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702 presents... The Moth

“Beneath the Armour: A Moth Storytelling Showcase”
702 presents... The Moth


702 partnered with The Moth to present unique story podcasts around issues of personal identity and experiences with HIV/ AIDS. Some stories are from The Moth archives while most in this series will be sourced from “Beneath the Armour: A Moth Storytelling Showcase” - a live event exploring broad themes of personal identity and personal experience with HIV/AIDS.


Alila Mwangi

Dec 1, 2016 00:09:31


A Programe Assistant supporting the Research & Strategic Information department at LVCT Health, Alila (not her real name) grew up in Nakuru, Kenya and currently lives in Nairobi. She recently graduated from The Moth Global Community Program and is thrilled to be back in Johannesburg.

Duration: 9'31"

Gethwana Mahlase

Nov 30, 2016 00:12:58


This former nurse now works for an NGO which she founded in 1995. Currently she is writing a book on stories she collected from grandmothers who lost all or almost all their children at the peak of HIV.

Chilufya Kasanda

Nov 29, 2016 00:08:49


This 29 year old advocate for HIV prevention has been working for the integration of pre-exposure prophylaxis among HIV prevention options for young girls, women and other key populations. She resides in Lusaka and has been working in the community since 2011 and has a great passion for creating change for young girls and women.

Lepheana Mosooane

Nov 28, 2016 00:09:18


This three time award winning, semi-professional filmmaker and social activist uses the power of film to address issues affecting young people, marginalized communities and marginalized individuals. He is currently based at Jhpiego in Lesotho.

Chamunorwa Mashoko

Nov 28, 2016 00:13:03


This cultural and human rights defender based in Zimbabwe believes in self-reliance and the advancement of communities regardless of geographical location.

Constance Mudenda - A Mother Can’t Wait

Nov 23, 2016 00:05:08


HIV Counselor and new mother Connie Mudenda learns firsthand what it feels like to wait for a infant’s test results.

Connie Mudenda is a (RED) Amabassador and AIDS activist. She is HIV-positive, and living proof of the tremendous power of anti-retroviral meds, known as ARVS. In the 1990s, Connie lost all three of her children to AIDS. She had not been tested and didn’t know she was living with HIV.  In 2005, Connie got tested for HIV and began assessing treatment. Today, she remains on treatment and thanks to the power of her life-saving meds, she had a daughter, named Lubona, who was born HIV-free in 2012. 

Living in Lusaka, Zambia, Connie works to fight stigma, encourages people to get tested, and educates people living with HIV about the importance of adhering to treatment. 

Duration: 4'40"

James Kassaga - Dreams of a Young Cow Herder

Nov 23, 2016 00:08:50


A young man dreams of an iron roof for his family. 

James Kassaga was raised in rural Western Uganda and now partners with secondary schools in Uganda to provide leadership development for youth. He says he has dreams of one day serving his country in a way that gives each and every Ugandan a fairer shot at life.

Duration: 8'15"

Bisi Alimi - My Friend, Ibrahim

Nov 22, 2016 00:14:07


A Nigerian man tells a bold truth on live television. 

Bisi Alimi was born and raised in Nigeria, and runs the Bisi Alimi Foundation – a foundation committed to improving the lives of sexual and gender minorities in Nigeria.

Duration: 13'31"