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95033 Podcast - By Scott Green

This is a podcast devoted to information and education to the 95033 community.
95033 Podcast - By Scott Green


A Santa Cruz Mountain Community Podcast



013-Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Jan 18, 2018


Living in the Santa Cruz Mountains can come with challenges for some. The founder of Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Patricia Wood, discusses her vision that she had when she recognized a need for assistance for some neighbors that could not … Continue reading →

012-The Summit Fire Break Project

Jan 15, 2018


Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains is very real and has been active in our community over the last few years. With thousands of acres burned and several structures destroyed over the years, several preventive measures must be taken to … Continue reading →

011-Gratitude Gives!

Jun 6, 2017 28:51


In this weeks episode, Gratitude Gives, Erin Buchla of Aptos discusses her vision and the creation of her upcoming event that will be held in Scotts Valley, “Gratitude Picnic.”  During the 2017 winter storms, Erin drove by road crews on … Continue reading →

010-Fire safe in the mountains

Jun 2, 2017 43:33


In this weeks episode, Patty Ciesla of the Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council discusses the benefits and services that the Fire Safe Council offers to the residents of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.  Learn how how they are … Continue reading →

009-Paying it Forward

May 26, 2017 26:33


Paying it forward is something we as a community should always do.  In this episode, Malaina Taylor discusses her Husband’s accident that occurred on Mother’s Day.  Her Husband, Ian, was cutting a tree for a neighbor when a section of … Continue reading →

008 – How to Report an Emergency

Apr 21, 2017 57:20


Believe it or not, many people have challenges providing the critical pieces of information when reporting an emergency.  In this week’s episode, mountain resident and former Volunteer Firefighter Jeff Powell and I discuss what is needed by dispatchers when reporting … Continue reading →

007 – Nonno’s Pizza

Apr 13, 2017 38:24


In this week’s episode, we talk with Ralph DiTullio, owner and operator of Nonno’s Pizza.  Ralph will share with us how he got started in the restaurant business and his history.  Learn how Nonno’s Pizza was born and when it … Continue reading →

006 – Lakeside School Wins!

Apr 7, 2017 48:30


In this week’s episode, we talk with Matt Price, Lakeside School Board Member and Whitney Barnes, Lakeside Community Foundation member.  We discuss their success in measure A, Lakeside’s school funding and their upcoming auction fundraiser that will be held at … Continue reading →

005 – Mountain Burners

Mar 31, 2017 42:28


This week I discuss backyard burning in Santa Cruz County.  I discuss some burning requirements at must be met, safety considerations, tips on successful burning and steps to reduce any impact on your neighbors.  I also discuss methods on removing … Continue reading →

004 – La Tienda Lives!

Mar 23, 2017 56:07


In episode 4, La Tienda Lives, Darrell Osborne and Ben Abeln talk about a little history of La Tienda which used to be the name of what we now know as the Summit Store.  Learn how Darrell and his Wife … Continue reading →

003 – Losing Ground

Mar 16, 2017 46:19


In episode 3, we talk with local mountain resident and Geologist, Rick Haltenhoff.  Rick will discuss what crews and contractors will face in repairing all the slides from the 2017 winter storms.  Rick will also discuss how to identify early … Continue reading →

002 – Pothole Vigilantes

Mar 10, 2017 42:54


In this episode we discuss The Pothole Vigilante Team with Larry McVoy.  Larry will share how he organized the next generation of mountain resident volunteers in order to improve mountain roads after a series of devastating storms. While not wanting … Continue reading →

001 – Talk With Moderation

Mar 5, 2017 1:05:04


In this week’s debut episode, I am joined by the creator and moderators of 95033 Talk.  We will discuss how this private email group that serves our mountain community was created and how it grew to where it is today.  … Continue reading →