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Contact Lens Binoculars Are in Sight

Feb 20, 2015 00:01:54


Researchers revealed their latest prototype contact lenses that magnify vision almost three times with the wink of an eye. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Keurig Coffee Drinkers Hack Back

Feb 14, 2015 00:01:38


Users of the K-cup coffee company’s products have counterattacked against its efforts to restrict the brands that their new machines can brew. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Radar Makes All Houses Glass

Feb 6, 2015 00:01:37


Law enforcement agencies have handheld radar that can “see” through walls via RF signals, raising Fourth Amendment concerns. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Smart Keyboard Gets a Charge out of You

Jan 31, 2015 00:01:29


Researchers have made a secure, waterproof wireless keyboard that gets charged by the action of your fingertips as you type. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Rival Space Internets Vie for Sky Pie

Jan 24, 2015 00:01:31


SpaceX’s Elon Musk and fellow tech mogel Greg Wyler both have plans for low Earth orbit satellite networks that could fill in many of the world's current gaps in Internet coverage. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Gestures and Eye Movements Will Control Cars

Jan 17, 2015 00:01:19


Carmakers are working on ways to let drivers interact with their cars using presumably safer hand gestures and eye movement in addition to voice controls and touch screens. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Facebook Puts Its Money Where Your Mouth Is

Jan 13, 2015 00:01:31


The social media behemoth buys voice-recognition start-up to prepare for the impending Internet of Things. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Teen Inventors Connect DVR to Your Zzzs

Dec 25, 2014 00:01:23


British students made a wrist monitor that senses if you nod off and sends a signal to your DVR to record whatever you were watching. Future such devices could control additional household functions. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Future Smartphone Could Fall Smartly, Too

Dec 20, 2014 00:01:22


Apple got a patent for a system to adjust your falling device in flight to minimize the damage on landing. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Recycled Laptop Batteries Bring Light to Power Poor

Dec 12, 2014 00:01:23


IBM scientists in India developed an experimental power supply from reusable lithium ion cells salvaged from three-year-old laptop battery packs. Larry Greenemeier reports  

NYC School Computers Are MIA

Dec 9, 2014 00:01:17


New York City public schools are missing hundreds and possibly thousands of computers, due to poor record keeping, theft, corruption or some combo. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Cats Teach Robots to Land on Feet

Nov 22, 2014 00:01:22


Training rescue robots to land safely from falls like cats could give them nine lives in the field. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Solar Roadways Take Baby Steps

Nov 19, 2014 00:01:23


Dutch cyclists can now pedal a path paved with solar panels. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Smartphone Case Furthers Unplug Movement

Nov 7, 2014 00:01:29


Yondr’s locking gadget-case aims to keep digital distractions down during live performances. Larry Greenemeier reports  

Apple Pay Perturbs Prying Personal Prospectors

Oct 29, 2014 00:01:40


Law enforcement agencies and retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy balk at Apple's operating system and payment app privacy efforts. Larry Greenemeier reports