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EPISODE10 - Be a Spy for a Weekend

Sep 18, 2008 21:02


Tonight we talk to Michael Gayles owner of Spy with me Vacations. Michael tells us how to have your own James Bond weekend adventure!

Devil May Care review, an update on Quantum of Solace and some self defense

Sep 11, 2008 26:28


Tonight we discuss Devil May Care, and the upcoming Bond movie. We also give you some self defense resources. Bear with us our audio was rough.

On the Tracks of 007

Dec 5, 2007 25:31


Tonight we talk with Martin Mulder of On the Tracks of 007. We find out some insight about the travels of 007. We also find out how we can travel on the tracks of 007

Bond Villans - All Time Top 10 Villans

Nov 13, 2007 38:14


Tonight we countdown the Top 10 Bond villans of all time email your vote at

Interview with Paul Kyriazi part 3. The James Bond Lifestyle

Nov 8, 2007 22:25


Tonight is part 3 of our interview with Paul Kyriazi, author of The James Bond Lifestyle. Don't forget to check out the website, to order Paul's book. Next Week - the Top 10 Bond villans. Be sure to email us your favorite Bond villan at

The James Bond Lifestyle Part 2

Nov 7, 2007 36:31


This is the second psrt of the interview with Paul K. author of the James Bond Lifestyle. Enjoy!

The James Bond Lifestyle - An interview with Paul Kyriazi

Oct 26, 2007 27:28


Today on 007 Connoisseur we interview Paul Kyriazi, author of the The James Bond Lifestyle. Paul tells us how to be more like 007!

EPISODE1 007 Connoisseur

Oct 24, 2007 12:21


This is the introductory podcast for 007 Connoisseur. This episode includes some little know biography information on 007. It also includes tips to make you more like Bond! Enjoy