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5 & 7 Series BERNINA Machines

BERNINA 5 & 7 Series
5 & 7 Series BERNINA Machines


Learn more about the BERNINA 7 Series and 5 Series machines.Learn more about the features of the machines and view projects created using machine sewing and embroidery.



BERNINA 5 Series - Hanging Letter Holder

Sep 24, 2013 54:22


Organize your mail in style with our simple-to-make hanging letter holder made special with BERNINA embellishments! Join us to learn fun sewing and embroidery techniques that can jump start your holiday gift crafting! The BERNINA 580’s sewing features make it easy to add decorative stitches and combination stitch patterns. On the embroidery side, adding lettering, simple editing of embroidery designs, and even adding a touch of embellishment using the BERNINA PaintWork Tool allow you to customize each project. Customize the Hanging Letter Holder to complement your décor or a holiday theme

BERNINA 7 Series - Creative Embroidery

Aug 30, 2013 36:04


Join us to explore the creative embroidery possibilities available with the BERNINA 780. Go beyond the built-in embroidery designs and take a look at design options using the new Bella Morocco BERNINA Embroidery Collection. Working with Imported Stitches, Endless Embroidery and perhaps a touch of BERNINA Embroidery Software, see how to create a decorative piece fit for a King…or Queen!

BERNINA 7 Series - A Dori-ble Table

May 8, 2013 40:09


Set a refreshing spring table with linens created using the Dori BERNINA Exclusive Embroidery Collection and the BERNINA 780. See how Dual Feed, Endless Embroidery, lovely decorative stitches and some simple quilt techniques can be used to make a beautiful table runner. We’ll also coordinate pieces such as napkins and placemats.

5 Series: Grow Your Creative Garden

Mar 22, 2013 1:13:29


Spring is just around the corner, a time for gardening and adding a bit of creativity to landscape. Whether gardening is a joy or a chore, you can add a bit of zip to your outdoor duties by creating a gardening apron and a simple tool carrier made special with bright fabrics, laminates and custom embroidery from the new BERNINA Exclusive Embroidery Collection, Lilified. Using the BERNINA 580 E as your indoor creative partner, join us to see how easy it is to customize theses projects with appliqué by embroidery machine, decorative machine stitches, quick binding techniques and more!

7 Series: Indigo Blossoms Quilt

Feb 27, 2013 40:58


Join us to discover the features and function of the new BERNINA 780 as we explore quilting and embroidery in the making of our Indigo Blossoms Quilt. See how the BERNINA 780’s precision piecing with the BERNINA Dual Feed allows for quick construction of this lap-sized quilt. Designs from the New BERNINA Exclusive Embroidery Collection, Indigo Blossoms, add embroidered beauty to the simple piecing. The BERNINA 780’s expanded space to the right of the needle allows for larger embroidery design stitch-outs in one hooping! Learn about the BERNINA 780 Embroidery features which allow for precise placement and perfect stitching. No quilt is complete until it is actually quilted! The BERNINA Stitch Regulator will be discussed and the advantages of using it when quilting your quilt.

7 Series: The Power of 7

Nov 16, 2012 39:37


Endless Embroidery, Stitches into Embroidery, Drag and Drop Editing, Large Capacity Bobbin, Larger space to the right of the needle, Dual Feed and the BERNINA Stitch Regulator are seven very powerful creative tools. Take advantage of these features and functions found on our new BERNINA 780 E Sewing & Embroidery Machine as we create a decorative portfolio for a small notepad. We might even take a peek at some of the other ‘newest’ accessories from BERNINA!

Meet the BERNINA 780 E - A Machine with Personality

Oct 19, 2012 55:04


You’ll love the BERNINA 780 E with its intuitive touch screen, BERNINA Dual Feed to tackle any project, expansive embroidery capabilities, BERNINA Stitch Regulator compatibility for successful free-motion quilting, plus a bobbin that holds more thread than ever before! The 10” extended arm provides lots of creative space for quilting, fashion, embroidery and home decor projects.

Sensational Holiday Décor

Oct 19, 2012 59:06


The holidays are just around the corner... Join as we share a quick project to dress-up your décor for the holidays. Using designs from the BERNINA Exclusive Embroidery Collection - Sensational Swirls, see how to turn a ready-made table runner into a decorator pillow made extra-special with Christmas embellishments! With the BERNINA 580 E as your trusty design partner, it’s fun to embroider and embellish seasonal items and gifts. From perfect embroidery placement with Absolute Check to an extensive library of easy-to-combine, built-in Decorative Stitches to Total Stitch Control for personalized stitch settings and more, the BERNINA 580 E allows you to make the most of your creative sewing sessions.

Heirloom Made Easy

Oct 19, 2012 59:06


Create a wonderful child’s heirloom garment using the new BERNINA Exclusive Stitch ‘n’ Bloom Embroidery Collection and the BERNINA 580 E Sewing and Embroidery Machine. Absolute Check allows for perfect placement of these hand look embroidery designs. The precision of this BERNINA machine as well as the use of BERNINA’S wonderful accessory feet make easy work of a child’s jacket and jumper.

Elegant Pillow Trio

Oct 19, 2012 44:37


Meet the new BERNINA 530 - The ideal companion for Home Décor. Simple, yet clever, sewing techniques create exciting pillows using the BERNINA 530 – you will be amazed! Join us and learn a few tips and tricks for making sensational designer pillows. Update your décor in a flash!