transformed into her debut novel […]

{Podcast Episode #27} A Casual Conversation with Molly McAdams

Jun 11, 2015 20:00


Sneak peaks, a new release, a little bit of technical difficulties, that you’ll never figure out, and a wonderful author who hung in there until the very end! It’s Molly McAdams.  It’s her big release week of her book Trusting Liam and we are  a part of the festivities.  Get […]

{Podcast Episode #26 | Giveaway} A Casual Conversation with Kimberley Griffiths-Little

May 4, 2015 27:40


Book Signings are always amazing!  However, sometimes they do not always lend to the best atmosphere to truly have a sit down chat.  After meeting Kimberley at a book signing at Fiction Addiction, I was excited when the opportunity to go even deeper about her book Forbidden, was available.  Listen as Kimberley […]

{Podcast Episode #25} A Casual Conversation with Christina Lauren

Apr 15, 2015 18:15


  What a quick and informative casual conversation with Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings.  Better known as the author Christina Lauren.    It doesn’t take long to warm up to the powerhouse duo and talk about all things, regarding their entertaining Beautiful Series published by Gallery Books.  Their next book, Beautiful […]

{Podcast Episode #24} A Casual Conversation with Anna Todd

Feb 24, 2015 30:28


So here is the moment that many of us were waiting for, the release of our casual conversation with Author Anna Todd.  Anna is the author of the ever so popular After series.  As readers go through a mega rollercoaster experience of the relationship between Hardin and Tessa, you really can’t stop […]

{Podcast Episode #23 | Blog Tour | Review} A Casual Conversation with Maria Faulconer

Jan 29, 2015 15:34


The inspiration started with an intriguing news article about Umande the baby gorilla.  Paired with countless hours of research and writing.  The outcome, a picture book about life, love, and finding the road to a family.   With one theme that catches the reader’s attention from the beginning, this book is […]

{Podcast Episode #22 |Blog Tour| Excerpt} Wearing the Cape by Marion G. Harmon

Dec 31, 2014 18:51


This is my stop during the blog tour for Wearing the Cape by Marion G. Harmon, a tour organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.  Now this casual conversation came just at the right time.  Any CW Arrow Fans out there?  So what about that mid-season finale?  So speaking with Marion, a […]

{Podcast | Episode #21} A Casual Conversation with author Lisa Orchard

Dec 23, 2014 20:07


With Christmas right around the corner, it’s a great feeling to be able to anticipate time with friends and family.  On this particular casual conversation I  was under my heated blanket, with coffee and a microphone in hand.  It’s always a relaxful feeling when I have a conversation with a guest […]

{Podcast|Episode #20} A Casual Conversation with Suzanne Rigdon

Dec 1, 2014 17:30


Suzanne Rigdon is a writer, bookseller, reader, blogger, violinist, and world traveler.  Our casual conversation is filled with discussions of life experiences, writing, and following a passion.  Into the Night is her Adult Urban Fantasy, Debut Novel, that comes out on tomorrow, Dec. 2nd.  Enjoy!   When Selina Baker, a coordinator for a Boston non-profit, goes […]

{Podcast | Episode #19} A Casual Conversation with Darby Karchut , Author of The Stag Lord

Nov 25, 2014 20:18


As the finishing touches are being placed on this Casual Conversation with author Darby Karchut, I can hear the rain falling very hard, the loud thunder, and I can even see some flashes of lightening sprinkling through the window blinds.  Why is that so significant for Podcast Episode 19?  You’ll have […]

{Podcast # 18 | Giveaway } A Casual Conversation with Kendra C. Highley , Author of Unstrung

Nov 18, 2014 19:36


Kendra Highley is super busy!  With books published for a variety of ages, the focus for this Casual Conversation is centered around her Science Fiction Fantasy, Unstrung.  We both get a little cranky when we aren’t reading or writing.  She loves to bake and I love to eat my mother’s baking.  Be on the […]

{Podcast # 17 | Giveaway } A Casual Conversation with Selene Castrovilla, Author of Melt

Nov 18, 2014 29:56


Not only did I have the pleasure of talking with Selene once, but she was willing to do a second go, at our Casual Conversation.  That will be another story to tell.  🙂 Have you ever had this feeling when you meet someone, that some how you possibly may know them?  Once you […]