Wesley Chapman the Founder of A HUMAN PROJECT & Ryan Andrews: Talking hard hitting real issues to start a human conversation


Talking hard hitting real issues to start a human conversation


A HUMAN PROJECT podcast is a conversation between our founder, Wesley Chapman and long time supporter Ryan Andrews. Each week they tackle hard hitting issues facing humanity today. The sole purpose of the podcast is to get you thinking and to start a conversation. A HUMAN PROJECT is a for-purpose organization creating an international movement. Our global mission is to create a community of empowered youth. A world wide community without borders and without limitations. Creating ultimate empowerment and enabling youth to succeed regardless of their surroundings and situations. A.H.P. is giving youth the tools they need to create long lasting and positive habits. By doing this we give youth the opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness many of them have endured. We believe that every child is created for a purpose and that each child deserves to experience ultimate joy.


talking porn with the beach prophet- tony litster

Aug 19, 2015 58:14


tony litster joins wes today in which we need to learn to love ourselves first and foremost. in order to avoid self-sabotage during this process, we need to shift the mindset from "if you really knew me you wouldn't like me" to "the real me is awesome!" instead of focusing on the darkness within, we need to recognize the light. when we learn to love ourselves, we can share our authentic selves with others and make change for the better. according to tony, there's a difference between intensity vs love. in regards to porn and sex, it becomes an addiction of adrenaline, no longer making a fulfilling love connection. the more we intentionally connect experiences with someone we love, we shift the addiction that porn creates into something good that we then crave. we get back to the natural laws that are self-evident in which are bodies simply tell us by how good we feel, and it just makes sense (like gravity). you chose the story, but then you take action; you start with self-love, learning to accept yourself with the shadow. make an allowance for the humanity and realize that we're all human. links to check out:   beach prophet's 7 irrefutable laws with tony litster huffington post article on the root's of addiction A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about how to teach sex to youth A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on addiction recovery wayne dyer inspirational quotes tony lister's cure the craving site modules from superhuman.life

project semicolon- amy bleuel

Jul 16, 2015 1:02:00


we have crossroads in life, and sometimes the path we take will dictate the way how the rest of our life flows. today wes and ryan spoke with amy bleuel, founder of project semicolon on the importance of choice. you are choosing to pause and state that your story isn't over yet; you're continuing on. when we make the choice to help others instead of just focusing on ourselves, we find a bigger purpose. we find love. when we create tangible reminders, we find power in what we are capable of as we shift self-destructive patterns to a simplicity of helping others. it's the ultimate hope that if they can push on, so can i; some of the experiences we face are preparing us for something greater later on. this forms a pay it forward mentality to help others as they have helped you because you know that there is something better coming up. links to check out:   project semicolon about amy bleuel amy clover, A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about how it's ok to ask for help google images of ; why faith-based?  elizabeth gilbert, ted talk on creative genius modules from superhuman.life

his childhood – with jack canfield

Jun 30, 2015 1:02:10


wes and ryan are able to make some incredible connections with jack canfield in today's podcast, in which we learn some little known knowledge of jack's childhood, which he described in one word as "challenging" helped shape the rest of his life. the energy we create around us is fueled by finding our life purpose which we can then share with others. when we are able to visualize something, whether positive or negative, we have the power to make it happen, so doesn't it just make sense to focus on the good?!   links to check out:   jack canfield the secret movie transformational leadership council in vail, colorado w clement stone history w clement stone net worth after passing away at 100 years old the success principles by jack canfield les brown romancing the stone catherine lanigan biography dr masaru emoto water experiment documentary the secret life of water book by dr masaru emoto love and gratitude to water experiment picking up another person's vibrations the heart map institute research A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about Wes's experience on a plane muscle testing burj khalifa, tallest building in the world chicken soup for the soul elizabeth gilbert TED talk on your elusive creative genius lynne twist, the soul of money institute tools for success: hour of power by jack canfield modules from superhuman.life

love wins – a convo about gays

Jun 27, 2015 1:05:10


was today really a good day? did the gays really win? today we had a ruling that will forever change the landscape of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. in this episode we talk about today's ruling and what we should be bracing for in the future. sanctity of marriage hasn't always been a government thing, it's been a religious thing but now there's a difference between holy matrimony and the union of marriage because the government approves of someone's humanity. it's about having the right kind of conversation. are we celebrating victims or an act that should never have been an issue in the first place? love didn't win today; the law won. the greatest strength we can take from this is to learn to love and move forward by starting a conversation. links to check out:   historical event of allowing same sex marriage in all states interracial marriages illegal until last law absolved in 1967 united states declaration of independence that "all men are created equal" A HUMAN PROJECT podcast 2014 convo stopping the hate between christians and gays A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on developing until we're 25 A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about turning boys into men and the castration of the american male A HUMAN PROJECT podcast with kris vallotton modules from superhuman.life

how to talk about the “g” word

Jun 9, 2015 1:10:34


When sharing a message and it comes across as "I'm better than you" rather than look at how much I am loved, feelings of worthlessness and not being good enough take over our self-worth. Religion walks a fine line of condemning sinners and lifting people up to become better than they currently are. Wes and Ryan have a very open discussion on religion and share a few "secrets" (they're really not because it's so simple) that they have been able to use to help lift up others, especially our youth. Perfection is not possible, so instead of shooting for that and continually failing, choose instead to become great. links to check out:   6th crusade which achieved a peaceful decade-long treaty/holy war that was more of a relief effort "the meeting" between mlk jr and Malcolm x A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on human beings not fully developing until the age of 25 The Human Podcast Facebook Page Modules from superhuman.life    

twloha – jamie tworkowski

Jun 4, 2015 24:04


have you ever felt like love is hard to find? have you felt alone or had to pretend in order to feel like you belong? What do you do to feel real? none of us know the impact of how we are to others, but in today's episode res and ryan address these issues and more with special guest jamie from twloha (to write love on her arms). we are a community, but how do we share that? listen now to hear some amazing suggestions.   links to check out:   jamie tworkowski biography if you feel too much by jamie tworkowski twloha (to write love on her arms) website twloha's if you feel too much book tour page modules from superhuman.life  

a pastor, god and sex – kris vallotton

May 26, 2015 1:09:47


how do we identify the misconceptions of breaking out of shame? love your neighbor AS yourself. special guest kris vallotton joins wes and ryan in a riotous podcast talking about their favorite subject; themselves. if you don't love you, you won't love them, meaning everyone else. confidence comes from identity, and identity comes from god.  developing a healthy soul is essential in our social interaction. our souls NEED attention. the more we value someone, the more worried we are for rejection. when we believe we’re not the right one for ourselves, we’ll never find the right person. love is the key.   links to check out:   kris vallotton books on amazon moral revolution A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on the weakness of love A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on second chances 1 corinthian 13 words on the wall about love modules from superhuman.life

people over profit – dale partridge

May 6, 2015 1:00:23


what are we actually chasing to bring fulfillment in life? wes chats with dale partridge that when it comes to finding true success in life, it's about learning how to balance business and family life, creating purpose and connection with family while pursuing one's life career. what started us here isn't what's going to get us there if we don't take the time now to focus on what is non-negotiable in our life. so where do we find our balance and worth? we're not going to find it in things, but we will find it in our family relationships and accomplishing something. that act of caring for something else in its simplest forms teaches principles that can be taken back into the career world to show priorities and a sincere focus on what matters most in life. links to check out:   Dale Partridge sevenly.org People Over Profit book by Dale Partridge People Over Profit site REI modules from superhuman.life

how 2000 dead geese make Canada #1

Apr 1, 2015 59:49


we have become a society full of catchy titles and cell phone videos posted online with the hopes of going viral. so does that mean that we're suffering from a sickness? because the content has become garbage, what does that say about us as a society? according to wes and ryan in today's podcast, writing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. instead of focusing on real issues and problems instead of having a conversation about them, red herrings are thrown around in the form of unexplained phenomena. news has become a misconstrued version of one person's opinion tossed out as fact, without any fact checking or research. this has not only been used on even reputable sites but is now considered acceptable, so when we as a society are actually presented with evidence and facts, we refuse to believe it because of one person's opinion being louder than the sound truth. links to check out:   boston bomber on cnn 2,000 geese fall from sky dead cnn obama "ruining wedding" on golf course and make up for it with an even better location isis world order alex from target viral photo usa today: california has one year left of clean water opinion canada ranked as #1 for smartest country and highest ranked countries modules from superhuman.life   EDITS BY A REDHEAD   Every so often, Wes and Ryan get their facts a little off. Little did they know that by having a redheaded history and English teacher do their show notes, they were also going to get called out when they don't get their history right. I'll try not to make fun of them as well, but you never know what you're going to get with a redhead, so sometimes you'll see this section and sometimes you won't. Below are a few clarifications from statements made during today's podcast: Princess Di was killed in a car crash in Paris Besides the fact that I still remember walking into my house after my first day of work from my first job to watch the news reporting the tragic death of Princess Diana, I also walked right past the very tunnel that she died in while visiting Paris. She did not die in London, Ryan!!!! Pulitzer and Hearst Clearly Wes does not have the soundtrack to Newsies memorized like some girl who shall remain nameless does. This same redheaded girl may or may not have also had a huge tween crush on pretty much every newsboy in the movie, but "The World Will Know" is pretty clear about which big business tycoons they were talking about. Rockefellers (they were oil big wigs) were NOT mentioned in Newsies, but at least Wes got the right time period, so that's something, I suppose. 1994 article of Michael Fey caning This style of journalism, stating facts and using direct quotes without one's own personal interjection has become a thing of the past, but it also allows the reader to make up their own mind about the issue. Yellow journalism What Ryan and Wes are describing with bad journalism getting content out without fact checking isn't new. In fact, it nearly started a war with Cuba! Here are some examples of yellow journalism- present and past and the ignorance of yellow journalism as used by Marshawn Lynch. Canada is not always #1 Wes will be greatly relieved to know that after looking up multiple sources on world rankings in education, Canada may always be towards the top of the list, but it's not always #1. That honor almost always goes to an Asian country. Or Finland. Google search "fallacy"  One of the greatest, albeit difficult, helps I received while learning how to write historical papers came from learning how NOT to commit a historical fallacy.  

failing forward – noah elias

Mar 25, 2015 59:51


noah j elias, famed for his art in disney,  joins wes and ryan to share how important it is to find one's life purpose and seeing the art in living. at 28 he hit a wall with a mid-life crisis and now helps people get to their "you," meaning their unique contribution to the world. it doesn't take a million bucks to live like a millionaire. success can quickly become boring. if we want to succeed, we have to get uncomfortable. many have the desire to change the world, but it will do little good if our own houses, meaning the relationships at home, are not in order. the world is going to gets its greatest value from us that way.  we're meant to do life together, and that's when amazing things get done. links to check out: noah, disney art extraordinaire noah university reimagine conference noah's instagram noah linkedin simon sinek: "people do not buy what you do but why you do it" ted talk acres of love program for orphans in africa modules from superhuman.life  

through addiction – eric zimmer

Feb 10, 2015 52:34


going from living in the back of a van at the age of 24 to sitting next to whiskeytown lake is the intro for addiction recovery in today's podcast. eric zimmer joins wes and ryan in today's podcast sharing his survivor story after a life of addiction and then recovery. just because we need to focus on our internal state, doesn't mean that we are no longer going to experience bad things, but it's what we do with it that makes the difference. creating a habit is very much like getting rid of or feeding an addiction. the treatment use to be to ignore, but now it's to realize there's a core that needs to be addressed in order to deal with the emotions that come with the addiction by using tools that work for the individual as we continue to contribute to society as a whole. links to check out:   eric zimmer, lead voice of the one you feed podcast  addictions and recovery aa's big book rethinking positive thinking episode on the one you feed podcast  red bicycle in the secret modules from superhuman.life  

boys to men – justin stumvoll

Feb 2, 2015 1:00:05


emotional castration of the american male is the topic of the day for with justin from stumvoll consulting here at A HUMAN PROJECT. men have lost their masculine edge and will to fight; they don't know what it takes to be a healthy, strong man anymore because they are given so many contradictory opinions. the fatherless generation is defined in different forms during the podcast, which now has come of age that those without a fatherly example are becoming fathers or father figures and yet have no guidance. it's about leading people back to the concept of what love is all about. when there's a reconciliation of the worth and value as a man, it allows a woman to work as a partner with him as it brings out the gold inside of her and what she was made to be, and vice versa. what if there was a masculine movement instead of a feminist one that declared from men that women deserve a voice and share her authentic self with the world as well? what kind of leaders, both male and female, would we have then? the most manly thing someone can do is to reach that moment of vulnerability and be honest. links to check out:   wesley chapman archives from art of charm with jordan harbinger children's book by kim trumbo about george the generous giraffe justin with stumvoll consulting men that helped bring about women's liberation  the five love languages by gary chapman prince ea's viral video on healthy relationships by loving one's self first A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on getting rid of the shame on shame modules from superhuman.life

3 ways to create perfect awareness

Jan 7, 2015 48:11


as a follow up from our last episode on boundaries, wes and ryan delve head on into ways we can become more aware of encounters we have in life with some simple tools for success. there's a lot that occurs every moment of everyday, but how much of it do we really even notice? by being more aware of our surroundings, we are able to see opportunities to build on our humanity and create a better world by bringing awareness for a better society. links to check out: geocaching A HUMAN  PROJECT podcast about unbroken movie ptsd and the myth of ww2 article new year brings new utah laws news article nomore.org for domestic violence awareness modules from superhuman.life  

how to save a life by having a conversation about depression

Dec 23, 2014 37:02


there's just something about the holidays that bring out the true nature of a person. not only that, it's enhanced, so if someone is naturally depressed because of situations in life, that depression can become almost overwhelming come the holidays. what happens when it's just too much to take anymore? everyone has the capability to be sad and has experienced sadness in some way in their life. but, there's a big difference between having sadness like the blues rather than depression; depression is when it starts to hurt a person's soul. the #1 thing you can do if you have somebody in your family that is struggling: go on a walk and use your ears, not your mouth. weather, food, and the stress of performing the part for the holidays becomes very very stressful for someone overwhelmed with depression. links to check out:   upworthy article during world suicide prevention day A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on the power of words A HUMAN PROJECT podcast of how doctors are murdering children prescription drug side effects true or false: suicide rates increase during holiday season self-sabotage journal therapy modules from superhuman.life

3 things that will bring meaning to your life

Dec 22, 2014 1:00:00


sometimes we're so focused on the end goal of the future that we're too distracted to enjoy the present. listen in as wes and ryan have an incredible conversation with blair reynolds from on the beam about what drives people and how to avoid self-sabotage. they go over the keys to success as you listen to a budding bromance continue. links to check out:   one of three on the beam curators: blair reynolds on the beam: a new environment for entrepreneurs titans of industry A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on dealing with emotional pain by curing, not treating A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on asking for help when dealing with one's own elmo effect A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on ryan losing weight recidivism A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on finding power in vulnerability A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on getting rid of shame wes's river video and experience from it A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on success meet ralph modules from superhuman.life

special guest angelina jolie

Dec 22, 2014 58:10


what would happen if you were given an opportunity for something life-changing but you missed out because you didn't answer your phone after not recognizing the number? how many instances do we miss out on events in life because we're not willing to open the door or answer the phone? but then, tender mercies sometimes appear in the form of a second chance when it is something that is a deep part of our life's purpose. such was the case for wes after eating a bad fajita. links to check out: unbroken movie A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on second chances in life #iamunbroken movement chickenpox keeps angelina jolie from movie premiere unbroken the book "fake it until you make it" concept spirit of ww2 A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about being real with yourself modules from superhuman.life

where have all the leaders gone? are you looking for a new leader?

Dec 21, 2014 29:40


  is a nation only as strong as its leaders? should a leader be expected to take on the responsibility of his or her nations failures and successes? who are our leaders now that do something for a strong purpose? do they even exist, anymore? to become a strong leader one needs to rise up above the norm. who are some of your favorite leaders?   links to check out:   defining leadership george washington benjamin franklin joe de sena gary vaynerchuk winston churchill leadership leadership lessons from martin luther king, jr microwave generation baseball steroids scandal A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on sportsmanship A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about ray rice getting a second chance pop culture's place in the oval office "i can't breathe" video of eric garner A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about american presidents opposition to i can't breathe campaign A HUMAN PROJECT podcast with joe de sena inteview, part 1 spartan up! podcast modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie  in the documentary america: imagine the world without her, dinesh d'souza talks about the strong leaders from our past that helped us create the idea of america. he asks thought-provoking questions like where we would be if general george washington was killed during the revolutionary war and never became president? what if john wilkes booth didn't shoot abraham lincoln?

part 1: the limitless human – joe de sena

Dec 15, 2014 29:34


we are in the presence of greatness today with a modern spartan, joe de sena, as he talks amongst the trees with wes and ryan about resetting what normal is and physically working your way into a limitless mindset. learn how to do burpees from joe links to check out:   joe de sena spartan up site how i carried the message to garcia by colonel rowan urban dictionary: spartan paraplegic spartan athlete michael mills ultra marathons A HUMAN PROJECT youth program going out into nature modules from superhuman.life   other interesting links & references from natalie  the city state of sparta was VERY different from many of the other city states of ancient greece. my great uncle, greg paul, has been an avid outdoor enthusiast his whole life, and has attempted to be the first person to climb mt. everest with two knee replacements,  documenting his journey, yet has had multiple obstacles preventing him from reaching the summit. instead of getting down from the shortcomings, he is fueled to do more, training and learning for the next climb, wherever it may be. he's taken all of his children on climbs as graduation gifts; sort of like a rite of passage for the mountains they will face in life. this wheeling enthusiast knows no bounds as he pursues what he loves, regardless of the supposed limits that could come with life in a wheelchair. A HUMAN PROJECT has our own example in charles.

part 2: the limitless human – joe de sena

Dec 15, 2014 37:45


after interviewing the incredible joe de sena from spartan race in our last episode, wes and ryan wanted to chat a little longer about the amazing examples from joe, so we're back for some more on what it means to be limitless! links to check out:   spartan race homepage spartan up podcast spartan death race learn how to do burpees from joe A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on the power behind words secret life of walter mitty with ben stiller A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on prioritizing and making time A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on breaking the internet and superficial role models A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on easy steps to build a strong marriage joe de sena's spartan up! book modules from superhuman.life   other interesting links & references from natalie "if at first you don't succeed..." we all know that we're suppose to try and maybe even try again in order to achieve our goal. according to the scots, robert the bruce coined that phrase while hiding out in a cave from the english. feeling pretty down and miserable (he was in a cave, after all), he noticed a spider trying to spin a web in the corner. it kept falling, but continued to get back up and push on until the web was complete. this motivated robert the bruce to not give up and try, try again until he successfully held the scottish throne. regardless of where or what motivated the concept of not giving up, it takes a lot of courage to succeed in something, just as the cowardly lion states in wizard of oz. a friend of mine recently posted on social media about a lesson she learned from her daughter jumping off the couch with a little engine that could mentality, pep talking her way to successfully reaching her goal as she shifted her thoughts from "i think so" to "i can." it can all start with daily affirmations like this! this is natalie martin. we can do it!

why jesus went on a road trip

Dec 12, 2014 19:50


have you ever had a life-altering experience while vacationing or on a road trip? or have you ever realized that a choice you made did something that changed the world? how cool would that be?! to change the world, one road trip at a time. according to wes and ryan, if you want to change the world, change the world in front of you by starting on the inside. what it comes down to is each of us helping each other, making it the ultimate road trip of life. we're either fueling a person or syphoning from their tank. links found in the show: road tripping the usa billy graham conversion concept of pay it forward wes's facebook video on everyone being able to change the world dr. todd we are the world foundation modules from superhuman.life

how to have an opinion as a white person on being black

Dec 10, 2014 25:02


is it possible for a person with one skin pigment to talk about another person with a different skin pigment and not be considered racist? why are we still plagued with a person's skin color being their only definition or identity? it's stopping society from having a conversation. we find a situation where a few do something that we categorize all as their belief, and it doesn't allow progress from happening. especially once we see race before the individual. if we could help heal humans from labeling, we can help others from feeling oppressed, inferior, and entitled to act the way they do. everybody thinks everybody else has more privileges than others, but if we get rid of the entitlement, we can move forward. links to check out: redskins football team controversy over name paula deen was baited to have said the "n" word on interview A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on stereotypes and labeling A HUMAN PROJECT podcast in which we are all racist, even the victims of racism A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on the 2014 black friday pop vs soda map $2.50/day average living throughout the world for a family of four remember the titans, "left side, strong side" A HUMAN PROJECT podcast with chad nash A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on communication modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by Natalie while taking an english methods course to attain my bachelor's degree, I came upon a statement about understanding vs. agreeing, paraphrased as "we all need to understand, but that doesn't mean that we also need to agree." just because we understand something doesn't mean that we agree with what that person is doing, but it does provide clarity. based on a true story, in the movie freedom writers, hilary swank's character is able to eventually bring her students together by starting a messy conversation. if I were to give you an action step, i'd say go watch freedom writers in its entirety before following through on wes and ryan's action steps. It will give you more perspective.

second chance on leftover rice- should ray rice play or should he go?

Dec 8, 2014 33:48


are you the type of person that likes to have leftovers? what about the figurative type of leftovers, like toxic relationships that keep coming back? like ray rice's domestic violence? but what about leftovers in the form of getting a second chance after making a mistake by picking up the pieces? if done correctly, everyone deserves a second chance. ray rice has an opportunity to admit that domestic violence is a real issue and needs to be addressed so that all that energy is going towards change in the right direction. making a comeback is a good thing, and it teaches others that they can change their path. if we remain victims, we will never heal.   links to check out:   A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on ray rice and domestic violence nfl roger goodall botching domestic violence by crucifying ray rice A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on shame and talking about michael vick getting over it second chance program mission statement battered woman syndrome psa from nfl players at nomore.org "it's something hard to talk about." A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on using the right words to describe something jimmy johnson statement that arizona cardinals should get ray rice A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on racism and unrest in ferguson A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on recent ferguson violence brandon marshall's comeback as personality disorder spokesperson after getting help A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on bill cosby battered husbands modules from superhuman.life

5 ways to get back into the kitchen, and it starts by sitting with cows (+VIDEO)

Nov 25, 2014 59:27


    want to download this VIDCAST?  simply copy this link: http://youtu.be/4DZhDYs_4tw and then click here and paste the link  food, glorious food! would it be as mouth-watering exciting if we really knew where it came from and how it was prepared? isn't knowledge suppose to be empowering? watch wes and ryan share the camera with cows as they talk about a subject we all deal with on a daily basis: food. florida man arrested for feeding the homeless article A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on fast food natural disasters effect on food supply Colon cleansing to eliminate toxins from body Hydroponics list of countries that have banned gmos guide to juice cleansing 80/20 rule jamie oliver’s ted talk about sugar consumption in public school milk the secrets of sugar documentary psychology in food marketing victory gardens reaction to senate bill 510, food safety modernization act article on gmos suffocating the soil A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about conspiracy theories and using food as a weapon barack obama speech excerpt that went viral on stay at home moms barack obama’s full speech on women working outside of home A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about living in a too busy society the value of a stay at home mom A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about the honor of being a housewife A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about dealing with shame dr. saul: add/adhd doesn’t exist A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about overuse of medications and diagnosis woman talking “natural” and “farm-fresh” food facts and marketing techniques modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie upton sinclair’s book the jungle was a revolutionary act published in 1906 at the tail end of america’s industrial era to make the public aware of what they were consuming. this led to ingredient labeling and guidelines under the pure food and drug act on the food that was being packaged and consumed on a more integrative level. i am a foodie but I also believe in practical yet healthy recipes for my family. recently I shared some of these thoughts on the subject of healthy eating from our fast food episode. in hungry for change, the focus is more on juicing and raw food, but the key to the effect food has on a person was beautifully summed up in the end of the documentary. go to foodmatters.tv to learn more. the truth about your food and forks over knives offers a very stark, honest look at our food we consume, especially fast food eating effecting the very being of humans. there’s also fat, sick, and nearly dead, jamie oliver’s food revolution and diary of a foodie.

hello mr. president – is the office respecting you? are you respecting the office?

Nov 19, 2014 21:17


what would you do if you were able to have a one on one conversation with any of the 43 presidents of the united states of america?  patriotism may come up at sometime in the conversation. what does it mean? the president, no matter what his policies are or if you even voted for him or not, should still be referred to with respect for the title. or is that respect as a leader earned? in the last 12 years, what have we seen change? the world was disconnected and very technologically expensive as we now have information (literally) at our fingertips. in today's podcast, wes states that we've taken advantage of the american spirit. ryan loves the American spirit, but sees the lawmakers destroying the nation.   links to check out:   the pledge of allegiance patriotism for millienials, patriotism does not mean compliance article history behind mr. president title A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on how america is not the greatest country top 100 influential american figures throughout history jfk scandals watergate Scandals bill clinton and monica lewinsky scandal between two ferns episode with barack obama teddy roosevelt's opinion on patriotism and standing by one's country leaders the 8 worst american presidents of all time cheney on obama the worst president in history declaration of independence history constitution history opinions on america's popularity according to its own citizens america's electoral process A HUMAN PODCAST on baking until you're 25 american housing market crash american spirit concept david crockett, tennessee politician and american hero united states of america constitution (including preamble) modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie  in john adams, a television series based off of david mccullough's prize-winning book under the same title, john adams explains what the finer arts in america means to him while an ambassador in France. i recently watched the incredible documentary america: imagine a world without her and it was SO eye-opening in which america is more of an idea than an actuality. it's the concept of the american dream that we are all striving to achieve. an absolute must-see!

5 ways to draw a line in the sand against bullying (+VIDEO)

Nov 18, 2014 56:17


  want to download this VIDCAST? simply copy this link: http://youtu.be/49hslMpi0sI and then click here and paste the link   teasing is a part of life. everyone has experienced it in one form or another, but there's a big difference between teasing and bullying. a lot of it can't be seen because it's internalized, but if we want to teach our youth to stop bully behavior, we need to establish parameters to teasing. listen (and watch!) as wes and ryan deal with a tough topic in today's podcast/vidcast.   girl made fun of “boy hair” after donating to wigs for kids 33% youth bullied statistic feeling alone a major reason for suicide A HUMAN PRPOJECT podcast on shame the human barbie girl youtube the second most searched search engine online superhuman.life modules  

two easy steps to a great marriage

Nov 16, 2014 23:07


in a study that was conducted on 13,000 couples about having a lasting marriage that spanned decades from the 1970s until the 2000s, kindness and generosity are the two keys to success. wes and ryan talk about how it's okay to be upset, but it's also how and when you say something that decides whether or not if there's an attack in it. seek to understand where your spouse is coming from so you can continue your spousal connection. women tend to put pressure on themselves about how they look while men put pressure on themselves according to how much money is in their bank account. what are some examples of kindness and generosity in marriage from your own life? is there another way to still create a great marriage without one of these keys?   links to check out:   article on decades long scientific study about successful marriages built on kindness and generosity A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on divorce and the reasons it occurs A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on who men and women get dressed up for dr. phil on self-focused people being chronically late modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie though they didn't really bring it up in this episode, i kept thinking back to A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on how to teach what sex is to youth, in the proper care and feeding of husbands by dr. laura schlessinger, sometimes it really is simple to apply kindness and generosity in marriage when understanding the three main things guys need. I also spotted the proper care and feeding of marriage on her site, but haven't read it (yet)! i haven't shared a movie in a while, so in an ideal husband, a man's true character is put to question and he has to decide which is more important: saving face in society or according to the man he wants to be for his wife. yes, I think it completely relates! there are tons of pins dedicated to the subject of generosity in marriage and kindness in marriage on pinterest. not surprisingly...

sportsmanship- how jameis winston is ruining sports

Nov 10, 2014 18:26


is sportsmanship dying? are the celebrations of touchdowns and goals being taken too far as gloating becomes an art form? whatever happened to playing the game for the self-gratification sake of simply playing the game? sports were initially built on a platform of enjoyment not competition of creating winners and losers. somewhere a long the line we are overarching the concept of what it means to be a winner. so how is this impacting the youth in your area?    links to check out:   browns vs bengals running back comment jameis winston indian soccer player (ryan called him turkish) dies after celebratory somersault for a goal marshawn lynch payton manning utah quarterback loses game for play-offs wes's "25" speech terrell owens tom brady ochocinco touchdown celebrations reggie bush adrian peterson barry sanders leaving nfl sportsmanship definition google search psychology of getting kids to be active modules from superhuman.life

4 reasons we are all purple people eaters (+VIDEO)

Oct 30, 2014 45:21


want to download this VIDCAST?  simply copy this link: http://youtu.be/uUmdp8_vIPo and then click here and paste the link now that we're able to have a face to go along with our podcasts, this episode covers some core issues that are confusing society, from catering to the minority and contradicting gender roles. listen and watch as wes and ryan share their thoughts, and they even introduce a new face of A HUMAN PROJECT--ralph-- that has been with wes through it all. lincoln nebraska teachers are no longer allowed to say “little girls and boys” 5 year old boy that decided he was a girl 5 year old girl deciding she was a boy gender deciding chromosomes experiential learning A HUMAN PROJECT podcast with chad nash the giver, where everything is neutral and orderly farenheit 451 storyline of creating a society that is not supposed to think “judge not, lest ye be judged” matthew 7:1-3 A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on developmental growth A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about the sex talk girl wearing yoga pants in classroom being judged for dressing immodestly A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on modesty target girl’s clothing blog of mom showing how short little girl fashion is A HUMAN PROJECT podcast getting rid of the stinky onion and dealing with core issues modules from superhuman.life  

how we are all baking until we are 25

Oct 9, 2014 1:00:04


have you found college to have benefited your life or could you have saved yourself a lot of school debt and embarrassing campus stories by experiencing your career without it? listen in as wes and ryan chat it up with guest speaker john lee dumas from entrepreneur on fire at the beginning of the podcast then continue discussing how our nation's education needs a new analysis.   links to check out:   development for prefrontal cortex european education system european creative classrooms classrooms having children sit on exercise balls 15th president of the united states jerry seinfield going to the doctor how we’re praised leads to how we learn elementary football team rallying around suit-wearing player dangerous Minds with Michelle Pfeiffer modules from superhuman.life   thoughts from natalie this is definitely a fine line that i am stepping, but i have to agree that attaining a college degree is not all that it’s cracked up to be. now look, i’m a certified secondary history and english teacher, so i need continual college courses to help me maintain my career path, but i can also tell you that I have learned more as a teacher than i ever learned in university about teaching. i also needed a degree to even be considered by the hiring principal. that’s not always the case for most careers, however. take my husband as the detective for the local police department. he is very good at what he does (which is totally true even though i’m biased as his wife) and uses his skills on a daily basis, continually training and remaining certified from shooting at the gun range to taking cpr courses. none of which required a degree, nor would one really do him any good in comparison to real-life experience. i didn’t know that i would love teaching as much as i did until my senior year in university student teaching in a middle school. i caught the bug, but it took a real classroom full of students to help me realize that. Honestly, i originally changed my history major to history education because i grew tired of people asking, “what are you ever going to do with a history degree?” ultimately what it comes down to is finding a path we wouldn’t mind staying on permanently, and then going from there. not because it’s what our parents want or where you think the most money will be made based off of the title you’ve gained with a degree. it’s because it’s your passion, just as law enforcement is for my husband and teaching the youth is mine. the path may have some unexpected obstacles or discoveries along the way, but as long as we look inside ourselves and look for that driving force, we can and will succeed!

what does eating a salad have to do with music?

Oct 7, 2014 56:22


how often do we really take the time to listen to the lyrics in a song, especially the super catchy tunes? are we promoting what we ordinarily would disagree about when becoming fans of artists that are not promoting positive things? listen in as wes and ryan go head to head on the influence of music in our lives.   links to check out:   elvis presley on ed Sullivan show swiveling his hips howard stern media influence A HUMAN PROJECT podcast talking about kanye west’s calling out fans kanye west scoring 106 pts. against handicapped children report adele’s jab towards katy perry clarified as lady gaga’s fans jabbing at adele why chick-fil-a is closed on sunday taylor swift’s “shake it off” music video 1 Nephi 4:13 “better that one man should perish than a whole nation dwindle in unbelief.” “i see fire” by ed sheeran on the hobbit: desolation of smaug A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on unwanted pregnancies man vs. wild with bear grylls ben kingsley taking the role for the box trolls alfred hitchcock allowing audience to use their imagination harry potter book series michael jackson’s final tour artist formerly known as prince modules from superhuman.life

it’s time to take it all off and be modest

Sep 18, 2014 58:50


whether it's an itsy bitsy polka dot bikini or a speedo, exposing so much of one's body in public is sometimes just too much. listen in as wes and ryan go off on a post that natalie had in her facebook newsfeed about the evolution of the bikini, then m...

asking for help- amy clover

Sep 9, 2014 1:07:04


we get to hear another voice in today’s human podcast with special guest amy clover, who opens it up informing us that everyone needs help. never be ashamed to ask for help. as amy clover stated in her signing off phrase, “you are worth fighting for.” links to check out:   amy clover’s strong inside out website everybody loves raymond race track therapy episode article from child welfare on understanding the lasting effects of childhood abuse on the brain and development twloha help lines and resources google search of community programs charles’ I AM HUMAN video about the car accident crushing him for years amy's I AM HUMAN video about choosing to no longer be a victim 7 cups of tea site with trained listeners modules from superhuman.life

how a nude photo led to this convo- chad nash

Aug 26, 2014 1:06:00


how much is too far before it becomes inappropriate? who decides? chad nash joined wes and ryan in today’s podcast giving us an excellent example in the art of debate. from chad nash’s perspective, we all have been given remote controls over our life and he has control of his, we have control of ours. currently residing in amsterdam while pursuing a journey of traveling all over the place and not being tied down anywhere has given chad a less-grounded approach to life, which he sees as a form of empowerment as he pursues his life purpose. this is a completely different approach that ryan and wes have taken with their own life purpose and goals, opening up a compelling discussion about one’s pursuits and passions. chad asked, “why are people complaining when they’re in control of the remote?” referring to the “negative nancys” in social media that seem to pick fights at every moral opportunity. the whole point of the debate in today’s podcast was to express one’s opinion, take it or leave it, but seeing that having a conversation helps one to see more of the full picture. unfortunately, social media only gives a glimpse which can then lead to controversy and flocks of followers choosing one aspect of what was worded. the conclusion of the debate in today’s podcast is that everyone’s talking about the same ideas, just worded in a different way. the pursuit of life is the pursuit of happiness, and everyone’s pursuit is an individual experience where we create the culture we want to live in. it’s good that we have differing perspectives, but it can also be handled respectfully in a civilized conversation. that’s the true art of debate; dealing with issues that gets people to talk, but not losing control of one’s own emotions that we no longer see the human being behind the idea because we’re too internalized on our own desire to be considered right. sometimes there’s no “right” and “wrong;” just HUMAN beings being true to themselves.   links to check out:   wayne dyer excerpt about “when you change the way you look at things” wes chapman’s post 8/2/14 from facebook about racism, being homophobic, and nudity line A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about when things go viral on social media greg reid article about hard work in the entrepreneur world what you put out there is what you get quotes modules from superhuman.life

america is not the greatest country in the world, but it could be

Aug 21, 2014 59:44


on the television series, the newsroom, a panel was asked what made the united states of america the greatest nation on earth, and after a few fluffy answers from some of the panel, one character emphatically stated, “it’s not.” this leads to today's discussion between ryan and wes about how us citizens hold themselves to a higher standard based off of principles of our constitution and bill of rights, yet do little to work for that privilege.  we’re all unique and have individual gifts, but that doesn’t make us entitled. there’s value in striving to be the best and using positive competition, like the example of the olympics. make society great by being you. people will be motivated when they see your success, and tell themselves, “well, if he can do it, why can’t i?!” let’s all be the best HUMAN person we can be, and see what happens. we can recreate our country’s greatness from yesteryear by blending the old with the new knowledge we have now, literally at our fingertips. links to check out: totalitarianism definition 1992 dream team in olympics basketball ice bucket challenge rudy award in football jerry seinfield “silver medal” skit A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on teaching what sex is to youth modules from superhuman.life

why robin williams was not a joke- depression is as real as death

Aug 15, 2014 1:11:45


(note: this episode is dedicated to robin williams and is meant to inspire all of us to stand up and fight the real disease of depression) there are varying levels of suicidal thought, and the levels within those levels are mentioned in today’s podcast, but ultimately the question most asked about suicide is, where does it come from? how does a person get to that point that a person no longer wants to live? many are faking the life they are portraying because they feel all alone and there’s safety in not letting people know; until it’s too late. there’s a fear of public shame admitting that we need help. we all talk as if we would help and support, but we’re all in our own lives. it all gets abused, and the question remains, why? why do humans complete suicide? why fake life until it's taken by one's own hand? wes and ryan declare that we need to stop the insecurity of blaming roles which spark darkness.  curing the circumstance of chronic depression by breaking patterns with thought process of wanting change is simple but extremely effective. make the conscious decision to stop. it’s not an overnight cure, but the start of one. wes used an analogy of a rose garden: within one week, if weeds are not dealt with, it’ll take over. laughter can be used as fertilizer, but it doesn’t deal with core issues. if that one weed is left, it could overtake all the beauty. until it is permanently removed, it will never go away. in order to inoculate against the virus that is depression, we must create a vaccination, or virus just as powerful but with positivity. this will combat depression with a movement that life can be whatever you want it to be when you get out of the way and let it happen. love is the ultimate vaccination. what did robin williams do? he committed suicide. who did it effect? the world. please watch this video if you are suffering for any form of sadness/depression: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfea0wtj-0Y?rel=0] HUMAN help lines:   email help@humanproject.com with the subject WES or RYAN in the heading.   save (suicide awareness voices of education)   http://twloha.com/find-help to write love on her arms, a help program with lots of helplines for the specific pain you’re facing.   the tapping solution’s blog post on robin williams with many help lines and resources for alternative methods to cure depression.  http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ call national suicide prevention lifeline: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1-800-273-8255 (talk) or international: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html  links to check out: co-star child actors from hook and mrs. doubtfire pay tribute to robin williams mrs. doubtfire child actress lisa jakub “thank you note” to robin williams google search robin williams tribute A HUMAN PROJECT “real” video google search of robin williams interview clips famous people struggling with depression scientific study that the neglect of love is more damaging to human brain than physical abuse suicide prevention lifeline brandon marshall creates program after diagnosed with multi-personality disorder heath ledger suicide due to tough psychological role of characters? dr. sarno on healing emotional back pain strong from the inside out with amy clover alexandra’s story which lead wes to create A HUMAN PROJECT fans remembering good will hunting character of robin williams new york daily slams robin williams shortly after death then receives onslaught of reprimands “inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” –matthew 25:40 modules from superhuman.life   other interesting links & references by natalie maslow’s hierarchy of human needs explains that even the most basic needs are to be loved. david letterman remembers robin williams who didn’t know that the man he had known for over 38 years was in pain and suffering,

how to teach what sex is all about to our youth

Aug 14, 2014 1:00:41


we are a sex driven society yet we have no idea how to talk about it maturely. why is that? could our sex talk immaturity simply be because we haven’t been matured in the developmental skills required to openly communicate about sex? looking at the co...

how to cure not treat

Aug 4, 2014 1:05:28


put a band aid on it. here’s a pill. quick solutions never really solve core issues that we as humans deal with on a daily basis. human nature wants to feel better, but a band aid isn’t going to heal the hurt. we as humans want justice so it’s no longer on our minds without going through the rehabilitation that is needed to fully heal. everyone handles things differently, but could it be from the onslaught of youtube videos that show all the hate and negativity that has desensitized us as a society to the point that these perversions of human behavior occur? wes declared that we can start a change by taking a step back; focus on communicating and truly listening to communities.   links to check out:   “A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about the phrase "like a girl" father who beat 2 year old daughter to death gets sentenced winston churchill biography and youtube short on how important it is for the youth to learn about such an amazing man jamie lee curtis article on being true to yourself by not allowing her pictures to be photo-shopped “be the change you want to see in the world” –mahatma gandhi quote modules from superhuman.life

why superheroes are real

Jul 25, 2014 55:15


who’s your hero? according to american scholar joseph campbell, a hero is any individual that has something they are striving for, and embark on a journey to make a difference. wes and ryan inform us that superheroes are real, not because of accomplishing these amazing feats read about in comic books, but through small acts that in turn help others learn to be super. it doesn’t take an extreme act of being human to be a hero, and maybe the best way to find a hero amongst you is to become one yourself. state self-affirmations in the mirror. even if you don’t believe them at first, the more you boost yourself up, the bigger that hero pedestal becomes! #everyonecanbeahero links to check out:    make-a-wish foundation  “wish man” frank shankwitz, founder of make-a-wish foundation vietnam vet gets new wheelchair after lowe's employees help him A HUMAN PROJECT founder's story kid president heroes video kindness boomerang modules from superhuman.life

how to stop the hate between christians and gays

Jul 24, 2014 55:48


gay hate has gone too far. it’s not about who’s right, who’s wrong, and all the fighting that occurs. listen to a person’s heart and accept them for who they believe they are. could society be shaming gay people to the point that they have to do show their “gay pride” in a flamboyant way in order to be recognized? you decide. hate is a habit. our youth are bombarded, forced to celebrate being different when they’re unsure what they truly believe or feel still. they need to know that who they are is accepted, and they are enough just the way they are. links to check out:   florida teen arrested for consensual gay relationship wes’s article on elliot rodger’s reasoning behind his actions  modules from superhuman.life   other interesting links & references by natalie i pledge to be me tank transmormon  article (with link to documentary under the same title) about one HUMAN’s search to find acceptance as transgender. listening to jazz 20/20 news clip where Barbara Walters catches up with a transgender child.  these images show that there are good people still in the world, in particular the first image showing a christian group holding signs at a gay march that state, “i’m sorry.”