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Host Aaron Butler shares tips, techniques, and encouragement from experts in the field of nutrition and fitness, as well as bit of his own home-spun wisdom that has helped him in his own journey to lose more than 130 pounds (and counting!)

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1M1W #79 - The Ultimate Podcast

Apr 4, 2013 47:21


Tonight, the guys discuss Aaron upcoming book! Aaron took everything he's learned in the past (almost) 3 years and put it in a book. Hear the high points of what's covered!

1M1W #78 - The Aftermath

Mar 29, 2013 53:11


This week, the guys are joined by Roger Wright for a recap of Aaron's (and Roger's) marathon experience at the Georgia Publix Marathon.

1M1W #77 - SuperFoods

Mar 15, 2013 61:02


This episode, the guys discuss 20 "super foods", Alton Brown, super-concentrated awesome coffee, and more!

1M1W #76 - Sitting is the New Smoking

Mar 1, 2013 46:11


Pink is the new red. Hemsworth is the new Baldwin, and SITTING is the new SMOKING? What's that about?

1M1W #74 - When to Quit Working Out

Feb 15, 2013 56:01


Quit working out? That's crazy talk! I don't really mean "quit" working out. But maybe there's reason to take a break.

1M1W #74 - Constructing a New Rick

Feb 8, 2013 56:02


This week, Mark, Don (Don's back!) and Aaron visit with Rick Wyckoff. Hear how Rick has entirely changed his life in less than 1 year. He's down over 180 lbs!

1M1W #73 - What's Your "Why?"

Jan 31, 2013 52:48


This week, Mark and Aaron visit with fitness, nutrition, lifestyle coach Kate Deering. We discuss eggs, exercise, and the psychology of getting fit!

1M1W #72 - What's Your Excuse?

Jan 25, 2013 45:35


Listen to the amazing story Julie Mead of who lost over 300 pounds (yes, you read that right, THREE HUNDRED POUNDS!) With a combination of Weight Watcher's, regular workouts, and steely determination.

1M1W #71 - The Biggest Loser

Jan 10, 2013 50:52


The Biggest Loser! Hit show in a couple of dozen countries, right? Tonight, the guys discuss an interesting article from Kate Deering of katedeering.com. Kate has some strong opinions about the show, and whether or not it's actually a positive thing.

1M1W #70 - Year-end Wrap-up

Dec 20, 2012 47:28


Well, 2012 is one for the books. Here the final take on what's going on at "1 Meal - 1 Workout."

1M1W #69 - Onward and Downward

Dec 15, 2012 44:50


This week the guys are joined by Lori Gibbs, a comedian from the Great Frozen North who shares her efforts to lose 150 pounds in her blog called "Losing Lori."

1M1W #68 - The Grab Bag

Dec 7, 2012 34:35


The guys recap their goals for 2012 in a quick show and Aaron gives us a peak into his marathon training routine, before heading out for a 4-mile run!

1M1W #67 - Seth Anderson

Nov 30, 2012 53:34


Aaron and Mark chat with their long time friend about the choice he made to change his life for the better after a lifetime of being overweight. We learn about the progress he's made, his goals for the future, and where he finds his inspiration.

1M1W #66 - The Talk

Nov 16, 2012 51:22


Tonight, the guys talk. No guest, but a nice combination of humor and heart-felt honesty.

1M1W #65 - Why Even Tri?

Oct 12, 2012 65:17


What's a triathlon? Think you could NEVER run one? Meet Jana Cummiskey and find out how she got started doing just that!

1M1W #64 - What to Do When the Cheese Stands Alone

Oct 5, 2012 44:47


Tonight, Elizabeth Knecht from CaveMomChronicles.com brings the goods again. We discuss how to deal with everyone around not necessarily being "on board" with your eating decisions. And a pudding recipe you won't believe!

1M1W #63 - It's a Buffet, Not a Challenge

Sep 28, 2012 58:08


This week the guys discuss motivation with Gretchen Agans! Need a little? Come get some!!

1M1W #62 - Another Paleo Success Story

Sep 21, 2012 48:14


This week we talk to Joshua Hahn, long-time friend of Aaron and recent Paleo convert. Hear about the amazing results Joshua has experienced since his changes in diet and exercise.

1M1W #61 - Why Is Dieting So Hard?

Sep 14, 2012 60:27


Ever wonder why dieting is hard? So did we. Here's our discussion about it...and some interesting articles, too!

1M1W #60 - Common Food Pitfalls

Sep 7, 2012 47:45


This week we discuss foods that might SEEM to be healthy, or better choices, but might just have you sabotaging yourself.

1M1W #59 - A "1 Meal - 1 Workout" FAQ

Aug 31, 2012 64:16


Every week Aaron gets some of the same questions about his fitness success. Here are the questions...and the answers! And as a bonus, some great discussion about healthy eating choices.

1M1W #58 - The Treadputer

Aug 24, 2012 47:57


This week, the guys are joined by Steven Campbell, a friend and co-worker of Aaron's that did it! He built an honest-to-goodness TREADPUTER. Find out exactly how he did it.

1M1W #57 - The State of the Union

Aug 14, 2012 48:11


Basically, Mark, Don and Aaron talk about themselves. No, really. Their successes, their failures. Their weaknesses, their strengths. Maybe you can relate?

1M1W #56 - Half Size Me

Aug 10, 2012 50:47


This week we talk with fellow blogger and podcaster Heather Robertson, who has literally lost HALF of herself in her journey to fitness.

1M1W #55 - Back to Basics

Jul 13, 2012 48:56


Tonight, Aaron and Don talk about the basics of the 1 Meal - 1 Workout philosophy. How Aaron got started, and what's worked for them!

1M1W #54 - The Guys of the Roundtable

Jul 5, 2012 44:45


For the first time EVER, Mark, Don and Aaron were in the same room at the same time...and just like that, podcast history was made! The guys discuss where they are in their own fitness journeys, the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, and more!

1M1W #53 - A Personal Paleo Perspective

Jun 29, 2012 58:13


This week the guys discuss the Paleo diet with Elizabeth Knecht. Elizabeth has lost an incredible 166 lbs in 8 months!

1M1W #52 - Alternatives to Exercise

Jun 22, 2012 48:58


This week the Don and Aaron are joined by Joshua Perkins to discuss alternatives to "exercise". We're not talking about liposuction, but instead alternatives to "traditional exercises" like running and weight training.

1M1W #51 - Fitness, It's not Just for Old People!

Jun 11, 2012 43:54


This week we talk with Tony Scornavacco! When Tony was 16 years old, he decided to make a change, and in a short time, he lost 85 lbs and transformed his life!

1M1W #50 - FitBit

Jun 3, 2012 45:44


This week, the guys are joined by Aaron's good friend Mike McCrary. Hear about Mike's own fitness journey, and one of the "tools in his belt": the FitBit. What's the FitBit, you ask? A cool piece of technology to help you track your fitness life.

1M1W #49 - Geocaching

May 26, 2012 54:25


Have you ever heard of Geocaching? It's the world-wide game that anyone can play. If you're like most people and love the joy of discovery, it might just be for you! We learn all about geocaching from geocacher Kim Scornavacco!

1M1W #48 -Running for My Existence with Roger Wright

May 20, 2012 61:24


Today, the guys talk with Roger Wright about his incredible journey to fitness. Here how he went from overweight and sedentary to running the Boston Marathon in 10 months!

1M1W #47 - It Sux to Be Fat

May 12, 2012 53:45


Did you know that "it sucks to be fat"? We talk to Jennifer Swafford of the "It Sux to Be Fat" blog, learn about her weight loss journey, her blog, and life! She recently won "Best Weight Loss Blog" from Fitness Magazine!

1M1W #45 - The Warrior Dash

May 8, 2012 60:49


This week Shawn Kibel is back, and we discuss his experience with the Warrior Dash. Should you do it? Is it for you? Find out!

1M1W #45 - The Paleo Diet

Apr 26, 2012 43:12


Have you heard of the Paleo Diet? Join us for a discussion about the pros, cons, ins and yes, the outs of the Paleo Diet!

1M1W #44 - Motivated to Move!

Apr 23, 2012 63:21


This week Aaron and Don talk to Shawn Kibel the "other half" of Element Opie. The topic? MOTIVATION!

1M1W #43 - Building a Home Gym

Apr 16, 2012 51:31


Everything you need to know about creating a home gym is in the THIS podcast! We talk with Aaron's long-time friend Adam Brown about what it takes to guild that perfect home gym...for you!

1M1W #42 - How to Pick a Gym

Apr 13, 2012 53:25


Thinking of joining a gym? Should you? If so, how do you pick the right one? What should you look out far? What are the "red flags?"

1M1W #41 - High Intensity Interval Training

Apr 4, 2012 46:20


Have you heard of High Intensity Interval Training, or "HIIT"? It might be just the thing you need to jump start your workout. Learn what you need to know about how to get started!

1M1W #40 - Picky Eaters with Lara Field

Mar 25, 2012 53:37


This week, pediatric dietitian Lara Field returns to discuss the topic of "picky eaters". It's never too early (or too late) to start your kids (and yourself) down the right path with their eating habits!

1M1W #39 - RunningNerds

Mar 18, 2012 49:46


What's a "running nerd?" Ever wonder why some people love to run and others hate it? Can't seem to get your "running mojo" going? We chat with Tes Sobomehin, founder of RunningNerds to find out how to get over the hump.

1M1W #38 - Sleep Fitness, Round 2

Mar 10, 2012 67:23


Having trouble sleeping? Are you one of those "early birds"...maybe a "night owl"? Do you always feel tired? Join us as we speak with Dr. Scott Leibowitz, sleep specialist with Piedmont Heart Institute to discuss these topics and more.

1M1W #37 - Will Weight Watchers Work?

Mar 1, 2012 61:20


In this episode the guys talk with Aaron's good friend Gretchen Agans. Hear about her success with Weight Watchers, and the new Facebook group she's started called "Fit and Fabulous"

1M1W #36 - Hodgepodge for the Win!

Feb 28, 2012 44:14


What do you call a show about a multitude of topics? How about a hodgepodge? Hear how YOU can help US! Get an update on Mark's personal experience having a sleep study, using a CPAP machine, and the change it has made in his life.

1M1W #35 - Social Eating and Family Pressure

Feb 16, 2012 48:16


This episode the guys tackle the topics of social pressure to eat, family pressures and dynamics and more.

1M1W #34 - It's not JUST a Podcast!

Feb 13, 2012 43:03


This week, Don and Aaron discuss a variety of topics, all sparked by recent blogposts from 1meal1workout.com! It's not JUST a place to park a podcast.

1M1W #33 - Is It OK to Be Fat?

Feb 3, 2012 63:44


Is it okay to be fat? That's the question the guys tackle on this episode! There's an organization called the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), whose goal is "protecting the rights and improving the quality of life for fat people.

1M1W #32 - Childhood Obesity

Jan 29, 2012 59:11


This week we're joined by Lara Field, registered dietitian, celiac disease expert, and pediatric nutrition expert to discuss childhood obesity. She shares suggestions on how to help our children live healthy lives and make better choices.

1M1W #31 - What Sedentary Really Means

Jan 20, 2012 50:12


This week, the guys talk with Travis Saunders, a PhD student researching the relationship between sedentary time and chronic disease risk in children and youth. He is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist and competitive distance runner.

1M1W #30 - Get Your Head Right

Jan 16, 2012 57:48


This week the guys discuss compulsive eating, getting back on track, how to win the "head game" and more. Quite the lively discussion! Oh, and Aaron uses dozens of cliches, too.

1M1W #29 - Return of the Nerd Guy

Jan 13, 2012 44:11


He's back! Who, you might ask, is back? Steve Kamb, that's who! The leader of the Rebellion from NerdFitness.com is back with us for a second week discussing fitness and health.

1M1W #28 - A Nerd Hope

Jan 6, 2012 40:33


This week the guys chat with Steve Kamb, founder and architect of the Nerd Rebellion occurring over at NerdFitness.com. Don't know what that is? Check out the podcast.

1M1W #27 - Resolutions? Maybe...Maybe Not!

Dec 29, 2011 51:47


It's that time again! It's time for New Year's resolutions, right? Maybe so, maybe no. Join the guys as they discuss a better way to approach the whole resolution concept.

Merry Christmas

Dec 24, 2011 1:12


Merry Christmas from Element Opie Productions

Merry Christmas

Dec 24, 2011 1:12


Merry Christmas from Element Opie Productions

1M1W #26 - The Family Episode

Dec 23, 2011 42:17


Family Episode? What does that mean? Meet "the 1 Meal - 1 Workout kids", and find out what THEY think about eating right and exercising. Also, it's a 2 year anniversary...find out the anniversary of what!

1M1W #25 - Beating Holiday Feasting

Dec 16, 2011 44:45


Ah! The holiday season. You gotta love all the good food and good fun. But how do you make it through the holidays without having a two month set-back? This week the guys discuss making better social choices, AND smarter food choices.

1M1W #24 - Snake Oil and Pixie Dust

Dec 8, 2011 60:08


This week the guys discuss Snake Oil and Pixie Dust...also known as weight loss pills and diet supplements. Are they safe? Are they effective? Also meet Kelly Duncan, our newest "test pilot", and be encouraged in your own journey!

1M1W #23 - Top 10 Excuses to NOT Eat Right and Exercise

Dec 1, 2011 60:07


This week the guys discuss the the Top 10 Reasons (Excuses) that people have for NOT eating right or exercising. Maybe your favorite reason make the list!

1M1W #22 - The Holy Grail, Right?

Nov 23, 2011 39:19


This week the guys are joined by Danial Sims. Danial shares the experiences, both good and bad, of his recent liposuction surgery. What went just like he thought, what was better...and what was worse.

1M1W #20 - Intermittent Fasting

Nov 17, 2011 56:24


This week Aaron and Mark tackle the somewhat controversial topic of Intermittent Fasting, or IF. They discuss different methods, pros and cons, and their personal experiences!

1M1W #20 - Gastric Redux

Nov 10, 2011 51:34


This week the guys are joined by recent gastric bypass patient John Campbell. John is also a nurse practitioner by profession and an all around cool guy. He's only a couple of months post-surgery, and candidly shares his experiences.

1M1W #19 - Tough Mudder

Nov 3, 2011 68:52


So...Joshua Perkins and I participated in the Virginia Tough Mudder on October 22nd. It was quite the adventure. You can hear all the details, including an obstacle-by-obstacle breakdown of the course, on this week's podcast.

1M1W #18 - Celiac Disease

Oct 20, 2011 53:21


This week the guys are joined by registered dietitian Lara Field. Lara is on the advisory board and an executive committee member of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. They are also joined by Jennifer Perritte, who lives with the disease.

1M1W #17 - Thanks Coach

Oct 19, 2011 52:29


This week the guys talk with Life Coach Jarian Rich. What's a "Life Coach"? Who needs one? Listen and find out all the answers and more!

1M1W #16 - Bootcam for Life

Oct 8, 2011 66:29


This week, the guys speak with Certified Master Personal Trainer Jason Carver of Dream Body, Inc. He's also one of the driving forces behind the Active Atlanta Campaign, a non-profit organization comprised of a group of young health professionals who want

1M1W #15 - Staying Motivated

Oct 2, 2011 59:32


This week the guys discuss staying motivated: how to do it, what to do when something's stolen your "mojo", and more! Need a little pick me up? This might just be the prescription.

1M1W #14 - Too Busy to Exercise?

Sep 29, 2011 49:09


Feel like you meet yourself coming and going? Are you one of the few people that really is too busy to schedule a workout? This week the guys discuss some practical ways to add a little activity to your life.

1M1W #13 - Fitness by the Numbers

Sep 20, 2011 55:51


Do you know your average blood pressure? How about your latest lipid panel results? Hemoglobin A1c? Also, what's your "BMI?" And should you even care? The guys discuss risk factors, hidden dangers, and more!

1M1W #12 - Sleep Fitness

Sep 13, 2011 51:25


This week, the guys are joined by Dr. Scott Leibowitz, a sleep specialist with the Piedmont Heart Institute. If you are overweight, you don't want to miss this one! Hear how obesity, sleep disorders, heart disease, diabetes and more, are all tied together

1M1W #11 - Gastic Bypass

Sep 6, 2011 66:12


Today, the guys are joined by Mike Sherrill. Hear the story of how he came to the decision to have gastric bypass surgery, how it changed his life, and what his life is like now, post-surgery. You may be surprised by some of the answers!

1M1W #10 - The HCG Diet

Aug 30, 2011 53:54


Today, the guys are joined by Dr. Steven Lenhard, MD and Cindi Haga of Piedmont Physicians in Marietta, Georgia, to discuss the facts about the HCG Diet. What it really is, how it really works, and is it something for you?

1M1W #9 - Exercising at Home

Aug 25, 2011 56:33


On this week's show, the guys talk with trainer (and author) Sam Brown. The discussion covers: working out in the home, exercises that require little or no equipment, Chuck Norris, and more!

1M1W #8 - Fitness Tech

Aug 15, 2011 66:33


This week, Aaron is joined by Mark and Shawn of the Tightwad Tech podcast to discuss some of their favorite fitness-related apps and gadgets.

1M1W #7 - Run For It!

Aug 5, 2011 56:38


This week, we meet "Test Pilot" Tiffany, someone that's working the 1 Meal - 1 Workout plan, and hear about her progress! We also discuss running, racing, and race promotion with Mark Vescio of Run for It! Productions.

1M1W #6 - Sticks and Stones

Jul 22, 2011 83:28


Ever heard the rumor that "running is bad for your knees"? This week, the guys are joined by Dr. Stephen Eggleston, orthopedic surgeon, to tackle that question, among many others.

1M1W #5 - Getting Started

Jul 19, 2011 48:58


This week, Aaron and Don (and Mark) are tackling that toughest of topics: how to get started! Hear their thoughts and ideas on how to take those crucial first steps. Maybe it's not as tough as you thought.

1M1W #4 - The Plateau Myth

Jul 9, 2011 49:52


Aaron and Mark had such a good time last week with Don Sullivan, they invited him back! This week, Aaron, Mark and Don talk about the myths and realities surrounding the dreaded "diet plateau". How to beat it, and then when you're ready, how to meet it!

1M1W #3 - No, Not That Don Sullivan

Jul 2, 2011 59:28


Meet Jennifer, the first "Test Pilot" in the 1 Meal - 1 Workout program, as well Don Sullivan, 100+ lbs into a fitness journey of his own.

1M1W #2 - Getting Fit and Meaning it

Jun 30, 2011 64:52


Aaron Butler and his guest Adam Brown, the "Everyman Fitness Guru", discuss Adam's commitment to a healthy lifestyle, what it has taken for him to stick to it, and how to apply some of the things he's learned to your own life.

1M1W #1 - And Now for Something Completely Different

Jun 25, 2011 44:57


Join host Aaron Butler as he introduces "1 Meal - 1 Workout", his approach to food and fitness that has helped him in his own journey to lose more than 130 pounds (and counting!)