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My Fellow Americans, Life is actually just a microscopic, deluded moment in time, so let's cut to the freakin' chase. One look at American Idol or the MTV Music Awards can solidify my case. It has been my contention since birth, that the answer to every difficulty we encounter on this sacred yet demented Stone, can be revealed with ultimate clarity through the ultra neurotic engagements of Music, Art, Literature, Film, Poetry and a good Pastrami sandwich. Why would any sane human spend so must time on a film set (Do you know how long you gotta wait until your 8 second deliverance of an edited beyond repair line gets a chance to become a professional embarrassment etched in time forever? ) or expend so much energy in a recording studio, piecing together another ode to a man or woman who could not care less how much love existed within your digestive tract? It's all about hymns and prayers and a quest for mercy and forgiveness and silence and faith and Bukowski and Lenny and Noam Chomsky and Oliver freakin Hardy. So Let's Dance! This site shall explore the reaper, find a way to disarm the stench of injustice, discover some true loves and talk it all over before it's all over. So what's the worst that my desires could produce? Failure? So sue me. I'm going to require your assistance in making as much trouble for the grown-ups as possible. Let the record show that my childish heart yearns to disrupt the madness. Join me Ladies and Germs!



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Mar 25, 2020 339


Conway could wail a path into our souls with a single moan or growl. He practiced his craft until his heart failed him in 1993. It never failed us.

The Righteous Brothers - "Live On The Sunset Strip" -Recorded Live at The Roxy In Los Angeles, California In 1983 - Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley Celebrate Their 21st Anniversary Together As A Duo - A Blue Eyed Soul Fest For Fans Everywhere

Mar 24, 2020 2757


The Righteous Brothers are captured live in 1983 at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood on the occasion of their 21st anniversary. PLEASE CLICK TITLE FOR TRACK LIST

Michael Stipe - "Not Field Recordings, Not REM" - A Collection Of 17 Important Vocal Performances By Michael Stipe, Outside Of REM - Featuring Golden Palaminos, Indigo Girls, 10,000 Maniacs, Neneh Cherry, Vic Chesnut, The Roches, Syd Straw and M

Mar 20, 2020 4351



Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, Eric Taylor, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Rodney Crowell- "ANOTHER VACANCY ON THE BOULEVARD OF BANDIT DREAMS"- RICH BUCKLAND'S EPIPHANY NOTEBOOK

Mar 19, 2020 248



Gene Clark - "High Flying Byrd" - 20 Studio Demos and Live Clark Rarities Recorded Between 1971 & 1990 - Previously Unreleased Tracks Including Mountain Stage Performances and Two "American Dreamer" Outtakes- One Hour, Five Minutes

Mar 18, 2020 3992


1-6 - Mountain Stage / West Virginia 7-11 & 16-20 - Demos / 1986-1987 12-13 - Olde Vienna Kaffe Haus / 1990 14-15 -"American Dreamer" out-takes / 1971 CLICK ON TITLE FOR TRACK LIST


Mar 18, 2020 168


This is a "one day at a time" reckoning.. We will either hit rock bottom or sober up as a species. PLEASE CLICK ON TITLE FOR RICH BUCKLAND'S EPIPHANY NOTEBOOK

"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians Presents The Rock My Soul Hall Of Acclaim" - The Blues Project- Those Hep Cats of Pop Culture, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, Recall Some Majestic Musicians Whose Group Effort Was Real, Real, Gone But Not

Mar 15, 2020 1640


"Rockin' From Coast To Coast" - 26 Rare 1958 Recordings From The Rockabilly Revolution Featuring Joe South, Brenda Lee, Freddy Cannon, Sam Butera, Roy Clark, Tyrone Schmidling,The Rio Rockers and Many More -Very Cool Cuts For Cats & Kitt

Mar 12, 2020 3619



"Boots 'N Roots" - Rare ESP Disk Records Sampler Featuring Cult Icons and Obscure Unknowns, All Connected By The Peculiar Power of One Of The Most Important Independent Record Labels Of All Time -Dedicated To The Memory Of The Late Steve Web

Mar 10, 2020 4102


"Boots 'N Roots" ESP Disk Sampler With Pearls Before Swine, Movement Soul, Holy Modal Rounders, Jerry Moore, Bruce MacKay, The Godz, Octopus, Sweet Pie, Bill Horwitz, Ed Askew, Tony Snell, Seventh Sons, Erica Pomerance & More- CLICK ON TITLE FOR TRACKS

"Rare Tracks From Detroit- Volume One" - One Hour Of Unreleased Motown Recordings From The Early Sixties - Featuring Jimmy Ruffin, Gino Washington, Edwin Starr, Eddie Holland, Connie Van Dyke, The Miracles, Kim Weston, Bunny Paul and Many More!

Mar 8, 2020 3153



"The Rock My Soul Hall Of Acclaim" With The Splendid Bohemians - First Induction - MItch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels - Featuring Your "Dig This" Compadres, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik

Mar 6, 2020 1627



Mar 1, 2020 159


Few Las Vegas acts of the 50's were received with the feverish passion of a musical merge known as Louis Prima and Keely Smith.

Led Zeppelin - A Secret History - Unreleased Live Performances From London, Stockholm, Wisconsin And San Francisco - It's A Whole Lotta Love For Zeppelin Fans! - I Hr, 20 Minutes

Feb 28, 2020 4630


1 Inetrview With Chris Grant 2 The Girl I Love 3 Communication Breakdown 4 What Is And What Should Never Be 5 Something Else 6 You Shook Me 7 I Can't Quit You Baby CLICK TITLE FOR COMPLETE LISTING

"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - Ellie Greenwich- Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik Visit The Chapel Of Love and Other Monuments Constructed By The Magnificent Musical Architects Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry

Feb 23, 2020 1652



Feb 18, 2020 147


For those of us still adept at understanding the communal impact of this authentic, primal entertainer we present an indestructible force enacted through the heart and vitality of Mr. Dean Z live at the Tupelo Mississippi Music Festival of 2019. Let's Bos

"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - The Shangri-las - Bill Mesnik and and Rich Buckland Give This Famed 60's Girl Group A Great Big Kiss As They Remember These Leaders Of A Feminine Pack -

Feb 14, 2020 1487


The story of Mary Weiss, Elizabeth "Betty" Weiss, Margie Ganser and Mary Ann Ganser, known to millions as The Shangri-las.

The Guess Who - The First Reunion Tour, 1983 - An Unreleased, Rousing and Impressive Canadian Performance Featuring Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman In Stirring Form - 45 Minutes

Feb 11, 2020 2600


1) Running Back To Saskatoon 2) Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 3) No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature 4) Laughing 5) Hand Me Down World 6) Hand Onto Your Life 7) Taking Care Of Business 8) No Time 9) These Eyes 10 American Woman

"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians - Bill and Rich Go La La Land! - The Boys Deliberate The Potential Winner of This Years Oscar For Best Director - Sam Mendes, Bong Joon Ho, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorese or Todd Phillips? And The Winner

Feb 6, 2020 2730


Sam Mendes (“1917”) Bong Joon Ho (“Parasite”) Quentin Tarantino (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”) Martin Scorsese (“The Irishman”) Todd Phillips (“Joker”) And The Winner Is!!!!!!

"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- "Jimmy Scott " - The Rhapsodic Team Of Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Inspect The Unsung Resonance Of A Little Musical Goliath - The Legend of James Victor Scott

Jan 30, 2020 1278


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - Shel Silverstein - How Does A Jewish Kid From Chicago Grow Up To Write "A Boy Named Sue", "The Giving Tree" and "Sylvia's Mother"? Bill and Rich Contemplate This Very C

Jan 21, 2020 1486


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians"- The Day Of The Dead 2019 - A Look Back At Some Of The Musical Lives Who Rode The Mystery Train Last Year and Now Reside On The Other Side Of Town - They Come And They Go In The Grand Hotel

Jan 14, 2020 2183


"Live your life, do your work, then take your hat" - Henry David Thoreau

"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - Johnny Rivers - Bill and Rich Ponder A Deep Tributary Of American Music - Let's Swim Baby!

Jan 13, 2020 1569


In 1964, when the British Invasion was in progress and American rockers were tough to find on the U.S. pop charts, Johnny Rivers was one of the first to regain a foothold.

Mike Nesmith - Live At The Britt Festival- Jacksonville Oregon, June 19, 1992 - Rare, LIve Concert

Jan 11, 2020 4106


1) Two Different Roads 2) Papa Gene's Blues 3) Propinquity 4) Some Of Shelly's Blues 5) Joanne 6) Tomorrow and Me 7) The Upside Of Goodbye 8) Harmony Constant 9) Silver Moon 10) Yellow Butterfly 11) Moon Over The Rio Grande 12) Juliana 13) Laugh Kills

Paul Butterfield - "THE POWER AND THE GLORY OF PAUL VAUGHN BUTTERFIELD"- RICH BUCKLAND'S EPIPHANY NOTEBOOK - "Born In Chicago" - Full Performance With Rick Danko, 1979

Jan 11, 2020 363


Paul Butterfield is the only blues artist to appear at The Newport Folk Festival in '65, Monterey Pop Festival in '67 and Woodstock in '69. This trifecta is the signature of his importance to the history of a bountiful blues heritage.

"Dig This" - The Triumphant Return of The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill "The Mez" Mesnik! - The Boys Honor The Storied Mythos of John Prine - Come Share His Life and Depth With Us - The Boys Are Back In Town!

Jan 9, 2020 1465



Dec 31, 2019 261


From The 2015 Rock Hall Of Fame Show.


Dec 30, 2019 107


In retrospect Mary Weiss was my first true infatuation. The emotions were real, especially for a kid who cried over Jackie Wilsons "Lonely Teardrops" at age 7. Rock and Rhythm and Blues produced awakenings and sensations with no age restrictions.


Dec 28, 2019 54



Beatles - The Beatles Christmas Album - Classic Remasters Pressing - The Complete Beatles Fan Club Flexi Discs Released From 1963- 1969

Dec 24, 2019 3346



Dec 24, 2019 69


Frank Sinatra - The Last Performance - Palm Desert Marriott Ballroom, Palm Desert, California, February 25, 1995.- The Full Twenty Minute Performance In Honor Of What Would Have Been Frank's December 12, 105th Birthday - Introduction By Tom Dreesen

Dec 12, 2019 1419


Introduction By Tom Dreesen - 1) “I've Got The World On A String” 2) “You Make Me Feel So Young” 3) “Fly Me To The Moon” 4) “Where or When” 5) “My Kind Of Town” 6) "The Best Is Yet To Come"


Dec 5, 2019 273


At age 12, Jimmy Scott was diagnosed with Kallmann's Syndrome, a rare hormonal condition that kept his body—and his voice—from developing beyond boyhood. This illness left him with a high voice, and unusual timbre


Nov 19, 2019 244


There are 8 Million fables in the Doo-Wop City. This is one of them.


Nov 11, 2019 187


They called him The White Knight of Soul. Dedicated pale soul singers were not in great quantity when Wayne Cochran first caught my attention back in 1965.


Oct 24, 2019 376


This is the unlikely musical tale of a 1950's Italian kid from New York City not named Dion DiMucci. We're talking about John Henry Ramistella.


Oct 23, 2019 179


In retrospect, the Checkmates Las Vegas Lounge Act heritage should have translated to the biggest stages of all. They were one of the first integrated acts of their period creating a sense of inclusion during a time of 60's turmoil.


Oct 22, 2019 118


Dig This Splendid Treatment of "Where Or When" Featuring Loretta Lynn, Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, Dino, Leslie Uggams, John Denver and Robert Merrill.

Elvis Presley- Unchained Melody - Live In South Dakota , 1977- "WHERE ELVIS DARED TO TREAD" - RICH BUCKLAND'S EPIPHANY NOTEBOOK -

Oct 22, 2019 274


Three months prior to his passing in 1977, Elvis debuted this performance of "Unchained Melody" in South Dakota. It engages as a literal prayer from a dying man.


Oct 21, 2019 308


"The Moon ain't romantic. It's intimidating as Hell" "I've got my own double cross to bear." - Tom Waits

Mickey Newbury - "She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye" - Live On The Johnny Cash Show, March 17, 1971

Oct 13, 2019 183


"How many people have listened to my songs and thought, 'He must have a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a pistol in the other.' Well, I don't. I write my sadness."- Mickey Newbury

"Land Of A Thousand Dunces" - A Collection of Thirty, Rare, Sixties Dance Craze Records,Too Bizarre To Ever Get Far - Featuring The Weasel, The Kosher Twist, The Aba- Daba Do Dance, The Dive, The Slosh and Much More Musical Mayhem!

Oct 11, 2019 4207


A Demented 30-track set of 1960's wacko, surf,-rock 'n' novelty dance grooves by The Sierras, The Tammys, Little Eddie, The Tradewinds, The Sierras, Ronnie Fuller and many others!

Pretenders- The New Revolution - Live In New York City- November 5, 1995 - Unreleased Concert Originally Broadcast On KCSA Radio, Los Angeles - One Hour, Fifteen Minutes

Oct 11, 2019 4506


ZZ Top - Beards Getting Rhythm - Recorded Live At The Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey, 1980 - Full Concert

Aug 23, 2019 3015


The name ZZ Top, according to Billy Gibbons, came from a tribute to B.B. King. The band originally were going to call themselves “Z.Z. King” in King's honor, but then decided it was too similar to B.B. King. King was at the “TOP” of the blues world.

Charles Bukowski - "King Of Poets" - The Home Recordings - One Hour Of Rare Bukowski Readings From His Personal Audio Cassettes

Aug 14, 2019 3577


These recordings make you feel as if Buk is reciting just for your pleasure. You can imagine him in a beat up old chair, beer cans lined up on a small coffee table in front of him, revealing his daring soul through the craft he was born to elevate.

Van Morrison and The Chieftains- "Raglan Road" - BBC Television, 1988

Aug 9, 2019 287


"I gave her the gifts of the mind. I gave her the secret sign That's known to all the artists who have Known true Gods of Sound and Time". Peter Kavanagh "KINDLY VISIT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA eBAY STORE FOR CD AND LP RARITIES":

Van Morrison's Sacred Walk Down Ragland Road - Rich Buckland's Epiphany Notebook

Aug 9, 2019


Elvis Presley - "Surrender- The Studio B Sessions" - A Remarkable Collection of Gospel Outtakes Recorded On October 30 1960- The King Was Masterful in Multiple Genres But Gospel Was His Personal Treasure - One Hour of Rare Tracks!

Jul 18, 2019 3838


They call him "The KIng" for a variety of reasons. His amazing capacity to capture the true essence of a variety of musical genres and interpret them with brilliant aptitude made him eternal. Gospel was his most beloved styling. Enjoy!

"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" , Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland- Today's Testimony: "Sinatra! - Should This Lion Be Sleeping In The The Rock Hall Of Fame?" The Boys Deliberate This Inquiry and Other Chairman Contentions a

Jul 13, 2019 4052


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" A Memorial Day Special! "Viva Zappa!" The Story of Frank Zappa's Bombastic Record Labels, Bizarre and Straight - Featuring Captain Beefheart, Lenny Bruce, Wild Man Fischer, Lord Buckley, The

May 27, 2019 3319


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" , Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland- Today's Testimony: "The Reverend, Ry and Roth" - Three Wise Men of Immense Guitar Faith and Dramatic Musical Influence, Reverend Gary Davis, Ry Cooder and Arl

Apr 27, 2019 4152


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Host and Toast "The Artistry of Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam"

Mar 31, 2019 3706


Badfinger - Rarities and Outtakes! A Collection of Rare Badfinger Recordings From 1969-1972 - We Thank and Honor Pete Ham, Joey Molland, Tom Evans, and Mike Gibbins - 22 Tracks - 75 Minutes

Mar 13, 2019 4469


For fans of this blessed yet damned aggregation everywhere. Thank You Pete Ham, Joey Molland, Tom Evans, and Mike Gibbins

Rockpile - Provoked Beyond Endurance - Recorded Live at the Bottom Line, New York City, November 27th, 1980 - Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner and Terry Williams - Full Concert

Mar 13, 2019 3145


1) Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) 2) So It Goes 3) Teacher, Teacher 4) Cry 5) Knife and Fork 6) Oh What A Thrill 7) Hold You and Pet You 8) Girls Talk 9) Singing The Blues 10) They Call It Rock 11) Crawling From The Wreckage 12) I Hear You Knockin'

Sandy Denny - One Last Sad Refrain - Her Final Concert- Recorded Live At Sound Circus, The Royalty Theatre, Kingsway, London, November 27th, 1977- One Hour Honoring The Memory Of Her Brilliance, Prowess and Accomplishments

Mar 12, 2019 3583


1) Solo 2) The North Star Grassman and The Raven 3) Nothing More 4) Gold Dust 5) The Sea 6) Tomorrow Is A Long Time 7) The Lady 8) Wretched Wilbur 9) Stranger To Himself 10) For Shame Of Doing Wrong 11) One More Chance 12) Who Knows Where The Time Goes

"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- "Of Moguls and Cameos"- Before The British Invasion, We Experienced The Jewish Invasion, Orchestrated By The Likes of Morris Levy, George Goldner and Phil Spector - A Tale of Cultures and a Few

Mar 6, 2019 3563


"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians, Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland- The Beautifully Twisted, Mystical Bliss of Warren Zevon - The Boys Venture Into The Life and High Times of An Authentic American Mutineer

Feb 13, 2019 4339


"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians, Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland- "One Album Wonders"- David Forman, Vashti Bunyon, Clear Light and Bruce MacKay

Feb 3, 2019 4102


"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- The Deep Musical Footprints of Arthur Alexander, Don Covay and Clarence Carter- Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Pay Homage To Three Extraordinary Soul Innovators

Jan 11, 2019 3937


Bill Mesnik- "Pride Of Man" - My Partner, Bill "The Mighty Mez" Mesnik, Offers His Chilling Rendition Of This Hamilton Camp Beauty As Made Famous By Quicksilver Messenger Service- HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!

Dec 31, 2018 218


MC5 - Live In Saginaw, Michigan- New Years Day- 1970 - Rare Performance From Seminal, Detroit Rock Unit- 14 Song Set- 70 Minutes- MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Dec 21, 2018 2305


"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- Barbara Dane- Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Pay Tribute To A Legitimate Legend Of Music and Social Justice- From Louis Armstrong To Bob Dylan, Her Odyssey Is Unparalleled In Melody and Social Devotion

Dec 10, 2018 2765


Filmmakers Maureen Gosling (BURDEN OF DREAMS) and Jed Riffe (THE LONG SHADOW) have joined forces with producer (and daughter of Barbara Dane) Nina Menéndez (TROPICOLA), to begin production on a feature-length Dane Documentary, "On My Way".

"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians"- The Wild Ride of Chip Taylor - Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Explore The Genius and Career of a Music Industry Survivalist and Unheralded Composer of Pop, Country and Folk Art - From "Wild Thing"

Nov 10, 2018 2625


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - Women of Rockabilly- Janis Martin, Lorrie Collins, Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee, Charline Arthur" - Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Enter A Falling Rock and Roll Zone of Female, Musical Pioneering!

Oct 28, 2018 3858


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians"- Tom Jones and Charles Aznavour - "Legacies In Danger? " Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Tour the Romance Zone As They Visit The Ideals of Love and Passion As They Translate To The New Age of Femin

Oct 14, 2018 4072


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians"- Garage Band Fever" - Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Enter the Garage Zone With an Exploration of Amplified Dreams and 60's Primitive Rock Yearnings - Youthful Zeal On Parade!

Oct 2, 2018 4079


"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians"- Townes Van Zandt- Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Examine the Sobering Saga of One of America's Greatest Songwriters and His West Texas Compadres

Sep 17, 2018 4310


David Bowie - Absolutely Rare - A Unique Compilation of 15 Bowie Rarities Including Alternate Takes and Marquee Club Performances

Sep 14, 2018 4158


1. My Death 2. Sorrow 3. Time 4. Everything's Alright 5. Space Oddity 6. I Can't Explain 7. The Jean Genie 8. 1984/Dodo 9. I Got You Babe 10. Rebel Rebel 11. Dodo 12. Can You Hear Me? 13. Right 14. Somebody Up There Likes Me 15. Golden Years

"Dig This With The Splendid Bohemians" - Tim and Jeff Buckley- New Episode! - Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland, Your Tour Guides To Creative Epiphanies, Capture Two Legends of Melodic Genius Conjoined By Ultimate Chemistry

Sep 9, 2018 5012


Pacific Gas And Electric- The Second, Complete Album ( Columbia Release - 1969 ) From One Of the 60's Finest Blues, Rock and Jazz Ensembles- Featuring the Vocals of the Great Charlie Allen and the Innovative Guitar of Glenn Schwartz

Aug 8, 2018 2475


1) Bluesbuster -2:56 2) Death Row #172 - 3:59 3) Miss Lucy - 2:28 4) My Women - 5:38 5) She's Long And She's Tall- 6:30 6) P G & E Suite - (16:41) The Young Rabbits / Constitutional Strand / Fat Tom / Boy Wonder / 7) Redneck - 3:32

Eric Clapton - Session Man - Volume Two- 23 Rarities From Clapton's Work As A 60's Session Player- Featuring Otis Spann, Champion Jack Dupree, King Curtis, Jimmy Page, John Mayall, George Harrison, Dave Mason and Many Others! Click Title For Pla

Aug 7, 2018 4085


"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- "Phil Ochs"- Memorial Day Special! Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Engage The Eternal Flame Of Poetic Activism As Once Practiced By One of America's Greatest Soldiers of Songwriting, Phil Och

May 28, 2018 4713


Doug Sahm- Sir Doug and The Texas Tornados- Texas Rock For Country Rollers- The Original 1976 ABC Records Release

May 13, 2018 2131


1) I Love The Way You Love ( The Way I Love You 2) Cowboy Peyton Place 3) Give Back The Key To My Heart 4) Wolverton Mountain 5) Texas Ranger Man 6) Float Away 7) I'm Missing You 8) Gene Thomas Medley 9) Country Groove 10) You Can't Hide A Redneck

"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- The Moondog and Nico Quest - Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Enter The Regal Region of Mythical Musician Moondog and the Eternal Inferno Known As Nico

May 13, 2018 4152


Radiohead - New York Stories - Live At Irving Plaza, NYC - June 9, 1997

May 8, 2018 4599


1 My Iron Lung 2 (Nice Dream) 3 Exit Music (From A Film) 4 Karma Police 5 Fake Plastic Trees 6 Paranoid Android 7 Bones 8 Climbing Up The Walls 9 No Surprises 10 The Bends 11 Creep 12 Just (Do It To Yourself) 13 Planet Telex 14 Street Spirit

David Pink- From His Book "Another Ghost Enters The Room"- Mr. Pink Reminds Us Of A Frontier Where Poetic Grace Was Once A Cherished Force Of Communication- "A primary goal is emotional and intellectual awakening, a human connectedness"

May 2, 2018


About My Work David Pink My work is open to various poetries, from those that might be considered formal—making use of conventions such as rhyme and meter—to informal, free-verse. The goal is to mean something without meaning anything.

"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- "Bootlegs!"- Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Examine the Lost Culture of Bootleg Recordings- Featuring Rare Tracks By The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and The Grateful Dead

Apr 30, 2018 2363


"Dig This"- With The Splendid Bohemians- The Ballad of Kinky Friedman- Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Tour the Creative Majesty of The King of The Texas Jewboys

Apr 16, 2018 3992


"DIG THIS!" With The Splendid Bohemians- Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Present "ACID REFLUX !" Another Lost Chapter Featuring The 13TH Floor Elevators, Moby Grape, Bob Markley and Syd Barrett * We Apologize For The Flawed Audio From Ou

Apr 8, 2018 3171



Roky Erickson- Live and Rare- The Influential Reverend of Karmic Youth Testifying In A 6 Song Set From 1979

Apr 7, 2018 1684


1) The Interpreter 2) Starry Eyes 3) For You 4) Bloody Hammer 5) The Wind And More 6) Night Of The Vampire

Chicago Blues Reunion- Featuring Barry Goldberg, Nick “The Greek” Gravenites, Harvey “The Snake” Mandel, Corky Siegel, Tracy Nelson, Sam Lay and Other Blues Greats!

Apr 3, 2018 5025


"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- Day of The Dead 2016 Podcast- The Resurrection! Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Present The Lost 2016 Memorial Show Featuring Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, John Zacherle, Lonnie Mack, Prince, Merle Haggard

Apr 2, 2018 4402


We are pleased to present a musical and conversational retrospective of the creative comrades lost to us in 2016.

"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- New Episode! Dion DiMucci, Jay Black and Bobby Rydell- Musical Tour Guides Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Explore The Rock and Roll Survival Tales of Three 50's and 60's Originals - Conversation a

Mar 27, 2018 3724


Splendid Bohemians Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland examine a trifecta of musical thorobreds as they chronicle the survival adventures of Show Biz soldiers Dion, Jay and Bobby.

"Dig This!!!- Al Jolson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackie Wilson, Dion" - NEW Episode- Splendid Bohemians Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Explore the Heart and Soulfulness of the Legendary Jolson and Those Influenced By Him- A Pop Culture Buffet of Musical

Jul 26, 2017 3380


Loudon Wainwright lll - Bottom Line, NYC, April 8, 1978- The Humor, Pathos, Wit and Wisdom of a Master Song Crafter

May 21, 2017 4977



Tom Rush- Live At Amazingrace, Evanston, IL, January 10, 1976- One Of The All Time Great Singers of Folk and Blues!! One Hour and Thirty Minutes

Apr 22, 2017 5637



J. Geils Band - Live At Winterland , San Francisco, Nov 5, 1977- One Hour and Fifty Minutes of One Of The Most Exciting Party and Blues Bands of All Time- Dig This!!!!

Apr 18, 2017 6658



"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- NEW EPISODE!!- Rich Buckland & Bill Mesnik Deliver The Saga of Self Tapers R. Stevie Moore, Daniel Johnston and Wesley Willis- They Worked Their Way Up From Musical Basements To Discover a Certain Bran

Apr 14, 2017 4391


Al Kooper, James Brown, Wayne Cochran, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes- New "Dig This" Podcast With The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik- The Boys Explore the World of Rock and Horns- A Soul Packed Program!

Dec 14, 2016 4999


"Dig This" With The Splendid Bohemians- New Episode: Gene Clark- Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik Explore the Saga of The Byrd Who Flew Alone

Oct 2, 2016 3293


Visit "The Byrd Who Flew Alone":

Iris Dement- Live At Tramps, New York City- Nov 7, 1996 - An Hour and Forty Five Minutes of Remarkable Joy, Sweet Sorrow and Enlightenment

Aug 20, 2016 5975


1) The Way I Should 2) Infamous Angel 3)These Hills 4) I'll Take My Sorrow Straight 5) This Kind Of Happy 6) Keep Me God 7) No Time To Cry 8 )Big City 9) Let The Mystery Be 10) Easy's Getting Harder Every Day 11) Mama's Opry AND MORE!

Steve Karras - "Brady Lane" - And In This Corner, Residing in Highland Park, Illinois and Weighing In At The Championship Limit of Three Groovy Minutes, Is The Art Of Exemplary Songwriting As Crafted and Performed By Mr. Steve Karras - Dig This!

Aug 17, 2016 185


Steve Karras- guitars/lead vocal Robert Crenshaw - Drums/vocals/organ Don Dixon - bass Shtew Simon - Engineer Recorded at Audio Madness in Detroit, Michigan

Solomon Burke- Live At Tramps, New York City - June 18, 1995 - One Hour and Thirty Minutes

Aug 17, 2016 5336


1) Things Ain't What They Used To Be 2) Just A Little Bit 3) Can't Turn You Loose 4) If You Need Me 5) Band and Audience 6) Birthday 7) He'll Have To Go 8) Write Myself A Letter/ Cry To Me 9) I Will Always Lover You 10) Ain't Nobody's Business and MORE!

Rosanne Cash- Live At Bogarts- Cincinnati, Ohio, June 2, 1981- Featuring Albert Lee- 51 Minutes

Aug 17, 2016 3075


Rosanne Joins Concert Across America to End Gun Violence. Jackson Browne, Rosanne Cash, Marc Cohn, and Harlem’s Gospel for Teens- Beacon Theater, Sept. 25, 2016. For more information:

The Remars- "Mr Nasty"- A Fine New Band Delivers a Potent Punch To the Solar Plexus of a Dying Political Party and It's Official Voice Of Terror- Dig This!

Aug 16, 2016 221


Tom Szidon (Guitar/Bass/Vocals) Steve Karras (Guitar/Vocals) Jason Batchko (Percussion)

Harry "The Hipster" Gibson - "Boogie In Blue" - Many Years Before Jerry Lee and the Rock and Roll Culture, Harry "The Hipster" Gibson Thrived, Jived, Bopped and Rocked Upon the Great Stages of The Jazz Circuit - This Is His

Aug 16, 2016 2366


Harry looked like the poster boy for "Reefer Madness", but the reality is that this Julliard dropout was born to Jive, Bop and Rock before the term "Rock and Roll" became a part of our universal language. "The Hipster" was an exciting alien.

Bill Mesnik- "Thunder Over Mountain"- Wonderfully Crafted Bill Mesnik Composition Inspired By the I Ching - From the New CD Release "9 Hexagrams" -

Aug 5, 2016 223



"Dig This"- Episode Ten - Northern Soul- Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of The Northern Soul Movement!

Jul 29, 2016 3007


"Dig This"- Episode Eight - Bert Berns- Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of R&B Legend Bertrand Russell B

Feb 19, 2016 4010


"Dig This"-Episode Seven-CBGB's: Part 2- Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of the Legend of CBGB's &am

Feb 3, 2016 3043


"Dig This"- Episode Six- CBGB's: Part 1- Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of the Legend of CBGB's &am

Feb 3, 2016 3410


"Dig This!!! - Episode Five - Arthur Lee - Join The Splendid Bohemians, Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik, As They Venture Through the Heaven and Hell of Pop Music Lore - This Chapter Finds The Boys Hot On the Trail of The King of Love, Arthur Taylor Le

Jan 3, 2016 4816


"Dig This"- Episode Four: Jackie DeShannon- The Fourth Chapter of a New Podcast Series Featuring The Splendid Bohemians Rich Buckland and Bill Mesnik- Take a Trip With Us as We Explore the Craft and Career of a Legendary Writer and Performer

Dec 25, 2015 4521


Murray The K's Holiday Revue- HAPPY HOLIDAY'S TO ALL!!! New York DJ Murray Kaufman Presented a Fabulous Christmas Show at the Brooklyn Fox Theater In 1963- Featuring The Drifters, Gene Pitney, The Ronettes, Chuck Jackson and More! 75 Great Minute

Dec 15, 2015 4343


1. Intro - Murray The K 2. He's So Fine - The Chiffons 3. Denise - Randy And the Rainbows 4. My Boyfriend's Back - Randy And the Rainbows 5. Linda - Jan And Dean 6. Surf City - Jan And Dean CLICK ON BLUE TITLE FOR MORE!

John Fahey- Live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, October 31, 1979 - The Cosmic Creator of "American Primitive Guitar", Fahey's Legend Can Be Explored In the Film "In Search of Blind Joe Death- The Saga of John Fahey

Nov 29, 2015 5586


"The Guitarist Who Was Too Mysterious For This World":

Blasters- Live In London - August 28, 1982 - Dave and Phil Alvin Founded This Rock and Blues Infused Outfit In Downey, California In 1979 - Their Sincere, Solid Sound Stands the Test of Musical Truth and the Unforgiving Nature of Time- 30 Minutes

Nov 26, 2015 1842


1) Go Go Go 2) This Is It 3) What Will Lucy Do 4) Border Radio 5) I Love You So 6) I'm Shakin' 7) Hollywood Bed 8) Marie Marie 9) American Music 10) Goodbye Baby Goodbye 11) Roll 'Em Pete

"Dig This!"- Episode Three- The Saga of ESP Disk Records- Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Unravel the Musical Strings That Made ESP Disk Sing- This Remarkably Innovative Label Gave Birth To The Fugs, Pearls Before Swine and Intense Free Form Jazz-

Nov 9, 2015 3747


Dedicated to the memory of Leon Mesnik - May 4, 1919 - October 28, 2015.

Stevie Ray Vaughn & Albert King- Live At Antones, Austin, Texas, Feb. 26 & 27, 1983 - Buddy Guy Invented the Hendrix Equation and Stevie Ray and Albert Enhanced it - Fabulous Performances By Two of the Last Great Six String Electronic Blues Expres

Nov 3, 2015 3143


1) Crosscut Saw 2) So Excited 3) Voodoo Chile 4) The Things That I Used To Do 5) Pride and Joy 6) Tin Pan Alley

"Dig This!" - New Podcast Series- Episode Two: P.F. Sloan - Pop Culture Archaeologists Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland Explore The Massive Musical Legacy of Songwriter / Vocalist P.F. Sloan - Join "The Splendid Bohemians" as They Journ

Oct 19, 2015 4221


George Jones- Live at The Bottom Line, New York City- June 6, 1981- George Jones Walked and Sang the Line Between Joyous, Soulful Delerium and the Unbearable Weight That Human Angusih Can Deliver- Featuring Guests Linda Rondstadt and Johnny Paycheck

Oct 18, 2015 2140


1 Ragged But Right 2 The Race Is On 3 Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms 4 Bartender's Blues 5 Grand Tour 6 Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong 7 You Better Treat Your Man Right 8 White Lightning 9 Once You've Had the Best AND MORE!

"Dig This!"- New Podcast Series Featuring Bill Mesnik and Rich Buckland, AKA The Splendid Bohemians! Each Episode Will Feature An Esoteric Topic and Rare Melodic Segments From The Lost Civilization of Music and Entertainment.- This week: Jan a

Oct 3, 2015 3531



Big Star- Live At Tramps, New York City, November 16, 1996- Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, and Andy Hummel's Quartet Out Of Memphis Should Have Been The Next Big Thing In '71, But The Music Godz Had Other Plans

Sep 17, 2015 5328


1. Banter 2. When my Baby's Beside Me 3. Banter 4. I've Never Found a Girl (to Love Me Like You Do) 5. Don't Lie to Me 6. I am the Cosmos 7. Banter 8. Way Out West 9. In the Street 10. Till the End of the Day 11. Applause/noodling 12. The Ballad of El Goodo CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE!

Larry Williams - Live On Stage - Larry's Songs Were Covered By The Beatles and The Rolling Stones But His Fame Never Rose Beyond His 50's Hits On the Specialty Label- Here He Is Live In '65

Sep 8, 2015 1327


1) Dizzy Miss Lizzy 2) High School Dance 3) Think 4) Turn On Your Lovelight 5) Lawdy Miss Clawdy 6) Short Fat Fannie 7) Try Me

Jan and Dean- "Melody Mix Tribute"- Here's a Treat From Our Popular Jan and Dean CD Release "Best of the Studio Outtakes- Volumes One and Two" - Please Visit our Splendor of Bohemia eBay Store To Purchase This and Other Cool Compa

Jun 28, 2015 591


"PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA eBAY STORE": Fabulous Compilation of rarities for any Jan and Dean Collector or any fan that admires their many Rock, Surf and Roll contributions.

Townes Van Zandt- "High Low and In Between" and "The Late Great Townes Van Zandt"- The Original Acoustic Highway 22 Track, 1996 Release Featuring Both LP's and the Gentle Yet Searing Poetry That Was Townes Van Zandt

Jun 8, 2015 4176


"PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY STORE": "What I do is between me and the Lord, to examine and possibly alter the state of grace in which I live, and thereby the state of grace of anybody who listens." Townes Van Zandt

Moby Grape- Vintage - 24 Tracks From One of the Finest 60's Bands To Never Become a Household Name- The San Francisco Artistry of Skip Spence, Jerry Miller, Bob Mosley, Peter Lewis and Don Stevenson- Over an Hour of Unadulterated Country Blue Psyche R

May 31, 2015 4079


1."Hey Grandma" 2."Mr. Blues" 3."Fall on You" 4.8:05 5."Come in the Morning" 6."Omaha" 7."Naked, If I Want To" 8."Rounder" 9."Someday" 10."Ain't No Use" CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE

Emmylou Harris- Live At Tramps, New York City, August 10, 1996- Complete Two Hour Program

May 10, 2015 7266


Emmylou Harris - Vocals, Guitar; Buddy Miller - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin; Darryl Johnson - Bass; Brady Blade - Drums"PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY STORE":

B. B. King - Live At Winterland, San Francisco, CA, Jun 8, 1968 - Featuring James Toney - Organ; Wilbur Freeman - Bass; Sonny Freeman - Drums; Pat Williams - Trumpet; Lee Gatman - Tenor Sax- LONG LIVE THE KING!

May 6, 2015 2886


1.Song For My Father- Instrumental / 2 Ode To Billy Joe- Instrumental / 3 Help The Poor / 4 I Got A Mind To Give Up Living / 5 A Whole Lot of Lovin' / 6 Need Your Love So Bad / 7 It's My Own Fault / 8 Don't Answer the Door / 9 Night Life / 10 Paying The Cost To Be The Boss /

Naked City- "Bakers Dozen"- Television Drama Explored Early Creative Ground During the Run of This Premium Series - In This 1959 Installment Written by the Remarkable Stirling Silliphant, Legendary Actor Joseph Ruskin Stars as King of The Hitme

May 4, 2015 1555


A former top mob assassin is lured out of retirement by the opportunity to kill a kingpin for his 13th hit."PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY STORE":

"Deep Soul Discoveries - Volume One" - 25 Unheralded Tracks Leading To a Promised Land of Soulful Wonders- Featuring Howard Tate, Johnny Adams, The Show Stoppers, Joe Beck, Big Daddy Rucker, Miss Soul, Bobby McClure and Many More- 70 Minutes

Apr 25, 2015 4212


1) Baby Come Back To Me- Bobby Harris 2) Lost Without Your Love- Bobby McClure 3) I'm Glad It's Over- Oscar Mack 4) Last Mile of The Way- The Mints ** CLICK BLUE POST TITLE FOR MORE! **"PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY STORE":

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert"- The Lost Episode- Fearturing Peter Allen, Chuck Berry, Stephen Bishop, Andy Gibb, The Unknown Comic & Many Others!

Apr 21, 2015 5203


Don Kirshner broke the Dick Clark, "American Bandstand" mold when his program appeared in 1973. Most performances were broadcast in a live concert or club setting during it's 9 year run. In 1981 MTV hit the market, signaling the end of network TV rock and a new dawn of mostly moronic music videos.

Johnny Cash - Recorded Live at The Rocky Gap Music Festival - Cumberland, Maryland - August 25, 1990

Apr 8, 2015 4389


"Click Here For Full Johnny Cash Video Flashback": "PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY STORE":

The Paris Sisters - Albeth, Sherrell and Priscilla Paris Bridged the Gap Between the Andrew Sisters and the Girl Groups of the 60's- Here Are 27 Tracks That Capture Their Allure With Songs Written By Carol King, Phil Spector, Barry Mann & Doc Pomu

Mar 31, 2015 3954


1. My Good Friend / 2. Long After Tonight Is Over / 3. Too Good to Be True / 4. You / 5. I Love How You Love Me / 6. All Through the Night / 7. He Knows I Love Him Too Much / 8. Be My Boy / 9. A Lonely Girl's Prayer / 10. Let Me Be the One / CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE

Peggy Lee - Live At Resorts International, Atlantic City, NJ, Aug. 9, '84- “Her wonderful talent should be studied by all vocalists; her regal presence is pure elegance and charm" Frank Sinatra- The Chairman Knew Some Things About Some Things-1

Mar 29, 2015 6776


1 - Intro 2 - "I Love Being Here With You" 3 - "Watch What Happens" 4 - Stage Banter 5 - Intro to "I Don't Know Enough About You" 6 - "I Don't Know Enough About You" 7 - "Lover" 8 - "Big Spender" 9 - "I'm A Woman" 10 - Stage Banter CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE

Badfinger - The Directors Cut - The Complete 1997 Documentary! - The Rock Saga of Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins, Tom Evans, Ron Griffiths and the Hellhounds That Haunted Their Trail of Fame- One Hour and Thirty Minutes

Mar 25, 2015 5407


" Check Out Our Splendor of Bohemia eBay Store": The story of Badfinger is one of those archetypal rock 'n' roll tragedies. The Ivies from Wales get signed by Apple, given a McCartney song, go on to produce a bucketful of hits of their own, and then !

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Live at The Houston Music Hall. Houston, Texas, December 6, 1979 - One Hour and Forty Five Minutes of Prime Petty!

Mar 24, 2015 6240


1) Introduction / 2) Shadow Of A Doubt / 3) Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll / 4) Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) / 5) Here Comes My Girl / 6) Even The Losers / 7) The Wild One, Forever / 8) I Need To Know / 9) Don't Do Me Like That / 10) Cry To Me / 11) Refugee / CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE

Joan Baez - Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, Jul 26, 1968 - An Eternal Voice For All Seasons and So Many Reasons - Featuring Mimi Farina On "Legend In My Time" and the Exquisite Tuli Kupferberg Hymn "Morning, Morning" - A Beautiful

Mar 16, 2015 2340


1) Introduction/ 2) Carry It On / 3) Gentle On My Mind / 4) Song Introduction / 5) Maria Dolores / 6) Prison Story / Song Introduction / 7) Swing Low Sweet Chariot / 8) Song Introduction / 9) Legend In My Time / 10) Morning, Morning / 11) Suzanne / 12) We Want Our Freedom Now

Elvis Presley - "Elvis' Greatest Shit" - It's a Kings Ransom In Bad Pop Music as Good Taste Leaves the Building and 22 Tormenting Tracks Take Anti- Rock Residence- Fun For The Whole Family On This Unofficial Album Release From 1983 On th

Mar 11, 2015 2802


Side One: 1) Old MacDonald/ 2) Ito Eats/ 3) No Room To Rhumba In a Sports Car/ 4) Confidence/ 5) Yoga Is As Yoga Does/ 6) Song Of The Shrimp/ 7) U.S Male/ 8) Ft. Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce/ 9) Signs of The Zodiac/ 10) The Bullfighter Was A Lady/ 11) Wolf Call * CLICK BLUE TITLE FOR MORE!

Don Covay- "The Definitive Don Covay" - This Great R&B and Soul Songwriter/ Performer Checked Out of This Motel of Tears On Jan. 31 For Better Accomodations At The Glory Hotel- He Rode Life's See-Saw and Had Mercy- Rest Well Don- 23 Trac

Feb 28, 2015 4025


1. Bip Bop Bip / 2. Pony Time / 3. See About Me / 4. (Where Are You) Now That I Need You / 5. Mercy Mercy / 6. Take This Hurt Off Me / 7. Daddy Loves Baby / 8. The Usual Place / 9. Please Do Something / 10. A Woman's Love / 11. See Saw / 12. Sookie Sookie / *Click Blue Title For More

Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb- "In Session" - Recorded Live In 1983 at the Hamilton, Ontario Studios of CHCH-TV, This Pairing Brought Together One of the Greatest Songwriters and One of The Finest Entertainers of the Past Half Century

Feb 25, 2015 2128


1) Light Years / 2) If These Walls Could Speak/ 3) Galveston / 4) Where's The Playground Susie? / 5) MacArthur Park / 6) Wichita Lineman / 7) The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress / 8) Sunshower / 9) Still Within The Sound Of My Voice

Mink Deville- Live at The Bottom Line, NYC, Jul 2, 1977- The Frightful Passion of Willy Deville as Demonstrated During the Year of the Mink - An Early Year of Devilleness, Living and Daring Dangerously Upon the Edge of Rock and Rhythm and Blues - 40 Min

Feb 19, 2015 2439


1 Gunslinger / 2 She's So Tough / 3 Cadillac Walk / 4 Little Girl / 5 Venus Of Avenue D / 6 Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl / 7 I'm In The Mood For Love / 8 Stand By Me /

Pearls Before Swine- Live At Windham College, Putney, VT, Feb 17, 1973- They Traveled Through Grooves of the Haunting 60's Record Label ESP Disk In the Company of Fugs & Holy Modal Rounders- Songwriter Tom Rapp is an Unsung Talent of That Esoter

Feb 16, 2015 1940


1) Prayers of Action / 2) Love and Sex / 3) Stardancer / 4) Fourth of July / 5) Rocketman

Irma Thomas- Live - "Simply The Best" - The Soul Queen of New Orleans Conducts a Serious Seminar In Female Vocal Intuition During This 1991 Set- The Original Rounder Select Recording- 66 Minutes

Feb 4, 2015 3943


1. Breakaway 2. Time Is on My Side 3. Hip Shakin' Mama 4. That's What Love Is All About 5. Thinking of You 6. I Needed Somebody 7. Medley: I've Been Loving You Too Long/Please Please Please: I've Been Loving You Too Long / Please Please Please 8. Hittin' on Nothin' 9. It's Raining 10. Second Line Me

Clark Terry - "A Lost 16mm Reel" - It Can Be Argued That Next To Louis Armstrong, Clark Terry is the Greatest Jazz Trumpet Player of All Time- The New Documentary "Keep On Keepin' On" is Hard Evidence Supporting Such a Conclusion-

Jan 30, 2015 288


Many of you have helped with Clark’s 24-hour home care costs by making tax-deductible donations to the Clark Terry Fund at JFA. Your help is very needed, and is truly appreciated. Donate by mail to Clark’s home in Arkansas: Clark Terry / 4720 South Beech Street / Pine Bluff, AR 71603"PLEASE CHECK O

Jackie DeShannon - Live at The Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA, September 3, 1963- Featuring Ry Cooder and David Cohen

Jan 24, 2015 1790


1 Trouble In Mind / 2 Song Introduction / 3 James Alley Blues / 4 Betty And Dupree / 5 Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down / 6 House Of The Rising Sun / 7 Frankie and Albert / 8 Ry & Dave Introduction / 9 Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well) / 10 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Outtake)

The Traveling Wilbury's - Outtakes and Remixes From the "Nobody's Child" Sessions, the Del Shannon Sessions and "Volume Three"- Dylan, Petty, Lynne, Harrison and Orbison Joined Forces To Create Two Unique Albums Between 1988 &a

Jan 17, 2015 4284


In 1990, Del Shannon recorded with Jeff Lynne of ELO, and there were rumors he would join the Traveling Wilburys after Roy Orbison's death. Only months later, he committed suicide after a life eclipsing bout of depression. This tragedy ended the haunted reign of The Traveling Wilbury's.

Sam Cooke- Live At The Harlem Square Club, Miami, Florida- Jan.12, '63- Not Released Until 1985,This Album Is Considered By Many To Be One Of The Finest Live LP's Ever Recorded- We Are Pleased To Present This Performance From the Original Vinyl Re

Jan 11, 2015 2163


1."Feel It" 2."Chain Gang" 3."Cupid" 4."Medley: It's All Right/For Sentimental Reasons" 5."Twistin' the Night Away" 6."Somebody Have Mercy" 7."Bring It On Home to Me" 8."Nothing Can Change This Love" 9."Having a Party" "PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY STORE":http://stores.ebay.c

Reverend Gary Davis- Live at The Ash Grove-, Los Angeles CA, Jan. 29, 1971- The Infuential Guitarist and Historically Important Folk, Blues and Gospel King- His Story is Told in the Loving and Respectful film "Harlem Street Singer", Now Availab

Jan 7, 2015 1936


1) Introduction 1:24 / 2) Twelve Gates To The City 5:00 / 3) I Will Do My Last Singing In This Land Somewhere 7:14 / 4) She's Funny That Way 7:16 / 5) St. Louis Blues 3:37 / 6) Baby, Let Me Lay It On You 5:19 (Incomplete)

James Cotton Blues Band- Live At The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, November 25, 1966- A Thanksgiving Blast Recorded On An Evening When James Shared the Bill With Moby Grape and Jefferson Airplane- Dig the Power Percussion of Sam Lay !

Dec 31, 2014 2545


1) Instrumental / 2) Can't Stand To See You Go / 3) Woke Up This Morning / 4) Don't Start Me Talking / 5) Good Time Charlie / 6) I'm Going Out Walking 7) Off The Wall / 8) Big Boss Man / 9) Sweet Sixteen

Hank Ballard, Mabel Scott, Freddy King, Lowell Fulson, Charles Brown, Amos Milburn, Billy Ward, Carla Thomas, Bill Doggett, Jimmy Witherspoon and More! "A Rhythm and Blues Christmas" - Happy Holidays To All as We Celebrate With a 20 Song Blues

Dec 24, 2014 3077


1. Christmas Time For Everybody But Me - Hank Ballard And The Midnighters 2. Merry Christmas Baby - Charles Brown 3. Christmas Comes But Once A Year - Amos Milburn With Charles Brown 4. Lonesome Christmas - Lowell Fulson 5. Christmas Tears - Freddy King ( Click Blue Title For Full List )

Beach Boys- Live In Sacaramento, 1964 - The Complete, Unedited Capitol Records Album - The First Show of Two Recorded Live At The Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA, August 1, 1964- Bonus!! This Concert Is Followed By Rehearsals For The Show!

Dec 18, 2014 3055


1)1) Intro/ 2) Little Honda/ 3) Papa- Ooh- Mow- Mow/ 4) Little Old Lady From Pasadena/ 5) Hushabye/ 6) Hawaii/ 7) Let’s Go Trippin’/ 8) The Wanderer/ 9) Surfer Girl) 10) Monster Mash/ 11) Be True To Your School/ 12) Graduation Day/ 13) Surfin’ USA/ 14) Don’t Back Down/ 16) Don’t Worry Baby/

John Lennon- Madison Square Garden - Aug. 30, 1972- The "One To One" Willowbrook Benefit - John Gets a Little Help From His Friends Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack on "Give Peace A Chance"- 25 Minutes

Dec 9, 2014 1554


1) Mother 05:14 2) We're All Water 05:06 3) Come Together 04:29 4) Give Peace A Chance 07:40 5) Imagine

Mahalia Jackson With Louis Armstrong - Newport Jazz Festival, July 10, 1970- The Queen of Gospel and the King of Jazz Shared the Stage of This Storied Festival and Performed "Just A Closer Walk With Thee". - 35 Minutes

Dec 6, 2014 1894


1) Come on Children, Let's Sing / 2) How Great Thou Art / 3) Elijah Rock / 4) Banter / 5) Banter / 6) Just A Closer Walk With Thee / 7) Hello Dolly / 8) When The Saints Go Marching In / 9) Mack The Knife / 10) Applause/Encore / 11) Applause/Announcer

William S Burroughs - "Mask of The Red Death" - The Poe Masterpiece as Addressed by a Literary Pioneer and Master of the Beat Equation

Dec 4, 2014 971


Quote The Burroughs, Always More: “Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.” “Perhaps all pleasure is only relief.” “Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat: the mark inside.”

Kerrville Folk Festival '72 - Sides Three and Four of a Rare 2 LP Set Capturing the Very First Kerrville Folk Festival in 1972- With Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Augie Meyers, Bill & Bonnie Hearne, Bobby Bridger, Hondo Crouch and Rick Stein

Nov 26, 2014 1883


Bill and Bobby Hearne-"The Last Thing I Needed"/Guy Clark-"Anyhow, I Love You"/Rick Stein-"Another Lonely Night In Austin"/Townes Van Zandt-"Poncho and Lefty"/Augie Meyer-"Down To Mexico"/Milton Carroll-"Lovin' You That's All"/Hondo Crouch-"Luckenbach Daybreak"/Bobby Bridger- "Free My Spirit".

Kerrville Folk Festival '72 - Sides One and Two of a Rare 2 LP Album Featuring Radiant Performances From the Very First Kerrville Folk Festival In 1972- With Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, B.W. Stevenson, Jerry Jeff Walker and Others- 35 Minutes

Nov 25, 2014 2138


Texas Fever- “Drunken Lady of The Morning” / Steve Fromholz-“Birds and Wolverines”/ The Threadgills- “I’m A Drifter”/ B.W. Stevenson- “Shambala”/ Willie Nelson- “The Party’s Over”/ Timberline Rose-”Camille’s Blues”/Steve Fromholz-”Dear Darcy”/ J.J Walker-”Charile Dunn”- Townes Van Zandt-”Techumseh"

Charles Bukowski- Charles In Charge as He Combats the Crowd!- A Buk Battle Royal With His Audience In Vancouver, Canada On October 12, 1979- From The Movie "There's Gonna Be a Goddamn Riot In Here", Filmed by Dennis Del Torre

Nov 19, 2014 461


Charles was known for a combative nature, provocatively enhanced when alcohol was added to his biological equation. Bukowski could be one of the meanest SOB's on the planet as well as a charming creature from a blackened lagoon. He was finally an incredibly sweet carpenter of knowing poetic dreams.

Bonnie Raitt- Live At The Lenox Music Inn, Lenox, MA, August 25, 1973- A 23 Year Old Disciple of Howlin' Wolf, Sippie Wallace, and Mississippi Fred McDowell, Bonnie Performed Masterful Blues During This Natural Set Nurtured By the Sweet Bird of Youth

Nov 17, 2014 3289


1) Special Delivery Blues / 2 That Song About The Midway / 3 You Got To Know How / 4 Give It Up Or Let Me Go / 5 I Feel The Same / 6 Love Me Like A Man / 7 Everybody's Cryin' Mercy / 8 Write Me A Few Of Your Lines / Kokomo Blues / 9 Rollin' And Tumblin' / 10 You've Been In Love Too Long

The Original Read-In For Peace In Vietnam- The Motivating 1967 Event Recorded At Town Hall In NYC- Featuring Susan Sontag, Arthur Miller, Tony Randall, Lillian Hellman, Maureen Stapleton, Norman Mailer, Jules Feiffer, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee and Many Others

Nov 10, 2014 3736


The complete 1967 Smithsonian Folkways Album featuring contributions from the American Treasure Chest of admirable writers and performers. A One Hour call to conscience during a period of ruthless division and chaos in a Nation troubled by a devastating war.

Mitch Ryder- "Mitch Ryder Sings The Hits- The 1968 Solo Debut LP of One of the Very Best Soul and R&B Vocalists of the Last Half Century - The Album Flopped, But Within This Soulful Summation of Great Songs Stands Some Remarkable Vocal Prowess

Nov 8, 2014 1909


1. Let Your Lovelight Shine / 2. Walking The Dog / 3. Sticks And Stones / 4. I Like It Like That / 5. Please, Please, Please / 6. Ruby Baby / Peaches On A Cherry Tree / 7. Come See About Me / 8. Walk On By / 9. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow / 10. You Are My Sunshine / 11. I Got You

Lost Soul Treasures- Volume Five- Here We Go Again!!!- Another Big Beat Blast of Soul, Soul, Soul!- Featuring Big Al Downing, Wilson Pickett, Linda Jones, Arthur Alexander, The Falcons, Denise Chandler,Gino Washington, Esquerita & Many Others

Oct 20, 2014 4375


1) I'm A Fool, I Must Love You- The Falcons 2) The Invitation- Johnny Copeland 3)That's Why I'm Messin' Round Here- Sweets Reed 4) I Hurt Myself- Lee Shot Williams 5) Funky Drop- Harmonica Fats 6) Troubles I've Had- Clarence Ashe 7) Don't Be Afraid- Frankie Karl & The Dreams- Click Title For More

The Band • "It Makes No Difference" - Casino Arena, Asbury Park, NJ • Jul 20, 1976 - The Agonizing Vocal of Rick Danko Surrendering To The Angst of This Love Psalm Continues To Amaze Those Paying Attention To the Honest Details of Song Craft

Oct 17, 2014 424


4 months before rendering one of the grandest farewells in music history in "The Last Waltz",The Band toured for the last time. A staple of their sets was always this remarkable song, delivered with heartbreak intensity by Rick Danko. Rick was the rich blood flow of this Band of mesmerizing gypsies.

Karen Dalton- 1966- Karen Is Considered By Many To Be the Finest Folk/Blues Singer To Have Originated From the '60's Solo Songstress Club Scene- Her Fragile Yet Solid Display of Depth Floats Angelically Beyond Age and Time- 14 Reminders of Her Ten

Oct 10, 2014 2202


1. Reason To Believe 2. Katie Cruel 3. Cotton Eyed Joe 4. Green Rocky Road 5. Don't Make Promises 6. Other Side To This Life 7. God Bless The Child 8. Little Bit Of Rain 9. While You're On Your Way 10. 2:19 Train 11. Misery Blues 12. Mole In The Ground 13. Shiloh Town 14.

Lost Soul Treasures- Volume Four- The Fourth Episode of This Glorious Series - Featuring 27 All Stars of the Once Mighty and Now Almost Lost Soulsville Kingdom- With Bobby Marchan, Don Covay, Dorothy Williams, Gene Chandler and Many More! 80 Minutes

Sep 29, 2014 4407


1. The Power Of Love- The Ambassadors 2. Popeye Waddle- Don Covay 3. It Won't Work Out Baby- The Lost Souls 4. For You- The Spellbinders 5. Lonesome Boy- Jackie & The Starlights 6. Close To You- Jimmy Armstrong 7. It's Not Unusual- The Dells 8. Without You- The Ultimations

Linda Rondstadt -With The Nelson Riddle Orchestra- Sands Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Nev, July 19, 1984- How Good Was Linda? This 90 Minute Excursion With the Assistance of Nelson Riddle's Enchanting Allurement Testifies Toward Addressing That Inqu

Sep 22, 2014 5208


I believe that the phrase 'they don't make 'em like that anymore' might be applicable when thinking about Linda's career. Her diverse desires have always conjured indelible performances. During this 1984 incarnation she delivers the old school goods as accompanied by Sinatra's fave, Mr. Riddle. "

Phil Ochs- Live at Amazingrace, Evanston, IL - Mar 13, 1974 - The Unheralded Poet King of 'Em All In Concert

Sep 13, 2014 2060


Phil has been lost in the 60's shuffle of singer/ songwriter brilliance. Possibly, his political fury alienated the potential for a larger audience. Still, if we just examine the worth of "Changes" and "There But For Fortune" it can be easily stated that Phil has been historically short changed. "PL

Rolling Stones- "Klein's Revenge" - The Unofficial 1998 CD Release Consisting of Alternate Takes From The Outtakes Album "Metamorphosis" - For Fans of the Obscure, It Doesn't Get Any Better Than Outtakes of Outtakes! - The Good

Sep 9, 2014 3878


In 1975, as part of a contract settlement between the Rolling Stones, their former manager Allen Klein, and their former label Decca/London Records, an album of 1960s outtakes called Metamorphosis was released and quickly maligned with the nickname "Klein's Revenge."

Beatles - "Dig It!" - The Original Condor 1987 CD Release - A Full Fab 4 Serving of Unreleased Rough Mixes, Acetates, Instrumental Tracks and Demos That Will Improve Your Life and Possibly Even Save The Planet! 80 Unearthed Minutes Well Spent-

Sep 5, 2014 4223


Well. Maybe these tracks can't produce world peace. But at the very least these 80 Minutes could be provide a Magical Mystery Tour of unheard destinations, navigated by the finest combination of creative marvels Rock and Pop culture have ever revealed."PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF BOHEMIA EBAY

Jerry Lee Lewis- Billy Lee Riley- Warren Smith- Elvis- "Good Rocking Tonight"- A RichieBoy Record Party!-The Original BopCat LP Released in '77 - Featuring Rare Alternate Rockabilly Takes as Well as The Infamous Jerry Lee Vs. Sam Phillips St

Aug 30, 2014 1971


The blood of all contemporary 'Rock' music can be traced to the legacies of many marvels.. Lightning Hopkins was playing 'Rock and Roll" before such a thing even existed. Presley made black culture acceptable to those thinking South. Jerry Lee invented stage madness. This LP bleeds early gold. "PLE

"The!!!! Beat"- The Soulful 1966 Television Series Out of Nashville, TN, Hosted By Rhythm and Blues Disc Jockey Bill "Hoss" Allen" - Episode 25 Features Blues Icons Freddie King and Little Milton Plus The Beat Boys and Venience St

Aug 13, 2014 1485


The Beat!!!! flourished long enough to film 26 historic chapters. This program was a black and blues voice in the wilderness, giving many their first televised glimpse of Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, Freddie KIng, Garnett Mims, Sam and Dave and others. It's raw, live power still inspires. Get On Up!

Ella Fitzgerald- The Early Years- With Chick Webb and His Orchestra - 1935 -1938 - The Original Decca Recordings - Part One - 21 Initial Steps in the Musical Odyssey of an Original American Chanteuse

Jul 23, 2014 3675


'The First Lady of Song' possessed a pure three octave range that thrived when she entered her elegant improvisational portal. Her work with Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie & Frank Sinatra endured time and changing styles. These early recordings spell a few words in a large vital book.

Velvet Underground- Live In Holland- Ossi Park-1993-After Close To a Half Century, This is Still the Band That Defines The Conscience of All Alternative Rock and Roll- The 2nd Storm of Electrified Literature and Fender Benders In the Age of Dylan- 78 Min

Jul 12, 2014 4513


This brand of lightning only strikes a genre of music once. The force enlarges, enhances, damages, imparts, recites, alters & creates a sense of religious ambush. Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker threw the Beatle blueprint far away & left us dreaming in bliss and nightmare.

The GTO's- "Permanent Damage"- The Notorious and Exuberant Testament To the Once Upon a Time Groupie Scene as Captured by Frank Zappa in 1968- The Entire, Extremely Rare Straight Records LP! 30 Minutes

Jul 11, 2014 1856


They were known as Girls Together Outrageously, a band of 7 festive, young nymphs devoted to frolicking with the male hormones of the 60's R&R spectacle and running wild within the free revelations projected by Laurel Canyon and Sunset Boulevard. This LP captures that moment in time with perfection.

Tim Hardin- The Homecoming Concert- Tim Returned To Eugene, Oregon in 1980 to Perform For Family, Friends and Many Remaining Fans- This Would Be His Grand Farewell- This Song Carpenter Died a Few Months Later In Los Angeles of a Heroin Overdose

Jul 5, 2014 2350


1."Black Sheep Boy" 2."Misty Roses" 3."Reason to Believe" 4."Lady Came from Baltimore" 5."Old Blue Jeans" 6."Hang on to a Dream" 7."If I Were a Carpenter" 8."Tribute to Hank Williams" 9."Smugglin' Man" 10."Speak Like a Child" 11."Red Balloon" 12."Amen"

“Innocence and Experience”- Mesmerizing Master Thespian & Sensational Singer/Songwriter William Mesnik Engages the Absolute Poetic Purpose of William Blake Within An Admirable Journey–Written & Directed by Mr. Mesnik & Featuring Lovely A

Jun 25, 2014 1181


We are pleased to present a 20 minute, abridged version of William Mesnik's production "Innocence and Experience". Bill devoted a year channeling the exquisite Blake poetry and giving birth to new melodic tones that could represent such beauty. The result is a silvery visit with Mr. Blake himself.

Lost Soul Treasures-Volume Three-The 3rd Installment of a Phenomenal Soul Compilation Series- 27 Recordings That Did Not Frequent Our Radio Dials But Summon the Same Sensations the 'Hits' Had Delivered- 80 Minutes- Click This Blue Title For More T

Jun 10, 2014 4184


1) You Can Make It If You Try- Yvonne Fair/ 2) Go Go Train- John Paine/ 3) Gotta Give Her Love- The Volumes/ 4) Dedicated To The Greatest-Johnny Copeland/ 5) Sock It To ‘Em- Rex Garvin/ 6) Sock It To ‘Em JB- Part 2- Rex Garvin/ 7) Have Fun- Ann Cole

"Monster A Go Go" - Sides One and Two - Teen Trash From Psychedelic Tokyo- Japanese 60's Bands Go Wild!! The Complete and Ultra Rare Vinyl Recording On Planet X Records From 1995 with The Carnabeats, The Spiders, The Voltage, The Beavers,The

Jun 6, 2014 1334


American kids were not alone in their desire to encounter the cultural counterpoint that enveloped the musical USA of the 60's. This rare slice of vinyl indicates that the R&R infection had quickly spread to the other side of the globe. These tracks state that it may or may not have been for better.

Nirvana - Live In Buenos Aires Argentina, 1992 - With Their Recent Induction Into Rock's Famed Hall and 20 Years Removed From the Suicide of Kurt Cobain, We Revisit the Living Depths of This Rock Accomplishment and 3 Person Dynasty

Jun 2, 2014 3419


Nirvana was much more then just another electric circus act performing for the disenfranchised kids of another wandering generation. These cats were an artistic crisis, formed from the faithful ideal that there is nothing left to lose in a state of full reveal, even if it could kill you.

William Kunstler- "Disturbing The Universe" - The First Thirty - The Tale of a Radical Attorney Caught In The Eye of a Social Hurricane - 30 Minutes

May 29, 2014 1987


The KIng of all revolutionary defenders is revealed beautifully through the loving remembrance of his daughters. No stone is left unturned in this telling tribute to the finest mouthpiece money could not buy.

Norman Mailer - "Deaths For The Ladies" - The Complete 1963 Prestige Label, High Fidelity LP - "Norman Mailer Reads Norman Mailer - Deaths For The Ladies,New Poems, The Time of Her Time"

May 24, 2014 2540


A writer for all seasons exhibits his poetic license on this rare slice of vinyl from '63, commanding an innate sense of lyrical purpose. This literate Master utilizes his bedeviled intrinsic rhythms to search for a new iambic domain. This authors bravery stands alone, naked, and now all too dead.

Country Joe and The Fish - "Acid Sounds" - The 'Psychedelic' Rhyme and Radical Reasoning of an Influential Syndicate of 60's Musical Insurgents - Live U.S Performances From '68 and '69

May 15, 2014 4298


I) Section 43/ 2) Grace / 3) Masked Marauder / 4) Bass Strings/ 5) Fish Cheer/ 6) Rock & Soul Music/ 7) Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine / 8) Love / 9) Who Am I / 10) Thursday/ 11) Rock Coast Blues /12) Masked Marauder / 13) Death Sound Blues / 14) Flying High "PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR SPLENDOR OF B

Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Guy- "In Concert"- July 30, 1989, Chicago- The Teacher and a Dedicated, Eternally Profound Student Met For a Class In Blues Power 25 years Ago - These are a Brand of Electrifying Lessons We shall Never Encounter Again

May 12, 2014 3817


1.Still Called The Blues 2.Louisiana Blues/Don't Throw Your Love On Me 3.Mary Had A Little Lamb 4.Leave My Girl Alone 5.Stormy Monday Blues 6.Mary Had A Little Lamb

Lost Soul Treasures-Volume Two-Another Incredible Collection of 27 Solid 60's Soul Senders Guaranteed To Make You Wanna Dance, Sing, Cry and Make Love- Sweet! With Freddie Scott, Jay Wiggins, The Ovations, Sam and Bill, Little Richard, The Van Dykes,

May 8, 2014 4386


1. Oo Wee Baby, I Love You - Fred Hughes / 2. Oh Boy- Duke Earl / 3. Do Do Bah Ah - Bert Keyes/ 4. For Your Love - Sam & Bill/ 5. Follow the Leader Part 1 - Wyley Terry / 6. Follow the Leader - 2 / 7. No Man Is An Island - The Van Dykes / 8. I Believe I'll Go Back Home -Ovations/ CLICK TITLE

Steely Dan - Live at the Record Plant, March 20, 1974 - The Brilliant, Nuanced Structure That Encompasses The Work of Walter Becker and Donald Fagan is Illuminated Within This Unreleased Los Angeles Perfromance

May 5, 2014 3084


1. Bodhisattva / 2. The Boston Rag / 3. Do It Again / 4. Any Major Dude Will Tell You 5. King of the World /6. Rikki Don't Lose That Number 7. Pretzel Logic / 8. Your Gold Teeth / 9. Reelin' in the Years / 10. This All Too Mobile Home

Betti Page- "Betti Page Reveals All" - Ten Minute Preview of the New Betti Documentary - The Tale of the Cult Pin Up Girl and Underground Icon! - True Confessions!

May 4, 2014 589


She was not Monroe or Rita Hayworth, but Betti Page stirred something savagely sensual during the 50's Pin Up period of sexual awareness. Was this attraction erotic evolution, revolution or simply stone cold desire seeking new torrid territory to explore? The answer is primal, not philosophical.

The Ramones- On The Road To Ruin- 1975-82- A Seventy Minute Extravaganza of Ramone Rarities- A Glorious Collection of Early Club Gigs, Demos & TV Appearances! A Vintage Ramones Fest With Original Drummer Tommy Erdelyi, Capturing These Cats In Their P

Apr 30, 2014 4345


1) I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement 2) 53rd & 3rd 3) I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 4) Judy Is A Punk 5) Loudmouth- Philadelphia 9/4/1977 6) Beat On The Brat- Palladium, New York 7/1/1978 7) Havana Affair Click Blue Title For More

Janis Joplin - Live At The Texas Pop Festival -Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas, August 30, 1969

Apr 29, 2014 2236


1. Intro / Raise Your Hand- 2. As Good As You Been To This World- 3. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)- 4. Maybe- 5. To Love Somebody- 6. Summertime Line Up: Janis Joplin - vocals, Snooky Flowers - sax, Sam Andrews - guitar, Brad Campbell - bass, Lonnie Castile - drums, Richard Kermode - keyboards

Joe Ely - Live at Tramps, NYC - Oct 11, 1995- Joe's Career Has Seen His Imprint Cross With The Clash, Springsteen, The Chieftains, John Hiatt and Guy Clark To Name but a Few - At 67, His Life On The Road Rolls On and His Brand of Americana Still Matt

Apr 25, 2014 3182


With a suitcase of new songs, Joe Ely with guitar slinger Jeff Plankenhorn, will embark on a tour from Texas to the west coast. Called the Western Wind Tour 2014, it includes stops in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. Catch him if you can.

Frank Sinatra - "On The Inside" - Volume One - Seventy Splendid Minutes of Chairman Outtakes From Mid 60's Reprise Records Sessions - Mr. S Performs Multiple Takes of Pop Music Prizes, Owning the Tune and the Night, One Bold Breath at a Ti

Apr 25, 2014 4056


This is Mr. Sinatra attempting to discover a zone of sacred inflection, releasing notes designed to complete the song. He usually got it right. These recorded insights gives us an out of this world sighting of and into the process that made him the most important Pop voice of the last 7 decades.

Vern Gosdin and Emmylou Harris- "Hanging On"- He Had That George Jones Plea In His Voice and She Engaged Territory Reserved Only For Blessed Serenaders - They Recorded on Two Occasions, Vocalizing Divinely Within the Now Desolate Romantic C&

Apr 16, 2014 174


This was the sound of AM Country Radio back in 1977. Many of the songs were constructed with tradition parts and the labor was enforced by old school producers utilizing vital voices and relevant refrains we would recall with fond reflection. Modern Country Music was once an admirable art form.

Arthur Lee- "OnceMoreAgain"- An Authentic Wizard of Imagination and Musical Ingenuity Returned To the Stage For 2 London Performances In 1992 and 1994- The LP "Forever Changes" Resides Comfortably as One of the Finest Symphonious Colle

Apr 16, 2014 4318


These audience recordings captured on DAT tape seize the reemergence of a fabled artist after a long interval. Arthur Taylor Lee- March 7, 1945 – August 3, 2006. His magic lives on. Track 1-12: The T&C2, Highbury, London, May 5, 1992 Track 13-18: The Garage, Highbury, London, June 3, 1994

Girls In The Garage - Vol. One - Females With Fender Guitars Flying Over 26 Rare Tracks From the Volcano of 60's Garage Band Eruptions! 1 Hour of The Termites, The Puppets, Lydia Marcelle, The Luv'd Ones, The Beatle-Ettes, The Continental Coeds an

Apr 11, 2014 3803


1. Take Me as I Am - Denise & Company 2. Ain't Gonna Eat out My Heart - The Puppets 3. Bend Me, Shape Me - The Models 4. Hes Not There Anymore - Chymes 5. Hurtin Kind - The Bitter Sweets 6. Those Ever-Lovin Baby Blues - ID & Sleeper 7. Come Back - The Belles 8. Melrin - The Belles

Naked City- "The Canvas Bullet"- Diane Ladd, Anthony Franciosa, Vincent Gardenia and Rocky Graziano Star In This '59 Prizefight Fable From the Naked City Archives - Directed By Stuart Rosenberg of "Cool Hand Luke' and "The Pope

Apr 10, 2014 1557


Prizefight life has been the source of aggressive plays, novels and motion pictures from the origin of these dramatic expressions. In this communication, we meet a battler who has run out of road but still elects to race regardless of the consequences. Through violence , some discover nobility.